Full Extended Interview: Joe Biden Talks To Stephen Colbert

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • The 47th Vice President sits down with Stephen to discuss the divisions in American life, his relationship with VP Mike Pence, and his new book 'Promise Me, Dad."

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Comments • 4 162

  • khuang96
    khuang96 Day ago

    when Stephen pulled out his Trump impersonation, hahahahaha

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 2 days ago

    Fun fact about Spain.The dead of the Civil War, those of the republicans which is to say those who belonged to the workers side, those who were killed summarily, outside their villages, rounded up and shot and left in mass graves, have never been given Christian burial and it is not the church who fights to get them properly buried, as is its job, it is the deads children and childrens children who do in a fight for, " La Memoria Historica", and to bury their parents or brothers and sisters. If you mention this to a person whose conversation makes you believe them to be good, bad catholics, they say that priests and nuns were killed in hte civil war. Well I say, if you take a role as a boss, and the rpiests were famouse for sitting drinking cholcolate with the rich, then you can expect to get shot every so often. Women and children also got killed and of course, masses of ordinary men. The truth seems to be that our church is a vengeful lot.
    You can see were tyrants of Catholic countries got their ideas on the usefulness of rule of terror from and their lack of squeamishness about carrying it out. If you lot have the cheek to revolt, know, you wont get a christian burial, seems to be the churches idea on the Spanish Republican civil war. which is to say, we will punish you for it will try to put you off such naughtiness. And, we wont be fair when it comes to evaluate whether or not the people in the mass graves were really revolutionaries or not. One village in Spain might belong to one side and another to another but the side it was on was not indication of what all the members of the village thought and believed, nor were all those who were revolutionaries heretics.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 days ago

    Colbert, In the Times interveiw with you, you showed various signs of being influnced by Catholics sects.
    The opus dei is very keen on people using their hearts instead of their heads , in your jerga, having their emotional responses, as the old fashioned woman was said to do. Whatever happened to measure and patiaints, templance and such virtues,, when did any religion ever stop advicing people be calm because emotions make you make bad decisions?.Ours does in this century, and they say they don't change! An example of this is Mel Gibson, a follower of the Opus Dei,. HIs emotionality in, "Lethal weaon", makes his acting fun but he is known to be a person of poor judgement, so he is one proof of the ills of getting all emotional. For the Catholcs sects, any tactic which makes people leave their heads at home is good. You find followers of these sects will start to carefully and slowly, so as to make their changing you hardly perceptable they hope, instruct you in what emotions you feel, so as to tell you what the real you feels, it is one of their ways of indoctrinationg you.
    That brings me to your second symptom. The Legion of Christ makes a big thing of people being themselves and you have started getting very hung up on the real you, the result is, we are getting a greatly reduced and rather boring you. For Regnum Christi followers, the Legion of Christ,'s lay branch, the real you is the one who agrees with them. just as in Buddhism you look for your buddhic nature, well that is you kindness not your affiliation to a number of rules, whiich is your real you. In religon your real self being something that is like your prophet is a fairly universal religious way of thinking.
    The other sign of religion using you was how very busy you are. Preist who came to complain of the Legions way of treating seminarists, talk of how they were kept busy all day to think. Also sleep deprivation in hteir victims is useful for those who wish to indoctrinate others. That you work non stop seems to me to be another indication that the ideas of some idiots have got to you. Working non stop does not make peole more productive or good at their jobs, it is a fools game. but it does help others to manipulate them.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 days ago

    Biden should not advice people to talk to their dead , it opens the way for people to use telepahty on them and the people who are really good at telepathy are not odd bods who look into strange things, they are the main religions which are very conservative bodies, who encourage people to vote for the right even when that means voting for a crazy person, like Trump or Burlusconi. Need i name them, General Franco,the generals in aAgentinia, pinochet Musselini and also the evagelists tend to be just as conservative.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 days ago

