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  • Published on Jun 2, 2017
  • I know when I was studying my biomedical sciences degree at newcastle university, I was constantly stressed out about what jobs or careers this degree can lead to. now that I'm a bit older (and hopefully wiser!) I've learnt that there is actually so much that you can do with a biomed degree, and today I just wanted to share with you SOME of the things you can do! I didn't speak in too much detail about PhDs, master's, or research routes, but that is what I am currently doing myself (a master's in translational cancer medicine at king's college london)!
    I hope you find this useful! :)
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  • Daithí Ó Scolaidhe

    NEWCASTLE UNI?!?! I went to Hull for my Biomedical PhD! Can't believe we were so close! :D It would mean so much to me if you could visit my PhD vlog channel and give me some tips how to do better?! Keep up the good work!

  • Death _Mark44
    Death _Mark44 6 days ago +1

    Guys I need answers in my questions please...

    Like I've heard that there in no math in this major. Like it's not in the top subjects. But I've searching more information about that, so what I got is some people say there is math, but low level way it's just simple calculate things. And some say that there is no math at all you just need to study cemetery and science and like that. So what the really subject that I will learn and is there physics?.

  • coty _
    coty _ 25 days ago

    Can you become a doctor after graduating in biomedical science?

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      Yes, if you can make it into med school afterwards :) You could go into research as well, and if you get a PhD, then you're also a 'doctor' (but not a physician ;))

  • Butterfly Simmer
    Butterfly Simmer 29 days ago

    Thank you. These career options all like something i want to do. This is great as i going to uni next year and this video so helpful

  • Bala Murugan
    Bala Murugan Month ago

    Biomedical engineer WhatsApp group

  • Bala Murugan
    Bala Murugan Month ago

  • Coco 123
    Coco 123 Month ago +1

    I rlly wanna work in a hospital and be with patients can i do that with this degree

    • Saecsee
      Saecsee Month ago

      Not really. You'll need further train and a Medical Degree.

  • Bahar Farrokhyar
    Bahar Farrokhyar Month ago

    I usually don't leave comments, however this helped me so much. Im currently in my last year of biomedical sciences and I'm so stressed out on what i want to do next. Thanks for the help.

  • romina hosseini
    romina hosseini Month ago

    it was pretty amazing and helpful atousa thanks you so much

  • Dipesh Maisuriya
    Dipesh Maisuriya Month ago +1

    I’ve almost finished 12th grade and I’m considering a degree in biomedicine, can I become a pharmacist or even a doctor with this degree?

      BURKELEY STINSON Month ago +1

      Dipesh Maisuriya you can pursue many different majors and still attend med school. I’m a bio major and I’m applying to med school to become a doctor but I have friends who have been hum and math majors get accepted

  • Amyn Mohamad
    Amyn Mohamad Month ago

    when she had the epiphany looool

  • punjabipakistani
    punjabipakistani Month ago +1

    I am trying to find what undergraduate programme i do biochem biotech or optometry

  • Rana Ahmar
    Rana Ahmar Month ago

    Great work mam😘ur style are impress...

  • Naima Adan
    Naima Adan Month ago +3

    Hi I'm going to study biomedical sciences at middlesex and I really like to work with patients what jobs can I get into with biomedical sciences

    • Zain K
      Zain K 20 days ago

      I just finished my biomedical science degree in middlesex 😅. Look at a physician associate. I can't remember exactly though if they deal with patients which I'm sorry to say but might be something for you 👍

  • nishi k
    nishi k Month ago +1

    Is that possible to become a mls/cls with a biomedical degree?if possible,then how?plz help

  • 11 11
    11 11 2 months ago

    So informative, thank you so much!

  • Bharati Pathak
    Bharati Pathak 2 months ago

    I have questions that how get job in USA or uk

  • Rohith Krishna
    Rohith Krishna 2 months ago +3

    What is Biomedical Engineering?

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      It's more focused on creating (bio)medical appliances, like for instance at-home blood-glucose monitors, or engineering cutting-edge radiation therapy machines... the focus is more on the engineering compared to biomedical science!

  • Atta Senior
    Atta Senior 2 months ago +1

    You can also become a physician associate with a biomed degree:)

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      Yes you can afterwards, go check out 'Love Qualified' her channel. She took that study route after Biomed :)

  • Bright Munsanje
    Bright Munsanje 2 months ago +1

    now what is biomedical science ?

  • Ola Marca
    Ola Marca 3 months ago +2

    You forgot: MSL, lecturer, field specialist, researcher in academia.

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      Indeed, and some more! I'm preparing a video to give a full and complete overview!

