10/21/2019 -- Professionals say M8.0+ earthquake possible on Garlock Fault in S. California

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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Comments • 543

  • Bethany Udonome
    Bethany Udonome 11 days ago

    WTF is garlock???

  • Wireless User
    Wireless User 11 days ago

    The UN are not going to park themselves in Utah and go away.

  • Sheree Brandon
    Sheree Brandon 13 days ago

    I am in Ridgecrest interesting analysis
    Thankyou for this information

  • Patsy Faulkner
    Patsy Faulkner 13 days ago

    go get black cat before oct 30.
    Are this red line is fault line? In California.

  • Consistent Mindzet
    Consistent Mindzet 14 days ago

    It's getting crazy in socal

  • Corine Thomas
    Corine Thomas 14 days ago

    I dreamt a 9.1

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 18 days ago

    We should start watching for the EQ lightning that usually strikes befire the quake...best seen at night.

  • Camelia Sabeva
    Camelia Sabeva 19 days ago

    I live in St. Louis MO and have been hearing a lot of low flying military helicopters around 9/10 pm for a couple hours off and on usually.. and also feeling some very slight yet noticeable tremble for quite a few wks now, anyone else feeling/seeing any of this?

  • nadineisat
    nadineisat 19 days ago

    Hay Dutch. With all the oil shut down in canada hundreds of thousands are out of work.
    And to get a $100 or more an hour cant be made by riggers pipe line people. So working for 25 an hour looks like a JOKE TO THESE LABOURS!.
    Anyway i mentioned IN USA to just go look at fracking punps ON GOOGLE MAPS and see how many there are. And to just check you earthquake forcasting.
    I got moked laughed at told you were NOT A SIENTIST!and massive fracking pumps in usa were TRUCKS?..
    I thought ummm.. Ok no comment. I know you are hurting .
    Why cant people just reserch check out EVERYTHING LEARN ALL THEY CAN. FROM ALL THEY CAN...but its taboo to mention fracking and quakes to oil workers

  • janet lesley
    janet lesley 19 days ago

    So sorry Dutch, for your loss. I understand, we do. Gutted.

  • J Will
    J Will 19 days ago

    Missed your "Hello helloooo". Feeling alright Dutch?

  • Solani Someni
    Solani Someni 20 days ago

    My heartfelt love to both you, the Duchess and the rest of the furry family for the loss of Noche. 😿❤️ I lost my sweet feline baby boy "Bubba" a few months ago. The pain and sorrow is much the same as loosing a loved two-legged family member. A very large part of me wanted to go with him but, I have 2 other feline family members and my sweet Wolfdog Nova that depend on me so... Life goes on, even if a huge part is missing.
    Know that we are many out here that see our furry family as true family members and share your family's pain with you.
    Much love to you all! ❤️

  • littleflower
    littleflower 20 days ago

    love to Noche, so beautiful! On the other side now, in a better place! Love to you both.....

  • Melanie Evans Martin
    Melanie Evans Martin 20 days ago

    Sorry your beautiful cat friend passed away. Love and hugs to you and Duchess.

  • Julie Mcmurtrie
    Julie Mcmurtrie 20 days ago

    Ty Dutch😎😍 much love from NZ ❣️

  • Linda Jakub
    Linda Jakub 20 days ago

    Earth is flat. So strange to see thr archaic globe.

  • jackrussell
    jackrussell 20 days ago

    Be sure whatever happens in north...mid..and South California..in the past weeks ..and in these coming days, weeks, months.. remember ITS ALL MAN MADE DISASTERS...high winds where there was NONE forecasted, EARTHQUAKES... fires, springing up in the middle of a cul-di-sac, where houses were actually melted, NOT JUST BURNT.!!..A NORMAL HOUSE FIRE DOESNT DISSOLVE BRICKS,.. ROOFS...TILES..(kitchen and roof tiles..)..A normal fire will leave these, usually intact... but will burn to a crisp ANY TREE, BUSH, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT MIGHT BE GROWING IN THE GARDEN.10FT AWAY..( UNTOUCHED.)...USUALLY IT COOKS EVERYTHING, PLANTS INC...!!...
    YOUR FAITH ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH TO SAVE YOU...GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR MIND, YOUR WORDS, AND YOUR ACTIONS TO JESUS CHRIST, be sincere, be truthful...have meaning in your prayers,..or you might as well call BAÀL over and have tea and biscuits..!! I hope my point doesn't go over your heads, like a chemtrail...!!
    FULL ARMOUR, wear it, show it....STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!!!
    Great work DIRTH as always...your bang on the money...
    Peace an lv to you an yours DIRTH...

