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  • A Happy Lil' Fella
    A Happy Lil' Fella 2 days ago


  • bluenote824 jones
    bluenote824 jones 2 months ago

    Swallows one of the best groups of the 50s

  • u have breast cancer
    u have breast cancer 3 months ago

    This song makes Wynonie Harris, Big Moose Jackson, and Todd Rhodes seem like children nursery rhymes compared to this. But pretty catchy

  • Lucian Higginbotham
    Lucian Higginbotham 3 months ago

    Can't even put in a comment about a great song and group without bashing white people. I personally have a large collection of 40's and 50's blues, blues shouters, jump blues, r and b. To get really into this music listen to Matt the Cat. Each week a new program and it's called Juke In the Back. Free. Find it at MATTTHECAT.COM or JUKEINTHEBACK.ORG. No negativity here just great 40's and 50's r and b!!

  • BananaLizard
    BananaLizard 5 months ago +8

    "She wraps all around me like a rubber band"
    holy shit i just realized what that meant, i thought he was talking about hugs :(

  • X YZ
    X YZ 10 months ago

    Rock n Roll

  • Jakie Richter
    Jakie Richter Year ago +1

    These people had it right. No one was trying to mascaraed as a different gender, and if they did no one would respect that. Because it deserves no respect !

    • Jakie Richter
      Jakie Richter 10 months ago +1

      No no...trailers are for poor fuckers like you that haven't the back or the brain to buy themselves a great big house like the one I live in. And you are very much wrong about what people found acceptable in the 1950s...Hell it wasn't even acceptable in the 1980s. I suggest you get a job and move out of your mothers trailer... She got bills to pay Jimaboo,,, she cant turn no tricks when your sittin on the couch all day dressing up like a lady.

    • jimodmbajd
      jimodmbajd 10 months ago

      Back to your trailer Jakie. You have no clue about what was known and/or accepted then and there.
      We'll add that to the long list of stuff you have no clue about.

  • golfo0011
    golfo0011 Year ago

    1951...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the first Doo Woop rock!!

  • Michael Garneau
    Michael Garneau Year ago

    think I was 16........ summer job away from home....... in the mountains.... LOTS of young folks from the city.... get HIP or get lost, brother!

  • Jim Sanders
    Jim Sanders Year ago

    Great song

  • Giosepe dos Santos


  • Elliott Lebron
    Elliott Lebron Year ago

    Bunky Mac

  • The Vanilla Godzilla

    Anyone notice " pPe " is in the link? LMAO! "It ain't the peepee it's the motion... "

  • gerrie verloop
    gerrie verloop Year ago


  • Teresa Carella
    Teresa Carella Year ago


  • Bob Blobbo
    Bob Blobbo Year ago +1

    Maria Muldaur did a version of this, oddly enough.

  • La T-Roc
    La T-Roc Year ago

    How is the understated guitar? NTB, Some blistering licks in there.

  • bill chew
    bill chew 2 years ago +3

    The only version of this song I ever knew was Maria Muldaur

  • ltldevl
    ltldevl 2 years ago +1

    I wasn't aware that they had gay songs in the 50s.

    • Keith M
      Keith M Year ago +8

      This is clearly about a girl

  • dav01kar
    dav01kar 2 years ago

    They sound a bit like the checkers.

  • dav01kar
    dav01kar 2 years ago

    true wright

  • bluenote824 jones
    bluenote824 jones 2 years ago

    Kevin is right the swallows

  • 0o I Died In A Time Machine o0

    its weird to hear old music that is kinda dirty I always picture those times as being all clean cut and prude and stuff.. but I guess obviously no matter what time it is everyone has sex lol.

    • Rose E
      Rose E 9 months ago

      I thought the same thing

    • Keith M
      Keith M Year ago +1

      They were just as bad, if not worse! Better is more fitting though:)

    • markess48
      markess48 2 years ago +8

      This is nothing. Listen to Lucille Bogan singing Shave Me Dry. from the 20's.

