The Animated History Of The Netherlands


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  • Captain History
    Captain History  Year ago +37

    Hi Everyone! I never adressed this video, and i would like to apologise for all the mistakes i have made, i have taken all the feedback from this video , used that to create the History of Australia ( which also had a few errors ) took the advice and feedback from that video and am now nearly ready to release my biggest project of all,
    *The Animated History of The Roman Empire*
    It is a big task and i am sure it wont dissapoint, the video will be out by the end of this year ( So really this month just in time for Xmas, heck maybe it will be released on XMAS! )
    I Appreciate everyone who has subscribed, liked or even disliked and most importantly are patiently waiting for my next move!

    • Mike
      Mike 2 months ago

      Mohawk Indians Blood Indians Never Lie your an idiot. You will not accomplish anything in your life because of attitude, Seriously bro what a fkn retarded thing to say ! Have you ever met a Dutch person you idiot. Educate yourself . The Dutch invented the stock market you retard. And have you ever heard of the Dutch east India company ? No you haven’t because your a keyboard warrior and your not educated.

    • Drew Fitz
      Drew Fitz 5 months ago

      +BartBoy it would take awhile to give the complete history of the Dutch. Our history is Bad Ass.

    • BartBoy
      BartBoy 7 months ago +1

      And the Dutch Carribean........?

    • Guus Jongetjes
      Guus Jongetjes 11 months ago

      Davey Boy dude he said that William of Orange was dead. But 250 years later he became our king ( William the first ) this isn't possible.

    • Sylvia Van Ewijk
      Sylvia Van Ewijk 11 months ago

      ey u said uterecht perfect i netherlands so ;)

  • Nikolas Maes
    Nikolas Maes 5 days ago

    You shouldn't see The Netherlands as Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg being one country all the time
    Get a more animated map

  • Leigh Parker
    Leigh Parker 5 days ago

    beautiful. :D

  • Krijn Lemmens
    Krijn Lemmens 10 days ago

    William wasnt king of the Netherlands

  • -Gemberkoekje-
    -Gemberkoekje- 21 day ago

    Seterra maps

  • Christian Mildh
    Christian Mildh 23 days ago

    In addition to other criticism...please pay attention to the enunciation and over all lack of clarity of the voice over.

  • Bayu Segara
    Bayu Segara 27 days ago

    Waar is nederlanders ?, op je gezondheid

  • Radboud van Eekelen

    😱Finally someone that pronounces Utrecht Right!!!

    That rivers name is De Rijn

  • Sidewalk 5828
    Sidewalk 5828 Month ago

    Cute animation!

  • C3llular Productions

    Hate your accent

  • Celsus truth
    Celsus truth Month ago

    Hey Silver Spade, let me guess, you are a Jew. The Sephardi Jews literally invented modern day "Netherlands" fwiw. They moved up through Iberia into northern Europe in the 15th century via jewish Calvinism and began pumping up debt into the "tulip" bubble during the 1600's. Matter of fact, modern Europe is basically a semitic/jewish creation since 1350 and spiritually since 800-1200(depending on where and what you were). Always has been. When I hear of germanic people whine about "progressive socialist muslim lovers", you know a jew is running them. Fact is, the muslim population in northern europe is small and overrated. They are there because zionists ruined the Asia Minor region since 1900. The real truth is, you need socialism to really be Aryan again. Without it, you won't have the tribal ability to survive. The bourgeois state shall fall and tribes will begin to form again.

  • lego fanboy47
    lego fanboy47 Month ago

    Echt bijzonder dat deze kleine landje zoveel macht heeft!
    Like als je nederlands praat!

  • Some kind of Entity
    Some kind of Entity 2 months ago

    yup.. we got some good cheese alright

  • private account
    private account 2 months ago

    why isn't Belgium split between Netherlands and France?

  • Re Aged
    Re Aged 2 months ago

    Did he forget the golden century?