    Your counter part in Spain would be, The Gran Wyoming," and so one thiing is sure, he is not a person who goes crazy about the Church .
    The Spanish fought the Civil War, the Church most decidely did not like their people being Communists or Anarchists, the right, Francos right and the church went absolutely hand in glove, though you can bet the church could find some liberal preist to make a film about. much as catholics in england probaably in Norht America too see this sort of nasty tyrant as being political rather than religious, here they know that the right were defending Catholic Spain and was loved by the church. Just to talk about now, they are enthusiastic about reburying General Franco, who was big on executing people, which is to say a murderous git, in Madrid's cathedral the ALmudena i think it is. .THe church never tried to stop Franco from having comnunion. If you get divorced they wont give you communion if your effort to subjugate the people includes executing people, using the garote vil, then they will flock round you. They absolutely flocked round him. Your Spanish counterparts know all about what the faith looks like when it gets really overbearing, when t is the only religion in a country,.The most important television personalities on the left, all of them I should think but times are changing,, are absolutely aleregic to the church.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 days ago

    Colbert, Jamie Rodermayer who was a young, "maybe I am gay gay," boy ,who commited suicide because of bullying at school and every other child suicide case except one featured by Andersen Cooper or the six i folowed except one were Catholic children, I looked up their funerals. Catholics bully me for not being with them, they are big on bullying or aislating those htey dotn approve of.You cannot support Catholics, they do too many things that are bad, especialy so since Pope John Paul backed up the Cahtolic sects not the old religious orders and allowed Ratrzinger to do for the careers of all theologians who did think exactly like him. They go in for a lot of more or less secret teaching of poeple, parishoners spreading ideas on a one to one bases, that would not be popular with the general public.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie 3 days ago

    Biden, I cant tell you how often I have known Catholics spill out anti semetic bile. From someone in Regnum Christi, that while the holocaust is not good, it is not bad!. All people in Regnum Christi think alike and Regnum Christi is part of the Legion of Christ, sect that produces a lot of priestsand is backed up by Rome!.
    The reason given for this way of thinking was that people don't die if God does not mean it to happen. When I asked if God had meant the English soldiers, in the second world war to die, the answer was no, which put paid to the argument that if bad things happen it is because you were bad, which was the base for saying the holocausst was not bad. Why were the Jews bad? Did they have a Hitler? HItler was Christian a Catholic if a lapsed one. Jews only wrong was to have a handful of rich people which scared us and masses of poor ones.
    The latest from Rome is that we must think with the heart and should be emotional. Well thinking with the heart seems to mean we can just skip out on applying the same rule to all. One rule for English soldiers another for the Jews. If God hurts me that is not because I am bad if he hurts you, then it is because you are a sinner.
    I have heard from catholics I met casually on the street that, the Jews deserved the holocaust.! If you are a modern liberal catholic then Rome is fine, you dont hear the worst side of Rome, you dont want to. If you are not,or if you are in contact with the more orthodox which is to say un relative totally following rome in everything ,catholics and not liberal ones then you know that Rome has not had a program to change old ideas on Judais, you know that Rome does nothing to re-educate you,so that old prejudices that lead to the holocaust get rooted out ,in all truth it seems to encourage such people as creat prejudices abourt Jews. Does Rome complain about what the Chinese do to the Tibetans No, they say that we must not do anything to hurt the poor poor chinese. by brining their abusive behaviour to Tibetans to light. They like another entity to do for their rivals.

  • Caged
    Caged 4 days ago

    We didn't know Clinton or Obama until 1 1/2 years before they were elected.
    We knew Trump 40 years before.

  • Bridgette Alley
    Bridgette Alley 4 days ago

    I am saving this video๐Ÿ’œ
    My heartspace...so beyond words. Tears cant even express. This is hope. This is America.

  • pisceanqueen1
    pisceanqueen1 4 days ago

    Joe Biden 2020!!

  • demonqueen26
    demonqueen26 4 days ago

    Biden/Obama 2020

  • Dan Tayler
    Dan Tayler 6 days ago +1

    โœ…โœ…โœ…BIDEN IS A CREATUREโœ…โœ…โœ…

  • Dan Tayler
    Dan Tayler 6 days ago +1

    ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐ŸšจObastard is GONE!๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ

  • A&J PlusONE
    A&J PlusONE 7 days ago

    Sorry to say.... I think this interview got him killed. He told to much truth and he was a major threat to Trump in the next election. As you can see he was plenty healthy. Plenty spry and sharp!!! A lot of people were talking about him running!