  • manoel luiz teixeira
    manoel luiz teixeira 2 years ago

    Bom demais. maneco - Porto Alegre-RS -Brasil.


    1:50 - on is rockin' - especially at the end when they 'harmonize'!

  • billyclub56
    billyclub56 2 years ago +6

    The Bigger they Cum, the Harder they Fall!!

  • Seetiyan
    Seetiyan 2 years ago +2

    Hehehe. son't be surprised, folks. Every here is a product of sex. People have always been dirty!

  • willyr9
    willyr9 2 years ago

    I kinda like it! Needs to be cut kinda '40's Punk style.

  • Kevin Ceniceros
    Kevin Ceniceros 2 years ago +3

    "The Swallows", that's a funny name. To anyone that doesn't know what "swallow" means, it means that someone is sucking someone else's "joy-stick".

    • Raanan Geberer
      Raanan Geberer 5 months ago

      When the Swallows formed, there was a big fad for birds' names for groups--besides the Swallows, you had the Crows, the Orioles, the Cardinals, the Ravens, the Larks, others.

    • Beez Trapp
      Beez Trapp Year ago +5

      Thank you for explaining innuendo. I was confused. Can we work on shapes tomorrow?

    • Tlacatecatl Tlacaxipe
      Tlacatecatl Tlacaxipe 2 years ago +5

      No, they meant the bird.

    • Kevin Ceniceros
      Kevin Ceniceros 2 years ago

      It could mean what you just said, but I think that the band used the name differently.

    • Spades Neil
      Spades Neil 2 years ago +10

      Or it's a reference to birds... you know, the ones called Swallows.

  • Shea Roberts
    Shea Roberts 3 years ago +28

    Needs to be in Fallout 5

    • C Porter
      C Porter 11 months ago +1

      Butcher pete parts 1 and 2 were in fallout 3 and 4, their story songs about this womanizer/rapist that fucks an entire town

    • Jason Russo
      Jason Russo Year ago +1

      why? Just live life in reality. Get yourself a bitch & fuck that bitch hard & dirty like they want it.

  • ChickenNPickin
    ChickenNPickin 3 years ago +58

    I was 11 when I first heard this song. Some tiny thing in my young brain told me they were talking bout some stuff lol. So while the song is playing I ask my grandmother "grandma , what are they talking about?"
    She paused then replied, "they talkin about cuttin meat" and left it at that. I knew she was lying...😂
    Oh the good times...

    • Skullface
      Skullface Year ago

      You pig

    • Kevin Judge
      Kevin Judge Year ago +1

      Rude song about fat girls with meat on them

    • Bill Gowland
      Bill Gowland 2 years ago

      Nobody You

    • Spades Neil
      Spades Neil 2 years ago +8

      You literally copied this comment from Velz Spells. Seriously? We're doing this on TVclip now?
      "I first heard this song when I was 11 (only pushing 30...thankfully my
      grandmother played old music) this song sounded so good but I was
      curious as to what they were talking about. I'm like "grandma, what are
      they talking about?" She looked at me for a minute and replied "they're
      talkin bout cuttin meat"
      Years later I know that's not the wonderful song

    • Nobody YouKnow
      Nobody YouKnow 2 years ago +3

      more like "tenderizing"....

  • Ni Ka
    Ni Ka 3 years ago

    na ja whatever makes you feel poetical

  • King Tots
    King Tots 3 years ago

    late nite gin mill music mostly gone lucky somebody saved it rix tattersall

  • oldie146
    oldie146 3 years ago

    Capt. Larry I thank you for shedding some light on this for me. I didn't get why people called this "pre-Doo-Wop" music.

  • Nobody YouKnow
    Nobody YouKnow 3 years ago +23

    This is a wonderful period where jazz influences ( in guitar solo), blues, and the vocal harmonies that typified late 40's vocal groups, but would soon morph into do-wop all appear together. Far more than a novelty record.. this is an historical document of the emergence of rock and roll.