  • Amin Behzadnia
    Amin Behzadnia 3 months ago

    HELLO atousa . i am amin behzadnia from iran , karaj the city nesr the capital . i am graduated in biology . i'm bachelor. i want to immigrate and study outside my country and if it is possible stay and work at the destination country. i love medicine . and also i love genetics. in out country the leading union that in th owner of medical sciences in the health ministry and the other majors are under command of the education organization as my major is . i'm 40 . i lose lots of the time by some problems . please give your advise to me if i stay and take my MD in iran and then prepare to go abroad or at this time i prepare to go out and study my goals from now . and you advise that i take the study in genetics or medicine . i will be thankful .

  • Galina Perveeva
    Galina Perveeva 3 months ago +1

    hey Atousa! thank u very much for these videos that you make about BMS! please keep doing them💜

  • Brayn Aguilar
    Brayn Aguilar 4 months ago

    I'm not sure if you cover this in the video, but how would one enter into research on infectious disease?

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      Get a Master's with a focus on immunology and infection. And then start a PhD in the same major, or look for a company or government institute doing research activities on that. For example, we have the Tropical Disease Institure in Antwerp, here in Belgium, while we don't even have tropical diseases in our country (yet...) (thanks, global warming...)

    ADITI JANVEKAR 4 months ago +1

    can youdo medicine as well?

  • Dreamy girl
    Dreamy girl 5 months ago

    Thnx alot 😍

  • Gracie Bedford
    Gracie Bedford 5 months ago

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much

  • luwaa rosina
    luwaa rosina 5 months ago +1

    useful video ,but i still need more information about biomedical sciences .

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 2 months ago

      Concerning study track? Or something else even?

  • Drew Green
    Drew Green 5 months ago +1

    Love this, literally just enduring my final year exams in biomedical sciences at Newcastle University and I was so worried about what to do next. Thank you for the vid has really gave me some direction!!

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      That's what I keep hearing over and over, it's been like that since I graduated back in 2012, and apparently it hasn't improved, in most countries !!! (I'm from Belgium). There should be better insights in options for freshers once they start! Thank goodness for Atousa who made this video. I'm also making on to extend on her's, because some options are left untold. Still, she gives a great sense of direction already! sad she stopped YouTubing though!

    • Drew Green
      Drew Green 4 months ago +1

      @naimajoonmyun The work load is much heavier than that of A-levels. However if you genuinely enjoy science you'll be fine!! I didn't do a placement year unfortunately ☺️

    • naimajoonmyun
      naimajoonmyun 4 months ago

      Drew Green what is the work load like for this course? Also did you have a placement yeat? If not how did you find experience?

  • Athira babu
    Athira babu 5 months ago

    I'm planning to do msc biomedical science in UK . am a bsc zoology student from India..
    Is there any chance to get job after my masters ?

    • Athira babu
      Athira babu 5 months ago

      @Atousa Thank you

    • Atousa
      Atousa  5 months ago +1

      yes certainly, I would say try and make good connections when you are here as it can be slightly more difficult to find jobs as an international student, but definitely possible. good luck

  • harisha kaartick
    harisha kaartick 6 months ago +2

    I've completed B.Tech Biotechnology...Will I be able to take biomedical engineering for my masters?

  • hi hi
    hi hi 6 months ago +2

    Which one pays well ? I mean in long term which would give me more return ..

    • Ya nu Sanders
      Ya nu Sanders 6 months ago +1

      Don't become a scientist if you want to get paid well. Well paid jobs are engineers, doctors and business related things.
      But to answer your question, pharmaceutics. Industry is where money comes from, and that's the only industry you could work in

  • Jenz
    Jenz 7 months ago +1

    Is there a job where you can actually meet people and talk to then etc? I have applied for a biomed degree and i am about to sit my a levels but i am not quite sure this is what i want to do

    • Atousa
      Atousa  6 months ago +1

      Yes definitely :) I have made a few videos about my previous job as a research technician where I had a lot of patient contact, and if you watch my latest interview with Jack, he talks about his clinical trial practitioner role that involves science and patient contact :) I hope this helps, and best of luck with biomed!

    • Tiffany Nyaboke
      Tiffany Nyaboke 6 months ago +1

      evgenia apoel yeah I’m wondering this too...I like talking and interacting with people but I’m not sure if I want to become a doctor.

  • Hwa-Jin Kwak
    Hwa-Jin Kwak 7 months ago +88

    1. Biomedical Scientists
    2. Pharmaceutical Companies
    3. Medical sales Representative
    4. Scientific writing and Communication
    5. Graduate Schemes
    6. Clinical Trials Coordinator
    7. NHS Jobs A-Z

    • Mrs. Brendan
      Mrs. Brendan 14 days ago

      @Zan Mathews could we please talk more about this because I'll be soon enrolling for biomedical, my Instagram is @ispillsass

    • Zan Mathews
      Zan Mathews 14 days ago

      @Mrs. Brendan of course u can.For me i intergrated to a clinical scientist esc job and i work more with biomedical scientist as opposed to public health and its the opposite for biomedical scientist as well. Theres alot of laboratory field work and expertise that biomedical scientist can offer to the general public. Personally i wish i took biomedical science because its super wide

    • Mrs. Brendan
      Mrs. Brendan 16 days ago

      @Zan Mathews after completing the bachelor on biomedical, I can go for public health?

