5 Tips For Warding In Season 9 That WIll Help You Climb! League of Legends Guide 2019

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Put together some tips to help out newer players with warding. Open to all feedback and critique.
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  • ReportMe4Living
    ReportMe4Living 8 months ago +40

    wait are wards those yellow things? wtf man i havent bought one ever and im already in Iron 3 - after only 6 years of playing. i hate these "educational" videos that will *never* help me climb :/

    • Fumei Itaii
      Fumei Itaii 8 months ago +8

      Yo Report i can tell youre being sarcastic!!! but!! DID YOU KNOW: riot made trinkets to replace wards, because players werent buying them lol.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +3

      rofl Report will always be commenting mvp thanks for the chuckle :D

  • awoo300
    awoo300 20 days ago +1

    Probably one of the best warding tips video I've seen. Really helped me improve on giving vision to my team, including the optimal ward spots. I even do tip number 5. I always check my vision score and make it a point that I have the most vision score out of everyone.

  • Yamas Langeveld
    Yamas Langeveld Month ago


  • aanca 234
    aanca 234 3 months ago

    What’s the best spot to place wards in laning phase on blue side? I tend to go towards scuttle and river bush, but because of tri bush control ward that seems to always be available for their jungler for a gank

  • Evangelos Alexiou
    Evangelos Alexiou 3 months ago

    I know that lots of people recommend that we don't put the "too late ward" right there (or at least don't be too lazy about it and put it on the edge of the bush) but sometimes you don't have the time to go deep ward there on blue and destroy the plants. In low elo sometimes your adc instadies if he is left to be alone. I prefer asking my adc to be responsible for at least warding that bush all the time. I don't like putting control wards there because the enemies can clear it easily and sometimes it's just donating gold to them. So... Is what i'm doing a way to go or should i leave that bush alone?

  • Daniel Söderborg
    Daniel Söderborg 3 months ago +1

    I didn't really understand what a bush trap was. Should I just sit in a bush with a sweeper and wait for an enemy???

    • Daniel Söderborg
      Daniel Söderborg 3 months ago

      LoL Fit So I should just wait? Cuz then I will probably sit there forever...
      Any good times other than when you're ahead?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  3 months ago

      when your ahead and have your lane pushed

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson 4 months ago +1

    Im trying to become a support main because I get out micro'd and have a hard time adapting to new champ pools of carry lanes because of my inconsistent time I have to play. could you review my op.gg? IGN: ILikeMalware (NA) - thanks for the tips I really enjoyed the video!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  3 months ago

      Feel free to join the discord and send me a dm do the opgg there

  • W P
    W P 4 months ago +3

    Perhaps I'm late to the party, but when playing Yummi, deep warding feels doubly dangerous. I'm tempted to go mobi boots just to improve my warding potential... but seemingly that's too great a gold sacrifice vs other utility items etc. Any tips for how to accomplish your warding suggestions with a champion that has (what feels like) 3hp. Great video by the way. A big help,.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  3 months ago +1

      Yeah yuumi is like the opposite of pyke in warding safety. Try and wait for when you see the jg farming or ganking elsewhere before looking for deep wards.

  • Night Star
    Night Star 4 months ago

    May i ask that is Morgana good for roaming and the bush-sweeper trap cuz most of the time i had lower level than enemy mid and jungle. (I am new:))

  • Alx Balx
    Alx Balx 4 months ago

    thx dude good explaine, good tips,

  • Nicol Stark
    Nicol Stark 4 months ago +1

    I am a top laner watching this video thank you very much. I hear the number one way to not die to jg is vision, so here I am. If you could do a quick one top (maybe jg as well?) focused that would be helpful. Also thank you so much for talking about farsight and sweeper, nobody else talks about those. EVER. Furthermore, how hard should I be trying to keep an inventory spot for control wards?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  4 months ago

      Great video idea maybe something like “Warding for Top Laners” you should make it a habit if you have the gold and a open spot you should purchase it

  • Killerbean
    Killerbean 4 months ago

    nice video !

  • Mark Buhay
    Mark Buhay 4 months ago

    Legit question, probably the wrong video for it my b. But what should you do as a jungler, if you see a gank at bot or see an opportunity to gain a big advantage at mid or top? Counter gank for bot or try to get a kill (mid or top) + turret platings?

  • Hugo Delay
    Hugo Delay 5 months ago

    Like every main supp you look like someone we absolutely want to be friend with x) great guide !!