  • Shobin Thomas
    Shobin Thomas 2 months ago

    you should continue making more videos

  • Shobin Thomas
    Shobin Thomas 2 months ago

    thank you for video I really appeciate it

  • ryder is here
    ryder is here 2 months ago

    I love history

  • Playing Riffs
    Playing Riffs 2 months ago

    Found out I’m a good percentage north dutch and I love cheese. Who knew 😆

  • Quincey Heerkens
    Quincey Heerkens 2 months ago

    Why are people thinks they know better becouse i learned this on school like he said 😂

  • Jedaki
    Jedaki 3 months ago

    Thats Holland not Netherlands fp

  • Bereeze
    Bereeze 3 months ago

    Love your videos

  • space alien
    space alien 3 months ago

    I am dutch you said all the names good! But.... we live under sea level....

  • kuldeep kumar
    kuldeep kumar 4 months ago

    Inaccurate as well as your ascent and speed of speaking is not good .it's difficult to understand.try to update 😀

  • Stefano
    Stefano 4 months ago +1

    I live in the Netherlands

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 4 months ago

    Belgium is doing surprisingly well for an ethnic mash up nation.

  • Ali İpekdokuyan
    Ali İpekdokuyan 4 months ago

    Looking for loot and booty !

  • royal dutchguy
    royal dutchguy 4 months ago

    Im dutch

  • GewoonDylan
    GewoonDylan 4 months ago

    he said utrecht correctly

  • Retrìca
    Retrìca 4 months ago

    Dude you talk waaaaay to fast

  • Ali Le Faggot
    Ali Le Faggot 4 months ago

    Spanish colony hahahaha!

  • Faceless
    Faceless 4 months ago

    Stop misleading the world with your fake history. Take it down! And talk without food in your mouth son, you can’t even pronounce properly

  • Praecantetia
    Praecantetia 4 months ago

    Noo not Rotterdam!
    Goddamnit stupid ancestors

  • Aman A D
    Aman A D 4 months ago

    Also, please make the oceans blue (and maybe remove the texture). It's perplexing to see sand colored water!

  • Erik van Doorn
    Erik van Doorn 5 months ago

    So many flaws in this clip, that I will not even start to mention them. I wonder if this is some kind a joke that I just do not get.

  • Nick de Bont
    Nick de Bont 5 months ago

    You know the toen where ik come from flardinga defeated Whole dutch and german army

  • Youri van der Veen
    Youri van der Veen 5 months ago

    The half is bullshit

  • Dr. Hartman
    Dr. Hartman 5 months ago

    Don’t draw Flevoland, you show it in the entire video but it isn’t even a 100 years old

  • Dr. Hartman
    Dr. Hartman 5 months ago

    Netherlands be like: hmmmm we need more land.
    Nah. Know what? Let’s just make one out of the fucking water

  • Comsat Class Representative

    Only 0.1 million people were killed like dogs in holland. Histroy proved it.

  • Bruno de Jong
    Bruno de Jong 5 months ago

    Surounded by Belgium Luxembourgh and Germany

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    You have to change the whole map of Europe dynamically to make it realistic!

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 6 months ago

    dutch people like everything clear thats why they are complaining
    hou je bek gauw

  • joop hoop
    joop hoop 6 months ago

    Captain, first of all I thank you for the attention to my country.But, why are you speedtalking ? You are too fast to be followed imo.And yes, you made some mistakes, but its ok. Thanks again.

  • M.J
    M.J 6 months ago

    How you say Suriname that is great no prank

  • Ken Kline
    Ken Kline 6 months ago

    you speak too fast

  • Fake Freud
    Fake Freud 6 months ago

    I'd like to see a re-upload!

  • Anthony Gonzalves
    Anthony Gonzalves 6 months ago

    you can never ever not talk about the 80 years of war when you are doing a video about history of The Netherlands

  • Infinnacage Music
    Infinnacage Music 7 months ago

    Stop making these videos.

  • MineDodge
    MineDodge 7 months ago

    The netherlands border france now

  • GustafGamer
    GustafGamer 7 months ago

    where is the stone age??

  • Philip
    Philip 7 months ago

    A funny thing about the liberal constitution of the Netherlands introduced by Willem II is that the Dutch government blackmailed him for being gay and forced him into signing it. It was a good thing though, despite it being enforced through blackmail.

