iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T: Not so fast…

  • What Apple Didn’t Announce: tvclip.biz/video/PyuHL6fMOi0/video.html
    Grab your popcorn because this one is a good one! Today, Apple's new iPhone 11 is going up head-to-head against OnePlus' new OnePlus 7T. Watch until the end to see who wins!
    -iPhone 11 Specs-
    Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, White
    64GB, 128GB, 256GB
    6.1" Liquid Retina HD display
    A13 Bionic chip
    Rated IP68
    Dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide cameras
    4K video recording
    TrueDepth Camera: 12MP camera
    Face ID
    Starting price: $699
    -OnePlus 7T Specs-
    6.55-inch 90 Hz Fluid Display
    48 MP Ultra-wide triple camera
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
    8 GB RAM
    128 GB ROM
    Colors: Glacier Blue / Frosted Silver
    Android 10
    3800 mAh Battery with Warp Charge 30T

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  • It'sThatSailorGuy
    It'sThatSailorGuy 8 hours ago

    March 2020, I'm torn between these two. I really wanna buy the iPhone but looks like I'll go with one plus because the price is 400 dollars different in where I am. Plus lightning cable and not able to multi task during video calls is not good enough for me. Or am I wrong?? Is there a way to multi task during video call on ios??

  • Jussi Äijälä
    Jussi Äijälä Day ago +1

    Ordered my 7T today for 440€. I wonder does the fast charge wear down the battery

  • Ananay Gupta
    Ananay Gupta 4 days ago

    Feeling that OnePlus 7t has a camera not upto the mark? Download Gcam. BAM! u were saying something??

  • David Badulescu
    David Badulescu 5 days ago

    The photos in the OnePlus 7t are awsome with the GCam

  • Soutrik Gun
    Soutrik Gun 9 days ago

    He is the first reviewer who has the swagger of a cool professor. Whoa!

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 11 days ago

    The OP 7t looks great!!
    *Turns it over to the back

  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ 14 days ago

    the iphone 11 pro max top model would cost u 1700+ dollars in India, no other phones come close to it :D

  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ 14 days ago

    whats good about oneplus 7t here in india is.. its about 473 dollars :) and the iphone is about 875 dollars.. that is 35,000 rs for oneplus and 65,000 rupees for iphone 11 :D and thats it people would buy bcoz its an iphone :D

  • Dale's Channel
    Dale's Channel 14 days ago +1

    Lol for me both but

    my wallet is empty

  • Somil Dixit
    Somil Dixit 16 days ago


  • 10 k subscribers without any videos challenge

    It's so funny and incomparable these phones in India because it's price
    481 USD$ for OnePlus 7t (8/128)
    946 USD$for iPhone 11(4/128)
    What the f###

  • gerson polino
    gerson polino 18 days ago

    I was a nokia user before, and i must say nokia has faster update than oneplus. Using oneplus 7t, updates are quite delayed. Just 2 weeks ago i received february security patch for my nokia. The feb security patch for oneplus did not arrive yer

  • Jim Cannataro
    Jim Cannataro 20 days ago

    Sold my 11 for a 7t. Best decision ever.

  • AKA Izzy
    AKA Izzy 22 days ago

    Jumped from iPhone to Note 8 two years ago and today I'm jumping to the 7T.
    Where is my UPS driver? Almost here 💯.

  • Shane Ware
    Shane Ware 26 days ago

    "Best part of Total Recall." LMAO, I see you Jon. Yeah I see you!

  • Let me learn Something new

    Well that good in your country
    ,but in india "one plus 7t 8gb...128gb" variant start with 499$
    But "i phone 11 64 gb variant start with 899$ and its way more.....

  • Una
    Una 28 days ago

    What a idiot. This dude will probably married the iPhone 11...

