Full Extended Interview: Joe Biden Talks To Stephen Colbert

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • The 47th Vice President sits down with Stephen to discuss the divisions in American life, his relationship with VP Mike Pence, and his new book 'Promise Me, Dad."

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Comments • 4 281

  • InkWavve
    InkWavve 9 hours ago

    Joe Biden saying the things he did in the video with the tone he said them in is comparable to the average person flying into berserk rage and flipping tables and shit. He is PISSED and he's letting Trump know in the most old-timey gentleman way possible :)

  • Alexis Assadi
    Alexis Assadi Day ago

    Joe Biden would make a good president. He would restore civility, intelligence and solid policy to the White House.

    DICK DICK Day ago


  • McLean Burlock
    McLean Burlock 2 days ago

    Yet again, another bullshit liberal fag talk show host out here bashing trump for doing good things for your country. (I’m fucken Canadian so don’t tell me I’m retarded because I like trump) maybe you useless fucks who hate him should come up here in a country with a stale economy with .9% GDP growth, NO JOBS, companies leaving left right and center, housing costs sky rocketing, and political correct bullshit everywhere. Absolute twats out here in the states don’t realize how good you have it with trump. You have record low unemployment, you still complain. 4% GDP growth, you still complain. Guy destroyers ISIS, you still complain. Guy solves North Korea, you still complain. FFS you twats wake up.

  • Justin Baxter
    Justin Baxter 3 days ago


  • Ricardo Cury
    Ricardo Cury 3 days ago

    What an amazing and deep interview! Loved it!

  • Reviews To The Point

    Such bull ... Of course Trump denies and wants to stop the KKK and any Natzi. etc... He has created so many jobs that Black Unemployment is the lowest since 1776. Hispanic - Lowest since 1776. Asian since 1776 and Women since 65 years. He has created these jobs by grabbing people within the United State and without the United States and telling them in a sense. Start a plant here. Start an industry here in the US. And that is not trickle down economic but a go get them guy. Sure I agree - Trumps does not have the best language towards others - even His wife said so - but He does love America. And He shows love towards people by not separating families but keep them together that are illegal aliens. .

  • granny8642
    granny8642 4 days ago +1

    An amazing man, he and Obama have so much humanity in their heart and soul. What is happening now under trump is an abomination. America mus step up and vote him back out before it is too late.

  • Moe Gellans
    Moe Gellans 5 days ago

    Wow. I am NO MAGA guy..Can't handle the left of the right...but "position of moral leadership"? And "The children are listening?" ...Is that what you were saying when Clinton was cheating on his wife and getting head from a young woman in the oval office?

  • george hosten
    george hosten 6 days ago

    He should be the future President - that would be great for the US and the world

  • Tanua’s Social
    Tanua’s Social 6 days ago


  • Tanua’s Social
    Tanua’s Social 6 days ago


  • Tanua’s Social
    Tanua’s Social 6 days ago

    MORAL????? with his Touchy Feely on little kids and wives of other men???
    No way. LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!! Love President Trump

  • S. Charles Lee
    S. Charles Lee 6 days ago

    We love Joe! Please run 2020

  • James Brown
    James Brown 7 days ago +1

    Joe Biden...Be Honest... TRUMP'S Supporters Are Psychopaths.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 7 days ago +1

    Bernie Sanders...2020

  • Mary Wood
    Mary Wood 9 days ago

    This is a man who has always put the PEOPLE first. A man who knows how to reach across the isle. I morn for these days again. I can't wait until this country is out of the sewer.

  • EdricLysharae
    EdricLysharae 9 days ago

    I can't wait to see the presidential debates Biden will have with Trump in 2020.

    FIVEPANCAKES 9 days ago

    Colbert says that all human experience grief. I don't think psychopaths do, hence, Trump.

  • Nina Tsiklauri
    Nina Tsiklauri 9 days ago

    Joe Biden my Lovely

  • Ahmed Alshammari
    Ahmed Alshammari 10 days ago

    You used to make us laugh :(

  • Redcorvet Bule
    Redcorvet Bule 10 days ago

    Grief...what a hill to climb

  • Heber Cloward
    Heber Cloward 11 days ago

    He could announce running as a write in just before 2020 and he would win. The world actually likes and respects him.