    • MagicReason
      MagicReason 2 years ago +2

      Excellent comment. I can only add that I love the bass line in this.

  • Nobody YouKnow
    Nobody YouKnow 3 years ago +22

    Had this on 78.. got it in a second hand store in San Francisco's Fillmore District in 1969... before the rich white folks in near by Pacific Heights conspired to have the whole neighborhood middle class black property owners destroyed in a Fake Redevelopment Scheme . Anyway.. this record is a great example of Early Rock and Roll, laying down the emergence of the Guitar as a predominant instrument. The terms Rythym and Blues was most often used, but Rock and Roll was also used in this time period.

  • Fernando Kittrell
    Fernando Kittrell 3 years ago


  • Mike Mangan
    Mike Mangan 3 years ago +2

    Classic,Beach music at it's best.Truly a shaggers delight.From the grand strand to the crystal coast this remains a beach music hall of fame classic!

  • Ellen Diane
    Ellen Diane 3 years ago

    oh yea;)

  • Samantha Gabriella
    Samantha Gabriella 3 years ago +5

    the bigger they come the harder they fall

  • RetroJenny
    RetroJenny 4 years ago +9


  • Atomank68
    Atomank68 4 years ago


  • Atomank68
    Atomank68 4 years ago +1


    • Ryan Kruse
      Ryan Kruse 4 months ago

      Yeah, their defiantly gay, especially when they're singing a song about how much they enjoy having sex with women

    • Rod Roddy
      Rod Roddy Year ago +5

      A swallow is a bird,you were born in 68 you should kniow that...or maybe you should get your brain out of the homophobic gutter.

    • Beez Trapp
      Beez Trapp Year ago +1

      Bleecch? Really?

    • MagicReason
      MagicReason 2 years ago +3

      Things don't mean now what they meant back in 1951. Back then, even the word "gay" meant "happy."

    • philippe holland
      philippe holland 3 years ago +8

      +Atomank68 more to do with all the vocal r&b groups being named after birds trend. i detect a phobic preoccupation... that's the real bleecchh!! plus a hefty yawn...

  • Leonard Tooley
    Leonard Tooley 4 years ago


  • hebneh
    hebneh 4 years ago +4

    I used to frequently hear Maria Muldaur's version of this song on the radio in the early '70s, and in retrospect I believe the lyrics are a better fit (so to speak) for a woman to sing than a man, yes?

    • dlee t
      dlee t 2 years ago

      She does it with passion and the swallows are just doing it as hooker might, it's just a job, or an electronic percussion muzac. Reading lyrics flat tone is not singing.

    • DealReal12
      DealReal12 2 years ago +1

      +Atomank68 Maria Muldaur is the BEST! And if you think Beyonce is better you CRAYCRAY!
      Now as Michael would say just BEAT IT! BEAT IT!

    • DealReal12
      DealReal12 2 years ago +5

      Yes absolutely MARIA MULDAUR IS THE BEST OF THE BEST, but this Swallows version from 1951 isn't exactly chicken liver. Can some both second this emotion or even 3rd it? Maybe I can get 5 "likes" it's a big World of 7 billion people after all!

    • Atomank68
      Atomank68 4 years ago


    • Gail Artsgard
      Gail Artsgard 4 years ago +3

      @hebneh I like Maria's version just fine haha

  • 23RedTechno
    23RedTechno 4 years ago

    The Bigger they come, the hard they fall WTH that sounds like sex talk XD

    • Raanan Geberer
      Raanan Geberer 5 months ago

      No it's "The Bigger They Come, the Harder They Ball," which is even sexier

    • ChickenNPickin
      ChickenNPickin 3 years ago

      +Abby Pegg dude " the bigger they come...the harder they fall" part just dawned on me last year. Gracious I'm slow

    • Abby Pegg
      Abby Pegg 4 years ago +5

      Yeaaah um dude the entire song is about sex

  • Cathy DuPont
    Cathy DuPont 4 years ago

    Happy Valentine's Day, folks!