  • ryan buechel
    ryan buechel 5 months ago +4

    I’m really not sure when I should be buying oracle lenses as a midlaner, it seems counterproductive because then I can’t ward.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  5 months ago

      Depends on your playstyle really if you roam sweeper is better to gank/bush trap. If you are defensive sit in lane wards are better!

  • WHO?
    WHO? 5 months ago +1

    As a support player, the time I have trouble warding is when after laning phase, every lane has lost its tower, there are 1-2 enemies 1 shotting my wards with their duskblades meanwhile they also have 3 sweepers. Jungler won't get scuttles, I can never keep wards on the map, no one will escort / help me ward. It's quite annoying. Basically it's "ward or int"

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  5 months ago

      Yeah I know that feeling my man can be quite a struggle the best way is to look for wards in safest times possible when you see everyone in lane and you have lane priority

  • bastarka
    bastarka 5 months ago +1

    i see cat butt :PPPP

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  5 months ago

      haha he is my little buddy he is in almost all my videos in the background xD

  • Blood Myth
    Blood Myth 6 months ago +1

    lux support dnt give a sht about all that :D euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=tgm+bloodmyth

  • Dato Londaridze
    Dato Londaridze 6 months ago

    It about when you are blue side, can u tall us about red side players where you must to wards

  • HuskyStheteen
    HuskyStheteen 6 months ago +21

    He's telling me warding tips like he expects me to look at my map

  • Gustav B
    Gustav B 6 months ago +1

    This like to dislike ratio is insane. Insane in that one person actually disliked it. Very good content, keep it coming!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago

      Thank you so much for your support my man :D

  • Nechifor Andrei
    Nechifor Andrei 6 months ago

    TheHookisloading eune,
    i want a prewiew op.gg any advice,tips will be apreciated. lol fit!

  • Galador
    Galador 6 months ago

    This is really amazing! For the first ward you present, where you say to take all the consumables, does this also apply when you play from red side? Because you kinda take those away from your jungler dont u?

  • archdruid205
    archdruid205 6 months ago +9

    Dude, I just came across your channel and watched this video and the 5 tips for support video. I can honestly say you've actually given amazing tips that gave me multiple light bulb moments. I've watched a lot of other videos and never felt like I learned much, but now my whole view of the game has changed. Thank you so much!!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  6 months ago +1

      Thank you so much for you support my man comments like these keep me going :D

  • Hynnil
    Hynnil 6 months ago

    review please:

  • Leetake
    Leetake 7 months ago +1

    Best guides I've seen for support so far keep it up bro

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      Happy to help my man :D

  • Bryan Rodenberg
    Bryan Rodenberg 7 months ago +1

    Man I really appreciate the video. This is my first year playing ranked, I've climbed my way to Silver 2 as support so far hoping for Gold this weekend if everything goes the way it has been. Keep up the good work my dude!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      Hey thank you so much Bryan I really appreciate your support :D

  • Calle Bergbom
    Calle Bergbom 7 months ago +1

    How much vision score do u usually have?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago +1

      Really trying to work on it heavily depends on the game state for these videos I try and do as much research as possible for myself and the people that watch the videos :D

  • Martin Collet
    Martin Collet 7 months ago

    Hi I was wondering if as brand support you're supposed to rush rylais for the slow or liandrys for the damages ? Also if I could get a peek from you about my op.gg it could be helppfull !

  • null
    null 7 months ago

    What do you think about Thresh and Rakan? Strengths? Weaknesses? My two main suppots, Pyke too actually.

  • Corey Beck
    Corey Beck 7 months ago

    I'm very new to LoL. Like. Just started playing last month new. And I'm usually support for my girlfriend who's been playing for 5 or so years. I usually play; Lux, Leona, Malphite, or Brand. I struggle to keep up with the level of players I'm up against (I'm level 21 and shes 59 and her friends are even higher) so I'm usually the lowest level in every match. Where can and should I start to get a better grasp of the game ingeneral? Btw, this guide helped me a lot!

  • Brandie Morrell
    Brandie Morrell 7 months ago

    Is alistar good in 9.2? I main morg and lulu supp. I want to pick up Ali I was thinking he would be a good tank supp to counter poke supps.

  • Lil Don
    Lil Don 7 months ago +1

    Very good Chanel, very helpful

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      Thanks for the support happy to help :D

  • lizzrd
    lizzrd 7 months ago +1

    I've died for wards so many times... I'm so protective over those suckers

    • null
      null 7 months ago

      lizzrd which region do you play on and name? lets play together :D

    • lizzrd
      lizzrd 7 months ago

      LoL Fit good tip!! Thanks :D

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago +1

      When you see your jg looking for a gank try placing a control ward to bait the enemies into a engage a lot of people can be baited like you xD

  • Wavey Dave
    Wavey Dave 7 months ago

    Review me
    Lol username : Space Ac3

  • Sebastian Colon
    Sebastian Colon 7 months ago +2

    “You’re probably a support if you’re watching this”
    Proud jungler right here :)

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      hahah happy to hear it!