  • Timbo Jones
    Timbo Jones 11 days ago +1

    nice to see someone in the political circle of the US who is at least genuine.
    I feel for his tribulations, and truly believe that you have to see grief to understand why it's important to be human.

  • Tjunges Tjobber
    Tjunges Tjobber 12 days ago

    What a wonderful example of a human being.

  • chinarace
    chinarace 12 days ago

    I heard Joe is the man if you have young kids & need a babysitter. Wow what a surprise Colbert supports creepy Joe. Stephen Colbert Loves America.listen 2 these guys talk about moral fabric. You Fucking lie. That's why Trump will win again
    Picture time who's standing by the pedophile uncle Joe.
    Applaud sign every body clap

  • MrBanko8
    MrBanko8 13 days ago

    Such a touching interview

  • jf76
    jf76 13 days ago +2

    A political generation has been lost, to be replaced by a reality tv puppet who just wants money and fame.

    TRAP BOX MEDIA 13 days ago

    BIDEN 2020!

  • Randolph Victor Constantine

    Trump is not even HALF the MAN Biden is...

  • Francisco Hernandez
    Francisco Hernandez 13 days ago +11

    As good as this interview is, I almost feel like it's something I shouldn't be watching. This was a heart to heart between two men and something about it is missing in society today. What amazing role models for men everywhere.

  • Countfoscolikesmice
    Countfoscolikesmice 17 days ago +2

    LOL. the down-votes. you're idiots or just awful.

  • Sanjeevani Banerjee
    Sanjeevani Banerjee 17 days ago +4

    That pause Stephen takes before he continues talking about grief says so much.

  • Art Vandelay
    Art Vandelay 19 days ago

    this old fucking wrinkly bastard is one of the greatest frauds in US political history. if you ever lived in Delaware you'd know what i'm talking about. Biden Blows!

  • shawn bla
    shawn bla 20 days ago

    Hahaha he likes to touch little girls

  • Holly Me
    Holly Me 20 days ago

    WoW , what a gentle Soul.... why isn’t he president? ..... But I admit because of trump he is shining even more.....Now people can see better when the dark cloud passes.....

  • David Chan
    David Chan 21 day ago

    Forget it. This pedophile will never be potus.

  • SummerDreamer
    SummerDreamer 21 day ago

    This is such an amazing interview. God bless you Mr Biden 💜

  • Donald Southern
    Donald Southern 21 day ago +2

    Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity always said that vice president Biden sounded ignorant and crazy. I've never heard anyone sound more compassionate and sincere in my life. Biden 2020

  • Raiha Marsden
    Raiha Marsden 21 day ago

    CREEPY Joe Biden? President Trumps name for J.B.

  • Teri Browning
    Teri Browning 22 days ago

    Thank. Joe. Biden Trump.can. only. Stay. 8. Year. Thank. God. After. That. He. Will. Die. Off. So. Much. Hate. For. Him

  • ASvD Records
    ASvD Records 24 days ago

    Joe is the stereotype for pedophile psychopaths.

  • Shreenath Tewari
    Shreenath Tewari 24 days ago +3

    That is what a leader sounds like

  • Gwendy S
    Gwendy S 24 days ago

    Maybe Pence will engineer the downfall of Trump. I actually hope this will be the case!

  • Theryougo1
    Theryougo1 26 days ago

    Plagerizing boob.....

  • Mike Hofer
    Mike Hofer 27 days ago

    “I think, god willing, it will go down as the single most exception in American history.” Go Big Joe!

  • Jessica Bryant
    Jessica Bryant 27 days ago +1

    Please just call it as it is, people. This misogynistic culture is not ready for a female president. She was overqualified. Dicks shrunk. Ignore the fact that her husband was a womanizer (she stood by him, which misogynists should love). End result, the misogynist, the daddy's boy who declared bankruptcy FIVE times (the working class, tax payers paid for all of these, by the way, and frankly, how could you assholes overlook this.....Oh I know, a woman can't be president), won. Believe it. Change is on the horizon though, as the altruistic, intelligent, peace loving people are "woke" so, things are looking up. BELIEVE IT!!! :D

  • thehoneyeffect
    thehoneyeffect 27 days ago

    nice man

  • Connor Halleck
    Connor Halleck Month ago

    Id quit my job and volunteer for his campaign

  • Jon Rowell
    Jon Rowell Month ago

    You know everybody wants to blame Trump who's dividing the country who sends the word out the media talk show host like this dork. President Trump is doing a great job and Biden memes when he says we have to stop the division in other words we have to get back to what Democrats want to do Democrats policies.....NOT!

