iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7T: Not so fast…

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • What Apple Didn’t Announce: tvclip.biz/video/PyuHL6fMOi0/video.html
    Grab your popcorn because this one is a good one! Today, Apple's new iPhone 11 is going up head-to-head against OnePlus' new OnePlus 7T. Watch until the end to see who wins!
    -iPhone 11 Specs-
    Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, White
    64GB, 128GB, 256GB
    6.1" Liquid Retina HD display
    A13 Bionic chip
    Rated IP68
    Dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide cameras
    4K video recording
    TrueDepth Camera: 12MP camera
    Face ID
    Starting price: $699
    -OnePlus 7T Specs-
    6.55-inch 90 Hz Fluid Display
    48 MP Ultra-wide triple camera
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
    8 GB RAM
    128 GB ROM
    Colors: Glacier Blue / Frosted Silver
    Android 10
    3800 mAh Battery with Warp Charge 30T

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  • DJ Romasanta
    DJ Romasanta 15 hours ago

    Jon Rettinger is about to sing Breakeven 😂

  • blackcatooow
    blackcatooow 16 hours ago

    overall the iPhone is just way more well-rounded. takes the cake for me .

  • Mitko Stefanov
    Mitko Stefanov Day ago

    Easy choice ! Don't care about video so the 7T is the winner . Fast updates , 90 Hz display , very fast charging , slimmer bezels , better screen .

  • morison morison
    morison morison 4 days ago

    It's funny razer phone display is 120 nobady care one+ 90 everybady just say that

  • Ventus Tenebris
    Ventus Tenebris 5 days ago

    I love my iPhone 11

  • Divya Tanwar
    Divya Tanwar 5 days ago +1

    in India the difference is about $300

  • Apple
    Apple 6 days ago

    I want WindowOS (Laptop)

  • Ajax Khan
    Ajax Khan 8 days ago

    Love your review style. Thanks man. Difinitly subscribed your channel. Wish to see mate 30 pro review on your channel if possible.

  • Avijat Niroula
    Avijat Niroula 8 days ago


  • Phillip Turner9
    Phillip Turner9 9 days ago

    Did he really just say the OnePlus 7t face camera is not fast that is a lie

  • Phillip Turner9
    Phillip Turner9 9 days ago

    I do not like iPhones too mind people have it.🤔

  • Benjamin Niess
    Benjamin Niess 10 days ago

    I just bought the 7t for 470€ in the 265GB edition

  • Osamah Bhutta
    Osamah Bhutta 11 days ago

    He said android is behind ios in camera development......android in particular samsung, is the only one that allows RAW image formats. Which surpasses and jpeg image any device can capture.

  • The Entitled Gamer
    The Entitled Gamer 11 days ago

    Wireless charging is awesome... every time you use your phone (while charging) you basically unplug it and plugging it back, after use...
    Unlike the stupid wired charging, *it's constantly charging* whenever I use it while charging.

  • Marcelo Herrera Carbajal

    One of the best review that i can saw, regards from Peru!

  • M j
    M j 13 days ago

    OP Camera design is better than IP11,I Guess.

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard 14 days ago

    Keep in mind that OnePlus 7T is 3 times cheaper than the IPhone 11. You literally paying for the Apple logo on the back side of the device...my choice is definitely OnePlus.

  • Alex Booyse
    Alex Booyse 16 days ago

    Just left my OnePlus 6 for the iPhone 11. I am missing the battery life, screen and snappy UX. I wanted a new adventure. But I may just hold on to my OnePlus a bit longer... just in case.

    YOOSER 16 days ago +1

    I think Isheeps are unrealistic,they never comprehend practicality. I mean I've used both but definitely I'm not one of the Isheeps.

  • Mangilal Solanki
    Mangilal Solanki 21 day ago

    One plus 7t

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b 23 days ago

    watching the video in 144p 🙃

  • SolRayz
    SolRayz 23 days ago

    Considering the iPhone 11 runs iOS, the OnePlus wins automatically. Next video please...

  • Tjay123 Shm
    Tjay123 Shm 23 days ago

    Why do you talk like this in your recent videos?

  • Shaggy Rogers
    Shaggy Rogers 24 days ago

    umm, just gonna photoshop the size of the camera in the thumbnail.

  • Aditya creations
    Aditya creations 24 days ago

    Why he looks like unbox therapy 😂

  • H Hydrange
    H Hydrange 26 days ago

    Here with SE , i ll wait one year or 2 and i ll buy that b1tch , iphone 11 . Or i ll fall in love with a newer , who knows :)

  • Vamsi Jr
    Vamsi Jr 26 days ago

    Iphone is way better

  • chillgreeko
    chillgreeko 28 days ago

    So guys be prepared because it's going to get only harder from now on ....
    Android or iPhone they are both very good in it's own way ... If you having a hard time between them ? But you have already one of them then I suggest keep the one you have and buy the other 😉 you gonna make yourself really happy having both of them ... Easy right? 😄
    # iPhone xr / OnePlus 7t ✌️

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano 29 days ago

    Hey Jon, great review, for my money the 7t for the 599.00 is one of the best buys on the market. Little by little their cameras are definitely catching up. Plus the warp charging is one of the best!