  • Katja Kongesor
    Katja Kongesor 20 days ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss dutch. God bless you

  • Anne Chester
    Anne Chester 20 days ago +1

    A bulge is not good..it's a build up of molten magna like a boil waiting to explode

  • mike talas
    mike talas 20 days ago +1

    Yeah!!! Those Effers have censored the Oregon, Washington, & Yellowstone, Earthquake & Tremor Readings. Just how bad is that, if they feel the need to HIDE ALL THE INFO!!!??? STUFF IS GETTING REALLY MESSED UP THESE DAYZ!!! GEOGRAPHICALLY, POLITICALLY, & PHYSICALLY!!!!!!!! HOLD ON IT'S GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE!!!!

  • Janet Skene
    Janet Skene 20 days ago

    ABOUT PG&E power outages: reports said that many illegal underground tunnels & DUMBS were found during the outages because the electricity stays ON (on a different system). The illegal, secret DUMBs are used to trafficking children, others & drugs, etc. So perhaps outages are planned, or used, by White Hats on the fight against corruption

  • Sandy Chisholm
    Sandy Chisholm 20 days ago

    Does anyone know the real reason what started the paradise fire ? Just looking at it cars and houses don’t melt in fires and the trees were better than a car right next to it? Confused been around Forrest fires my whole life never seen that happen .

  • Eddie Walling
    Eddie Walling 20 days ago

    Thank you Dutch!! I trust what you say!! I have listen to you for 3 years now & I wouldn't trust anybody else!! So thank you for what you do for us!! :) :) :)

  • Barb Aranda
    Barb Aranda 20 days ago


  • Catscan Stan
    Catscan Stan 20 days ago +1

    We need to discover Oregon's USGS secret-anti earthquake device and apply it worldwide to eradicate all earthquakes as they have so wisely done. Just say NO to earthquakes. Oregonians are truly brilliant!

  • momislazy
    momislazy 20 days ago

    I feel your pain Dutch, our 13 yo cat, Mr Kitty, who we've jad since he was a kitten did not come home yesterday. I have looked everywhere. I still hope he will show up.

  • white conservative patriot.

    So sorry for you loss Dutch and the misses Dutch, animals are like children to us animal lovers. Many prayers and i speak peace and love over the both of you, in Jesus name, AMEN.
    MUCH LOVE TO THE BOTH OF YOU, from Michigan.....✌❤

  • Philip
    Philip 20 days ago

    I've been to Aurora Crater there is a gold mine next to it.....

  • Waazal
    Waazal 20 days ago

    Sorry for your loss, I understand the pain. I lost my 18 year old buddy 2 years ago and it still hurts at times ..

  • Teri F
    Teri F 20 days ago

    God bless you, Dutch. So sorry to hear of your fur baby, Noche's passing. I lost my 17 yr old Baci in March. I got some healing and closure by speaking with a pet communicator/psychic. It was very comforting to me.

  • momislazy
    momislazy 20 days ago

    There are maps from the 1500's that show California as an island

  • dentasla
    dentasla 20 days ago

    Have You ever watched the Netflix movie, "How it Ends"? Very coincidental.

  • Jj Gogojag
    Jj Gogojag 20 days ago

    Earths cushioning and stabilization......keep up the good reporting....

  • Rose Hernandez
    Rose Hernandez 20 days ago

    Dutch and Dutchess, I know how hard it is to lose a fuzzy family member, please hang in there. Take care of what is most important, yourselves. God bless you both. Noche will always be with you, please remember that his physical body is gone, and that his spirit will be with you until you meet at the bridge. Love and blessings to you and your family.

  • robilefoxx
    robilefoxx 20 days ago

    While the USGS has been covering up the true scope of the seismic activity in Southern California over the past months, especially since the 6.0's near Ridgecrest, it now seems that some at the USGS are truly worried about the buildup of seismic energy along the Garlock Fault. And, since the USGS has failed to report some of the significant seismic activity in the Ridgecrest and Los Angeles areas in the past months, one should take serious notice of the current warnings given about the size of the potential quake on the Garlock in the near future. So, will an eruption of an 8.0+ megaquake along the Garlock trigger the USGS long-predicted Big One Megaquake near LA?
    Is everyone in Southern California ready for an US West Coast Megaquake with a sudden sinking of the emptied underground aquifers, allowing a tsunami produced by the collapse of the eastern side of Catalina Island, in a 7.0+ quake, to flood SoCal as far as the below-sea-level areas of the Salton Sea and Death Valley; in a portrayal of the Atlantis Sinking Story, having SoCal becoming an archipelago of the Pacific Ocean as far as the Colorado River? When a megaquake hits the LA area, people need to immediately head for high ground, because a Catalina Island Tsunami will hit Malibu and LA within 15 minutes of the megaquake. So, if the Garlock is as primed as the recent LA local news states, people on the US West Coast and points east need to get prepared for an extended emergency period, because a LA Megaquake from the eruption of the Garlock Fault will severely impact structures and infrastructures thousands of miles away; just considering the destruction of the southern Internet Backbone and the Web address servers in California, one will see a crippling of the digital infrastructure so much of the 21st-Century World runs on.
    Be ready with at least thirty days of fresh food, good water, personal medicines and emergency supplies for everyone in ones household to shelter in place for an extended period of time, within a supportive and friendly non-heavily-urbanized community of likewise prepared neighbors.

