Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston Makes Fun of Each Other - Avengers: Infinity War 2018


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  • mARTa Kyam
    mARTa Kyam 23 hours ago

    Holland should be Tintin in a live action Tintin movie

  • Eras Alams
    Eras Alams Day ago

    Don't compare some loki boy to the greatest villian ever - Darth Vader - meen 🤨🙃😄

  • Rheniah
    Rheniah Day ago

    Tom Holland is Robert’s son where he was named after his grandfather

  • Aura Demetra
    Aura Demetra 2 days ago

    Loki is seriously mu favourite

  • Katie Miller
    Katie Miller 3 days ago

    "He didn't want to go"
    "At least he went for the head though"
    "... *I* did."

  • Black Holo Witch
    Black Holo Witch 3 days ago

    Now its TH squered
    I screamed from laugh

    RAPID RESPAWN 4 days ago

    What was going on in the end?

  • Sasha Casares
    Sasha Casares 5 days ago

    Tom Holland’s jeans are cuffed. You guys know what that means! 😂😂

  • Magic Girl
    Magic Girl 6 days ago


  • NightOwl312
    NightOwl312 6 days ago

    They sit the same way omg

  • Laura The Elephant
    Laura The Elephant 6 days ago

    1:32 they are sitting the same way, holding the mic in the same hand, facing the interviewer...they look exactly the same😂

  • HackeRsWolD
    HackeRsWolD 7 days ago

    0:42 big bro went for a handshake lil bro was like nah

  • GC Arts
    GC Arts 9 days ago

    The interviewer literally let Tom Holland talk a whole minute about how stuff isn't real before he let him know that he meant something else lmao

  • Ivy Martin
    Ivy Martin 9 days ago

    Annoying maths teacher: So what’s your favourite equation?
    Someone else: E=MC squared!
    Annoying maths teacher: And what’s yours?
    Me: Life=TH squared.

  • Saiyara Chowdhury
    Saiyara Chowdhury 10 days ago

    i thought on 10:06, they were chanting BTS’s fanchant lol please don’t judge me

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
    TheDimondBow// TLB 10 days ago +1

    9:52 lol

  • OriginalTharios
    OriginalTharios 11 days ago

    Yeah...killing half the population or doubling the resources...neither matters at all.
    Considering the ACTUAL near ubiquity of resources in the universe, and its overall volume, life could never hope to "use up" the universe before its ultimate heat death. It's not even a possibility. Even with FTL travel, it just plain can't ever be done.
    Thanos' entire motive is...unforgivably stupid. But...since they've been entertaining movies, and genuinely enjoyable characters...while I still won't forgive the stupidity of Thanos' plan, I will overlook it.

  • Avacado Babies
    Avacado Babies 11 days ago +1

    loki is definitely my favorite villain

  • Austin George
    Austin George 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who can’t stand Holland?

    • Austin George
      Austin George 11 days ago

      Sir Potato he’s annoying and I can’t watch his interviews since he’s always dropping spoilers. Just a bunch of small things that add up. #mackeysnotjoking

    • Sir Potato
      Sir Potato 11 days ago

      G- Rex what do u mean

  • May04bwu
    May04bwu 12 days ago +1

    When you go to Tom Hiddleston panel but Tom Holland steals the show lol

  • Fun & Learn coding and programming

    Like how loki gave hand and spidy didn't shook.

  • Ivory Rose
    Ivory Rose 13 days ago +1

    Loki is the only villain I cried when he died.

  • Ann Mary
    Ann Mary 15 days ago

    It would be a miracle if the Avengers came to Adelaide in Asutralia.

  • Aquamelon 008
    Aquamelon 008 15 days ago +1

    When it really hits you that two of the three British actors are both called Tom.

  • KageNoTenshi
    KageNoTenshi 15 days ago +1

    But I am Batman

  • Leilani Bruce
    Leilani Bruce 15 days ago +1

    I thought they were saying USA not Q and A

  • Benjamin Matthies
    Benjamin Matthies 15 days ago +1

    Come on, everybody loves Loki!!

  • Hannah Chitty-Finch
    Hannah Chitty-Finch 15 days ago +1

    Why does no one get this?

  • Hannah Chitty-Finch
    Hannah Chitty-Finch 15 days ago +1


  • Hannah Chitty-Finch
    Hannah Chitty-Finch 15 days ago

    Tom Hiddleston is a great actor, but completely dull in real life I've found. He tries for humour at times but fails

  • Nelson Cook
    Nelson Cook 15 days ago

    4:42 wtf farther Vader is so much more beloved than Loki

  • sargentrowell81
    sargentrowell81 15 days ago

    I'd say the other most beloved villan, tied with Loki is Mark Hamill's Joker.