  • Gillian Blacker
    Gillian Blacker 10 days ago

  • Jonathan Woodham
    Jonathan Woodham 11 days ago

    Uncle Joe talks about moral fabric...wouldn't know what it is if he'd
    been born wearing it as skin.
    He was busted for lying about a speech he plagiarized in the 80s...a trait that
    is endemic and encoded into Democrats DNA. He has been the housewhore for that party's choice of
    leadership bending over for Big Mike
    and Barry 'Oh my ass is' Sore-tero...
    He is the poster child for hair club for men...having most of his 'Donor Hair'
    taken from Big Mike's rectal region.
    It appears 'Tail Gunner Joe' as he is affectionately referred to by the TBGLQueeR cupcakes, is looking like he has had some dental improvements
    thing is Joe...YOUR TEETH ARE TOO BIG FOR YOUR SQUIRREL HEAD!...jus sayin..

  • princepeterwolf
    princepeterwolf 12 days ago

    I wish he was president

  • Edward Shields
    Edward Shields 13 days ago

    A heartbreakingly beautiful, honest interview with Vice President Joe Biden. One person said he's 100,000 times what Trump is. 100,000 times nothing equals nothing. Vice President Joe Biden is far more than anything that 100,000 trumps could represent! Joe Biden is a unique individual who sincerely cares for our nation. He understands how to unify people together.

  • monty soomer
    monty soomer 14 days ago

    Always liked Biden. A voice of reason, deep, intellectual etc.. Should have run for President.

  • KMF
    KMF 16 days ago

    Biden 2020

  • hybrid green
    hybrid green 19 days ago

    I love Stephen Colbert,but he really made it awkward by spelling out multiple times how the public should see a fellow grieving human being behind the star politician. Borderline disrespectful to mr. Biden's feelings and the intelligence of those who watched. Can you believe most are capable to understand a man who lost loved ones without coaching and those who can not are psychopaths and no amount of explanations will work..and they don't matter.

    THE SAVAGE JEWS 21 day ago

    My two heroes Biden & Colbert. I'm one happy obstructionist Dem lol

  • DepressoExpresso
    DepressoExpresso 26 days ago

    Agree with everything but i don't think hillary would've been a good president.... :/

  • comedychannels
    comedychannels 28 days ago

    Biden is a kiddy fiddler just look at the creepy Joe videos ! What is wrong with these people ? !!

  • B Toughdogyt
    B Toughdogyt Month ago

    Fake Teeth....fake hair......boob as a person .....and boob squeezer as a profession. TRUE IDIOT!!!!

  • Asti Upiastirin
    Asti Upiastirin Month ago

    I love this interview!!!

  • solongsucka
    solongsucka Month ago

    I thought this was a comedy show. Not Dr. Phil.

  • Alex Gorell
    Alex Gorell Month ago

    Biden would have murdered Trump in an election. Donโ€™t @me

  • David Canatella
    David Canatella Month ago

    joe binen is "that "person to the palistinians. he's sucks bank dick at human expence in america too just like obama.

  • Bosvigo's
    Bosvigo's Month ago

    To listen to this man speak, in words of more than one syllable, with a passion, who cares about people and the world as a whole, it just shows how far America has fallen. I am not American, like so many though, my corner of the world has been affected by your current president, as he emboldens those with extreme views, to crawl out from under their rocks and destroy so much of the good that has been done in recent years. It saddens me deeply. Listening to this man does remind me, there is hope.

  • Lolo Gonzalez
    Lolo Gonzalez Month ago

    Mr. Biden. please run for President. Pleeease!!!

  • Lolo Gonzalez
    Lolo Gonzalez Month ago


  • katjamendez
    katjamendez Month ago

    did any of you watch the anita hill hearings in the 90s? joe biden should not get a pass for his horrific treatment of a brave woman coming forward against a nasty boss. biden also lied to the public about his history, which shows lack of integrity. colbert is soft on some and harsh on others. why not ask biden the hard questions like he did (correctly) with bill clinton?

  • Nancy Williams
    Nancy Williams Month ago

    Does Trump not hear what the people of America are saying about him? Trump open your eyes and ears. You are hated by most of the people in this country, and other country's. Have you no Shame? Get out of politics.

  • Felix
    Felix Month ago

    the media stinks.. there IS no problem with politics.. creepy joe spoke...

  • PaddleFlambeau
    PaddleFlambeau Month ago

    Trump 2020 MAGA! This is bullshit!

