Naruto VS Ichigo | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • It's Naruto VS Bleach in our biggest anime fight ever!
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    Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Singer BenBSinger
    Boomstick: Chad James ScrewAttackChad
    Project Lead: Nick Cramer THENervousNick
    Lead Animator: Luis Cruz CVAnimation
    Voice of Naruto: Dawn M. Bennett DawnMBennettVA
    Voice of Ichigo: Adam Park
    Sound Design/Kurama: Noel Wiggins NOELWIGGINSfilm
    Sprite Artist: Chris "Jerky" Bastin HyperJerk
    Additional Animation: Kervin Alcindor
    Battle Music: Brandon Yates bmichaelyates
    Video Editor: Gerardo Mejia HybridRain
    Casting/Voice Directing: Marissa Lenti LentiSoup
    Audio Engineer: Patrick Morphy mixingmorphy
    Battle Announcer: Chris Guerrero ChrisGuerreroVA
    Research Team: Max Baney, Matthew Jones, LousyTactician, Carmelo Sampayo, Liam Swan, Devin Swedenburg

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Comments • 64 883

  • manolodavescribtv
    manolodavescribtv 3 hours ago

    Dude I'm sorry but they got this totally wrong trying to use the distance ichago travel from the soul palace back to the soul society . Because of the barrier between them . That doesn't measure his speed . The first strike he made when invisible would of been his death

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man 13 hours ago +1

    Legend has it that the stick still lives to this day.

  • SlayerOfSouls
    SlayerOfSouls 18 hours ago

    I would be satisfied with whomever would win but I cant help but to think that they kind of screwed ichigo here 🤔 they mentioned his powers but never really had him use it I mean the same goes for naruto too but I'm pretty sure the fight would've been more intense than what I just saw but I actually would love to see berserk hollow ichigo vs berserk nine tails naruto

  • Jackson Person
    Jackson Person Day ago

    That Moon bit was actually shown in the anime not the manga meaning its technically not canon.

  • Jackson Person
    Jackson Person Day ago

    That seeing ichigo bit is non sense. In truth Madara's clones were in a different dimension they werent souls. Naruto technically cant see ghosts

  • IshToxicYT
    IshToxicYT Day ago

    They didn't even use sasuke full power bru

  • gaurav sharma
    gaurav sharma Day ago

    No one can stand against Final gestugatensho
    So how naruto
    Greater want Naruto to win.
    That's the reason Naruto win
    Only aizen stand against final gestugatensho because he is invincible

  • Enderknight gaming

    They basically explained most of narutos life in about 8mins

  • •Ranov•
    •Ranov• Day ago

    It's really hard for ppl to imagine that these could be best friends insteaf of enemies Like wtf is up with da community

  • RangerHypeReviews
    RangerHypeReviews 2 days ago

    Luffy don’t make Naruto use those same moves on you if gonna take his noodles that deserves them a DeathBattle

  • OwOverlord
    OwOverlord 2 days ago +1

    According to Japan's last ninja, the "naruto run" was used so you use less energy when running because your not using your arms.

  • A22boi Frick
    A22boi Frick 2 days ago

    Thats too much overkill

  • Cordell Carter
    Cordell Carter 3 days ago

    Sasuke a hiei

  • Andrew Gosselin
    Andrew Gosselin 3 days ago

    they didn't include Ichigo's real strongest abilities.. mugetsu is weaker than his real Bankai.

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 3 days ago

    Naruto duh

    BIG FAX ZAY 3 days ago +2

    I was literally bout to stop watching death battle if Naruto lost

  • Darkspeed 210
    Darkspeed 210 4 days ago

    Itchigo litterly destroy the gates of hell

    • Ryan A. Carrion
      Ryan A. Carrion 3 days ago

      Darkspeed 210 that was a movie thing so it’s non canon

  • god of memes
    god of memes 4 days ago +1

    Who wants naruto vs yuskae

  • TfalconX O’Connor
    TfalconX O’Connor 4 days ago

    20:24 ichigo shouldn’t be able to survive that

  • eraser bomber
    eraser bomber 4 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma 4 days ago

