Massive Back to School Tech Haul! (30 Minute Challenge)

  • Published on Jun 29, 2019
  • Arie and I are at it again, going toe-to-toe to find the best tech (smartphones, speakers, laptops, etc) and tech deals for college students at Best Buy. Thanks so much to Best Buy for sponsoring this video.Check them out for all of the latest tech -
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Comments • 2 577

  • Mohammed Abdul Muthakabbir

    Jud s makin the students game more than study

  • Mohammed Abdul Muthakabbir

    Arie won lyk for the first tym

  • Johno
    Johno 17 hours ago

    I love the JBL FREE X ear buds. They sound so nice and the button controls are that practical and easy to use. Easily worth the $200 AUS.

  • Mark Terekhov
    Mark Terekhov 3 days ago

    OmG ThEiR ChEaTiNg just go to two different best buys smh
    btw love your videos

  • kyle martirez
    kyle martirez 4 days ago

    you know what's useful
    2000$ falling from the sky

  • Oliver Mitchell
    Oliver Mitchell 5 days ago

    The mega boom 3 doesn’t have alexa

  • Ligma Seven
    Ligma Seven 11 days ago

    of course an apple user blaugh

  • The Ultra tuber
    The Ultra tuber 11 days ago

    Coffee! Thank you, Marie!

  • Guru Garage
    Guru Garage 14 days ago

    what model asus is that

    NOOB GAMER 18 days ago

    1.28 when you cant close the speakers

  • THE MAD beast
    THE MAD beast 19 days ago

    I need stuff for me i wish someday u notice me to win a raffle or e.t.c

  • JamesD GT
    JamesD GT 19 days ago

    Arie won cause she bought a coffee maker and y’all know I CAN NOT live without coffee

  • Salman AR
    Salman AR 21 day ago

    She won. Tbh. Not too fancy. Just the essentials. Love you two.keep the shit up!

  • Cyril McEachnie
    Cyril McEachnie 21 day ago

    And phone

  • Cyril McEachnie
    Cyril McEachnie 21 day ago

    Can I have something I need new headphones

  • Abel Henriquez
    Abel Henriquez 23 days ago

    Every video he does these kind he always buys a backpack 🤣😭

  • Tuhfah Salie
    Tuhfah Salie 24 days ago

    You bought what college students need so you won
    WELL DONE!!😎

  • AmiDoesStuff
    AmiDoesStuff 27 days ago

    What’s the point of getting a mouse without a PC?

  • Storm Apex
    Storm Apex Month ago

    Just of friendly reminder of how poor I am.

  • rawad madi
    rawad madi Month ago

    Can I get the wireless mouse 😊😂

  • Syon Rajah
    Syon Rajah Month ago

    I love your chanel and I’ve liked all your videos

  • Peachy Evets Katigbak

    I love both of your haul but i think it's more appropriate with the girl haul, its essential for dorm use and some portable gadgets

  • Pierre-Olivier Dussault

    Arie clearly won!

  • Josh Acosta
    Josh Acosta Month ago

    3:08 Best buy has those same ones for $130 on black Friday 2018, it's a steal

  • Subham Agrawal
    Subham Agrawal Month ago

    With this much spent in India no one is going to buy this much obviously..

  • Cash Antinore
    Cash Antinore Month ago

    Fuck of

  • Limits_XD
    Limits_XD Month ago

    Looking at this gets me depressed realizing I can’t afford any of it

  • Carmen Valdes
    Carmen Valdes Month ago

    Queen Ari!

  • Saul Sanchez Ortiz
    Saul Sanchez Ortiz Month ago

    Summer just started a back to school video

  • Tom Drew
    Tom Drew Month ago +1

    43” TV is very big for a dorm room

  • Big Bad Boi
    Big Bad Boi Month ago

    I want the boombox and the quest. Mainly the quest!

  • William Freeman
    William Freeman Month ago

    I feel like Ari won this, she went for quality over quantity and it’s all stuff that a student needs and would use. Her bundle is basically the same as what I had going on as a college student, coffee machine, decent phone, speaker, a good laptop, what more could you want.

  • Hemanth Peddasani
    Hemanth Peddasani Month ago

    Arie stepped it up wow

  • EžeronaS
    EžeronaS Month ago

    in this case, I'd buy a 32'' tv(120), an Lenovo gaming laptop(900), Marshall Kilburn BT speaker(250), Samsung Note 9(700). 1970 total

  • Kamran Mirzayev
    Kamran Mirzayev Month ago +1

    honestly this time Arie wins, coz she got all a student might need. well done! next time I'm going with her for the dorm shopping.

  • The CptSillyBalls
    The CptSillyBalls Month ago

    eh you guys didnt do college right - tv, games console, mario kart, and the rest on beer

  • dimitris akritidis
    dimitris akritidis Month ago

    Gaming laptop in order to both be able to work and game, a tv so you can watch netflix, a portable speaker that can be used also in the dorm and you are done.

  • Mathewdude2011
    Mathewdude2011 Month ago

    I’m in college rn and I wouldn’t use almost none of the things jud brought lmao. Ari really knows what college students need haha

  • kausar choudhury
    kausar choudhury Month ago

    Are they dating

  • TeamMatt
    TeamMatt Month ago

    This is an actual warning for students: You can't use textbooks on the kindle. most full sized textbooks require the desktop app in order to access the textbook materials. I do not know why but it is what it is.

  • saintynomore
    saintynomore Month ago


  • Nicolas blazquez
    Nicolas blazquez Month ago

    I’m in high school but still watch this

  • Ainsley Radocaj
    Ainsley Radocaj Month ago

    Get a Chromebook I got one there super cheap but there also super good computers

  • Harpreet Thind
    Harpreet Thind Month ago

    Do you Mary has more stuff than team Jordan

  • Eva reacts to father Christmas Santa

    Hey! Stop recommending the quest! You think I don’t wan’t it? I CANT AFFORD IT ACCEPT IT.

  • Mr. Amg
    Mr. Amg Month ago

    Do a unboxing video on thiss

  • Roman Gřegoř, jr.

    What is the laptop model?


    What laptop is that???

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas Month ago

    Can someone please tell me what kind of side table that is in the background? I really like it.

  • Knife Pupil
    Knife Pupil Month ago

    When he said, “similar idea in staying up late and getting work done” I was waiting for an adderall joke.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Month ago +1

    Ari seems more like "the average consumer" compared to Jud lol

  • Cadúlcifolismo
    Cadúlcifolismo Month ago +1

    Why would you need all this stuff just to study

  • Matt Oliveira
    Matt Oliveira Month ago +1

    This is a back to school video so, Ari won this round.

  • Freefire Gamer
    Freefire Gamer Month ago

    Girl U should with iPhone xr instead of s10

  • killer keem___blox
    killer keem___blox Month ago

    If i had a gaming laptop in college, IF, you didnt habe it so no one on god's green earth is gonna have it either unless your parents are fucking millionaires

  • killer keem___blox
    killer keem___blox Month ago

    Your average consumer

  • soulofreason
    soulofreason Month ago +1

    I gotta give this one to Ari, she had school needs in mind.

  • David Beltran
    David Beltran Month ago +1

    Ari won this one. Phone, laptop, TV, coffee maker should be just enough for any student

  • raulmagicmj3230
    raulmagicmj3230 Month ago

    "only $250" "really cheap at $80"
    Bruh college students are broke 😭

  • Space Legends
    Space Legends Month ago

    I need those glasses 💀