    • Cheyenne Brennan
      Cheyenne Brennan 22 days ago

      Great job? America is the laughing stock of the world right now.

  • Lyle Hwong
    Lyle Hwong Month ago +1

    We got the House Back. Yes We Did! (DEM🔵🔵🔵)

  • Marina corriendo
    Marina corriendo Month ago +4

    Joe Biden 2020

  • Tracy Parsons
    Tracy Parsons Month ago

    As a Canadian, he is so likeable, genuine & inspiring, like one of us! What a class act. Only downhill from there. You made it wrong America...I feel very sorry for you. We love our neighbours, unapologetically...we're just shaking our heads at your demise. Good Luck guys! ❤️🇨🇦

  • sheilabernadetteclaire mcintyre

    Love this Gentleman. I could listen to him forever. He has a wonderful spirit.

  • Young Buck
    Young Buck Month ago

    I would love to work for this man!

    BOY RACHGIA Month ago

    Joe Biden is the best VP of all time.

  • Jim Murphy
    Jim Murphy Month ago

    Joe, I hope you run in 2020. You are a decent human being. We need more men like you.

  • So Sand
    So Sand Month ago

    I’m so conflicted.. Pedophile with a nice message... See attached..

  • impact zone
    impact zone Month ago

    joe biden or joe budden???

  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez Month ago

    its gonna be hard for the DNC to pick between him and Bernie.

  • Lillo Were
    Lillo Were Month ago

    I wish I spoke to Vice President Joe Biden 15 years ago when I lost my 20 years old son Wafula.

  • unzunzvroom
    unzunzvroom Month ago

    Gotta love how he talks about anti-semitism .. but nothing about America bombing Muslims.

  • Babatunde Olugbesan

    What a lovely interview...I love the way he speaks about his love for his family. Just powerful!!

  • Yve Parizz
    Yve Parizz Month ago +4

    Vice President Joe Biden has a lovely smile 😁

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    If you want to know what you need to know about Spain, think Javier Barden, member of a famouse acting and communist family , Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz, Santiago Segura, Alaska, and you will gt a pretty good idea of a cross section of Spanish people. That is all you need to know about Spain,

  • Zach Dose
    Zach Dose Month ago

    Biden 2020!

  • Theryougo1
    Theryougo1 Month ago

    Glad Crooked Hillary got trounced in the Election!

  • Theryougo1
    Theryougo1 Month ago

    Drunk Uncle Joe! What a boob.....

  • retrodog63
    retrodog63 Month ago

    I want to like him. But then I remember that he's a politician. And that makes everything he says sound like BS. He's a pretty genuine guy, with a lot of touching stories, but he is carefully using them to his maximum advantage. As soon as you look behind the curtain, you'll see that to be the case. You guys need to be a bit more selective. Just because the bar is set so low right now is no reason to buy into the traditional lies just because they sound nice. Find somebody who is doing good, instead of just making you believe that what they are doing is for the good of all. Some day we'll get a third party where the driving force is social liberalism and fiscal conservation, then we'll really get somewhere as a nation. But until then, these two parties will continue to represent the WWE for the (self proclaimed) intellectuals.

  • Cosmo Cide
    Cosmo Cide Month ago

    I don't understand why I like Joe. I don't trust Barrack or Donald... I just wish the American people would wake up and understand where the other is coming from. Its getting harder and harder for politicians, but even if they are false... Can't we just kill it with kindness? Please, don't anger Donald... Don't anger anyone. Just try to understand and help them understand. Donald is holding a poll all the time on his page. Just tell him how you feel, please.