    Did you guys notice the background of naruto
    -Full name: Naruto *_Uzukami_*

  • Samsung Smartphone
    Samsung Smartphone 5 days ago

    Man this is so funny and awesome

  • alextrose7
    alextrose7 5 days ago +1

    If we're being real here Ichigo wouldn't stand a chance against characters like Hinata or Kabuto, let alone against Naruto

  • James Davis
    James Davis 5 days ago

    Wish he'd talk normal the entire video instead of using some voice that literally makes the video unwatchable in my opinion

  • Gloria Borger
    Gloria Borger 5 days ago +3

    Where the fillers?
    Where's the flashbacks?
    Where's the talk no jutsus?
    This battle wasn't accurate

  • Zenobia Van Brakel
    Zenobia Van Brakel 5 days ago

    The all my own character can beat anyone

  • Erion
    Erion 5 days ago

    I agree with the end result but Naruto did not learn the Rasengan in 1 week.. It took him about a month plus...

  • Javier Mccovey
    Javier Mccovey 5 days ago

    This is the worst video Ichigo is way stronger where my bleach fans at this Is cap

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 6 days ago

    Ichigo never stood a chance cause nauruto's a better anime

  • BLA5T3R Productions
    BLA5T3R Productions 6 days ago

    This should’ve been a battle Royale featuring Luffy

  • Trisha Kauffman
    Trisha Kauffman 6 days ago

    There's a lot that isn't accounted for though. There's a mind numbing amount of information and theories but what is confirmed is that during all of the anime not only was Ichigo's power limited to no more than 20% (That's being generous) by his combate pass. But it is is reduced even more because his Quincy Zangetsu is limiting his power. It was stated that Ichigo's power was only a small amount that he was unable to hold back. Then that small amount is was then limited even farther by the combat pass thanks to the department of research and development. That's been confirmed as Canon. It's very hard to tell exactly how strong he is but even with all those limiters, and one sleeve left on his shihakusho (showing how much energy he has left) Unohana stated he was as strong as a captain. So through most all the anime Ichigo was probably using something like 1 to 5 percent of his total power. There's a video that goes over it was more thoroughly than I can. Pretty interesting stuff either way. The video is called Ichigo true limited potential and it's posted by Jaymeshanson if anyone was new to check it out

  • Silverio Escobar
    Silverio Escobar 6 days ago +2

    I still believed that Goku would win against naruto .

  • Davyn Blumer
    Davyn Blumer 6 days ago

    Jump force in death battle

  • Daniel Diss
    Daniel Diss 6 days ago

    Starts at 19:20

  • 2003 Maurya
    2003 Maurya 7 days ago

    Some say Naruto, some say ichigo, but deep inside we all know that John Cena can beat both of em

  • Kayden Wade
    Kayden Wade 7 days ago

    Naruto vs Goku plz do it

  • Draven Adams
    Draven Adams 7 days ago

    I'm both a bleach and naruto fan

  • CaptainMurphy1977
    CaptainMurphy1977 7 days ago

    good fight :)

  • Earl Sweat
    Earl Sweat 7 days ago

    Naruto would kick ichigo’s ass so easily. Ichigo technically didn’t even HURT aizen with mugetsu, nonetheless kill him.

  • Fakae News
    Fakae News 7 days ago

    Naruto at 20:27 :
    Snake: *THERE*

  • Mmmm Scrumptious
    Mmmm Scrumptious 7 days ago

    Jesus so I found out that naruto is dimension buster...

  • Zigzag26731
    Zigzag26731 7 days ago +1

    Also the vasto lorde single horn was named the horn of salvation

  • Zigzag26731
    Zigzag26731 7 days ago

    Thought ichigos soul reaper powers only effect souls and dead so if you were alive he couldn’t touch ya

  • Hisoka KAIRA
    Hisoka KAIRA 7 days ago


  • Hgg Hhh
    Hgg Hhh 7 days ago

    Someone call light

  • arwin chiniah
    arwin chiniah 8 days ago +1

    This Death Battle makes me sick not because the animation is bad or anything but WHY THE HELL DID ICHIGO LOST?! 🤢🤮

  • Epic Reason24008
    Epic Reason24008 8 days ago

    Modded super smash flash 2 game play

  • Isaiahray Diaz
    Isaiahray Diaz 8 days ago

    the harumu was my favorite part

  • Emerald Gaming
    Emerald Gaming 8 days ago +4

    :ichigo: '' NOT BAD BUT IM STILL GONNA BEAT YOUR ASS'' 10 second later Naruto claps him

  • Rob D
    Rob D 8 days ago

    Ummm 5'10" and 112 lbs is a literal stick figure lol.