  • E Zandman
    E Zandman 7 months ago

    This video has way to many mistakes and I am note even for a minute in. Please delete this video and create something new.

  • E Zandman
    E Zandman 7 months ago

    0:02 Windmills, clogs , cheese.... What you live in 1950???? Fuck

  • E Zandman
    E Zandman 7 months ago

    0:00 First of all get yourself a descent map of my fucking country. Fuck.

  • M D
    M D 7 months ago

    Great video man. Here's a sub.

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No 7 months ago

    You forgot that a small piece of germany belongd to the netherlands

  • romain morales
    romain morales 7 months ago

    So if this is the form of the Netherlands throughout history
    Where the fuck his the Principality of Liège ?

  • hans yolo
    hans yolo 7 months ago

    im from utrecht which is further north (the white dot in the middle) and they still have the roman borders marked in the streets so what you are saying is not true.

  • André Luis Marín
    André Luis Marín 8 months ago

    Nothing about it's Caribbean islands here.....

  • Seyfo Yildirim
    Seyfo Yildirim 8 months ago

    he gekke koekebakker in de tijd van de romeinen was flevoland er nog niet hoor

  • Србин Зилот
    Србин Зилот 8 months ago

    Kosovo on map not indenpendent, Kosovo is parth od Serbia, wrong map od europe

  • Kevin De Bondt
    Kevin De Bondt 8 months ago

    Delete and remake this video

  • Forest Dweller
    Forest Dweller 8 months ago

    Nice video and it's ok to make mistakes :) That big gap in our country was actually made by a huge storm. The Netherlands was always a small country surrounded by giants, so in the military sense stood little chance. But being excellent sailors and traders they got by and taxed a lot of what came around as well. Maintaining relations with whoever. I think that is where the famous Dutch Tolerance has it's

  • Dutchess
    Dutchess 8 months ago

    The shape of the Netherlands was quite different before the Dutch created land out of water, so yes, the shape is what it is today but not what it was throughout the centuries.

  • andi vatar
    andi vatar 8 months ago

    indonesia declared its independence in 1945, not 1952.
    and before that, even voc had given the control of indonesia to japan.

  • André van Bruggen
    André van Bruggen 8 months ago

    Didn't know that Flevoland existed in the roman days

  • ipad ttt
    ipad ttt 8 months ago

    our neighbors are Belgium, Germany and the UK, not France

  • myeiekanaal
    myeiekanaal 8 months ago

    Really? No mention of Jan van Riebeeck who basically discovered South Africa?

  • Arya Pambudi
    Arya Pambudi 8 months ago

    Nice presentation, btw Indonesia declare it's independence in 1945 and after war and diplomacy netherlands finally recognised the Indonesian sovereignty in 1949, in the Hague.

  • HeyItsAmy
    HeyItsAmy 8 months ago

    Half the comments are saying stuff like it’s bad. And here I am shutting the fuck up and watching it

  • Brian Stafford
    Brian Stafford 9 months ago

    Damn looks like a high school pot smoker had to make this fast for a history project. Really bad....

  • moon xoxo
    moon xoxo 9 months ago +1

    Oh my gosh I didn't know that I am from the Netherlands and this is something new to me I left in South Holland so yeah I learnt something new today(like als je uit nederland komt haha en als je het in 2018 kijkt 😁)

  • Sella Wihelmina
    Sella Wihelmina 9 months ago

    Indonesia became independent in 1945, not 1952. But in Netherland history said it is 1949.

  • Mr Ramdom
    Mr Ramdom 9 months ago

    O.o ya!

  • Harpo
    Harpo 9 months ago

    A lot of important historical events are missing here (English wars and more colonisations.)

  • Alia Allygrl
    Alia Allygrl 10 months ago

    you pronounced "Utrecht" perfectly

  • Kaas Boer
    Kaas Boer 10 months ago

    You can also look at it as entertainment and just ignore the inaccuracies

  • BorisKerelman
    BorisKerelman 10 months ago

    Pls delete this video, its horrible

  • BorisKerelman
    BorisKerelman 10 months ago

    0:27 yes... they colonised the north... they founded cities like utrecht

  • Thijs Rikkerink
    Thijs Rikkerink 10 months ago

    Volgensmij zitten er een paar fouten in (zoals flevoland enz)

  • Ilanitos
    Ilanitos 10 months ago

    You speak Dutch right?