  • Ruby Marlowe
    Ruby Marlowe Month ago

    But to hear the way RWNJs say it, Biden and Obama are communists (and Obama's a Muslim Kenyan) that destroyed their lives because their doctors dropped out of the Heritage Foundation founded MItt Romney (in Massachusetts) implemented ACA and their taxes went up because the voodoo economics that their Orange Hero is currently implementing didn't work. But Fox touts the Cheetolini line that everybody's going to be rich because billionaires get a tax break through stock buybacks. Where are the jobs that provide living wages and full benefits? Nowhere to be found. But we'll be better off because "those damn lazy poor people that I don't know will quit picking my pocket and those immigrants will be kicked out even though I won't be caught dead doing their jobs" are getting kicked out and kicked around.

  • alcidesfy
    alcidesfy Month ago

    Oh Joe...

  • martha rauf
    martha rauf Month ago

    Mr Vice President please donโ€™t give tips to Donald Trump on morale heโ€™s a moron born a moron and always be a moron . We need trump out with the rest of the republicans in senate and congress for a while until we as USA citizens can get our country back, you been friends with evil pence really disappointing heโ€™s a danger man ๐Ÿ˜ก you should talk about the immigrants children that were locked up in cages , where are they ๐Ÿ˜ข

  • John Gilmore
    John Gilmore Month ago

    I wish so much that Someone ( Reporter} would ask Trump if he will stand up to Russia on Ukraine? Now that Trump is so in love with Putin. I pray Trump will change and get some self Awareness Of his actions and understand he is teaching our children to just blame others instead of admitting he is wrong at times.

  • D K
    D K Month ago

    Biden 2020!

  • Colin Larson
    Colin Larson Month ago

    fucking pedo

  • anxious dog
    anxious dog Month ago

    When Joe Biden starts a sentence with "Look...", you shut the fuck up and listen.

  • Shining Darkness The Fallen

    We don't need one person we need a group, for lack of a better word a representation of the whole; a republic filled with democaticly minded;
    ((democracy you know where we vote, or where we come to a consensus through discourse (discussion and debate) of the facts and issues) )
    Democratic people like Joe are leaders of the best kind; for they are kind to a fault, open to ideas and information, and held together by hope; people that want to think about how, and then try, to make here better for everyone not just them and thiers.
    The Greeks where right we need a republic lead by philosophers, but perhaps not philosopher Kings, we all need diaogense as well...

  • Shining Darkness The Fallen

    Presidental is more than a word it's an idea, it isn't destroyed by where the definition of the word is wallowing now, but in that place of contrast the idea shines.

  • Shining Darkness The Fallen

    Duck normalization of these behaviors, but Joe is right it is discourse of what is in the light that reflects that light into the dark places and let's us see what lurks there; it's a never ending process striving for better; it's endless but not hopeless.

  • Billder Inbaja
    Billder Inbaja Month ago

    It would be impossible for any parent who is passionately proud of their child to watch this show and not have a tear of respect and admiration, for both Joe and Stephen... both men clearly embraced the profound importance of raising a child, and of setting an example.

  • Bonnie Thurber
    Bonnie Thurber Month ago

    Thank you VP Biden!

  • Kate White
    Kate White Month ago

    this was. a long time ago. So much has happened since then.

  • Ursula Reeg
    Ursula Reeg Month ago

    Here's a thought. Bieden runs for president with Obama as VP. Wouldn't that be grand.

  • Info Sun
    Info Sun Month ago

    It's impossible not to like Joe Biden.

  • Hermann Portner
    Hermann Portner Month ago

    Joe, please, please, please run for President in 2020 and put and end to this disaster we have now.
    Make America America again and rlelieve us from this "Trumpus primitivus"

  • Force of Nature
    Force of Nature Month ago

    If you wonder what you would have been doing during the rise of Nazism in the 30's, you are doing it now!

  • ExistenceAmusement
    ExistenceAmusement Month ago +2

    Am i the only one who cried? ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • H. D.
    H. D. Month ago


  • Judy Myers
    Judy Myers Month ago

    His mouth gods ear I pray this never happens again

  • May Lewis
    May Lewis Month ago

    I love this man

  • Evelyn Brown
    Evelyn Brown Month ago

    We ARE in a battle for the Soul of our Nation. And we had better pay attention..There we're those in Germany who did the same thing.

  • Krideezy
    Krideezy 2 months ago +4

    Tears for this mans words. Beautiful interview

  • Jesper Hansen
    Jesper Hansen 2 months ago +3

    He's story makes me cry, but fill me with hope too. What a man!