  • DonRaider999
    DonRaider999 7 months ago +1

    You look like Gross Gore

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      Ouch man out of the 82k comments made on this channel you are the first to make me by like oh shit that is kind of true and feels bad.

  • Alec Autry2
    Alec Autry2 7 months ago +1

    So few questions. Is nasus viable? What trinket as a top lane tank?

    • Alec Autry2
      Alec Autry2 7 months ago

      LoL Fit thanks man. I’m really trying to be better with my pinks. I’m bronze 3. One more quick question. I play 5’s with my gold+ friends. I know playing better people is good but what do I do when no matter what it feels like I get countered or out microd

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  7 months ago

      Nasus quite viable specially low elo where they cant punish the early game. Trinket is dependent on game state yellow in even game state blue when behind and a lots of controls to protect split.

  • Kuroko League of Legends

    Hi,i was hoping if you can maybe check out my op gg, euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Dopex02 I am a TF otp (recently i started otping him) also is there any tips on midlaners,about what spots should they ward,since sometimes i cant go to an enemy jungle cause of the wave and since mid is realy gankable.

  • Éric Boucher
    Éric Boucher 8 months ago

    Goodrick for op.gg whant to improve top

  • Hawaiian Jesus
    Hawaiian Jesus 8 months ago

    could you op review my? my IGN is Octopusspuss

  • Brandon Puente
    Brandon Puente 8 months ago +1

    I wanna start playing adc, any champ suggestions for people who are newer to the role?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago

      Yeah Tristan’s if you prefer scaling and value safety. Miss Fortune is best all around for ease of execution and carry potential

  • iMachsi
    iMachsi 8 months ago +1

    is my main Bard good???

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +2

      Bard is great for carrying and warding due to movement speed from chimes and portal keep it up it takes a while to play him at a high level but it is worth the time if you enjoy the playstyle :D

  • zen zilla
    zen zilla 8 months ago +21

    Best warding guide in all of 2019!
    Thx. Actually very good tips.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +2

      Thanks zen you the best :D

  • joshstew85
    joshstew85 8 months ago

    Question about line of scrimmage, let's say top has crushed it, they've taken 2 turrets by 18 min (i.e. line of scrimmage is not even, it's deeper on top side). everyone else is kinda even. playing supp, should i suggest rotating to top lane, so top can take their advantage elsewhere, and adc can farm "safer"; or should we place deeper wards on bot side (ideally with our jg), in order to try to gain an advantage on our own?? assuming solo queue, no duo bot, and adc is unknown skill (i'm currently s4, but match with anything from iron to gold).
    on tip 5, i always check my vision score and my cc score after every match. i'm not quite to 2 vision per min, but i'm getting closer! i wish cc score was trackable in-match like vision score is.

    • George Womick
      George Womick 3 months ago

      jungler should be placing wards especially on the opposite jungle as it is pushed.

  • Florence Bernard
    Florence Bernard 8 months ago +3

    #1 is cool if you’re botside but what if you’re topside?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +3

      a ward that scouts the scuttle and rift and any deep wards you can get.

  • CallMeSmigl
    CallMeSmigl 8 months ago

    Hey mate, as a Jungler I try to ward a lot myself, because not every low ELO support watches you guides sadly ;) I try to buy at least one pink every back. My two questions:
    1) I often save my pink wards for denying enemy vision in the respective pit. Therefore I seldom place the pink anywhere else. How can I improve here? Should I risk not having a pink when starting Drake?
    2) Is it worth carrying around more than one pink if I have the spare money? I sometimes buy a second one and generally opt for pink > refillable (lvl 10+) and also pink > filling last item slot with a component (even B.F). Is that okay, or do you think opting for stat bonusses is worth more?

    • CallMeSmigl
      CallMeSmigl 8 months ago

      ​@LoL Fit Thanks :) Gonna try to keep that in mind. One more q though. When is the best time to switch from Trinket to Sweeper? I'm trying to swap as soon as I have the first pink in my inventory. So basically first back. Orb as a more defensive tool sounds pretty logical, gonna try that one as well. Keep it up and have a good one.

