Can a PASSENGER land a PLANE? Presented by CAPTAIN JOE

  • Published on Oct 19, 2017
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel. Today´s topic is one of the most ask passenger question, "Can a passenger land a plane?". There are so many rumours about this question, it´s just not true.
    So a few facts. My friend Carolin, has no connection to the aviation world besides from flying to holiday once in a while, obviously as a passenger.
    Now as soon as she sat down, the hardest part was establishing a communication between her and me, the ATC controller. Carolin was totally overwhelmed with all the switches and buttons, that it took nearly 20 minutes to find the push to talk button. In a real-life situation, if a plane does not respond within 20 minutes, fighter jets will be on their way intercepting the aeroplane as it causes a potential threat to national security, depending which land you´re flying across.
    Once communication was established, I had to give her instructions on how to set up the approach phase for an automatic landing, better known as AUTOLAND procedure. The AUTOLAND allows pilots to perform a fully automated landing in bad visual conditions, known as CAT3 approaches. More about that in future videos.
    Once the approach set up was completed, I had to give her instructions to familiarize with important levers and switches, such as the landing gear lever, the flaps, flight control computer and much more.
    Later I guided her via radar vectors towards the airport, constantly descending and reducing the speed accordingly.
    But see for yourself.
    My opinion if a passenger can land a plane. I´ll be honest with you! It´s impossible! We needed three attempts to just establish basic communication and Carolin accidentally brought the aircraft into a stall. Don´t ask how!
    And she was pretty nervous, although she knew it was a simulator. Imagine the anxiety in a real plane!?
    I know that there are many videos out there where apparently the passenger landed the plane, but all of the passengers had some kind of flying background. And the likelihood of both pilots being incapacitated is very unlikely.
    BIG THANK YOU TO TFC KÄUFER for making this video possible
    such as Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator, here a few more facts about the used simulation:
    Scenery ORBX
    A320 Flightsimlabs
    Simulator Prepar3D v4.1
    I hope you enjoyed this video and where able to learn something from it as well.
    Thanks for watching, all the best your "Captain" Joe
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    Stellardone - Airglow
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  • AirForce Pilot
    AirForce Pilot 4 hours ago

    Though it was called FMC not MCD

  • Вадим Петров

    The GTA five music on the approach is very cool)

  • spöken bratze
    spöken bratze 6 hours ago

    Try this in a MD11 or Boeing...

  • Nina Bella
    Nina Bella 8 hours ago +1

    I almost had a heart attack and it was only a simulation 😂

  • porcalorca
    porcalorca 12 hours ago +1

    bellissimo ma se imposti un video in italiano, con titolo italiano e spiegazione iniziale in italiano e poi si scopre che è totalmente in inglese....bè, noi ci rimaniamo male, soltanto un 20% dell'utenza sarà stata in grado di gustarsi il tuo video, la prox volta imposta meglio, specifica nel titolo che è in inglese, l'80% dell'utenza non perderà nemmeno tempo. Grazie

  • BoB Barney
    BoB Barney 13 hours ago

    Just fly the plane

  • r a
    r a 15 hours ago


  • r a
    r a 15 hours ago

    I want to fly a plane

  • downtoearthseeds24
    downtoearthseeds24 18 hours ago

    so lets just hope that you have plenty of fuel and the passenger doesn't freak out from all the stress

  • Stuart Caddick
    Stuart Caddick 21 hour ago

    Excellent video.

  • bluespeyerful
    bluespeyerful 22 hours ago

    Good thing she had a pilot telling her what to do. Otherwise...

  • Guitar Overkill
    Guitar Overkill 23 hours ago

    This bird is going to crash today. This passenger really needs those free air mileage points!

  • guillermo de Rivas

    Idk how to use the radio that is my

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Day ago

    How come you didn’t ask her about the VASI lights?
    For any readers who may happen to find themselves landing a plane as a passenger, they’re the lights beside the runway. White over white - you’ll fly all night/high as a kite (too high), red over white - you’re alright, red over red - dead. A big “X” means runway closed btw.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Day ago

    Quick thought: How to get hold of company or ATC... This is what needs to be on those emergency cards in planes.
    Not a photo of a bunch of happy people, peacefully bobbing around in a dinghy on a millpond of an ocean, blowing whistles on a clear blue sunny day.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Day ago

    As a non-pilot who had a few hours in a full Boeing 777 sim as well as a 787 and a 747 for an hour apiece, ILS approach was actually my best, so it’s not inconceivable this kind of instruction would be successful. I found having something to see out the cockpit windows distracting from the instruments, so focusing on the CDU and PFD was good. Just focusing on the primary flight display and yoke, you’d get a good feel for the aircraft, and use auto throttle for the landing. Now comes the tricky part. Flare so as not to dump it, but not too much so you end up floating over the runway, or strike the tail. Then figure out brakes vs rudder so you’re pushing down with your toes, not with your feet, and push down equally and firmly on both. Even after a few goes, it’s not easy to press both uniformly, and it’s far too easy to accidentally sway around by pushing your heels down causing rudder movement. The only problem I found with this was - if she had to go around for whatever reason, she couldn’t. It was going down regardless.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Day ago

    11:34 “LDG gear on”. Always good to know the landing gear is still attached. Bonus.