  • Heraclitus Blacking
    Heraclitus Blacking 2 months ago

    Joe Biden is one of the greatest friends of mass incarceration. That liberals love him shows how little they really differ from Trump.
    Source: www.vox.com/2015/8/26/9208983/joe-biden-black-lives-matter

  • Brenda Gilbert
    Brenda Gilbert 2 months ago

    Says the man who can't keep his hands off of children.

  • Mix Pick
    Mix Pick 2 months ago

    I wish you could give more than 1 thumbs up to special interviews like this. I re-watched this tonight and it is just as special as the first time. Bravo to Stephen and Joe!

  • Jana A
    Jana A 2 months ago

    Go Joe Go! Please think about saving us!!!!!

  • Esoteric Desi
    Esoteric Desi 2 months ago

    Very sad story... not so easy to share it w/ the world... Joe Biden' is a humble man... also, though I don't think he was going to run for President again, Trump's victory's in a way making him regret his decision not to run in 2016 elections... He could've defeated TrumPutin in core issues of public that feels left behind... And Joe's not only talked for poor and those left behind, he's always defended their right to have at least basic human dignity...

  • Y Song
    Y Song 2 months ago

    The Late Show deleted the clip of Mr. Biden right after his son's death--Biden was really emotional but I really loved what he said about his son and how empathetic Colbert was.

  • mendelevium
    mendelevium 2 months ago

    it's so incredibly nice to hear/see a politician being a real human!

  • mendelevium
    mendelevium 2 months ago

    such a beautiful interview!

  • Carmenza Anton
    Carmenza Anton 2 months ago

    This interview was eight months ago. Now the situation is worse. Mr. Trump actions are not only morally unacceptable but now he has an authority issue. He is acting like a dictator. He punishes the people that do not agree with him. We need to pray for this country.
    John Kasich us a good candidate.for president. Do a research about him do not just listen to the media.

  • danieldjz
    danieldjz 2 months ago


  • alexwestconsulting
    alexwestconsulting 2 months ago

    The incident in Charlottesville centred on the removal of the General Lee statue. There were indeed many people there simply protesting the removal of historic statues. Yes, there were many outright racists there, but there were indeed also many far left militants. It is a fact that the "unit the right" group had legal permits and the "counter-protestors" did not. It's also a fact that the counter-protestors fired the first shots via projectiles. To not address these facts is to live with your head in the sand or to to be dishonest. Trump rightly admonished BOTH groups while Biden plays divisive identity politics games, ignoring the facts in his rhetoric.

    • Kirk Wood
      Kirk Wood 2 months ago

      Both the counter-protestors and the alt-right thugs had permits to be there---stop lying and do the research, which you clearly didn't bother to do. The thing is, the alt-righters' first permit was actually turned down by the city,who really didn't want them there in the first damn place. They were and got one from a judge, and the police completely failed in their efforts to control the crowd--they obviously were not trained for it. Also, if you're seen this Vice documentary on the alt-right thugs (because that's all they really were) that went to Charlottesville, they were flat-out bragging to the people who were filming them how they wanted to start some shit there, and even showed off their guns and all this other shit they bought. So it was definitely them who wanted to start the violence there, and that's exactly what they did.
      Don't try and pretend like these white supremacist thugs were the victims here, when it's pretty obvious that they had most of the weapons and flat-out said they wanted to harm people, and they did. You can get the fuck out of here with that defending them bullshit.

  • Alexander Goulet
    Alexander Goulet 2 months ago

    "Pop, You smell like daddy, Pop." I'm not crying, you're crying.

  • Fred Flinstone
    Fred Flinstone 2 months ago

    This guy gropes little girls. Go search for it. First I also did not believe. But I do now. tvclip.biz/video/nvK-ze8_0CU/video.html

  • TheGranti7a
    TheGranti7a 2 months ago


  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 2 months ago


  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 2 months ago


  • lonnielrc
    lonnielrc 2 months ago

    Hillary Clinton. come on !

  • Mike Heslop
    Mike Heslop 2 months ago

    He is SO un-presidential. He is honest, dignified, considered, patriotic, diplomatic, sweet, heartwarming and warm hearted, true, sincere, hard working, unwilling to denigrate his opposition...
    President Trump teaches us this is disgusting behaviour in a president. Biden is therefore un-Presidential.