    Otto SKORZENY 10 months ago

    Duque de alba fuck dutch

  • TJ Craft
    TJ Craft 10 months ago

    i m netherlands :0

  • Tieme van der Hoek
    Tieme van der Hoek 10 months ago

    Flevoland was first a see so this map is not good sorry. But it is a intresting video

  • Semmyno Toscano
    Semmyno Toscano 10 months ago

    Helo the Nederlands have stroopwafels 😋

  • Dumurr Lee
    Dumurr Lee 10 months ago

    How is it that came to know this? If you've ever been to my home you'd see it looks nothing like this in shape and history. Probably should take a trip and put on an airal mapping so as to see atleast the right contenitel view.

  • Wouter Baas
    Wouter Baas 10 months ago

    Lol the VOC and the WIC? I basically took over the world with these o

  • YaDsJul
    YaDsJul 11 months ago

    looking for loot and booty😂😂😂

  • Troy Lieffers
    Troy Lieffers 11 months ago

    5:52 the royal dab

  • peter dekker
    peter dekker 11 months ago

    the vikings never plundered holland. we had our own viking settlements in the north.

  • Viejotrueno
    Viejotrueno 11 months ago

    The Orange house was nothing more than a nest of traitors... Dutch freedom? Ask De Witt brothers, eaten alive by a mob incited by William of Orange. This was the cruelest act of savagery in European History, which is very very commendable if you know what I mean. But even today people believe that spaniards were the worst, because of the Black Legend invented in that age by English, Oranges, French and Italian. What they didn't told you is that Spain save Europe's ass several times from Muslim Imperialism, even from Mongolian invasion... or the essential cultural contributions. While William of Orange and queen Elizabeth where nothing more than a bunch of ragged smelly illiterates, Phillip the II possesed the largest library in Europe and Spain alongside Italy was the most educated country during those centuries

  • Dinahii
    Dinahii 11 months ago

    So many dislikes... Can someone explain?
    and also 2:50 The island thingy in the middle of the country didn't exist yet