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      a pink ward might be able to net you a kill or deny a kill from the enemy team using your control wards to give you a safe objective take is more important. Definitely worth buying a second control ward. If you are end game and you are running out of slots tell your team to push down a lane and fill the spot with another item stay out of jg and fog at all costs.

  • Shadow Scythe
    Shadow Scythe 8 months ago +4

    0:18 that scared me

  • Christian Trampedach
    Christian Trampedach 8 months ago +2

    And Thresh is not a good solo warder right

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      not the worst or best kind of in the middle make sure you atleast have boots when solo invading.

  • Christian Trampedach
    Christian Trampedach 8 months ago +1

    How much for an hour of coaching?

    • Christian Trampedach
      Christian Trampedach 8 months ago +2

      @LoL Fit I've already told all my friends about your channel!

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      Just a avg diamond player my man wouldnt feel comfortable charging you for coaching. I can sit down in customs with you and go over some fundamentals and if you feel it was worth a donation or a share my channel with a friend so be it.

  • Sarah Masters
    Sarah Masters 8 months ago +1

    I do the 5th one all the time! I started doing that as a reminder to place more wards cause some times I lack warding as a support main lol. It's always a good reminder

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago

      Happy to help out that is awesome you are doing 5th one as well thought i was the only one xD

  • Argo the Informant
    Argo the Informant 8 months ago +14

    6. Play Leblanc. Stand by enemy base, place control ward, enemy clears ward, then one shot said enemy.

    • Argo the Informant
      Argo the Informant 8 months ago +2

      @LoL Fit Noice

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +4

      Rofl did a 5v5 with viewers earlier and that exact thing happened.

  • Wally Castagnir
    Wally Castagnir 8 months ago +2

    I think all people should learn to ward itsnot just the support i had an feeding akal once that never warded

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +2

      God this is so true but sadly I bet 95% of people that click this video will be support

  • Andrew Bailey
    Andrew Bailey 8 months ago

    How much ward score would a jungle have to normally have at the end of the game? also op.gg me please. oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=%C3%83ndy

  • ali kamali
    ali kamali 8 months ago +4

    is janna good for solo in low elo how about thresh ?

    • Arm At Mans
      Arm At Mans 8 months ago

      Try morgana and brand they are awesome

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +2

      Janna is good if you feel you are being outclassed on a micro level by people in your elo. Thresh is one of the most micro intensive supports that is usually outclassed by pyke in every way. If you are looking for a support to carry with try out some of the ap mages like brand zyra velkoz

  • april M
    april M 8 months ago +1


  • Garrett Redaja
    Garrett Redaja 8 months ago +2

    Love the educational video on wards i don't see too many on them! And great editing, maybe some quiet background music? Idk just an idea:)I was wondering if I could get an OP.gg review?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +1

      Hey man here are some of my thoughts if any ruin your fun disregard!
      1. Aery is superior for karma support against melee matchups where you can maximize your auto dmg.
      2. Just keep playing more you have a insane winrate this means you are playing way out of your elo.
      3. You are throwing away lp when you dont karma or shen focus on those two they are great mains due to no bans thrown at them.
      4. Look to build more aggressive when ahead and more utility when behind.
      5. Comet relies on early game poke potential and falls off compared to aery take it in lanes you know you can dominate in poke but aery will be better in tougher matchups.
      6. You are the best warding support in gold I have reviewed keep it up !
      7. Check out how pros build in different scenarios www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Karma you should be tweaking it as you go.
      8. I think you would benefit from putting mid lane as your secondary so u dont get autofilled to random roles and can just play karma there.

      I could give you more but I think if you focus on these small tips min maxing you will see some results.

    • Garrett Redaja
      Garrett Redaja 8 months ago +1

      @LoL Fit yeah the ign is: The White Kanin
      Can we get into a discord chat together to talk about it?

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago

      Happy to help my man :D of course what is your account?

  • Work Not-cited
    Work Not-cited 8 months ago +9

    Thanks, ur a big help! us support mains need more love ^^

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +3

      Happy to help thanks for the support :D

  • Haquha
    Haquha 8 months ago +4

    how do i get out of plat

    • Haquha
      Haquha 8 months ago +1

      @LoL Fit thanks :D

    • LoL Fit
      LoL Fit  8 months ago +2

      some general tips for climbing would be 1. Play a small champion pool 2. Play a consistent lane with support secondary. 3. Learning Matchups and having a safe blind pick choice. 4. Adapt build for the game state/check out how pros are building the champ 5. Make sure your cs is up to scratch if it is not play champions with a cs crutch like Annie Sivir Karthus