5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3


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  • Miz
    Miz 4 hours ago +1

    Bruv this guy is amazing 😂

  • Maddie!!! Barker
    Maddie!!! Barker 4 hours ago

    I want a hot dog now :(

  • Thomas
    Thomas 4 hours ago

    The hotdogs from meat it's eating in Romania, they names 'mici'.

  • The Macabre Gamer
    The Macabre Gamer 4 hours ago

    Why is American bread yellow?

  • Max Jones05
    Max Jones05 5 hours ago

    14 secs “hot dog gacgics”

  • Raahil Asif
    Raahil Asif 6 hours ago

    Stick the hotdog in their rand boom u got urself kid

  • Lord Aceldama
    Lord Aceldama 7 hours ago

    i only just noticed that your intro logo changed since the 6th of june! X'D

  • Eric
    Eric 7 hours ago

    Crazyrussianhacker what’s that yellow tool called? I wanna look it up on amazon

  • Henry Soltysinski
    Henry Soltysinski 10 hours ago

    The last gajick I think he was putting the hot dogs in backwards

  • Spilled Spengler
    Spilled Spengler 11 hours ago

    Who puts ketchup on their hotdog

  • jason ripplinger
    jason ripplinger 12 hours ago

    OK taste test wow tastes just like a hot dog crazy

    SIMBER 12 hours ago

    Stick the wiener in the hole.

  • Dakota H
    Dakota H 13 hours ago

    Cow tiddies

  • B D
    B D 13 hours ago

    so where did you get the gizmo (bun impaler)?

  • Mauricio Miranda Guzman

    It's so very American 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • Stephen H
    Stephen H 14 hours ago

    That's a nice bunhole maker right there. ;)

  • Mark Pedrick
    Mark Pedrick 15 hours ago

    Perfect combination! The bun auger and the hotdog maker using bulk sausage! Awesome! Hmmm-mmm-Hmm-Hmm-hmmmmm

    Petar BURAZENGIJA 15 hours ago


  • Kamal Aboudargham
    Kamal Aboudargham 23 hours ago

    Privet guys

  • charlie w
    charlie w Day ago

    *oh ya das a juicy hotdog*

  • Louie K
    Louie K Day ago

    That homemade hotdog in our country it’s called “mici” or “mititei”. Hi from Romania! ;)

  • tiz
    tiz Day ago +1

    guys im so sorry to have to tell you this but this man just ate a beepee at 5:47

  • Thexzin Playz
    Thexzin Playz Day ago

    A video of a russian dude playing with weiner gadgets o....k

  • Marboleus
    Marboleus Day ago

    5:38 and then you stick your wiener in the bun hole.......... wait what?

  • Unboxitall
    Unboxitall Day ago

    Stick that juicy and delicious hotdog in there..... Oh yeah that's what she said.

  • idol hands
    idol hands Day ago


  • Tony Veneziano
    Tony Veneziano Day ago +1

    Ahh the good old tube steaks 🥩

  • Tony Veneziano
    Tony Veneziano Day ago +1

    It is a sin to put Ketchup on a hot dog!

  • Beer Drank Shawty
    Beer Drank Shawty Day ago +1

    10:25 the Japanese hotdog slicer is meant for smaller weiners...this is a Japanese item.

  • mrkkristal
    mrkkristal Day ago

    8:50 you just made čevape

  • Yangsi14 Gaming
    Yangsi14 Gaming Day ago

    I like ehen he say BOOM !!!!

  • Wesley Walters
    Wesley Walters Day ago

    I bye those same exact 24 packs of hotdogs

  • JordanPlayz
    JordanPlayz Day ago


  • Agario Gaming
    Agario Gaming 2 days ago


  • gd131
    gd131 2 days ago

    its always so comforting watching you

  • Farhan Asri
    Farhan Asri 2 days ago

    Asian hotdog will fit in the last gadget

  • theefallen1
    theefallen1 2 days ago

    Maybe you need to try to cook the hot dogs before you try to cut them with that Gadget?

  • Dollia
    Dollia 2 days ago

    Best Video Ever! lol

  • wilted
    wilted 2 days ago

    this entire video is a giant "thats what she said"

  • Chip The Weirdo
    Chip The Weirdo 2 days ago

    anyone else realize everytime he does these food gadgets he grabs a packet of whatever, what happens to all the food? does he eat it all, have parties? or feed it to his dogs many questions

  • Anonymous 2016
    Anonymous 2016 2 days ago

    Looks right

  • Benjamin Mezger
    Benjamin Mezger 2 days ago

    Is it just me or dose he make these videos just to eat a lot of food and say I’m doing for the video case he cause have easily only made one hotdog instead of four

  • Mihai Alin
    Mihai Alin 2 days ago

    The substitute for a hot dog is almost ćevapi

  • Goldden_G 57
    Goldden_G 57 2 days ago

    BOOM 💥!!!

  • KoalTV
    KoalTV 2 days ago

    5:19 jesus crist THAT fits perfecly

  • Roberts Vanags
    Roberts Vanags 2 days ago

    Grab that sausage

  • Shark Tale 2: Mall Cop
    Shark Tale 2: Mall Cop 2 days ago +1

    Put it in ur but xdd

  • Hanifa Bibi
    Hanifa Bibi 2 days ago +1


  • EEon Da03th
    EEon Da03th 2 days ago

    the fourth hot dog gadget makes krusty dogs from spongebob

  • Vanessa Jones
    Vanessa Jones 2 days ago +1

    I love how pretty much every comment on this video is dirty minded hahaha

  • Addy Hooker
    Addy Hooker 2 days ago +1

    *cewk the hat dog*

  • Robyn MSP
    Robyn MSP 3 days ago

    puts saftey glasses on to eat a hotdog.

