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My First Home Game as A Sixer

  • Published on Dec 12, 2018
  • Follow along with me for a behind the scenes look to my first home game as a Philadelphia 76er. ► SUBSCRIBE:
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    Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
    Director/Editor: Darryl Omar.
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  • Rick Walters
    Rick Walters Day ago

    I am a 76 ers fan

  • Fire_Dragon9
    Fire_Dragon9 2 days ago

    Jimmy please come back to philly!!!!!

  • Will Fagan
    Will Fagan 2 days ago

    Best player in the league

  • Sports Kids Tricks
    Sports Kids Tricks 3 days ago +2

    JIMMY BUTLER BUTLER BUTLER i miss when they announce your name like yours is special

    FINNDAGOD 111 4 days ago +2

    please stay jimmy i love you. my friend got a hat signed by you please stay

  • Amir Adem
    Amir Adem 7 days ago

    Can I get a hint if u joining LA 😂

  • Frisco Petrela
    Frisco Petrela 7 days ago

    Redskin fan living in Philly

  • Ski Mask the Slump God #1 Is dumb

    Y tf sixers take that facility from 2k

  • The King
    The King 9 days ago

    9:59 I thought it. Was lnu

  • Rence Erra
    Rence Erra 9 days ago

    Jimmy please join the lakers

  • PizzaPizza Awesome
    PizzaPizza Awesome 10 days ago +1

    One of my coaches is best friends with Justin Patton and ya coach Douglass

  • 6uap0 T.V.
    6uap0 T.V. 12 days ago +2

    Stay in Philly for me will ya we need you so much plz bro

  • Erika Minske
    Erika Minske 12 days ago

    He said three two except for two three he already misses Karl Anthony Towns and yes I’m a Timberwolf fan

  • Caleb Hathaway
    Caleb Hathaway 12 days ago

    Are you going to stay a sixer????

  • Iconic_ F1shy
    Iconic_ F1shy 12 days ago

    do pick another team

  • Iconic_ F1shy
    Iconic_ F1shy 12 days ago

    Stay in Philadelphia plz

  • Leon Swathsh
    Leon Swathsh 13 days ago

    Good luck with the rest of your career. If you are somehow reading this, *please* come to the *Cavs.* *We need you.*

  • K3vo
    K3vo 14 days ago

    butler makes basketball look so easy

  • sanky domy
    sanky domy 14 days ago

    Pleassse Jimmy I’m French and I would like to see your videos with French subtitles. Can you put them? Pleaaasse ❤️🏀

  • Harsh Gorasia
    Harsh Gorasia 15 days ago

    lol KAT better and he doesn't even try

  • Bam768 TV
    Bam768 TV 15 days ago

    Back when no Sixers fan worried about where Jimmy was going in the off-season. We have less and less time every day.

  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 16 days ago +2

    I remember this
    You are my favorite player
    Plz stay we need u

  • Mattplays Carmona
    Mattplays Carmona 17 days ago


  • Mattplays Carmona
    Mattplays Carmona 17 days ago

    Jimmy pls go to LA

  • Tanya Hofer
    Tanya Hofer 17 days ago +1

    These vids r fire

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez 17 days ago

    JB it's 21 savage in NBA

  • Lorde_ Angel
    Lorde_ Angel 17 days ago

    No ads…just good stuff
    I love channels like this. This is what I come to TVclip for.❤️❤️❤️Thanks Jimmy

  • MrDillPickle 123
    MrDillPickle 123 18 days ago

    Can u stay here plz

  • Karen Cleary
    Karen Cleary 18 days ago

    Stay with philly

  • psychfan21
    psychfan21 19 days ago +16

    Jimmy even if we only got you for this one season my man. Thank you! You made this city proud and for what you brought for us in this time we won't forget. No matter where you go or what team you play for man, Philly Pham 4 Life.