  • Ana Trejos
    Ana Trejos 20 days ago

    Hi Dutch long time hope ur doing okay sounded down in begins. Thank you for reminding people to think of their pets.
    Mine are children that I never had oh you know what mean I have crew of three dogs and 4 catabaloos. Here from Ohio
    Born in Panama Central America and yes it concernong With Panama and Earthquskes I am sure we have about 4 volcanos and I believe they ate active well by The road that leads to Portobello I discover hot springs so you know where they are what follows its on the Atlantic side or Atlantic ocean

  • S G
    S G 20 days ago

    Caltech professor talking about the creeping Garland fault line. Dutchsinse called this years ago you're behind the time . You're an idiot. Maybe you need to get your education from dutchsinse. Just my view 😎

  • Emerin
    Emerin 20 days ago

    I'm sorry for your loss. I can honestly say that pets are the best thing in life, without a doubt.

  • Iily May
    Iily May 20 days ago +1

    So sorry for your loss duch .xxxx

  • Daphne Thornton
    Daphne Thornton 20 days ago

    Dutch I agree about the Mojave desert as I already commented on your feed over a year ago that I had received the words fracture zone, Mojave desert in August 2018 in my sleep just on waking. Then the words Tishri 1. Blessings

  • GamletK
    GamletK 20 days ago

    Thanks a lot, Dutch& much love!!!

  • JoeyB
    JoeyB 20 days ago

    the usgs is probably the oil company itself

  • Iily May
    Iily May 20 days ago

    467 comments .can't see them .

  • Her eyez on Level
    Her eyez on Level 20 days ago

    I’m in Southern California on the San Jacinto fault .....I keep hearing my house crack and pop a few times a day.... I felt the 7 in Ridgecrest and it was just like a boat ride.

  • timothy chung
    timothy chung 20 days ago

    If this fault is doing something it has never done before, what is causing it? I suspect tremendous stored energy along that coast is start to show. The big one is on the way...

  • nick beam
    nick beam 20 days ago

    I often thought with all that California drilling down there that there full intention was to stop earthquakes and that the oil and gas and thermo were just a added bonus but when they start playing with FIRE ? well you know the rest of the story !

  • maryanne razzano
    maryanne razzano 20 days ago

    Thank you Dutch. Much love and prayers for you and your wife on the loss of your sweet cat. 💕🙏💕

  • Alan Yates
    Alan Yates 20 days ago +19

    Cats don't die. They fall asleep in their owners' hearts.

  • dialog420
    dialog420 20 days ago

    Wow soo colorful I like the change

  • Captain Harf
    Captain Harf 20 days ago

    Has anyone noticed all the downed Call of Duty players in this video... Can someone chug some quick revive and finish the mission

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor 20 days ago

    Much love sent Dutch ,Dutchess and Noche 💜🐱😢

  • Paul Gleason
    Paul Gleason 20 days ago

    How many of us could show this to our Families?
    Yet we would be nodding in our own heads, (at each corner of the Earth he shows), because we have become New Learners Geologists.

    • Paul Gleason
      Paul Gleason 20 days ago

      You can learn by yourself, and experts

  • CrystalQuake1703
    CrystalQuake1703 20 days ago +2

    thank you so much dutch!! much love! c:

  • OOTG 77
    OOTG 77 20 days ago

    Hey Dutch!
    I’ve been sharing your videos with my fellow West Texans. The recent earthquakes are getting people’s attention. Thanks for the love and keep up the great work! ~ Spencer

  • Ark Watcher
    Ark Watcher 20 days ago

    No one died, I've seen much worse in DFW, every spring & fall, we are accustomed to this.

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady 21 day ago

    When that big earthquake hits, there will be no communication. The cell towers will be down. I don't think the land-line will work. So what are we to do ? Use the pigeons ?

  • simon theyers
    simon theyers 21 day ago

    Illuminated prophecy. .8.3 mag off coast, will go from Seattle south and the whole cali coast is lost under the sea. ..time frame is. ..anytime. just waiting for it. . True or not. .? Ask someone else. ..I just saw the video the other week. .

  • DoxxyBoi
    DoxxyBoi 21 day ago

    if a 8.0 earthquake hit the fault of garlock what would it be in porter ranch

  • Howzit Cruzin thru life

    I’m sorry about your loss 😥
    My animals are like my babies. Cried for days when my Riot and Glock died.
    So so sorry 😔

  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady 21 day ago

    I really like your volcano map....