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      @Zan Mathews Sounds interesting indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    • Zan Mathews
      Zan Mathews 23 days ago

      @Biomed Master public health is fun because its one of the jobs that people dont really get bored of.Tiring? Yes but its not your repetitive work that u usually do in the lab persay.
      Public health requires a little bit of every field.Communication,prevention of illnesses, spreading awareness, conducting research and some laboratory work if needed.
      It can be a bit overwhelming from my experience seeing biomedical students talking more to people because Biomedical science doesnt really emphasize on it.But the ones that convert really excel well. U get to do laboratory work from multiple clinics to even field laboratories, Today you're doing research on stroke and spreading awareness and tomorrow you'll be doing research on H1N1 and going to the sites and aiding the people affected by it. Just today and tomorrow the team will be going to a more secluded area with natives and spread about health awareness and theyll be conducting medical checkups

  • Crypto Trader
    Crypto Trader 7 months ago

    I am a premed student with a BS in Biology. Tried the Med school test seems like i will not be able to make it and it is taking lots of my time to retry again. Also doing a post baccalaureate to bring my cummulative gpa from a 3.0 to a 3.2 which is still not competitive for med-school.

    Tried to find a research job but was not successful, however i have been working for a medical device company for over 4 years now and have gotten lots of experience in manufacturing and quality Engineering.

    Since i have a deep academic knowledge on my science courses from my premed courses and i have the engineering experience, i was thinking to go for a masters degree that deals with both fields. For example genetic, tissue engineering or rehabilitation engineering or engineering researcher. I am looking for a some advice on this. I know i might have to take a few UG eng. courses that might be prereqs of the masters but i am willing to do that

  • Fourthz 44
    Fourthz 44 7 months ago +1

    What an intelligent woman

  • niroj subedi
    niroj subedi 8 months ago +1

    I have completed bachelor in medical laboratory technology. I am thinking about biomedical sciences for master...would it be good?..give me a suggestion

  • Irene Lambrou
    Irene Lambrou 8 months ago

    I've graduated from Newcastle university about a year ago. Still confused with what to do as I don't want to get into research and NHS positions are soo limited. I was thinking to get into clinical embryology but it requires a 3-year trainee position in NHS, too hard to get in.. any advice?

    • Atousa
      Atousa  8 months ago

      My best advice is to get ANY healthcare or biomed related jobs and you learn more about jobs and you meet lots of people who tell you (and maybe even offer you) positions you didn't know existed! Sometimes we accidentally get stuck in a 'study' loop and forget about the real working world and just how much there is out there! so I would say try and get your foot in the door first, and slowly figure things out :) and you get to earn an income too which is great!

  • jai robyn
    jai robyn 9 months ago

    I'm applying for Biomedical Science and I've received my offers, and I'm most likely staying and studying in the North West, but I'm extremely worried about the job availability and opportunities afterwards. I've heard the course is rapidly increasing, and jobs are decreasing and already are hard to come by, plus you need a year experience on a placement in the labs, but unis hardly have any to offer for around 150-200 people on that course. Can anyone help, will doing this course have me stuck when I come out of it? I don't want my degree to be useless.

  • Alondra Franco
    Alondra Franco 9 months ago +1

    I might study biomedical science is HIGHSCHOOL is it a good idea?

    • Zhara Ibrahimi
      Zhara Ibrahimi 5 months ago

      Alondra's Worldd
      If you want to do research yes.

  • Mahaj Mahir
    Mahaj Mahir 9 months ago +1

    I just did Masters in biology of disease in biomedical sciences from Utrecht university. I'm looking for jobs in Netherlands can you guide me which jobs can I apply. I have a bachelor's in veterinary medicine as a vet doc

  • Opik Chewy
    Opik Chewy 9 months ago

    Very useful for me,thanks 😄

  • sanjay mahato
    sanjay mahato 9 months ago +2

    Biomedical or clinical research which one is best in India and in abroad also..plzzz suggest me mamm

  • sanjay mahato
    sanjay mahato 9 months ago

    Mam plzz suggest me biomedical sciences is best or clinical research is best..what is the difference between this..which one I can do after completing undergraduate in biotechnology


    Atousa I also want to take biomedical science and i have some queries about this feild so could you please help me in solving these problems

  • Samantha Marie
    Samantha Marie 9 months ago +1

    what math is involved with a degree in biomedicine? I love science and want to major in biomedicine, but im weak in math

    • Anonymous Review
      Anonymous Review 7 months ago +1

      Cameron Lyall im year three of biomed, specific math courses are college algebra and stats, sciences that utilize basic math skills as well would be chemistry and physics.