  • William Dolan
    William Dolan 19 days ago

    You should stay in Philly (greatest city ever)

    • Cookies And Tacos
      Cookies And Tacos 18 days ago

      Yeah if you go read a correct dictionary the definition of the greatest city is. Philly

  • deicy puente
    deicy puente 23 days ago

    Jimmy Butler u r sooo sweet 😍😘

  • packerTheplayer
    packerTheplayer 26 days ago +2

    I always love the inside scoop on what happens behind the scenes on the court BTW Sixers are my fav team

  • _11 _11 26 days ago

    Dang, props to the man for dissing the Wolves like that😂😂😂

  • Diego As
    Diego As 27 days ago

    Jimmy come to Lakers please

  • Mike Carter
    Mike Carter 28 days ago

    Please sign with lakers

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 28 days ago

    Nice documentary

  • The 1 And only Brando
    The 1 And only Brando 29 days ago +2

    Please stay in philly

  • Dylian Doane
    Dylian Doane Month ago

    Come to the Lakers pleaseeee

  • Geetchi Liberachi
    Geetchi Liberachi Month ago

    After watching this, I don't think there's any way that Jimmy is leaving. Hopefully Tobias can work out a contract as well, it'd be good to have this team run it back #HereTheyCome

  • Braden Smith
    Braden Smith Month ago


  • psalmsurfer1
    psalmsurfer1 Month ago

    cant get too excited knowing my man rolling out..still love tho..

  • Berkay
    Berkay Month ago

    6:27 Song name ?

  • MrFab1984
    MrFab1984 Month ago

    name of the song at 6.30 ??

  • šo zz
    šo zz Month ago +1

    My favourite TVclipr, there's no doubt

  • rj bish
    rj bish Month ago


  • Reequired
    Reequired Month ago

    I just love you so much 😩😍

  • Willem Hollister
    Willem Hollister Month ago +1

    please stay jimmy

  • Leach mark
    Leach mark Month ago +1

    hope you to stay in Philadelphia next season

  • W O
    W O Month ago +11

    Who else here watching after Kawai's shot?

  • Charlie Wheeler
    Charlie Wheeler Month ago +19

    You make this place home for good my man, sign that max contract.

  • Payton Burt
    Payton Burt Month ago +4

    Jimmy Butler is the reason I'm a 76ers fan, and I'm happy to follow him with where ever he goes. That being said hope you stay in Philadelphia with Embiid. Watching those two work together has been incredible. Much love for Jimmy Buckets!

  • Amr Albarouki
    Amr Albarouki Month ago +2

    Please come back to philly we love you jimmy❤️

  • rutabagaleroy
    rutabagaleroy Month ago +8

    Resign with the Sixers! Make philly home. Y'all got this shit moving forward. Sky's the limit

    • Stawtic
      Stawtic Month ago

      rutabagaleroy AMEN!!!

  • xaytn
    xaytn Month ago

    upload in 60 fps please

  • iRainZy
    iRainZy Month ago +1

    Bro you look like 21Savage

  • Devin Patterson
    Devin Patterson Month ago +2

    Major respect to you man I love your videos and you will always be my favorite player keep it up, your story is amazing, now you are dominating the league good luck against the raptors🔥🏀

  • RL M
    RL M Month ago +2

    This dude IS Philly. He brings a hard hat and lunch pail everyday!

  • QuadrupleTriple
    QuadrupleTriple Month ago

    Regret being there

  • Ryan James
    Ryan James Month ago

    Little crybaby who couldn’t lead a team in Chicago, the team that drafted you late and believed in you..traitor, became a pre Madonna just like every nba player nowadays, just when I thought he was different

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence Month ago

    One thing's for sure, Jimmy is always working, if he has any weakness in a game I guarantee you it'll be addressed the next game by Jimmy himself

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence Month ago

    This man needs to stay please stay Jimmy

    JOSEPH GRACE Month ago

    Are you staying as a sixers cause I love your game

  • MrBeastMode
    MrBeastMode Month ago

    The subtitles say “Julius Irving” its Erving

  • Savage squad
    Savage squad 2 months ago

    Jimmy butler can I meet you in Philadelphia please bro I’m a big fan of basketball 🏀

  • Rockwell Legair
    Rockwell Legair 2 months ago

    Jimmy HAHA you said Camden nice I’m born in raise in new jersey I been there a lot just know don’t go explore Camden😭