  • Alex Montalvo
    Alex Montalvo 29 days ago

    I just switch from iPhone 11 to OnePlus 7T (got jump on demand TMobile) and I like more the one plus, no one talk about the audio, it give you dollby atmos and EQ, my airpods (which I got with the iphone 11 and now I use them with my oneplus and my ipad) sound way better with the oneplus thanks to the EQ they sound louder and with more high and bass that with my iphone 11, reason I switch the iphone 11 was because it was drivining me crazy, when I switch from wifi to lte or from lte to wifi it saty loding, I need to turn it off and on so it can work, my wife have an iphone 11, my 2 daughters they own the XR and we all use tmobile (all of them are in my family plan) and when we go out my family iphones all of them droop signal at the same time in places that my old LGV40 (yes before the iphone 11 i own an LGV40 and swiotch to iphone 11 because for 699.99 im my own opinion it was a good phone until i get all this issues) and now my oneplus do not lose the signal and best part it cost me 200 dollars less, I diont care if iphone take better pictures or videos as a phone adorid have more selection with diferent prices from low budget phone that are really bad to high end phone that costa you and arm and a leg and also phones tha work when you need them tto work

  • Quintavious Dove
    Quintavious Dove Month ago

    Android will forever be better than iOS

  • Jess Daily
    Jess Daily Month ago

    I just got the yellow iPhone 11 yesterday. 😌

  • Prakash
    Prakash Month ago

    iPhone: The phones all dream for
    One plus: All must go for..

  • johirul Islam
    johirul Islam Month ago


  • nash sanadiki
    nash sanadiki Month ago

    I solved the phone crisis
    Trade your Huawei P30 pro for an iPhone XS Max
    Now trade that XS Max for a Pixel 4xl
    Boom you have a 90hz panel with an awesome camera and budget friendly when you realize
    You bought the Huawei P30 pro mint condition online for 500$, meaning I just saved 400-500$ on the store price. Sorry google, I love expensive but I also don't wanna piss away my hard earn money on a budget option or a 820p screen .

  • Matthew Yeh
    Matthew Yeh Month ago +1

    you look like CaptainSparklez

  • Unboxing Zeal
    Unboxing Zeal Month ago

    *one of the best comparisons between Iphone11 vs OnePlus7t I have seen so far*

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A Month ago

    lol why you gotta bully the 7T in the thumbnail like that 😂

  • Akshay Singh
    Akshay Singh Month ago

    I clicked because of the over exaggerated camera bump of the oneplus in the thumbnail, its a relief to know it isn't really this big.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago

    Well I will make it simpler(for iPad owners) :
    Go for the OP 7t/7t pro. Android is way more flexible plus you won't be bored of just a single software.

    SHOP INDIA SHOP Month ago

    Much happy user of oneplus 7t .......

  • BomBie 101
    BomBie 101 Month ago

    Oneplus 7T:
    48 MP camera
    8gb of ram
    Snapdragon 855+
    Warp Charge
    1000 nits
    Actually 1080p
    Android 10
    Small waterdrop notch
    AMOLED screen

    Iphone 11:
    Apple Ecosystem...

  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ Month ago

    With the price of iphone 11 i can get two 1+ 7ts here in India.

  • Parthiana
    Parthiana Month ago +1

    Except that OnePlus steals your information and sells them to Chinese hackers. My phone number, Paypal, email and bank accounts were hacked a month after I received an email from OnePlus about a data breach...and the hacker was based in Taiwan.

    • carter.n
      carter.n Month ago

      You mean someone from Taiwan stole your data, and not OnePlus... False equivalency.

    • Cee Z
      Cee Z Month ago +1


  • MS Syah
    MS Syah Month ago +3

    You know what? I dont care about camera as long as that phone have fast charging,long life battery and great graphics

  • Yazid Knopfler
    Yazid Knopfler Month ago

    dude on cameras huawei now is leading the split screen video was first on P30 pro

  • Chinnu Joel
    Chinnu Joel Month ago

    Watching on my oneplus7t

  • Valeriy 2000
    Valeriy 2000 2 months ago

    Wow! What's that amazing camera/lens at 4:20?

  • Jefferson Domingo
    Jefferson Domingo 2 months ago

    Quality over quantity
    You get more in 7t, but you get more quality in the iphone

  • Irfan Ahmed
    Irfan Ahmed 2 months ago

    iPhone 11's way too better than One Plus 7t !