  • DemonWolf God
    DemonWolf God 8 days ago

    Who wants to see noruto vs. Kasumi

    • DemonWolf God
      DemonWolf God 7 days ago

      Oh I'm not a bleach or boruto fan

    • Andres Gonzalez
      Andres Gonzalez 7 days ago

      Yeah, boruto is in a level compared with asta or deku although asta is The stronger among they 3 after time skip

    • DemonWolf God
      DemonWolf God 7 days ago

      Mabye they should wait for kazui to get his own series

    • DemonWolf God
      DemonWolf God 7 days ago

      @Andres Gonzalez yeah

    • Andres Gonzalez
      Andres Gonzalez 7 days ago

      So, boruto has the karma seal, he can absorb all attacks that use energy, and The jogan can open a portal, The karma seal increase his strong and speed

  • Nikolai Rose
    Nikolai Rose 8 days ago +1

    Which idiot research this ??? This is all incorrect ichigo would destroy naruto easily. Whoever did this clearly doesn't know much about bleach and need to read the new arc. Ichigo's presence alone can destroy the very plane of existence he is in, his psychical strength is so powerful that wind from just his movements alone can destroy the planet and so much more. Not to mention ichigo is also far faster the proof is that yuuhabaaha's power can only be stopped for an instant which is faster than the speed of light, the entire fight after his powers where stopped for less than 0.1 seconds shows how fast ichigo is. This video is clearly lowballed against ichigo and biased in favor of naruto.

    • Nikolai Rose
      Nikolai Rose 6 days ago

      In bleach you have to have reishi to see a shinigami but for the a fair ground of fighting we remove that rule and say they are using energy instead of reishi, chakra, nen, ki etc for whatever characters are fighting.

    • Nikolai Rose
      Nikolai Rose 6 days ago

      @2003 Maurya naruto doesn't have any ability to sense souls unless he can now in boruto that I haven't watched yet, well even if he does it still doesn't mean he isn't a mortal being that has a soul, he's still 1 hit from a shinigami's soul destruction power. Only thing he can sense was the emotion of hate.

    • 2003 Maurya
      2003 Maurya 6 days ago

      @Nikolai Rose well, Naruto's ability enables him to sense the souls, and see their sillihoutte

  • Shuvrashankar mukherjee

    As a Naruto fan I'm sooo happy that he won. Yay!

  • Soma’s Gamerworld
    Soma’s Gamerworld 8 days ago +8

    Who came back to the comments to see if there was drama

  • Toby Speight
    Toby Speight 8 days ago

    I like how you used the manga ichigo

  • Nuux Ahmed Qaboobe
    Nuux Ahmed Qaboobe 8 days ago

    Goku is a truly better then ichigo and narotu

  • Son Jjdog
    Son Jjdog 9 days ago +1

    You never used ichigo’s true bankai with the horn of salvation

    • Son Jjdog
      Son Jjdog 6 days ago

      Bleach says that you can’t see sperits unless you are a sprit so how would naruto have the ability to see ichigo he can only sense negative things and ichigo overcome his hallow side so he would be calm and he is still stupid

    • 2003 Maurya
      2003 Maurya 7 days ago

      @Andres Gonzalez those are some Narutards, they will make Naruto win anyways

    • Andres Gonzalez
      Andres Gonzalez 7 days ago

      and he never use the call to the nine tailed beasts complete

  • Warrior Dwayne
    Warrior Dwayne 9 days ago

    If naruto went to six paths when itchigo’s Vasto Shinigami Quincy form and he ded

  • JazzDEAD 001
    JazzDEAD 001 9 days ago +1

    Damn, they did Ichigo dirty