  • Cosmo Cide
    Cosmo Cide Month ago

    It's hard to condemn hate when people are promoting hate. Being the in between, criticized by both sides... That is where truth lies.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    I remember when you said that you had learnt that you change the church from inside. All cahtolics are taught that so your bothering to say so suprised me. Dont you see that that is a way to stop people complaining effectively about anything? Do you realise that the church is not what it it is for a london or New York elite, it is the institution that educated all the christian fascist nations of the world and somehow shook off the blame and got away with having done so scot free and since the Pope John Paul, who
    supported the catholic sects,o who were rather more of the mind of the most extreme countries of the faith,the church has been getting every more conservative so that i know English cahtolics a well educated and liberal person who has become so extremely extreme that she says things like that, "though the Holocaust was not good, it was not bad!" SHe is part of regnum christi which is part of the legion of Christ. We do not need people like you to be innocent about the direction the church has taken, the church is becoming more and more faschist again and we need such as you to try to make sure it does not go to far, I no longer think you are ikely to be anyhing but their puppet but still I appeal to you to wake up.

  • Julie Ann Racino
    Julie Ann Racino Month ago

    Checking out new candidates for the US Presidential elections! Julie Ann Racino, National Democratic Party, 2018 with "Nancy Pelosi, Tom Perez, Donna Brazile".

  • Julie Ann Racino
    Julie Ann Racino Month ago

    Our continued condolences to Joseph Biden (and his wife Jill) on the loss of their son, and Stephen Colbert's inquiries on grief and dealing with it over time. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, 2018 and National Democratic Party, 2018

  • Julie Ann Racino
    Julie Ann Racino Month ago

    President Obama's VP Joseph Biden on his invitation to Trump's VP Michael Pence, current 2018. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, 2018 and National Democratic Party, 2018

  • George Morris
    George Morris Month ago

    Did Joe Biden pay for those hair plugs or did the tax payers if he only had a brain la la La la

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Colbert, The evidence is that criticising Verizon was not so very dangerous for a show man of your one time ability. Criticising the Church however is not an activity that people can engage in so lightly, their reply is likely to be that of setting your neighbours and family on your head though, not of any sort of public come down that would draw the atention of the general public to their toughness with their followers. You did not do much to attack the attitudes that did for the child suicide Jamie Rodermayer, a Catholic child, his funeral was a wake, who had been bullied at school for being girlish. If you know the more conservative members of the church as I do, both where i live and in my english family, you cannot doubt that their attitudes had a hand in this bullying. They are of the sort who will do all but kill you to stop you going to hell. You are catholic who has done someodd things so it is hard to believe that you don't well know how they encourage pressure from others for those who are homosexual. Their shut down on communism, a heresy, in South America, was absolutely brutal. Jamie Rodermayer was begining to think he was homosexual as well as being girlish.

    CLIFFORD DANG Month ago

    Trump could never speak eloquently like this!

