• Published on Jan 21, 2019
  • First let me say excuse the camera making that noise when zooming it sucks!
    Hey luvs so this is my review and demo on the new fenty beauty pro filt'r concealer & setting powder. Hope you luvs enjoy!!!
    Items Mentioned:
    Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Concealer - 380
    Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Setting Powder - Nutmeg
    Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation - 420

    Thanks for watching luvs xoxo💋

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  • Danielle S
    Danielle S 5 months ago

    I was worried about the nutmeg setting powder being too dark but I see you are close to my skin tone so I think I’ll keep it! Yay 🤗

  • NMUSIC88
    NMUSIC88 6 months ago

    Yessss! Sis that nutmeg is perfect on you!

  • Lifesize Lex
    Lifesize Lex 6 months ago

    Cute sista cat😍 imma have to buy it though it's over my budget lol !!!

  • JL Kitz
    JL Kitz 6 months ago

    She said in her video the powder is for all over use, not baking particularly - but do you girl. 420 looks nice on you, and the look turned out nicely.

  • Shell My Belle
    Shell My Belle 6 months ago +1

    Great review. I might have to get this powder. I swear ive been going back and forth about it. Did the concealer crease later on?

    • Msbrownsugarondeck
      Msbrownsugarondeck  6 months ago

      The concealer didn't crease on me. You should check out the powder and if you don't like it then you can always take it back!

  • Sheila Jones
    Sheila Jones 6 months ago

    Im coming thru yall I love that part omg! I love your personality

  • Corvette Shrell
    Corvette Shrell 6 months ago

    I got the same powder shade. Really loving it so far. Tfs.

  • Tracey Greet
    Tracey Greet 6 months ago

    The second you started putting that setting powder on l was like bam girl looks bomb .com💜💜💜

  • Tracey Greet
    Tracey Greet 6 months ago

    🤣🤣omg your intro girl love it💜 your new glasses is cute, thank you for your review💖💖

  • Black_Girl_Magic405
    Black_Girl_Magic405 6 months ago

    Does the powder change the color of your foundation? It seems like my Laura Mercier makes my foundation more red

    • Msbrownsugarondeck
      Msbrownsugarondeck  6 months ago

      Hey luv and no I don't think it changed the foundation color at all

  • Cynthia Jones
    Cynthia Jones 6 months ago

    I am loving the look. What color is that lipstick 💄

  • LegendaryLeo Lover
    LegendaryLeo Lover 7 months ago

    I couldn't even tell the difference between ur skin an the fenty.. Do u have a specific SKIN care routine? Can u do a vid on wht u use? Oh an New subbie HERE. Saw ur FACE an instantly SUBSCRIBED😀

  • yaaharriott
    yaaharriott 7 months ago

    I'm so tickled that you liked it! You have inspired me to beat my face with it right now. I hope my powder color looks as good. And I will shout you out too diva. Love you!

  • Tjhoneysweet
    Tjhoneysweet 7 months ago

    I like it a lot... Got to try it

  • gladys joiner
    gladys joiner 7 months ago

    Daughter you look Beautiful! I really enjoyed watching you Make up Tutorials! Love it😊

  • Malika’s World
    Malika’s World 7 months ago +2

    Any small TVclip’s that want to help each other out!!!!!

    PUREICANDI 7 months ago

    You look gorgeous tfs I'm definitely going to get me some!!

  • live & laugh w/Linda
    live & laugh w/Linda 7 months ago

    Girl you glowing. It looks good and when i come off this low buy, I'm definitely picking up the powder. Tfs

  • Leslie T
    Leslie T 7 months ago

    I just love your fun personality! Loving the back to back videos!👏🏻💕👏🏻

  • Tish Williams
    Tish Williams 7 months ago

    You give me so much life girl! Thanks for the vids.

    SAWLIFE 7 months ago +1

    It looks bomb afff on you !! I’m getting both ! I think i might get hazelnut for me because i love banana powder(buttercup powder) so I’m going to try out a different one lol

  • Dionna Marguerite
    Dionna Marguerite 7 months ago +1

    I always love your makeup reviews they are always so detailed and thorough! 🙌🏽 thanks for sharing sis

  • Cinnamon Buns
    Cinnamon Buns 7 months ago +4

    You had me screaming! The point when you realized that powder was, you... Lol! TFS. I will check it out when I get unburied from all this snow.

  • Rosalind Green
    Rosalind Green 7 months ago +1

    I'm a New Subscriber and I just Love your channel. Your vibe and personality is just amazing. Thanks for sharing great products.

  • Donielle Tyler
    Donielle Tyler 7 months ago +6

    You have beautiful skin! You're awesome! I gotta step my Fenty game up cuz I haven't tried any of her products yet.You sold me on that powder! TFS boo 😘