Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston Makes Fun of Each Other - Avengers: Infinity War 2018


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  • Dulmini Dharmapala
    Dulmini Dharmapala Day ago +1

    Am I the only one in love with Huddleston's glasses? 😍

  • Madeline Greenhalgh

    Gotta love TH squared

  • Lo Fen
    Lo Fen 2 days ago

    I loooooove that intro

  • FestiveParrot
    FestiveParrot 3 days ago

    Wtf goes wrong inside Tom (Holland) when he just goes of on a tangin about how the stunts aren't real when he is asked if the friendships seen on set are real xD

  • Grimr3aper_pro 23
    Grimr3aper_pro 23 3 days ago


  • RealGaming
    RealGaming 4 days ago


  • Lørd Elephant
    Lørd Elephant 4 days ago


  • Pr0 Mitch
    Pr0 Mitch 5 days ago

    1:45 tom and Tom are sitting in the same position

  • It's Me Echo
    It's Me Echo 6 days ago

    "We don't have any microphones out there."
    "WE CAN YELL!"

  • Abdullah Zia
    Abdullah Zia 7 days ago

    At 5:10 toms voice is straight out of iphone voice over.

  • Jamie Babcock
    Jamie Babcock 7 days ago

    A pair of THQties.

  • Ms. P!ATD
    Ms. P!ATD 9 days ago


  • TheGamingCabit
    TheGamingCabit 9 days ago

    I love how Holland was just like "sure we can do a few questions..." And the guys asking the questions was like "wait wait wait no no"

  • Serena
    Serena 9 days ago

    I'm next on that stage

  • Ozzy The Bunny
    Ozzy The Bunny 10 days ago

    0:46 There will NEVER, I repeat NEVER be a new T.H. why would you say something like that? At least choose someone better to be the 'new T.H.' 🤨

  • PwnerJenkins
    PwnerJenkins 10 days ago

    I don't think Thanos in Avengers is Josh Brolin; I remember hearing it was actually a stuntman that was asked to stand in

  • Hollis Walley
    Hollis Walley 12 days ago +1

    Mr Thanos...couldn't we just...double the resources
    Thanos: kill him

  • D' Ray
    D' Ray 12 days ago +1

    Holland is right tho Loki maybe a villian but hes also the most like or loved villian between him and joker lol

  • Sage Lafayette
    Sage Lafayette 12 days ago

    Hiddleston: Hahaha, Kid, no.

  • Sage Lafayette
    Sage Lafayette 12 days ago


  • ¡ready! !wolfy-dragon¡


  • Carlyle Salcedo
    Carlyle Salcedo 14 days ago +1


  • Ruby Embers
    Ruby Embers 15 days ago +1

    It’s so sweet to see Holland actually get disappointed when the interviewer starts to show them off instead of figuring out how to do crowd questions 10:26

  • Cassia Windel
    Cassia Windel 15 days ago +1

    Tom Hiddleston
    Tom Hiddlesto
    Tom Hiddlest
    Tom Hiddles
    Tom Hiddle
    Tom Hiddl
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  • mickymc bryan
    mickymc bryan 16 days ago +1

    Tom Holland is so chatty. In a cute endearing way.

  • Shrek Wazouski
    Shrek Wazouski 17 days ago +1

    Both Toms: *says something*
    All girls in crowd: *screeches the unholy and summons Satan*

  • j_plays 21
    j_plays 21 17 days ago

    Low key

  • Phoenix Blaze
    Phoenix Blaze 20 days ago

    Why did you save me?
    Because I'm Spiderman.
    Yeah, but I'm Batman

  • SkeleKid Games
    SkeleKid Games 20 days ago

    T.H. To The Power Of 2!

  • David Deathman
    David Deathman 21 day ago

    TH^2=So pretty^2

  • Isaaic Reyes
    Isaaic Reyes 21 day ago

    Gran papa loki and baby child spider-man

  • Diralt Naran
    Diralt Naran 22 days ago


  • Hyped Gamer Network
    Hyped Gamer Network 23 days ago

    That was cool, from 1 streamer to another I wish you the best in your endeavors!

