WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

  • Published on Sep 30, 2017
  • Trying, testing, tasting & reacting to crazy weird hot sauce and skittles bizarre funky and gross food combinations that people love eating. Brothers not twins try eating and test random funny foods you would never eat with your family, kids, brother, sister, or friends. Whether you’re a boy or girl, learn how to do these good hilarious fun do it yourself DIY meal ideas which are family friendly and oddly work will have you making edible combination of your own and react. Whats your reaction?
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    Weirdest DIY Foods taste tested in this comedy video:
    1. Sriracha hot chili sauce + Skittles
    4. Ice cream milk shake + McDonalds french fries + Smoothie
    5. Pepperoni pizza + M&M's candy
    6. Melted cheese + Special Apple Pie Oreos Oreo
    7. Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee latte with espresso + Butter
    8. Honey nut cheerios breakfast cereal and milk + White chocolate
    9. 12 scrambled eggs + Brachs sour candy corn
    10. Garlic flatbread with cheese + Pumpkin spice greek yogurt
    11. Sriracha hot chili sauce + Caramel covered apples
    12. Organic apple pie + Doritos tostitos chips + mountain dew soda candy + nacho cheese dip.
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    I'm doing 2 VIDEOS A WEEK!!!! There's gonna be a new video on TUESDAY!!!!

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  • Annie MSP
    Annie MSP 8 minutes ago

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    Annie MSP 8 minutes ago

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    Brian McKenzie 9 minutes ago

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    jacqueline alvarez 46 minutes ago +1

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    Jerry Cusac Hour ago

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    Azalea Bivins 2 hours ago

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  • It's Maia
    It's Maia 11 hours ago

    omg the blade with the spoon heard like bones breaking

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    Nancy Trombetti 11 hours ago +1

    Are french fries french??????

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    Shay North 14 hours ago +1

    do apple pie with melted orange cheese
    on top.

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    Summer Bodley 15 hours ago

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    Eliezer Verdugo 16 hours ago

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    Pandaman and Pixel 18 hours ago

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  • Sarah Fahlén
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  • Play Pixies
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