  • bobby4500
    bobby4500 2 months ago +1

    lol what a bad review, no mention of the 90 hz technology, no pictures with the zoom camera that isnt even on the iphone 11

  • aditya prakash
    aditya prakash 2 months ago

    I have iphone 11 and oneplus 7 pro..best of both..happy with both..

  • Archaic Revival
    Archaic Revival 2 months ago

    It's frustrating to see flagships dropping useful features like the headphone Jack , expandable storage, heartrate monitor, IR blaster etc. Pay more, get less. I'll hold on to my S8+ for another year.

    TIGER 2 months ago

    Wait was it only me or did the thumbnail showed the 7T camera much bigger?

    • Dylan Power
      Dylan Power 2 months ago

      S A M it was with both of them looking bigger

  • Farhan Mehfooz Khan
    Farhan Mehfooz Khan 2 months ago

    I think in USA, it's just iPhone all the way for most people !

    ASWIN J KUMAR 2 months ago

    i think you need to refer to android authority's 90hz vs 60hz testing with a normal consumer with bare view.

  • kmW
    kmW 2 months ago

    I have actually just purchased a OnePlus 7t after buying an iPhone 11. I prefer the user experience of the OnePlus, but the camera of the iPhone. Just swap my sim out whenever I feel like it, and I still spent less than had I just got the 11 pro max

  • Lance Ledesma
    Lance Ledesma 2 months ago

    Nice yeezy

  • Yumi Furukawa
    Yumi Furukawa 2 months ago

    One plus 7t super steady is fvking beast..

  • licheng wu
    licheng wu 2 months ago +2

    I dont like when a apple fanboy talk about a comparison of apple and android phones

  • Rohan Patil
    Rohan Patil 2 months ago

    Your video's are insane...
    I love your channel and the way you narrate. 🖤

  • Super Saiyan 3
    Super Saiyan 3 3 months ago

    least IOS updates for 5 years.

  • Wi ll
    Wi ll 3 months ago +2

    Let’s be honest the One Plus T is a Butters looking phone 😂 he designed that, it’s dumb ugly

  • Prabhavathi Shettar
    Prabhavathi Shettar 3 months ago

    Sure the Oneplus 7t is a better buy than the iPhone 11. It's mainly because of the thing you see the most on your phone, the screen. Forget about the iPhone 11, even the 11 Pro does not have that 90hz refresh rate.
    And even the camera's are good for most people and you also get the macro photography mode which is really good to have.

  • Pagan Min
    Pagan Min 3 months ago

    And u pay your privacy as the price for cheaper android phones

  • Kotey Nikoi
    Kotey Nikoi 3 months ago

    lol "Maybe its an inner bias in me" MAYBE REALLY jon REALLY.
    the only save is you are a great youtuber but ijustine should start to worry at this point

  • Apple
    Apple 3 months ago

    Apple: Quality , iOS , Camera
    Samsung: Spect + Apple A SOC, Display
    + xaiomi: Price

    • Apple
      Apple 2 months ago

      Shatter Star no

    • Shatter Star
      Shatter Star 2 months ago

      Combine all that and you get oneplus.

  • Aksrit Nahjai
    Aksrit Nahjai 3 months ago +1

    I don’t like how op never settle and launches phone every 6 months and makes ur phone feel so dated

  • Jayant Bidhuri
    Jayant Bidhuri 3 months ago

    It's just that do you need phone to watch videos accept pc to shoot 🤔.

    MUKESH JORWAL 3 months ago

    Ur videos r very different and effective.

  • Suvigya Mishra
    Suvigya Mishra 3 months ago

    Almost watchable video

  • Leon VT
    Leon VT 3 months ago

    I Say OnePlus is Better Iphone 11 Has a Standart 5W Charger 5 FRICKN W

    • Leon VT
      Leon VT 3 months ago

      @Trainer Jack For The Phone What i mean is That You buy Iphone 11 for 600-650$ and Dont get The Fast charger in the Money OnePlus Gives you The Charger and a Case in the Normal Phone Box OnePlus has a Better Price Value OnePlus:
      Fast Charge in Box
      Case in box
      3800mAh Battery
      Bigger Better Display
      Iphone 11:
      No Fast charge in box
      No case in box
      3048 mAh

      But it is Everyones choice which phone To buy i like android more than IOS and Think OnePlus is better but its your money and Your Choice

    • Trainer Jack
      Trainer Jack 3 months ago

      Leon VT Imagine comparing a PHONE with an ACCESSORY to comes with the phone, my point being did you buy the OnePlus for the charger or the phone?