  • j k
    j k Day ago

    The main thing is she landed the plane safely so it is possible for anybody to land a plane with instructions on how to

  • Right to Record
    Right to Record Day ago +2

    Why did it take 20 minutes to get in contact? All you'd have to do is pull out your phone and call the airport.

  • Lou Lopez
    Lou Lopez Day ago +1

    I could probably land a single engine Cessna in an emergency, but a passenger plane? On an airport's runway? No way. Besides you could tell that she had orientation before taking the controls, like how to put the flaps down. What's missing in the simulation is the sweaty nervousness, knowing that there are 100+ people behind you who's lives depend on which buttons you push.

  • Min Seojin
    Min Seojin Day ago

    if wx is bad ! I dont think she can make it

  • ghostlygr kir
    ghostlygr kir Day ago

    I hope the passenger speaks English

  • SCuba Do
    SCuba Do Day ago

    Walmart has self check out as do many this next!
    You give me money, you put on hat, uniform. You fly self! You get out my plane.........thank you

  • Stanley!
    Stanley! Day ago

    now she's repair the max

  • Not FaZe Jc
    Not FaZe Jc Day ago +1

    I’ve been playing roblox plane crazy I know how to
    Flight attendant : are you sure
    Yes I do ok so I press this and...
    *plane starts shaking a lot and then crashs*
    Flight attendant : OMG

  • Smart Shashank
    Smart Shashank 2 days ago

    Karolina looks like your sister..... Is she your sister...????????....... Both of your faces are looks somewhat similar........

  • Fatima Safdar
    Fatima Safdar 2 days ago

    A 77 year old man named John Wildey landed a plane as his friend/pilot died from a heart attack during the flight go check out the story you wont regret it.

  • Valerie M
    Valerie M 2 days ago +1

    Boing 737-800 Beautiful Sunset Descent!

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter 2 days ago

    Yes. I can't imagine it either in an emergency case because of other weather.... extreme side wind would make it possible

  • Wall Cutter
    Wall Cutter 2 days ago +1

    That's a lot of stuff to cover! A lot of buttons and functions. She was very confident with finding the buttons. I would have a hard time finding them quickly I think.

    • kazedcat TM
      kazedcat TM 7 hours ago

      With panic and stress there is no way for an ordinary passenger to find the correct buttons.

  • Gal Fleming
    Gal Fleming 2 days ago

    This landing a plane lark looks like a piece of piss. A few nobs here, push a button there & bingo! Job done. These pilots are overblown taxi drivers.

  • Gal Fleming
    Gal Fleming 2 days ago

    Of course a passenger can land a plane. It all depends on the passenger. E.G. A down syndrome quadriplegic passenger may struggle landing a plane at the first go, but, a passenger, who also happens to be a qualified pilot, may have a better chance.

  • Michael steffens
    Michael steffens 2 days ago

    Can a passenger use a basic computer to initiate auto land and press back on a throttle. Yes. I would hope so.

  • Davey Givens
    Davey Givens 2 days ago

    Of course a passenger can land a plane. It'll just be very, very fast.

  • M A
    M A 3 days ago

    anyone can land a plane all you have to do is parachute down and the plane will land by it self

  • Marty
    Marty 3 days ago

    she pressed a few buttons under instruction and she says its too complicated lol i wonder how she deals with life in general ?

  • J Jaxx
    J Jaxx 3 days ago

    Actually i think if you can flight very well Xplane 11, you can handle a real planes, because Xplane 11 is hyper realistic sim who are verified with the FAA. So yes it can be

  • 1tokyouser
    1tokyouser 3 days ago +1

    Such critical situation the most important two points are to establish communications with the control tower/center and then to find Captain Joe to send instructions to the makeshift pilot.

  • Willie Williams
    Willie Williams 3 days ago

    DUDE !!!!!!!!
    Interesting video ... cool .....👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Spencer Colgan
    Spencer Colgan 3 days ago

    This video is retarded. I thought I was going to see a non pilot actually be able to land or try to.

  • nepomuel
    nepomuel 3 days ago

    Now do it with a passenger who is a tourist speaking just a little English.

  • Gabriel Anims
    Gabriel Anims 3 days ago

    A retired pilot rode a plane and then suddenly the Pilots are knocked out for no reason...

