Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Venom made a TON of money. And it has lots of fans and lots of haters. We just watched it for sins, and found plenty.
    Next week: scary sins and rom-com sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 7 382

  • pencil case
    pencil case 16 minutes ago

    I really liked Venom but I wish it didn’t take half of the movie to get to him, it would’ve been nicer to see his and Eddie’s relationship develop more so it meant more when he said the reason he wants to save the planet is because of Eddie. That felt a bit too rushed.

  • The one and only exotic Butters

    No mention of the she-venom scene?

  • Dr. Reaper
    Dr. Reaper 2 days ago

    should have gave a sin for Venom by Eminem when it wasnt when venom was introduced

  • Hazardfly
    Hazardfly 2 days ago

    Those people in the back are way too casual about the monster in the intersection. At least ONE of them would and should be running.

    • Hazardfly
      Hazardfly 9 hours ago

      Possibly. But not likely

    • Xenomorph 2017
      Xenomorph 2017 16 hours ago

      With today's society, you'd be surprised....

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 2 days ago

    I love this film and hope it goes further but this guy being a genius has questioned the fact it might go on 😑

  • Takticl
    Takticl 2 days ago

    Avengers endgame soon?

  • gaming with the robo trojan

    Hey I should make a video of everything wrong with you

  • bhbae1
    bhbae1 3 days ago +1

    How about this? Everything wrong with your analysis by CinemaSins.

  • Father and Son Games
    Father and Son Games 3 days ago +1

    I was expecting a black screen with the word “nothing” in Venom font...Venom is best anti-hero

  • Anastasia Reiner
    Anastasia Reiner 4 days ago

    I loved this movie, and I think that it doesn’t deserve nearly as much of the shit it got. But one thing that I hate is Venom’s design. His face looks so fucking weird.

  • Foxy The king
    Foxy The king 5 days ago

    It is a great movie I seen it

  • Pr. Chairez
    Pr. Chairez 5 days ago

    Ok so I'm gonna defend the whole homeless problem Mr sin maybe they used a lot of homless people and got to her

    HUSKYLICIOUS Studios 6 days ago +1

    this movie is cool
    sin for cinemasins for sinning this movie

  • conflict
    conflict 7 days ago +1

    "sony and marvel, with are only my second favorite S and M.
    -jeremy, e.w.w. venom
    "one of us retreats back so a sex dungeon each night.."
    -jeremy, e.w.w. cinemasins

  • Lu Know It
    Lu Know It 7 days ago

    Movie sins Sin: ignoring this sin of him not answering her question after giving a speech about how it’s important not to silence questions.

  • Chaitanya Maheshwari

    You mentioned First Reformed. Please do First Reformed. I absolutely love that movie.

  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis 7 days ago

    Hey, by the way
    The lab is not on an island it's on another coastline
    Then again
    He ran across a bigass bridge, and...
    It still doesnt make sense

    LUCA DALTRINI 8 days ago

    Wait... did he call Riot... DRIOT!?

  • Tushnim Gangopadhyay

    Dude, come on... I love your videos and all, but you could've said Malay instead of Malayanese at least. I mean you're saying English instead of Americanese or San Fransiscan.

  • Lucifer Taylor
    Lucifer Taylor 8 days ago

    Three sins for Jeremy for skipping the Pile of bodies, pile of heads line, for skipping the scene where Venom calls Eddie a pussy and for skipping the entire She-Venom scene. Sentence: Rewatching Dragon Ball Evolution.

  • mc fist
    mc fist 9 days ago

    Stuber gets funniest movie of summer because no one else tried. Still a W but by default. Shits dumb than a motherfucker CS

  • Klony
    Klony 9 days ago

    We recently found out in the comics that Venom ACTUALLY faked Eddy Brocks cancer, so Eddy would be more dependant on Venom. Never leave him. A violent-anti-host simbiote makes no sense in the comics.