  • Marc Dees
    Marc Dees 4 years ago +5

    does da angle of the dangle equal the heat of the meat?

  • Joseph Donato
    Joseph Donato 4 years ago

    Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes knew about this in the '70's and included it on their first album Always wondered where it originally came from. Thanx!

    ALAIN DEWAELE 4 years ago

    love this track

  • John C
    John C 4 years ago

    "The SWALLOWS" ...A little more wordplay??

    • KVID1000
      KVID1000 4 years ago

      @John C Shut up and rock, you big ol' fool.

    • RaananVolesPianist
      RaananVolesPianist 4 years ago +5

      No, "The Swallows" was in line with all the other "bird groups" of the time, like the Orioles, Larks, Cardinals, Ravens, etc. The Swallows typically had a sentimental ballad on one side of each of their records, then a raunchy up-tempo novelty song (like this one) on the other side.

  • joseph patrick
    joseph patrick 4 years ago +4

    How cool. Can't reinvent passion and sensuality.

  • Liz Cruickshanks
    Liz Cruickshanks 4 years ago

    Did the BBC play it...!?!?!?

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 4 years ago


    SMAL SYLVAIN 4 years ago

    that's great no ?

  • Velz Spells
    Velz Spells 4 years ago +26

    I first heard this song when I was 11 (only pushing 30...thankfully my grandmother played old music) this song sounded so good but I was curious as to what they were talking about. I'm like "grandma, what are they talking about?" She looked at me for a minute and replied "they're talkin bout cuttin meat"
    Years later I know that's not the wonderful song nonetheless!

  • countrychess
    countrychess 4 years ago

    Vocal remarquable !

  • nicky0016dd
    nicky0016dd 4 years ago

    Love it!

  • JazmyneBe
    JazmyneBe 5 years ago +7

    I'm going to ask my great-grandparents if they know this song. This should be interesting.

  • stecklein7
    stecklein7 5 years ago

    wow ;)

  • King Bee
    King Bee 5 years ago

    I believe "Glover-Mann," the listed writers, were Henry Glover, King Records producer of many artists (among them were Hank Ballard & The Midnighters, of the "Annie" series), and his boss, "Lois Mann"-a pseudonym for King Records Owner Syd Nathan. Of course Nathan got cut in on both writing and publishing-he owned 100% of the publishing house, Cincinnati's legendary Dynatone Music, the publisher of 95% of King's releases.

  • Lark Da Dark
    Lark Da Dark 5 years ago +1


  • Paul Colucci
    Paul Colucci 5 years ago +1

    woodpecker pecking at my front door

  • morfelisia
    morfelisia 5 years ago +2

    The crazy ones brought me here!

  • Gerald Farano
    Gerald Farano 5 years ago +1

    The Swallows are just one of the top singing groups that came out in the early 1950's, this up tempo jump blues record is my favorite jump blues record from the Swallows.

  • Rather Be Flying
    Rather Be Flying 6 years ago

    What's that mean?

  • Eelse Pieters
    Eelse Pieters 6 years ago +1

    The Spits drool!!!

  • Donya Lane
    Donya Lane 6 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing! LOL

  • Kopêk From Kopekland
    Kopêk From Kopekland 6 years ago


  • Kingscrib
    Kingscrib 6 years ago

    Love it! Quite a different version from Maria Muldaur's!

  • Killian O'Gribbin
    Killian O'Gribbin 6 years ago

    it's what comes out haha

  • Arose Avus
    Arose Avus 6 years ago

    best song for lindy hop beginners... swing baby!

  • Alton Gloer
    Alton Gloer 6 years ago

    Lyrics like this were "hidden" in good dance songs. Who listened to the words anyway?