    Retired Pilot which is now a passenger:

    HAPPYNIGHTMARES201 3 days ago

    joe is so calm and then the passenger is like earrape loud xD

  • Josh Mancini
    Josh Mancini 3 days ago

    Joe you said an average joe couldn’t land a plane. But can a PPL land a jetliner?

  • XLR8 Aviation
    XLR8 Aviation 3 days ago

    Please dont mind if I say that Caroline's face looks like your face.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 days ago +1

    I think someone a little more technical would be able to follow instructions by a competent instructor.

  • Сергей Ивченко

    Если чел. нормальный окажется и будет выполнять все инструкции с земли,то без проблем,останется только на оси впп удержаться после отработки автобрейка,если чел. будет тупым (как основное большинство,которые даже не слушают что им говорят) то шансов нет.

  • Darryl daniel george Bish

    I did very well landing

  • Pendronator
    Pendronator 4 days ago +8

    My Scoutmaster used to be a Navy pilot, and this is what he told us when we were doing the aviation MB:

    A bad landing is when you crash the plane.
    A good landing is when you can walk away from the plane.
    A great landing is when you can walk away and use the plane again.

  • Daddy hermanson
    Daddy hermanson 4 days ago

    this all looks fake ?

  • Sc0pee
    Sc0pee 4 days ago

    There's already PROOF that a passenger can land a plane with the aid from ATC, because that has already happened in the past...I remember watching an episode of it on Air Crash Investigation.

  • Jakxes
    Jakxes 4 days ago

    Aim: world trade centwr

  • Ollie C
    Ollie C 4 days ago +1

    It depends if that passenger is my mum.. If so then no

  • Jimmy Gray
    Jimmy Gray 4 days ago +2

    During an actuarial emergency your brain can do some pretty amassing things if you have no choice.

  • Thomas Nguyen
    Thomas Nguyen 4 days ago

    She flies better then a Ryan Air pilot

  • SARA P
    SARA P 4 days ago

    🤔... Not possible i might add.. Too many buttons for an emergency anxiety fear the end of the world right at ur eyeballs no cant do.. Only wish such incident never occurs .. Thats why we have 3pilots in cockpit.. Ps. iphone button kept predicting "cocktail " should be "cockpit iphone🙄

  • Louise Quo Vadis
    Louise Quo Vadis 4 days ago

    I agree the pilot was very calm when he was giving her instructions so that really would help in an emergency situation.

  • Louise Quo Vadis
    Louise Quo Vadis 4 days ago +6

    I really enjoyed this video. She did really good. I was so stressed out watching this video. I think a person could try to land a plane if there was no other way if someone was helping you do it. They may not be successful but at least you can try to save everybody on that plane. I know that I would try to do it if there was no one else willing to do it.

    • kazedcat TM
      kazedcat TM 7 hours ago

      You need an experience pilot guiding and a passenger that can keep a calm mind during stressful situation. Even with that the chance of the two being able to established a clear communication is very small. The passenger must be able to describe clearly what his point of view and the guide must be able to describe instructions that the passenger can visualize.

  • Jesus is Lord of all Every knee shall bow

    I’m watching this, seeing this with my own eyes, but I can’t believe it!! I can’t believe she is landing a plane!!!
    I suppose anyone could with directions, but I would be so panicked, thinking about what could go wrong that I wouldn’t be able to be if any use.

  • Aldanne Ranelle Dawang

    i want to try landing a plane in that simulator since i basically or barely knew its controls :D

  • Antagraber
    Antagraber 4 days ago

    Amazing!!!! Thank you Captain Joe for posting.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 days ago

    lol i have played enough gta san andreas to know how to fly a plane.

  • Brad's World Drone Videos

    well, she performed a CAT III autoland, but not all airports have that capability. If she tried it by hand, the outcome would not have been so good.

  • Alenated
    Alenated 5 days ago

    Hold my beer, I piloted X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings since my childhood...

  • A M
    A M 5 days ago

    I remember a movie where a guy landed an aircraft. First ATC asked him "what's your flying experience" and he answered: A-10 F-16 F-15 or something like that. Tower then said "it's very good to have you with us". Of course he was a Console game pilot hahaha That was very funny!

  • Buhaha Bugaga
    Buhaha Bugaga 5 days ago

    What about "Fasten seat belt"? She wasn't wearing a seat belt.

  • Brent Hill
    Brent Hill 5 days ago

    Of course I've played Simulator.
    A 90's version.
    What a blast!
    My favourite part was purposefully doing wild things to piss off the instructor or tower. Hillarious.
    One instructor was a real tight arse prick.
    I sure enjoyed diving into lake Michigan with his simulation ass.
    Oh the times I heard "Return to airport licence revoked!"

  • Blue Zither
    Blue Zither 5 days ago +4

    it doesn't even have touchscreen or home button, Seriously !??