  • Lucas Bueno
    Lucas Bueno Month ago +1

    "It looks like the best part of total recall"?? Wow... I don't think I can return to this channel ever again.

  • Juancho Mazza
    Juancho Mazza Month ago

    soy el unico que ve mejor al one plus en camara?

  • cntcht
    cntcht Month ago +1

    I just can't get past the camera arrangement on the OP
    It's a great phone don't get me wrong, I just wish the arrangement wasn't so large...

  • abade Al
    abade Al Month ago

    the iPhone has small battery and doesn't consider the usb c with the power of fast charging 25w or any other feature that is make the phone more usable

  • Alex Lapinski
    Alex Lapinski Month ago

    I'm buying the iPhone 11 for my mum as a gift because she has a 6s Plus currently and could do with the upgrade, however, for myself, I'd pick up a OnePlus 7T Pro.
    I'm in the UK and the market is slightly different. The iPhone 11 price with tax is £729 and a 7T Pro McLaren Edition is £799.

    They're both fabulous phones either way. You can't go wrong and it is all about preference.

  • Dhanar Putra
    Dhanar Putra Month ago

    iPhone can produce somewhat consistent-looking exposure correctly. That's why it is the best in videography.

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago

    Pixel 2xl or OnePlus 6
    Which phone should I get?

  • Daryll Dela Rosa
    Daryll Dela Rosa Month ago

    wtf is that thumbnail. The 7T's camera circle got roided

  • Sachika Boyagoda
    Sachika Boyagoda Month ago

    The biggest feature that the one plus is missing is that it’s not an iPhone and it doesn’t work visa versa

  • Remo Almeida
    Remo Almeida Month ago

    There’s one part of the OS that you really should value. Longevity. You know that iPhone is gonna be usable and get the latest updates for 5 years, how many android manufacturers can do the same?

    • Edrick Kusumo
      Edrick Kusumo Month ago

      Oneplus is honestly very close with Apple on OS updates

  • kramshiron
    kramshiron Month ago

    I have both...the OnePlus is a great device...great screen, fast, smooth. But for me the iPhone is more polished can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s like comparing a Ford with a Mercedes, both very good but a touch more class with the Mercedes (iPhone).

  • Jim Ertel
    Jim Ertel Month ago +1

    The iPhone has become so common now 🙄 People are buying the brand, not the value 💸💸💸

  • Blazer 6905\
    Blazer 6905\ Month ago

    I like how all apple users say oh it’s an LCD but it’s a really good lcd like lol

  • Tiago Feitoza
    Tiago Feitoza Month ago

    The price difference in Ireland it is more then €250... Sooooo... Easy choice for 7T.

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    IPhone will last longer. No question.

  • Dripper Ben
    Dripper Ben Month ago

    God I wish our telco networks here in the philippines offer oneplus devices on their postpaid plans.. I hate having very limited options everytime I renew my contract.. Its always either Samsung, or apple, or huawei..

  • Retish Suresh
    Retish Suresh Month ago

    But when we see the price, the OnePlus is the winner

    ALIN ML Month ago

    Which one is the best phone for overall performance??

    MOHD SHAH Month ago +2

    install Gcam n boomm....the best overall android smartphone in 2019

  • Punit G
    Punit G Month ago

    Within 6 months OP7T won't be a priority to d co. All the required camera n missing function update will go to newer models which launch every 6 months.
    With all due respect, a reviewer who can't stick to his phone long enough would not know all this let downs...
    #iphone should be a choice here. Coming form OP owner.

  • Vishal Mohandas
    Vishal Mohandas Month ago

    What camera do you use to shoot your videos.

  • faiz omar
    faiz omar Month ago

    The battle of the stove and the washing machine

  • esu1988817
    esu1988817 Month ago

    I can forsee a new feature for the iphone11s is to be able to do nightmode on every camera🤪🤪🤪

  • shotaaa22
    shotaaa22 Month ago

    hey Justin Timberlake

    JITU MISHRA Month ago

    Are you related to the guy on “ Unbox Therapy “ ???

  • Sergei Lazarev
    Sergei Lazarev Month ago

    This is so biased when you say "Competition is gonna be ...close"... The funniest thing is that you automatically diminish the camera quality of OnePlus and later you show same quality photos on both. Sometimes one of them does slightly better job in certain situations but generally, quality is the same... Be unbiased, since you influence the opinion of you viewers!

  • quintilian
    quintilian Month ago

    Smh. The only thing these phones have in common is price. These two phone are not at all comparable.
    You should of compared the oneplus 7t with the iPhone 11 pro Max. That’s a proper match up.
    The iPhone 11 is comparable to galaxy s10e
    But even that phone blows the iPhone 11 away. There really is nothing to compare the iPhone 11 to.
    That thing is still using a 720p screen.
    You can barely watch HD content on that phone.

  • Neil Mahalanobis
    Neil Mahalanobis Month ago

    What a great review jon4lakers. Wow thanks for this great comparison.

  • CK NorthPole
    CK NorthPole Month ago

    Bell turned on 👍

  • Jack O'neil
    Jack O'neil Month ago

    Is this what apple people watches and gets off? Because you know paying that much money to a phone from 2* years ago is kinda dumb...

  • Shabab Sheikh
    Shabab Sheikh Month ago

    This guy just forgot 90hz display and also macro shot both on one plus.. he is #applelover