  • Ethan Lemon
    Ethan Lemon 23 days ago +1

    “I did.” Hecking iconic

  • Tara Peltzer
    Tara Peltzer 24 days ago

    in the COMMENT section below

  • Clean Up Isle 3
    Clean Up Isle 3 24 days ago +1

    Hiddleston and Holland are like brothers, 2 British actors and comedians even

  • Salman Akhnuk
    Salman Akhnuk 24 days ago +3

    Legends say Tom Hiddleston is still waiting for his hand shake - 0:40

  • R3D C04T5
    R3D C04T5 25 days ago

    Th squared is 4 th

  • Kate And Kaiden
    Kate And Kaiden 27 days ago +1

    wow would you look at that, my two favorite people to ever exist in the same room

  • SomeRandomGuyNael
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  • Metaden bay
    Metaden bay Month ago +1

    3:45, turn on the subtitles

  • Bree Adelynn
    Bree Adelynn Month ago

    I wanna be an actress so much x3

  • TheFinalSmash
    TheFinalSmash Month ago

    It wasn't Josh Brolin in the first Avengers, his first Thanos appearance was Guardians of the Galaxy. The guy who played Thanos in Avengers, Damion Poitier, was basically cast as a stand-in for the cameo before they cast Thanos (and showed up as a henchman in Civil War as well).

  • Jocasta
    Jocasta Month ago

    Q: How are yo Tom?
    Holland: goo..
    Hiddleston: good..
    Q: I ask Loki sorry.
    Holland: ohh sorry.
    Hiddleston: sorry kid.

  • Silver Jinx
    Silver Jinx Month ago

    They're even sitting the same way, wow

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson Month ago

    Hiddleston's hair 😍

  • Kirmi A
    Kirmi A Month ago


  • Kingdomgirl 3333
    Kingdomgirl 3333 Month ago

    I love Tom Holland....but I wanted to hear Tom Hiddleston talk a little bit more. After all, it was his panel. The interviewer needed to distinguish between his Toms' so Holland would not be answering for Hiddleston so much.

  • Dreamer Lore
    Dreamer Lore Month ago

    0:35 OMG! Tom Hiddlesland hug for real?!!!

  • Malevolent The Dragon

    0:38 I swear I thought Holland's back leg went all the way up to touch his back, and I can't get it out of my head.

  • Sabaah Jauhar-Rizvi

    Those two need to be in a comedy together

  • Alyssa-Jamie Bffin
    Alyssa-Jamie Bffin Month ago

    You could so tell Tom Holland wanted to ask questions

  • Null
    Null Month ago

    I thought they were chanting USA when they were asking for Q & A

  • Eden Lowe
    Eden Lowe Month ago

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  • Swapnil More
    Swapnil More Month ago +1

    With Initials TH , They are Great actors ,
    Tom Holland, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hanks, Tom Hardy.

  • Dhanush Abeyratne
    Dhanush Abeyratne Month ago

    Actually Damion Poitier played Thanos in the post credit scene in Avengers 1. Josh Brolin's first appearance was in GOTG 1.

  • Catacrack
    Catacrack Month ago

    Venom should be at MCU and we have Th³

  • ashotofJD
    ashotofJD Month ago

    Josh Brolin wasn't Thanos in the post credits scene for The Avengers/ Avengers Assemble (UK&ROI), it was Damion Poitier.

  • Julia Chung
    Julia Chung Month ago

    8:41 so cute! ❤❤

  • Manic Mama Hippo
    Manic Mama Hippo Month ago

    I would love to see Loki teamed up with Dr. Strange doing cool wizard stuff, Banner, Stark, Vision and Shuri all together working on the tech stuff, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Bucky, Black Panther, and Scarlet Witch all coordinating battle plans with Thor and The Guardian's of the Galaxy cast. Basically bringing everyone back to life and having the most exciting things ever happen!

  • Personable Person
    Personable Person Month ago

    "It's been a really fun con."
    That came out wrong...

  • Unicorn Normy
    Unicorn Normy Month ago

    Not to b dramatic but I would die for Tom H Squared, no hesitation

  • Cassandra Martin
    Cassandra Martin Month ago +1

    *A moment to appreciate the fan wearing a sparkly Loki-helmet on the far right at **4:11*

  • Minecraft Psycopaths

    A little before 542 tom hiddlestone says at least he went for the head and I just realized what he meant by that

  • nana yami
    nana yami Month ago

    Oh the father and the son so cute 💜😍

  • Zobi
    Zobi Month ago

    two british Tom H's . . .

  • Poptart
    Poptart Month ago

    Tom: *speaks*
    Crowd of females: WHOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Freez
    Freez Month ago

    0:41 Im crying

  • Shadow Dragon
    Shadow Dragon Month ago

    Note to Tom. H
    I loved your performance in the avengers movie, it was perfect and no one could’ve done it better!
    Have fun figuring out which Tom I’m talking about!

  • Punmaster 101
    Punmaster 101 Month ago

    4:35 to 4:39 ummmm Jim Moriarty???