  • hiallitstag
    hiallitstag 6 years ago

    classic song :-)

  • Jamie Fletcher
    Jamie Fletcher 6 years ago

    the spits rule!!![

  • Fernando Kittrell
    Fernando Kittrell 6 years ago

    i remember this as a teen

  • Fernando Kittrell
    Fernando Kittrell 6 years ago

    nothing better

  • Gerald Farano
    Gerald Farano 7 years ago

    I just can't help myself this is the Swallows best uptempo record, their just fucking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gerald Farano
    Gerald Farano 7 years ago

    This is what I call one great Jump Blues record it doesn't get any better than this.

  • morrieD
    morrieD 7 years ago

    better than "The Spits"

  • mdmphd
    mdmphd 7 years ago

    Um, I love this! I have to have it (so to speak) - thanks for posting!!!!

  • Alex Batey
    Alex Batey 7 years ago

    @johnnybgood862003 Nope. The Flamingos were a different group.

  • Opinunate ted
    Opinunate ted 7 years ago +1

    Should a band that sing songs like that realy call themselves "the swallows"?

  • anonUK
    anonUK 8 years ago

    When they said "Daddy" and "little girl", this sounds very wrong somehow.
    Two names: Chuck Berry and Gary Glitter. Actually, add Bill Wyman and Jerry Lee Lewis to that list, at least.

  • deanslist101
    deanslist101 8 years ago

    This is where Maria Muldaur got her version of the song from. Of course it got more airplay for her. Things had gotten a lot more permissive in the 20 years or so that passed between these two versions. The Swallows' version is definitely "The Real Thing," speaking of which, check out The Spiders' song, "The Real Thing." It's in that same early '50s risque vein as this song, "Sixty Minute Man" and Hank Ballard's "Annie" series.

  • vinyl45s4ever
    vinyl45s4ever 8 years ago

    'Tain't the size o' the boat, but the motion of the ocean!

  • Richard Beaudoin
    Richard Beaudoin 8 years ago

    Sad how us whites treated the blacks this way.

  • thecountofbasie
    thecountofbasie 8 years ago

    Know and dig the side...but seeing that label alone makes it worth another few spins...5*****

  • jasonpp1973
    jasonpp1973 8 years ago

    @KlekaBarraqe You need to listen to some Robert Johnson!

  • DoowopJohnnyBoy
    DoowopJohnnyBoy 8 years ago

    This and 60 Minute Man by the Dominoes goes hand in hand!!! Filth!!! I ' I say Filth!!!

  • Johnny bgood
    Johnny bgood 8 years ago

    Didn't the Swallows become the Flamingos?

  • jazzmanzoot
    jazzmanzoot 8 years ago

    Why won`t TVclip allow me to press "Thumbs Up" a Million times ! ?
    DAMN YOU TVclip ! ! !

  • steveknows62
    steveknows62 8 years ago

    All the songs with "suggestive" lyrics were banned from the radio.

  • steveknows62
    steveknows62 8 years ago

    Ohh, NOW I get it. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • steveknows62
    steveknows62 8 years ago

    Hey you rock

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson 8 years ago +2

    Hard to believe something so dirty came so early...totally against the 50's stereotypes

  • vaironxxrd
    vaironxxrd 8 years ago

    Im sorry to mess this up but there is some Irony here,
    It aint the "Meat" it's the motion and theyr name "THE swallows"
    I mean combine it.
    Swallow The meat.
    IF you dont get what i mean Go search meat in urban dictionary

  • Ebe Jeutter
    Ebe Jeutter 8 years ago

    eeeehh...did I hear an electric guitar here?..the Solo

  • Ebe Jeutter
    Ebe Jeutter 8 years ago

    eeeehh....did I hear an Electric Guitar ...the solo.

  • Cribpoint Critter
    Cribpoint Critter 9 years ago

    Well, what's not to love 'bout this track...10 outta 10.