  • khuang96
    khuang96 Month ago

    when Stephen pulled out his Trump impersonation, hahahahaha

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Fun fact about Spain.The dead of the Civil War, those of the republicans which is to say those who belonged to the workers side, those who were killed summarily, outside their villages, rounded up and shot and left in mass graves, have never been given Christian burial and it is not the church who fights to get them properly buried, as is its job, it is the deads children and childrens children who do in a fight for, " La Memoria Historica", and to bury their parents or brothers and sisters. If you mention this to a person whose conversation makes you believe them to be good, bad catholics, they say that priests and nuns were killed in hte civil war. Well I say, if you take a role as a boss, and the rpiests were famouse for sitting drinking cholcolate with the rich, then you can expect to get shot every so often. Women and children also got killed and of course, masses of ordinary men. The truth seems to be that our church is a vengeful lot.
    You can see were tyrants of Catholic countries got their ideas on the usefulness of rule of terror from and their lack of squeamishness about carrying it out. If you lot have the cheek to revolt, know, you wont get a christian burial, seems to be the churches idea on the Spanish Republican civil war. which is to say, we will punish you for it will try to put you off such naughtiness. And, we wont be fair when it comes to evaluate whether or not the people in the mass graves were really revolutionaries or not. One village in Spain might belong to one side and another to another but the side it was on was not indication of what all the members of the village thought and believed, nor were all those who were revolutionaries heretics.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Colbert, In the Times interveiw with you, you showed various signs of being influnced by Catholics sects.
    The opus dei is very keen on people using their hearts instead of their heads , in your jerga, having their emotional responses, as the old fashioned woman was said to do. Whatever happened to measure and patiaints, templance and such virtues,, when did any religion ever stop advicing people be calm because emotions make you make bad decisions?.Ours does in this century, and they say they don't change! An example of this is Mel Gibson, a follower of the Opus Dei,. HIs emotionality in, "Lethal weaon", makes his acting fun but he is known to be a person of poor judgement, so he is one proof of the ills of getting all emotional. For the Catholcs sects, any tactic which makes people leave their heads at home is good. You find followers of these sects will start to carefully and slowly, so as to make their changing you hardly perceptable they hope, instruct you in what emotions you feel, so as to tell you what the real you feels, it is one of their ways of indoctrinationg you.
    That brings me to your second symptom. The Legion of Christ makes a big thing of people being themselves and you have started getting very hung up on the real you, the result is, we are getting a greatly reduced and rather boring you. For Regnum Christi followers, the Legion of Christ,'s lay branch, the real you is the one who agrees with them. just as in Buddhism you look for your buddhic nature, well that is you kindness not your affiliation to a number of rules, whiich is your real you. In religon your real self being something that is like your prophet is a fairly universal religious way of thinking.
    The other sign of religion using you was how very busy you are. Preist who came to complain of the Legions way of treating seminarists, talk of how they were kept busy all day to think. Also sleep deprivation in hteir victims is useful for those who wish to indoctrinate others. That you work non stop seems to me to be another indication that the ideas of some idiots have got to you. Working non stop does not make peole more productive or good at their jobs, it is a fools game. but it does help others to manipulate them.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Biden should not advice people to talk to their dead , it opens the way for people to use telepahty on them and the people who are really good at telepathy are not odd bods who look into strange things, they are the main religions which are very conservative bodies, who encourage people to vote for the right even when that means voting for a crazy person, like Trump or Burlusconi. Need i name them, General Franco,the generals in aAgentinia, pinochet Musselini and also the evagelists tend to be just as conservative.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Your counter part in Spain would be, The Gran Wyoming," and so one thiing is sure, he is not a person who goes crazy about the Church .
    The Spanish fought the Civil War, the Church most decidely did not like their people being Communists or Anarchists, the right, Francos right and the church went absolutely hand in glove, though you can bet the church could find some liberal preist to make a film about. much as catholics in england probaably in Norht America too see this sort of nasty tyrant as being political rather than religious, here they know that the right were defending Catholic Spain and was loved by the church. Just to talk about now, they are enthusiastic about reburying General Franco, who was big on executing people, which is to say a murderous git, in Madrid's cathedral the ALmudena i think it is. .THe church never tried to stop Franco from having comnunion. If you get divorced they wont give you communion if your effort to subjugate the people includes executing people, using the garote vil, then they will flock round you. They absolutely flocked round him. Your Spanish counterparts know all about what the faith looks like when it gets really overbearing, when t is the only religion in a country,.The most important television personalities on the left, all of them I should think but times are changing,, are absolutely aleregic to the church.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Colbert, Jamie Rodermayer who was a young, "maybe I am gay gay," boy ,who commited suicide because of bullying at school and every other child suicide case except one featured by Andersen Cooper or the six i folowed except one were Catholic children, I looked up their funerals. Catholics bully me for not being with them, they are big on bullying or aislating those htey dotn approve of.You cannot support Catholics, they do too many things that are bad, especialy so since Pope John Paul backed up the Cahtolic sects not the old religious orders and allowed Ratrzinger to do for the careers of all theologians who did think exactly like him. They go in for a lot of more or less secret teaching of poeple, parishoners spreading ideas on a one to one bases, that would not be popular with the general public.