  • Kyla Sharma
    Kyla Sharma 16 days ago

    Dude stop putting spoilers in the FREAKING THUMBNAIL!!!

  • TANK Eggarino
    TANK Eggarino 16 days ago

    Man I hate it when Tom Holland comes on to my panel

  • Oh Hey
    Oh Hey 16 days ago


  • Dude Phillips
    Dude Phillips 17 days ago +1

    They aren’t really specifically making fun of each other.

  • em tack
    em tack 17 days ago

    Am I the only one thinking what happens if the earths population is an odd number. Does thanos cut somebody in half, and does he leave the legs or the torso??

  • Shade Master
    Shade Master 17 days ago

    Wait I just realized that they both have the same first name

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow 18 days ago +1

    These two are actual comic fans.. the rest just got into them for character

  • BTS' eggs and sausages

    They're Tom H

  • Paridhi Tripathi
    Paridhi Tripathi 18 days ago

    at 6:23, a girl did "Saranghae"....

  • Nova Alcyone4920
    Nova Alcyone4920 18 days ago

    LOKI IS NOT DEAD!!!!!! He’s the one character that when he dies he doesn’t die

  • Reece Walton
    Reece Walton 18 days ago

    Why are loki and thor brothers in the MCU? Isn't loki a gaint who kills thor during ragnerok

  • Maxine Storm
    Maxine Storm 19 days ago

    I named my son Thomas and hate when they shorten it to tom. I still just call my son Thomas.

  • Cheese Is awesome
    Cheese Is awesome 19 days ago

    He’s at comic con?!

  • Bolt Strike
    Bolt Strike 19 days ago

    Tom Middleton is very pissed

  • Kristen Montgomery
    Kristen Montgomery 20 days ago

    Holland: "Those big American football things. I don't know what they're called"
    Hiddleston: "A shoulder pad."
    Holland: "A SHOULDER PAD!!!"

    Why is no one talking about this. It was cute and so funny.

  • Annie Burke
    Annie Burke 20 days ago

    Tom H Squared!

  • Cecília Mendonça
    Cecília Mendonça 20 days ago

    I love that the Marvel Cast is just a huge family, Tom Holland being the Baby Brother

  • Seon Joo Midnight _ Laufyson

    Me: Tom!
    Both of them: Yes?
    Me: No! Tom H! ( Hiddleston)
    both: *Looks at each other confused*
    Me: Ugh! LOKI
    *Loki comes out of nowhere*
    Me: WT-
    Loki: Yes mortal?
    Me: *looks back at tom and goes
    back to loki*
    Me: .......

  • Marija Watson
    Marija Watson 22 days ago

    I love how Holland's first reaction was to go give hiddles a hug 😂😂

  • Roses Love
    Roses Love 23 days ago

    I thought the girls at the end were chanting "U.S.A!"

  • Mani Batala
    Mani Batala 25 days ago

    When Loki finds out he's a frost giant was the most greatest emotional under rated scene in the MCU. TVclip it and see for yourself.

  • Robin Sommerdorf
    Robin Sommerdorf 25 days ago

    I love Tom PS This is autumn speaking I live at hope children's home in Tampa florida

  • Sara Saritoos
    Sara Saritoos 27 days ago

    At what part is that from tumbnail?

  • Jodie McDonough
    Jodie McDonough 27 days ago

    Great thing about Loki the reason he is more than a one time villain two words: sex appeal.

  • Cecilia Barry
    Cecilia Barry 28 days ago

    Aww when he hugged him at the beginning thoooo❤️❤️❤️

  • Cecilia Barry
    Cecilia Barry 28 days ago +1

    Like for TH comment for TH

  • Internal Geekness
    Internal Geekness 29 days ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how Holland just stole a ton of Hiddleston’s questions?

  • sami sckzw
    sami sckzw 29 days ago

    Robert the dad
    Benedict is the oldest brother the "father figure" and tom Hiddleston is the protective one
    Sebastian and Anthony are the older brother the "bullies" one but nice and caring about their little brother but they like annoying him lol
    Chris Pratt is the cool uncle

  • Shounak Ganguly
    Shounak Ganguly 29 days ago

    *MAKE fun of...