  • Quin Novashinski
    Quin Novashinski 5 days ago

    this isnt a passenger this is a karen

  • chrishinsdale
    chrishinsdale 6 days ago

    Wow there is no actual flying involved, in that case she a great stick, i guess, damn robots.

  • lalotong
    lalotong 6 days ago

    😂😂😂 hell NO! They don’t even pay attention to safety instructions! They stand up even before the airplane opens the door!

  • Tuddec
    Tuddec 6 days ago +3

    I don’t know shit about planes, I just stumbled on this video and I had no idea planes could basically land themselves if you just press the right buttons. I thought you had to manually manage the approach and everything. With guidance like this, if a passenger manages to keep their cool and not start freaking out and screaming, I think they could pull it off. I’d like to think I could.

  • Flat Enough
    Flat Enough 6 days ago

    Any trained ape can land a plane.
    If such a sufficiently trained ape is a passenger on board the airplane, then the answer is "yes".

  • Ανδρέας Θωμόπουλος

    Isn’t she his sister???

  • Collection
    Collection 6 days ago

    I will prefer video call

  • Paul Wahome
    Paul Wahome 6 days ago

    where’s there steering wheel

  • Tim Gruver
    Tim Gruver 6 days ago

    Well this video sucks. The guy isn't talking loud enough. Total waste of effort. Bye!

  • Chadwicked B
    Chadwicked B 6 days ago

    ATC!..I said , runway 7!.NOT Freeway 7😁

    NBFS TV 6 days ago

    What happens if a pilots has the bubble guts while landing?

  • Love & Live
    Love & Live 6 days ago +2

    If you know that you gonna die, you will land the plane no matter what!

  • Roeben Dem Perez
    Roeben Dem Perez 6 days ago

    I can fly a plane in GTA step aside

  • Jim Man
    Jim Man 6 days ago

    that was amazing. i tried to follow her movements, there were a few times when i could not find the right buttons on the panel with the numbers and letters on it but out side of that, i could repeat her movements, but not saying just anyone could. these computerized planes are amazing that they can land and stop them selves like this. thanks for the video.

  • Tyler Wong
    Tyler Wong 6 days ago +1

    At least I know the basics to fly so I will slam or BUTTER on the ground

  • Big Tom
    Big Tom 6 days ago

    Why not just press the big white button that has LAND printed on it ?

  • Kim İl Sung
    Kim İl Sung 7 days ago

    Hi Im Turkish Virtual Pilot im Flying Boeing 767.

  • Jayse Greene
    Jayse Greene 7 days ago +7

    ANYONE can land a plane with proper instruction. That being said, the plane has to be 100% functional though.

    • Steak Saignant
      Steak Saignant 4 days ago

      Did you even watch the debrief at the end ? 20min just to find the way to speak to ATC.. Anything could happen during this time period, any button can be pressed by the passenger, possibly deactivated the autopilot or worse (assuming it was activated in the first place, like in this scenario) or even running out of fuel. On top of that think add the insane pressure of a life and death situation...

  • Brook Duval
    Brook Duval 7 days ago

    I'd give anything to fly a flight simulation.

  • Bappa Dey
    Bappa Dey 7 days ago

    Wow.... Excellent.... Thank you Sir 🙏

  • Michael ser. Zexcs
    Michael ser. Zexcs 7 days ago +1

    Why don't pilots get the gear up just after taking off?

    • Big Tom
      Big Tom 6 days ago +1

      because they may need land again soon

  • Gyorgy Dunai
    Gyorgy Dunai 7 days ago

    Where can be try this simulator?

  • Naveed Hassan
    Naveed Hassan 7 days ago

    Install #TeamViewer

  • Tim Watson
    Tim Watson 7 days ago +4

    I would suspect that anyone who could stay composed and follow GOOD INSTRUCTIONS (such as a calm, cool, Capt. Joe) could, in fact, land a MODERN airliner.

  • The Gee-tah Guy
    The Gee-tah Guy 7 days ago +11

    Video should be titled "Following Instructions- Life or Death, your choice".

  • Blue Carbon
    Blue Carbon 7 days ago

    We need self-flying planes.

  • McmodistrongV
    McmodistrongV 7 days ago

    its fake guys. ya all dumb to fall for this shit i been in air plane and i have land an air the look from outside its all fake and also the landing is fake as well.

  • Channelstarrush
    Channelstarrush 7 days ago

    Look very amazing

  • kannan nair
    kannan nair 7 days ago +1

    Oh yeah now I can land an airplane on ground safely lol😂😂

  • Maxtheawesomegamer
    Maxtheawesomegamer 7 days ago

    *ryan air has joined the chat*

  • Jake Domanski
    Jake Domanski 7 days ago +42

    joe: *quietly and peacefully whispering commands"
    caroline: *YES*

  • hannahhiro
    hannahhiro 7 days ago

    if air control can help me land the plane I'll be good to go! even though I'm 14