  • Rose Macaskie
    Rose Macaskie Month ago

    Biden, I cant tell you how often I have known Catholics spill out anti semetic bile. From someone in Regnum Christi, that while the holocaust is not good, it is not bad!. All people in Regnum Christi think alike and Regnum Christi is part of the Legion of Christ, sect that produces a lot of priestsand is backed up by Rome!.
    The reason given for this way of thinking was that people don't die if God does not mean it to happen. When I asked if God had meant the English soldiers, in the second world war to die, the answer was no, which put paid to the argument that if bad things happen it is because you were bad, which was the base for saying the holocausst was not bad. Why were the Jews bad? Did they have a Hitler? HItler was Christian a Catholic if a lapsed one. Jews only wrong was to have a handful of rich people which scared us and masses of poor ones.
    The latest from Rome is that we must think with the heart and should be emotional. Well thinking with the heart seems to mean we can just skip out on applying the same rule to all. One rule for English soldiers another for the Jews. If God hurts me that is not because I am bad if he hurts you, then it is because you are a sinner.
    I have heard from catholics I met casually on the street that, the Jews deserved the holocaust.! If you are a modern liberal catholic then Rome is fine, you dont hear the worst side of Rome, you dont want to. If you are not,or if you are in contact with the more orthodox which is to say un relative totally following rome in everything ,catholics and not liberal ones then you know that Rome has not had a program to change old ideas on Judais, you know that Rome does nothing to re-educate you,so that old prejudices that lead to the holocaust get rooted out ,in all truth it seems to encourage such people as creat prejudices abourt Jews. Does Rome complain about what the Chinese do to the Tibetans No, they say that we must not do anything to hurt the poor poor chinese. by brining their abusive behaviour to Tibetans to light. They like another entity to do for their rivals.

  • Caged
    Caged Month ago

    We didn't know Clinton or Obama until 1 1/2 years before they were elected.
    We knew Trump 40 years before.

  • Bridgette Alley
    Bridgette Alley Month ago

    I am saving this video💜
    My heartspace...so beyond words. Tears cant even express. This is hope. This is America.

  • pisceanqueen1
    pisceanqueen1 Month ago

    Joe Biden 2020!!

  • demonqueen26
    demonqueen26 Month ago

    Biden/Obama 2020

  • Dan Tayler
    Dan Tayler Month ago +1


  • Dan Tayler
    Dan Tayler Month ago +1

    🚨🚨🚨Obastard is GONE!🚨🚨🚨

  • A&J PlusONE
    A&J PlusONE Month ago

    Sorry to say.... I think this interview got him killed. He told to much truth and he was a major threat to Trump in the next election. As you can see he was plenty healthy. Plenty spry and sharp!!! A lot of people were talking about him running!

  • Gillian Blacker
    Gillian Blacker 2 months ago

  • Jonathan Woodham
    Jonathan Woodham 2 months ago +1

    Uncle Joe talks about moral fabric...wouldn't know what it is if he'd
    been born wearing it as skin.
    He was busted for lying about a speech he plagiarized in the 80s...a trait that
    is endemic and encoded into Democrats DNA. He has been the housewhore for that party's choice of
    leadership bending over for Big Mike
    and Barry 'Oh my ass is' Sore-tero...
    He is the poster child for hair club for men...having most of his 'Donor Hair'
    taken from Big Mike's rectal region.
    It appears 'Tail Gunner Joe' as he is affectionately referred to by the TBGLQueeR cupcakes, is looking like he has had some dental improvements
    thing is Joe...YOUR TEETH ARE TOO BIG FOR YOUR SQUIRREL HEAD!...jus sayin..

  • princepeterwolf
    princepeterwolf 2 months ago

    I wish he was president

  • Edward Shields
    Edward Shields 2 months ago

    A heartbreakingly beautiful, honest interview with Vice President Joe Biden. One person said he's 100,000 times what Trump is. 100,000 times nothing equals nothing. Vice President Joe Biden is far more than anything that 100,000 trumps could represent! Joe Biden is a unique individual who sincerely cares for our nation. He understands how to unify people together.

  • monty soomer
    monty soomer 2 months ago

    Always liked Biden. A voice of reason, deep, intellectual etc.. Should have run for President.

  • KMF
    KMF 2 months ago

    Biden 2020

  • hybrid green
    hybrid green 2 months ago

    I love Stephen Colbert,but he really made it awkward by spelling out multiple times how the public should see a fellow grieving human being behind the star politician. Borderline disrespectful to mr. Biden's feelings and the intelligence of those who watched. Can you believe most are capable to understand a man who lost loved ones without coaching and those who can not are psychopaths and no amount of explanations will work..and they don't matter.

    THE SAVAGE JEWS 2 months ago

    My two heroes Biden & Colbert. I'm one happy obstructionist Dem lol