  • Ysbrandve
    Ysbrandve 11 months ago

    Stille Willem
    Studio Massa
    plunderen je kassa
    kom maar op met die bas, maat
    Ik ben Willem de Zwijger
    dat is welliswaar een geuzennaam
    fok je met mijn volk?
    breek ik binnen door je keukenraam
    en neuk ik je moeder
    snuif poeder
    neem haar op vakantie
    Katholiek of Protestant
    ze buigen voor mijn tolerantie
    Mentale molestatie
    van intolerante lanterfanters
    specerijen zijn zo heet
    ik masturbeer met ovenwanten
    schelden met ziektes is mijn traditie
    vuile teringkop
    ik bak ze bruiner
    dan een zoeloe met schoensmeer op
    ¡Hola spanjolen!
    met jullie ben ik nog niet klaar
    als ik nog een keer paella ruik
    dan handhaaf ik je in elkaar
    verzuip je pakjesboot
    zijn we van dat gespuis af
    als je zo van Jezus houdt
    zuig hem dan van zijn kruis af
    wees mijn ziel genadig
    Ik storm je beelden
    snij je keel door
    het is een eer hoor
    je oogst gaat mislukken
    camoufleer me als een meelworm
    als een Egyptische plaag
    predik in de haag
    gigantische kraag
    reformeer van Praag tot aan Den Haag
    Zie die Spanjolen bibberen
    niet omdat het hiet kouder is
    pis je broek maar lekker warm
    als Willem de Stadhouder is
    dans nog één keer de flamenco
    en ik neuk je flamingo
    grotere ballen dan Lingo
    beuk je harder dan Ringo
    Het Spaanse rijk, machtig?
    zit me niet te fokken teef
    iedereen kan Indianen aan
    als je ze de pokken geeft
    je soldaten zijn zo'n poesjes
    ik noem ze het kutjeskorps
    je bezit: twee kloosters
    en een Azteeks hutjesdorp
    Filips de Tweede
    geen idee hoe goed ik zinspeel
    economie bestaat uit landbouw
    veeteelt en inteelt
    Joden zijn hier niet verboden
    welkom hugenoten
    kom in als Nigel de Jong
    met gestrekt been op je kloten
    he Alva, stierenneuker
    je hebt je bril verloren
    kun je me wel horen
    of moet ik gaten in je oren boren
    breng je moeder, zus en dochter
    ik verover hun harten
    zit ik in Civilization?
    dan kun je beter herstarten
    zeg he wat is dat hier?
    Ik ben Balthasar Gerards
    niemand blijft mijn wrok bespaard
    ik kom voor jou Willem
    Filips heeft jou vogelvrij verklaard
    ik heb een geladen pistool
    jij een prijs op je hoofd
    ik straf je voor je verraad
    van het Roomsche geloof
    Oh, verschoon mij
    ik probeer hier te spreken
    maar een kikkerlikkende flikker
    poogt mij te onderbreken
    honden als jij slaap ik in
    zoals alleen maar PETA lukt
    ik heb vier vrouwen
    jij maagdelijke beta cuck
    Je hebt zo'n saaie kop
    ik ga al dood van verveling
    ik zal rippen in vrede
    geniet van je vierendeling
    spijkers onder je nagels
    hete pook in je kont
    Wat was dat?
    versta je niet
    met je ballen in je mond
    Kogelgaten in de muur
    Duytschen bloet aan de wand
    doodgewone dag
    voor de vader des vaderlands
    als je me dood wil hebben
    krijg je me tweemaal zo levendig
    maai al mijn haters neer
    als in 1572
    Mijn beat is zo fris
    normies noemen het een tulpenbol
    snap je? biet als in knol
    ik vond het zelf wel geestig lol
    ik zal handhaven
    jij zal rukken op pornhub
    minder bloedstroom naar je hoofd
    dan Egmond en Horne
    Effectief als Ebola
    je vecht tegen windmolens
    einduitslag 5 - 1
    en die strafschop was gestolen
    mijn raps zijn kant en klaar
    vandaar dat ik verklaar
    Ik zie niet anders dan
    een fijn uitgedoste
    Ik begraaf je als in Pompeii
    bewaar een bot voor Pompey
    bats het meisje met de parel
    zonder kleren maar met klompen
    we hebben een nieuw standje
    de Spagaat van Verlatinghe
    delftsblauwe stroopwafels
    als mijn nieuwe bestrating
    Je leeuw staat in zijn hemd
    ik heb hem zelf getemd
    mijn memes zijn zo vochtig
    burgers noemen mij een shamwow
    voor volk en vaderland
    toon maar beter wat respect
    Top kek
    Stille Willem uitgecheckt

  • Mbathroom1
    Mbathroom1 11 months ago

    I'm sure Belgium was only part of the Netherlands from 1815 to 1830.

  • Heidelinde Holtzhausen
    Heidelinde Holtzhausen 11 months ago

    You forgot about VOC (Verenigde Oos Companjie) Jan van Riebeeck in the 1600's arrived at the southern most point of Africa and settled there. Dutch is still the mother language of Afrikaans. Also occupation of Taiwan

  • Robert M van der Schoor
    Robert M van der Schoor 11 months ago

    Slechter kan het niet. Captain History? Ketelbinkie History is een betere titel. Hoewel Ketelbinkie meer vernuft heeft, lijkt mij.
    Wanneer een historisch correcte versie of is dat een brug te ver?

  • Robert Reijers
    Robert Reijers 11 months ago

    I must say that there are a lot of mistakes in your clip. Get first more info about the Netherlands and than redo your clip. Show for example also the older cities of the Netherlands like Maastricht and Nijmegen. You show the you cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

  • Ewout Schalkwijk
    Ewout Schalkwijk 11 months ago

    Nice video but why so ADHD? Had you used one minute more, was it more relax to look at it.

  • John de Jong
    John de Jong 11 months ago

    So many mistakes. Please check all the historical borders again.