    • Cameron-James
      Cameron-James 7 months ago

      Mostly it builds ontop of alevel chemistry maths and statistics. Im year 2 biomed at newcastle uni.

    • Anonymous Review
      Anonymous Review 8 months ago +1

      Basics stats, basic college algebra, and I believe pre calc? But I am not to sure. Honestly not much and you can knock it out in your early years!

  • anshi anchu
    anshi anchu 10 months ago

    Lack of job oppurtunities in India

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      I've heard similar things. But what about Biotechnology companies for instance? And then again, aren't there any hospitals searching for people who can analyze blood samples?

  • venkateswara rao Gattem
    venkateswara rao Gattem 10 months ago

    Hii mam
    This is Venkatesh from India
    I'm a graduated... I have two year experience in biomedical field as a sales and service I'm choosing for biomedical job in hospitals in abroad... So please tell me the way to get the job in abroad,,,
    Thank you

  • #JöE_Jōé_
    #JöE_Jōé_ 10 months ago +1

    Q: can you get a master's in biomedical engineering if you have a bachelor's degree in biomedical technology ?

    • OutNProud500
      OutNProud500 7 months ago

      Likely not. Engineering degrees are much different than technology degrees, even though both are under the STEM umbrella.

  • Saddam Juma
    Saddam Juma 10 months ago +1

    Fascinating! This video has lifted me up. Now i know where to step my feet at. Got extended Dipl in applied science but had no clue what to do and where to go. Many thanks.

    • Atousa
      Atousa  10 months ago

      I'm very glad to hear this! I wish you all the best, I know how confusing it is to try and make a decision! good luck :)

  • King of Retards
    King of Retards 10 months ago

    Can you get into radiography with this?

    • Atousa
      Atousa  10 months ago

      I'm not 100% with the course alone, but I believe that after you do this course, you may be able to do a 1 year or 2 year course to be able to do radiography :)

  • Joel Carter
    Joel Carter 11 months ago

    I have applied for both Computer Science and Biomed and have offers to study both next year. However, I cannot decide what to do! I enjoy biology A level so much and find it extremely interesting, however, I can't see myself working in a lab when I am older. On the other hand, I feel like I will still enjoy computer science but it's not as interesting as biology but the jobs are much better paid, in higher demand and better working environments. How do I decide?!

    • Atousa
      Atousa  11 months ago

      I personally would say do computer science and then once qualified you could work in biotech companies, best of both worlds! plus there is also a high demand for computer scientists in research and biology! :) that's my personal opinion but I hope you make a decision you are happy with! best of luck :)

  • Trap Hut
    Trap Hut Year ago


  • jatt singh
    jatt singh Year ago

    What type of jobs we can do with this degree parttime

    • Atousa
      Atousa  11 months ago

      a lot of jobs I mentioned here can also be done part time depending on your place of work :)

  • yola rola
    yola rola Year ago +1

    could I go to medicine with a biomedical science degree

  • Mutated Cells
    Mutated Cells Year ago +1

    how about uni of dundee? the degree isnt accredited by ibms but accredited by royal society of biology

    • Biomed Master
      Biomed Master 23 days ago

      If I'm correct you only need accreditation if you want to work in medical diagnostic labs...
      Not if you want to go into research labs in pharma/biotech or pursue a PhD, or other job types...
      Someone correct me if I'm wrong...

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Year ago

    Really helpful!😁thank you! And I love your accent😏

  • Uzeem Shaik
    Uzeem Shaik Year ago

    Is it a wise decision to shift from information technology to major in biomedicine and can i pass the subjects ?

    • Atousa
      Atousa  Year ago

      I think this is a personal decision, but if you truly feel that you would enjoy and do better in biomedicine then I don't see why not :)

  • Keren Cruz
    Keren Cruz Year ago

    What did you do after getting your bachelor's? Did you continue on to grad school or actually work with your bachelor's?

    • Atousa
      Atousa  Year ago

      I actually took a gap year then moved to London to study my masters :)

  • Adam Leo
    Adam Leo Year ago

    Could you do a Biomedical Science degree to go ahead and do a Master's course for a Physician Associate?

    • naimah
      naimah 11 months ago

      Hey! I know you asked this question 2 months ago but yes! as long as you do any life science degree, you can go on to do a masters for becoming a physicians associate. I've been thinking about that career path myself too!

    • Atousa
      Atousa  Year ago

      I'm not 100% sure about this, I think if you look at the requirements for the PA course on the uni website it should tell you :)