  • Nicodemus Brown
    Nicodemus Brown 9 days ago +1


  • Nicodemus Brown
    Nicodemus Brown 9 days ago +1

    No sins in Venom besides being WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too good

  • UrsinRath
    UrsinRath 9 days ago

    Did the CGI clear San Francisco of filth and needles? HAAAAIIIIII!

  • Haniff Mohd
    Haniff Mohd 9 days ago

    U forgot 1 thing... Scene is in Malaysia, but everyone is chinese.

  • Wolf Guy
    Wolf Guy 9 days ago


  • Bobby Joe
    Bobby Joe 10 days ago

    When Riot kills every one in the monitor room thing CinemaSins calls him Driot😂 Sin for CinemaSins!!

  • Skullcrusher Ash
    Skullcrusher Ash 10 days ago

    He forgot that there are 20 minutes of credits at the end

  • Damoni Jackson
    Damoni Jackson 10 days ago

    Why does this movie exist

  • ben burton
    ben burton 10 days ago

    Dude your fucking annoying I couldnt even listen to your voice for 2 mins

  • cody8808
    cody8808 10 days ago

    No sin for She-Venom? Really?! Also, Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady?! What were they thinking?! That's just as bad as casting Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze!!

  • J Sandbox
    J Sandbox 10 days ago

    I'm from Malaysia, and hearing you say "Malaysianese" made me laugh out loud. XD

  • the gamers empire
    the gamers empire 10 days ago

    Oh my gosh the timer now it is 111 a clock at night and I passed it at 1 minute and 11 seconds oh my gosh I am the best person ever to live because of this I might become Superman

  • Anchor Ogbonnaya
    Anchor Ogbonnaya 10 days ago

    Its knows how to speak English cause it lives in his head and body so it learns English through him

  • Stephen Iskandar
    Stephen Iskandar 11 days ago

    Nice song

  • Athelia Black
    Athelia Black 11 days ago

    the computer thing is actually a setting you can do with most computers

  • Tony's World
    Tony's World 11 days ago

    Stan Lee just had a cameo in spider man far from home..... how was this his last again???

  • Micah Smith
    Micah Smith 11 days ago

    Yeah they changed the pronunciation of symbiote because they didn't want to go down like the last airbender who couldn't even say the main character's name right.

  • Magda
    Magda 11 days ago

    Cut 40 minutes from a movie - 100 sins
    Venom is rated PG-13 - unlimited sins

  • Patrick O'Brien
    Patrick O'Brien 11 days ago

    "Sir this is a Wendy's" - fucking died laughing

  • M&M Quaranta
    M&M Quaranta 11 days ago +1

    9:46 since symbiotes are inside their hosts head, they gain their host's knowledge and all their memories. Since Eddie knows how to speak English, Venom gained that information and now knows how to speak it. Read the comics before you critizise more Marvel movie because a lot of questions will be answered. Your welcome.

  • Hunter Tarkenton
    Hunter Tarkenton 11 days ago

    Waaayyyy too much exposition in this movie. Wasn't completely terrible BUT the pacing was absolutely awful, villain was weak and generic, CGI should've been better. Mostly it just suffers from the PG-13 rating.
    However, I'm glad that Brock's ex (forgot her name) didn't end up with an asshole boyfriend that drags down the movie and was instead helpful. Kudos to that

  • BlueSpartan 116j
    BlueSpartan 116j 12 days ago

    I'm so disappointed in this venom movie any extreme spidey fans will know what i mean

  • Christopher Rosa
    Christopher Rosa 12 days ago

    14:55 Stan Lees final movie cameo was Endgame. Cinema Sins Sin Counter: 1

  • Tetra Digm
    Tetra Digm 12 days ago

    you forgot the shitty post--post credit scene.