  • Allon Chen
    Allon Chen 2 months ago


  • Psychotic wolf
    Psychotic wolf 2 months ago

    I’m just now getting into the nba as a 10th grader and 100% jimmy butler is my favorite nba player, for his skills and competitiveness, but overall his personality he’s the coolest player ever

  • Emil Radoncic
    Emil Radoncic 2 months ago +1

    Guy said no other team jerseys LMAOO jimmy cant survive without PSG

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H 2 months ago +1

    Philly loves you Jimmy! Hope you stay🙏

  • Stephen C
    Stephen C 2 months ago

    this man Jimmy gets do do what he loves every day. the behind the scenes is dope. congrats to you Jimmy i hope to be in the nba one day

  • Riley Newbold
    Riley Newbold 2 months ago +1

    Yeah yea

  • Herb 950
    Herb 950 2 months ago

    Bro I go to Creighton 😭😂

  • Not Cyberr
    Not Cyberr 2 months ago

    8:45 travel

  • Gary Romanski
    Gary Romanski 2 months ago

    Hope he stays

  • Mike Beltran
    Mike Beltran 2 months ago

    He said Camden is nice 😂

  • rose cassidy
    rose cassidy 2 months ago


  • Lord Buts
    Lord Buts 2 months ago

    Great Playing Jimmy! Bring Philly what it deserves King

  • courtx _OTP
    courtx _OTP 2 months ago

    1v1 me im 12

  • Rokito 19
    Rokito 19 2 months ago

    Jimmy seems so humble

  • Gaganajit Singh BAJWA
    Gaganajit Singh BAJWA 2 months ago +2

    I guess I found my new fav nba player + team no longer a Warriors Fan + no longer a Stephen curry fan

  • Jackson Batchler
    Jackson Batchler 2 months ago

    Jimmy plz never leave

  • Infinityz Prime
    Infinityz Prime 2 months ago

    I love jimmy butler even tho he’s not on the bulls...Huh funny i remember watching the draft i got on to watch first thing... jimmy butler traded to Timberwolves I straight away made a video it was called goodbye jimmy Butler

  • Swaggy Poe
    Swaggy Poe 2 months ago +4

    We’d love you way more in LA.. in that Purp and Gold 🤫😏😉

  • Noah Roggow
    Noah Roggow 2 months ago

    Fuck jimmy now Minnesota sucks

  • Ben Hard
    Ben Hard 2 months ago

    ben simmons travelling at 8:48

  • David Whitehead
    David Whitehead 2 months ago

    Jimmy Butler is really a cool dude💯

  • Hunter Sanner
    Hunter Sanner 2 months ago

    Please stay in philly

  • Baba Ganoush
    Baba Ganoush 2 months ago +1

    Got his hair cut by

    ITSNOJOKE 2 months ago

    I was at the game

  • Baller Shot Caller
    Baller Shot Caller 2 months ago +1

    My ancestors are from senegal

  • KndN8x
    KndN8x 2 months ago +1

    And they say he’s a problem in the locker hmm

  • V's Corner
    V's Corner 2 months ago

    I LOVE THE SIXERS!!!!!!!

  • Yossi Cohen
    Yossi Cohen 2 months ago

    The 617 dislikes are Celtics or bulls fans

  • Yossi Cohen
    Yossi Cohen 2 months ago

    Who else is a Sixers fan and happy as heck when u heard he on Sixers! Like if Sixers fan

  • Ze- Mane
    Ze- Mane 2 months ago

    7:34 he finna buss a vein

  • Moussa Souaidan
    Moussa Souaidan 2 months ago +1

    Be the Man U are and you will make it even farther🏀🎖

  • 23 Da don
    23 Da don 2 months ago

    2k mycareer in real life

  • Panther02
    Panther02 2 months ago +87

    Jimmy Butler looks like he could be
    Michael Jordan’s son

  • Dave McGann
    Dave McGann 2 months ago

    If you’re a real one, you know why anybody drives a minivan #Lowkey