  • Zak
    Zak 3 months ago

    If you get the 11 . I recommend you to buy the 18w charger. It's a extra £28 but it's worth it. You can't use the 5w charger and compare it to the 30w one plus 7t charger.
    Right now I have two choices . The 7t which is more expensive or the 11 . The reason the 7t is more expensive is because I might trade in my mum's old 8plus so I'll get the 11 for £529. I'm not sure what to buy though.

  • Doidon90
    Doidon90 3 months ago

    I really dont get how you find the OP 7T screen look better than "any other screen" on a smartphone. I have a OP7T myself and sure the screen is fine but is shifts slightly in colour in just slight angles the details in darks are quite poor. As i mentioned it is fine and 90 Hz refresh rate is awesome but it is definitelynot top tier when it comes to colour representation.

  • DJ Romasanta
    DJ Romasanta 3 months ago

    Jon Rettinger is about to sing Breakeven 😂

  • blackcatooow
    blackcatooow 3 months ago

    overall the iPhone is just way more well-rounded. takes the cake for me .

    • Roy Claessen
      Roy Claessen 3 months ago

      @Oscar O'Brien its more restricted but it is also more streamlined, easier to work with, less laggy, less likely to crash, and most of all: WAY better apps than android (i've been an android user since the oneplus one came out and now switched back to ios)

    • Oscar O'Brien
      Oscar O'Brien 3 months ago

      IOS is awful imo it is so restricted and it’s more expensive so I’d rather get the OnePlus

  • Mitko Stefanov
    Mitko Stefanov 3 months ago

    Easy choice ! Don't care about video so the 7T is the winner . Fast updates , 90 Hz display , very fast charging , slimmer bezels , better screen .

  • morison morison
    morison morison 3 months ago

    It's funny razer phone display is 120 nobady care one+ 90 everybady just say that

  • Ventus Tenebris
    Ventus Tenebris 3 months ago

    I love my iPhone 11

  • Divya Tanwar
    Divya Tanwar 3 months ago +1

    in India the difference is about $300

  • Apple
    Apple 3 months ago

    I want WindowOS (Laptop)

  • Ajax Khan
    Ajax Khan 3 months ago

    Love your review style. Thanks man. Difinitly subscribed your channel. Wish to see mate 30 pro review on your channel if possible.

  • Avijat Niroula
    Avijat Niroula 3 months ago


  • Phillip Turner9
    Phillip Turner9 3 months ago

    Did he really just say the OnePlus 7t face camera is not fast that is a lie

  • Phillip Turner9
    Phillip Turner9 3 months ago

    I do not like iPhones too mind people have it.🤔

  • Benjamin Niess
    Benjamin Niess 3 months ago

    I just bought the 7t for 470€ in the 265GB edition

  • Osamah Bhutta
    Osamah Bhutta 3 months ago

    He said android is behind ios in camera development......android in particular samsung, is the only one that allows RAW image formats. Which surpasses and jpeg image any device can capture.

  • The Entitled Gamer
    The Entitled Gamer 3 months ago

    Wireless charging is awesome... every time you use your phone (while charging) you basically unplug it and plugging it back, after use...
    Unlike the stupid wired charging, *it's constantly charging* whenever I use it while charging.

  • Marcelo Herrera Carbajal

    One of the best review that i can saw, regards from Peru!

  • M j
    M j 3 months ago

    OP Camera design is better than IP11,I Guess.

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard 3 months ago

    Keep in mind that OnePlus 7T is 3 times cheaper than the IPhone 11. You literally paying for the Apple logo on the back side of the device...my choice is definitely OnePlus.

  • Alex Booyse
    Alex Booyse 4 months ago

    Just left my OnePlus 6 for the iPhone 11. I am missing the battery life, screen and snappy UX. I wanted a new adventure. But I may just hold on to my OnePlus a bit longer... just in case.