  • TechGoggles
    TechGoggles 12 days ago

    Spiderman 3 had better venom

  • Cattercrown
    Cattercrown 12 days ago +2

    Cinema sins doesn’t know what a MacBook is

  • Astro Draws
    Astro Draws 12 days ago

    There is *NOTHING* wrong with venom

  • Christopher Stone
    Christopher Stone 12 days ago

    Was Venom a dumb movie? Yes it was. Do I still want to see a sequel featuring Carnage? Yes I do.

  • Ian Hollinger
    Ian Hollinger 13 days ago

    I would've added 100 sins for Tom Hardy's acting in this movie. He was somehow whiny and unintelligible through the entire movie. It was like he was drunk through the thing. Stumbling around, slurring his words, and only sober when venom was around. I thought the movie sucked and Tom Hardy's character was half of it.

  • Marc Verus
    Marc Verus 13 days ago

    Venom is still my favourite movie!

  • Marvel Memez21
    Marvel Memez21 13 days ago +1

    I hate how people criticizes movies the movie isn’t supposed to be perfect the point is to watch and enjoy it STOP BEING SO ANNOYING

    • portiz 62
      portiz 62 11 days ago

      Ok! This film did Suck Though!

  • T.O.N.E.
    T.O.N.E. 13 days ago

    Thank Me Later is a fucken classic, now if you meant More Life or What a Time then you will be forgiven 😂😂

  • dosduros
    dosduros 13 days ago

    9:21 Its USA man, shit like that happens every thursday.

  • Nadil
    Nadil 14 days ago +1


  • Bryce Ensminger
    Bryce Ensminger 14 days ago

    Eddie gets stabbed and when venom detaches from him, his shirt doesn’t have any holes.

  • Reid Doyle
    Reid Doyle 14 days ago

    The first time venom is shown in the reflection is similar how Brock figured out he was there in the animated series

  • OGB 1327
    OGB 1327 15 days ago

    The movie was great actually

  • I don't care
    I don't care 15 days ago +1

    how can you not sin that the girl still couldn't ask her quistion?

  • ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7
    ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7 15 days ago

    Same off his opinion &POV are right but still you totally Passing on the movie And taking fun out movie.

  • Levi Betts
    Levi Betts 15 days ago +1

    How come you never said anything ab the little girl never asking the question and is he still had the pin after giving it to her

  • Goldfish Gaming
    Goldfish Gaming 15 days ago

    He skipped when Eddie said KRYPTONITE

    COAL GOLEM 16 days ago

    No Sin off for Venom calling Eddie a Pussy???

  • Biggy Cheese
    Biggy Cheese 16 days ago

    :27 somebody’s never heard of the censoring nasa had to do during the Apollo missions

  • _ JahmidaH _
    _ JahmidaH _ 17 days ago

    Upgrade please

  • Hayden Hojnacki
    Hayden Hojnacki 17 days ago

    Ur not funny. Stop trying so hard. Please. It's hard to watch. Couldn't finish this. Very bad.

  • Psi Matrix
    Psi Matrix 17 days ago +1

    Missed sin; Eddie and Dr Dora go in the lab in the dead of night and yet it's clearly morning when he breaks out.
    Also; he goes into the convenience store at the end when it's daytime and comes out it's pitch-black again.

    Another; an 8-10 year old girl goes missing in an airport and no-one even notices. Not even a report on the news about how she disappeared.

  • Samuel Oswalt
    Samuel Oswalt 18 days ago

    Wait...Woody Harrelson as carnage. I don't care how dumb that movie would be, I would gladly pay to watch it. Keep it up CinemaSins, these videos are still really funny.

  • Lokenade 22
    Lokenade 22 18 days ago

    The joke is they didn’t have sex that’s why they had their clothes on

  • Exploding Prime yt
    Exploding Prime yt 18 days ago

    My version of this video. Nothing is wrong

  • YoshiFan15
    YoshiFan15 18 days ago +1


  • devin mccurry
    devin mccurry 18 days ago

    No sin for how venom is still alive and connected to Eddie after he was burned??