  • Karabaia
    Karabaia 3 days ago

    He eats whole family pack by himself hehe.

  • Renato Anguilid
    Renato Anguilid 3 days ago

    9:27 man look at that pot holder

  • Mavi
    Mavi 3 days ago

    5:30 this is a normal way to eat a hotdog here in Czech Republic.

  • Nikko Logdat
    Nikko Logdat 3 days ago

    How do i got here from watching Galaxy Note 9 review to watching this guy eating MREs and Hotdogs..

  • Campbells Soup
    Campbells Soup 3 days ago

    hyotdogge bunne veirey juicey

  • Denice Fithian
    Denice Fithian 3 days ago

    I NEED to meet this guy! He's so awesome! I just recently came across his channels but now I'm totally obsessed! BOOM!

  • Kayla Lemke
    Kayla Lemke 3 days ago

    He reminds me of goomer from cat and Sam

    TALON LEEVON 3 days ago

    Um no plastic with food in microwave ever...

  • PlanetTech
    PlanetTech 3 days ago

    Those meat dogs mmmmmm 🤤

  • gomer 1993
    gomer 1993 3 days ago

    All the fukboys are gonna stick a different weiner in the bun now..

  • David McLaughlin
    David McLaughlin 3 days ago

    Bird is soggy.

  • miraggg
    miraggg 3 days ago

    how many hot dogs did you eat to make this video?

  • Glennell Hepburn
    Glennell Hepburn 3 days ago

    I like the hole maker and I think for the hot dog cutter u should cook the hot dogs first

  • Martin marty
    Martin marty 3 days ago


  • Shit Ass
    Shit Ass 3 days ago

    When she's on her period

  • Shit Ass
    Shit Ass 3 days ago

    Um it's called a pig in a blanket

  • Jim Corrigan
    Jim Corrigan 3 days ago

    If you guys like hot dog gadgets you should look up "BME Olympics".

  • Jejejdnne Ridjjssn
    Jejejdnne Ridjjssn 3 days ago +1

    Nice vid. The meat hotdog is actually sikh or something like that. I assume it’s a middle eastern dish

  • Vonstradonitz
    Vonstradonitz 3 days ago

    I want to see some gajiks for pashtet

  • ELMERJUNchannel
    ELMERJUNchannel 3 days ago


  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 3 days ago

    Could come in handy...

  • Stephen John
    Stephen John 3 days ago


  • Imran Bhatti
    Imran Bhatti 3 days ago

    Where can I get the Yellow Bun Opener?

  • KgSaber
    KgSaber 3 days ago

    Safety numba one pioty

    THE FATWHEELER 3 days ago

    It's hotdog who wouldn't want one more

  • Meshari
    Meshari 4 days ago


  • Vision Ainsley
    Vision Ainsley 4 days ago

    Hes actually pretty hot

  • Vision Ainsley
    Vision Ainsley 4 days ago

    I love how he still has the same catchphrase

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff 4 days ago

    What is the yellow thing called? I want to order it so I can stuff my buns every night.

  • filipina cabrera
    filipina cabrera 4 days ago

    I like that 3rd one

  • suzy smith
    suzy smith 4 days ago

    I love those mess free hot dogs gadget the best

  • EiGhD _8
    EiGhD _8 4 days ago

    Im so hungry After seeing this :(

  • Vincent Vader
    Vincent Vader 4 days ago

    So erotic

  • Vincent Vader
    Vincent Vader 4 days ago

    Ketchup and no mustard on your hot dog? What kind of uncivilized savage are you?

  • Andy P
    Andy P 4 days ago

    ... the hot dog was already cooked all the way before you put it in the microwave, lame hot dog gadget. lame, really lame.....

  • Nisa Harris
    Nisa Harris 4 days ago

    "by bigger buns and make bigger holes" quote of the day lol

  • Buck Ramirez
    Buck Ramirez 4 days ago

    Try spaying the stuffed with nonstick spray

  • John Eric Taplan
    John Eric Taplan 4 days ago

    Nice wiener gagets

  • Buck Ramirez
    Buck Ramirez 4 days ago

    I'd like to see what happens when microwave it at 30 seconds and 45 seconds to see if it still makes the bread soggy

  • underground AlienSoul

    Hello errybody welcom bek to melber towerer

  • AdamasDragon
    AdamasDragon 4 days ago

    That "mess free" way is how I usually eat hotdogs and it's also how it's commonly served in the stands here...

  • BrokenLifeCycle
    BrokenLifeCycle 4 days ago

    I guess you had a nice meal making this video.

  • We the Crew
    We the Crew 4 days ago

    Dude that hot looks sooo good can you make me one 😂 by the way I love these videos

  • Abraham Abdulla
    Abraham Abdulla 4 days ago

    Fums up fo mee

  • minkyu lee
    minkyu lee 4 days ago

    Where's the mustard?

  • illa crow
    illa crow 4 days ago

    Bread = Bird
    Lol..... (read caption)

  • Black Star
    Black Star 4 days ago

    3:38 *struggles* *grabbing* *a* *hotdog* "Look at that; it grabs so good, I like it."