  • cherry cherry
    cherry cherry 29 days ago +1

    It's gonna take me a long time to be able to watch infinity war cus my tiny heart cannot take their deaths especially spiderman😭

  • Vishal Venkat
    Vishal Venkat Month ago

    The original Thanos was actually NOT Josh Brolin

  • Potato Life is hard

    Well I’m listening

    If you know you know

  • mr arican
    mr arican Month ago

    Tom is so annoying

  • Iis Are
    Iis Are Month ago +1

    5:10 Siri is that you

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price Month ago


  • Lisa Frank
    Lisa Frank Month ago

    Can we just look at the fact that half way through the interview the two toms just start interviewing each other.

  • Tiranya Pehelini
    Tiranya Pehelini Month ago

    3:35 turn on captions

  • TechnicalMASHUP
    TechnicalMASHUP Month ago


    Dont give me hate I love spiderman, it is just true, he spoils

  • Millan Kelderman
    Millan Kelderman Month ago

    Tomic Con

  • Burhan Bisati
    Burhan Bisati Month ago

    bitch joker is the most famous

  • Lili Howard
    Lili Howard Month ago +1

    Just give me 2 hours of Peter, Loki, and Tony
    Please! ^^

  • Lana Butterfield
    Lana Butterfield Month ago +1

    1:42 why do I feel Tom Holland is mocking Tom hiddleson

  • aesthidraws
    aesthidraws Month ago

    It's my favorite toms ;-; i never been so happy.

  • Bored
    Bored Month ago


  • Talib Anwar
    Talib Anwar Month ago

    Who is the last girl 😆

  • Fandom Cat
    Fandom Cat Month ago

    Even the casts are making theories. ( i know its late but idc)

  • Marvel Thomas
    Marvel Thomas Month ago +1

    Tom Holland is everything

  • Actual Trash
    Actual Trash Month ago +1

    Tom Holland looked so disappointed when they couldn’t give microphones to the fans

  • MiMi
    MiMi Month ago

    Is that interviewer dutch?

  • Superfangirl demigod

    I am your grandfather-Tom Hi

  • Anita Makaju
    Anita Makaju Month ago +3

    If Tom Hiddleston was my lecturer, I would never be bored of listening to him. 😍🎵

  • 4bunnybabies
    4bunnybabies Month ago

    🥰 this is a good video 🥰

  • muja MR
    muja MR Month ago +1

    Actually in the first avengers, that WAS NOT Josh Brolin

  • Jad Soufi
    Jad Soufi Month ago

    You could tell he was bummed that he didn’t get to answer questions

  • Kayla 1
    Kayla 1 Month ago


  • Kal
    Kal Month ago

    Tom is so hot 😍🔥(Loki) 🔥

  • Rhino Dino
    Rhino Dino Month ago +1

    An hour and fourty five minute add starting with Chris Pratt telling me to not skip. Guess what im doing now...

  • sazzatul alam
    sazzatul alam Month ago

    I dunno which one is cuter!

  • Snazzy Jazzy!
    Snazzy Jazzy! Month ago

    T H SQUARED!!!

  • Ananya Neralla
    Ananya Neralla Month ago

    See? Mackie and Seb are just kidding! Some of these juvenile fans who are butthurt from them poking fun at him, You need to drink milk and go take a baby nap. Maybe tune in on some of that " Rock a bye baby".

  • cmbb05
    cmbb05 2 months ago

    The reason Thanos didn't double the resources is probably because he wanted to teach people a lesson

  • Madeline Guthrie
    Madeline Guthrie 2 months ago

    I love how big Tom is in the middle of giving this really intellectual answer and little Tom just rocks up and takes over his interview with his adorable childish gabble. Loves these two

  • K. Murray
    K. Murray 2 months ago +3

    4:33 he must of never heard of the Joker

  • Dulmini Dharmapala
    Dulmini Dharmapala 2 months ago +1

    Am I the only one in love with Hiddleston's glasses? 😍

  • Madeline Greenhalgh
    Madeline Greenhalgh 2 months ago

    Gotta love TH squared

  • Lo Fen
    Lo Fen 2 months ago

    I loooooove that intro

  • FestiveParrot
    FestiveParrot 2 months ago

    Wtf goes wrong inside Tom (Holland) when he just goes of on a tangin about how the stunts aren't real when he is asked if the friendships seen on set are real xD

  • Grimr3aper_pro 23
    Grimr3aper_pro 23 2 months ago