  • ssouass !!
    ssouass !! Month ago

    This is when my birthday

  • jeeun yoon
    jeeun yoon Month ago

    Love the back hug!!! 😍

  • John Handcock
    John Handcock Month ago

    Looked like Tom Hiddleston was sorta pissed off that Tom Holland crashed HIS interview. He's dead in Marvel now, yet spider-man will live on. What a dick...

    • Sarela Wil
      Sarela Wil Month ago

      Where did you see that "pissed off"? Imagining things? I doubt he was even really surprised.

  • 1-800 -INEEDBLEACH
    1-800 -INEEDBLEACH Month ago

    Holland: The Spider-Man stuff isn’t real
    Hiddleston: *Drops mic and angrily stomps away*
    God damnit I love the toms 💚❤️

  • Shining Diancie
    Shining Diancie Month ago

    TH squad

  • qwerttzizzi
    qwerttzizzi Month ago

    FIRST time hiddleston lack knowledge: its not Josh Brolin from the beginning...wasnt the first Thanos a black actor?

  • Corgi W
    Corgi W Month ago

    Important note: It wasn't Josh. The Thanos in Avengers 1 was Damion Poitier. Sorry, Toms.

  • Liadan Gavin
    Liadan Gavin Month ago

    I love Loki

  • Kuwaddo Fpv
    Kuwaddo Fpv Month ago

    Bless Loki Spiderman just took over that qna

  • Imam Ali
    Imam Ali Month ago


  • Duck-Top
    Duck-Top Month ago

    Tom Holland: Spider-Man
    Tom Hiddleston: Loki
    Tom Hardy: Venom
    All called Tom, all apart of a Marvel product, all play great Marvel characters, and all are British.

  • Michael Marlar
    Michael Marlar Month ago

    "Low-Key Loki"

  • Al He
    Al He Month ago +2

    It is “make fun of each other”

  • Amy Marshall
    Amy Marshall Month ago +2

    I love Loki 💕 💕

  • Elyannah John
    Elyannah John Month ago

    *sees the title*
    And the Tom.Hs' began the roast war

  • Jamie Hayes
    Jamie Hayes Month ago

    TH² hahaha that's great

  • Edie Luis
    Edie Luis Month ago +1

    I'm just going to rant a bit here because I haven't seen anyone else mention it, but when people say that Thanos should've just doubled the resources instead halved the population, I don't think they realize that science still applies. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. When he kills half of everyone, he isn't just making them magically disappear, they are disintegrating. The atoms that they were made up of are still there. Thanos' reasoning makes sense, there are a certain amount of particles in the universe and too many living organisms using them, get rid of a large portion, and you could even turn them into more resources for everyone else.

    INCARCEAS Month ago

    Guys Tom.H is definitely the better of the two Toms

  • Noob of Stars
    Noob of Stars Month ago please I'm lonely

  • J BW
    J BW Month ago

    Spiderman is so stoned lol

  • Christine S
    Christine S Month ago

    I love when the interviewer says "So, Tom," and you don't know who he's talking to.

  • NightWolf Gamer13
    NightWolf Gamer13 Month ago

    Tom Holland or Tom Hiddleston. (Personally I prefer Hiddleston. He hot as as fire 😂)

  • Silver1989
    Silver1989 Month ago

    7:22 This is why Infinity War messed up.

  • Hima Sharma
    Hima Sharma Month ago

    Tom Holland is really cute
    Tom hiddleson is very gentle person

  • Andre Oka
    Andre Oka Month ago

    Doubling resources wouldnt fix anything,

  • LegoMinerSwag99
    LegoMinerSwag99 Month ago

    Actually the guy playing Thanos in the post credit scene of Avengers 1 is not Josh Brolin it is Damion Poitier

  • Miranda Panda
    Miranda Panda Month ago

    Tom Hiddleston is so great. Don't get me wrong, I love Tom Holland, but he was kinda annoying. Hiddleston was so cool about it and just letting Holland talk, but it was Hiddlestons interview, and Holland just sort of took over and answered all the questions and stuff...

  • Thrills and Skills
    Thrills and Skills Month ago +1

    Any other small TVcliprs out there that want to help each other out? If you sub me I will sub you

  • Alexander Nguyen
    Alexander Nguyen Month ago

    I'd like to see American Toms and UK Toms having a conversation of how different between two nations....

  • A Callie Girl
    A Callie Girl Month ago

    On the panel its so weird seeing how Holland is just *smaller* than both the guys 😂 he’s just a mini man and ughhhh i love him so muchhhh