  • Ragheed Bahnam
    Ragheed Bahnam 19 days ago +1

    I made venom mask in payday 2

  • Krakofski _yt
    Krakofski _yt 19 days ago +1

    Look at 1:11 Nobody seen the light of the motorcycle that is like the x-men logo??

  • Lord royal
    Lord royal 19 days ago

    I just noticed the guy that speaks sounds like lukethebotable

  • CatLikeThief
    CatLikeThief 19 days ago

    Ok a turd in the wind isn't that bad of a line..i don't think its fair to sin, but not fair to take away a sin..in my confusion I support the sin in my confusin.

  • CatLikeThief
    CatLikeThief 19 days ago

    LMFAO Anchorman was a perfect reference to use. When are they gonna let you produce/direct? I need a CinemaSins born movie!

  • Generic Gerbil
    Generic Gerbil 20 days ago

    Was searching in the comments for why the hell he calls him "Driot".....lol

  • The Critic
    The Critic 20 days ago +2

    That lobster sheen deserves 2 sins off

  • Deoxysoverlord
    Deoxysoverlord 20 days ago

    If every film maker who made these movies watched Cinemasins, and then went back in time to prevent every single sin, then would Cinemasins even be Cinemasins?

  • Ethan Moss
    Ethan Moss 20 days ago +1

    I love cinema sins but can't you not shit on good movies

  • Mason Stottlemire
    Mason Stottlemire 21 day ago

    The whole thing wrong is the actor for carnage he’s trash

  • MrTBSC
    MrTBSC 22 days ago

    yes that movie was flat, skipped a bunch of stuff and has a lot of issues ... fuck it
    i still enjoyed it ...

  • Annie Bops
    Annie Bops 22 days ago

    $7500 a month? Really?! Do places in America really cost that?!

  • Grim Grithius
    Grim Grithius 22 days ago

    hey...you skipped how the girl at sin 23 didn't even get to ask her question...so she was still silenced.....the whole point of that moment in that scene was...well...pointless.

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez 23 days ago

    Yea there shoulda been 2 sins for that forced ass “cledus kasady” scene!!!

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper 23 days ago

    I dying from when eddie gets the symbiote cinemasins says "youre it"

  • Young Peshi
    Young Peshi 23 days ago

    Never bothered with this movie but it's good to be aware that Sony is still making bullshit Marvel films.

  • Tresvonni Elliott
    Tresvonni Elliott 24 days ago

    The reason Eddie didn't die after Venom got extracted from his body was because they were compatible with each other. That, and Venom wasn't eating him from the inside since he had Eddie eating everything in sight.

  • chris mccarty
    chris mccarty 24 days ago

    Got to love how both Eddie and Venom listened to her when she yelled HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW

  • peacefuljeffrey
    peacefuljeffrey 24 days ago

    So, Cinema Sins has completely given up on making the “sentence” make any sense. What does, “Sentence: The Other Venom” even mean?

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 24 days ago

    Waste of Tom hardy

  • Brionac 99
    Brionac 99 24 days ago

    I too, speak malaysianese

  • _Xeno _
    _Xeno _ 25 days ago

    Where was the sin for the title all the way at the end

  • Den of Cryptids and Serpents

    i lived in san fransisco and it is close in the morning certain places (I lived I small towny area not for from the balclutha so)

  • xxHell Boyxx
    xxHell Boyxx 26 days ago

    Does this guy like any movie?😂😂

  • Fartpee
    Fartpee 26 days ago

    9:40 simple explanation the woman was taken over by the symbiote it didn't learn anything or know anything about her if you actually watched the movie you would understand why

  • ZoMbIE1623
    ZoMbIE1623 26 days ago

    Nothing about the girl also being a match with venom

  • Eloins Musk
    Eloins Musk 27 days ago

    The symbiotes extract data from the brain of it's partner. So it knows English on contact