  • Joris Vergaert
    Joris Vergaert 2 months ago

    This is America!

  • Claude S. Whitacre
    Claude S. Whitacre 2 months ago

    he could be the next president....without breaking a sweat.

  • McDonald's Big Mac
    McDonald's Big Mac 2 months ago +24

    What a shame that we have that rotten,useless, moronic, demented coward trump as president now .

  • Joseph Sprute
    Joseph Sprute 2 months ago

    Biden... the chief of inclusively exclusive... lmao

  • richard bloor
    richard bloor 2 months ago +3

    Great man.

  • temoc reteria
    temoc reteria 2 months ago +14

    Why does this video have any dislikes..

    • Wendy Scott
      Wendy Scott Month ago +1

      Because there are always people who hate people of goodwill.

  • Mitra Moore
    Mitra Moore 2 months ago


  • matthias bossaert
    matthias bossaert 2 months ago +5

    And then there's Trump, who would not hesitate banging his own daughter.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    I see the understanable support Biden receives but they, Colbert and Biden, that if Hilary Clinton got in it would have been more of the same whittling away of the living stzndards of Americans. Biden is much more pregersble to Trump as Obama was but then there is the WHOLE corrupted World of America that Trump represents and the GOP support.

  • Jason R Stanton
    Jason R Stanton 2 months ago

    The same kinda shot you gave biden for his sexist acts towards women ,,, biden your gonna have to ask one of the queens,,, I am at a point of no vote due to mental bias against you,,, the good thing is they are more forgiving than i,,,,, good luck,,, obama can invite you,,, infact,, if you are worthwhile ,,, others can help,,, as far as I can tell,,, forgiveness is the key

  • susan brandt
    susan brandt 2 months ago

    Love this guy! ๐Ÿ’•

  • Atul Gta
    Atul Gta 2 months ago

    Of all the horrible things Trump has done, Charlottesville doesn't even crack the top 1000. He was actually RIGHT. There were horrible people on BOTH sides. And his statement a year later, the media keeps saying that it was a stark contrast when he said the SAME THING. Condemning racism. Because if you condemn racism without any qualifiers before that you are also condemning the BLM movement, Intersectional Feminism, and many of the people who were "counter protesting" in Charlottesville who openly and proudly hate "White" men and talk about punching "Nazis." And, yes, there were good people there who were simply worried about hate speech or who felt that statues commemorating Civil War heroes are insensitive, just like there were good people there who believe that Robert E Lee was a flawed but noble man and that tearing down statues of him is unnecessary or counter productive. Not wanting to tear down a statue of Lee doesn't make you a Nazi, and wanting to fight fascism, violence and racism with fascism, violence and racism doesn't make you a good person and perpetually blameless, either. Trump never said Naziism was good or that White Nationalists had a point he pointed out the fact that there were racist assholes of all colors there, instigating violence and provoking the other side, and that not everyone there was involved. For once in his presidency he was speaking honestly.

  • Filmation77
    Filmation77 2 months ago


  • Lisa Lisa
    Lisa Lisa 2 months ago +4

    This beloved man, Lord, the loss he's suffered. The class he displays.
    Spanky couldn't polish his shoes!

  • Brindle Walsh
    Brindle Walsh 2 months ago


    QUEEN 2 months ago

    His Donald Trump impression tho ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • steve lawrence
    steve lawrence 2 months ago

    i truly enjoyed this interview upfront and personal i were amazed at a peak into the real personality of Steven and i was most surprised at uncovering that you're a cup cake under your iron man suit, quite admirable if i may say in the least. A point to ponder Steven your cup cake personality works magic for you in front of the cameras . PS i am a nobody and i now see that you're much more than comic relief. Not forgetting a super sensitive Bo 1st i did't know that presidents were like batter ! lol

  • Steve Hartley
    Steve Hartley 2 months ago

    Trump pissed all over america and the worms came to the surface! Only the best worms! No rock unturned!

  • Gloria Cheon
    Gloria Cheon 2 months ago +9

    I hope and pray the American people will overcome this disgraceful times and stand up for what is right. ๐ŸŒˆ

  • Phyllinda I Am
    Phyllinda I Am 2 months ago

    Joe Biden for President๐Ÿ˜
    Joe Biden for President๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  • dick llarge
    dick llarge 2 months ago +9

    Man..biden is my role model, a strong soul..thank you BO..