old town road, but played on my synth

  • Published on May 20, 2019
  • just had some fun playing around on my synth while playing "old town road" by lil nas x... honestly i don't know where this video went in the end but enjoy!

    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman  Month ago +54668

    hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

    • Victor Ghiraldini
      Victor Ghiraldini 10 hours ago

      Faz a partitura (sheet) pls

    • Daniel S
      Daniel S 2 days ago

      Is this a Yamaha MM6?

    • racing gaming
      racing gaming 3 days ago


    • Sha dow
      Sha dow 3 days ago

      She cry in yeehaw

    • Eicca
      Eicca 3 days ago

      I have cried at you smiling like, 4 times total in this month, thank you for including hillbilly.

  • Pythagoria1993
    Pythagoria1993 12 minutes ago +1

    If you made @1:34 a real, full song I'd totally buy it Seth.

  • Ademose Plays
    Ademose Plays 46 minutes ago

    Im deaf and when i turned captions on i heard everything

  • Spactray
    Spactray Hour ago

    old town road is bad

  • Detilly
    Detilly 2 hours ago

    Nine inch nails - 34 Ghosts IV

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson 2 hours ago

    I would unironically rock out to a full techno remix of this song.

  • Dman64w
    Dman64w 2 hours ago

    Guy: Hey what instrument are you using?
    Seth: Yes

  • Samurai Freddy
    Samurai Freddy 2 hours ago


  • Neiloch
    Neiloch 3 hours ago

    play the couch some more you fucking philistine

  • Lukacy Basker
    Lukacy Basker 3 hours ago

    I need a full pain version :D

  • Itxaso Olea Santos
    Itxaso Olea Santos 3 hours ago

    Is better than the original.

  • Sophies Curse
    Sophies Curse 4 hours ago +1

    1:06 that smile, that damn smile.
    But hey, he looks like he's having fun.


  • Corpainen
    Corpainen 4 hours ago

    The fooken deepfrying was on point

  • Some Savage
    Some Savage 5 hours ago

    Hey where's *_Edge Detection_* at?

  • Jelle Verthez
    Jelle Verthez 6 hours ago

    The end is just.. Mmm👌

  • omar shoman
    omar shoman 6 hours ago

    Don’t play poker with this guy.

  • випадковий_ юрій

    Look at the English subtitles.

  • Pj Munnelly
    Pj Munnelly 7 hours ago

    That was confusing

  • Ghost
    Ghost 7 hours ago


  • The Grammar Police
    The Grammar Police 7 hours ago

    Comptine d'un autre ete...
    That is what the depression version sounds like...
    Took a while to remeber that name...

  • тιк тσк ρяσfєѕѕισиαl

    ''Hey, so what instrument do you play?''


  • oppa obama
    oppa obama 8 hours ago

    mario kart sounded like the theme song of a 90s sitcom

  • Takazo
    Takazo 8 hours ago

    Bald Town Road

  • JeroniMarioLD
    JeroniMarioLD 8 hours ago

    Mario kart = Seinfeld theme confirmed

  • samira .westernreiten
    samira .westernreiten 9 hours ago

    Best ahahahah

  • Xx p s y c h o d e m o n xX

    Mom:what’s your favorite instrument?
    Me: pain

  • Note
    Note 10 hours ago

    Intrument: depression.

  • Im Irrelevent
    Im Irrelevent 10 hours ago +1

    Instrument: *Depression*

  • DarkAltairツ
    DarkAltairツ 10 hours ago

    Me when my finals dont go well : 0:50
    Me when i find out my grades and they are good: 1:38

    So i checked this videos date and it was 20 may, which i s my birthday and i had a math final exam so the exam in my opinion did not go well but i got good grades

  • 「Rami Stando」
    「Rami Stando」 10 hours ago

    Genre: Cowboy

  • Advancedgod
    Advancedgod 10 hours ago

    I recommend Cuck Philosophy's video about "world music"

  • Super John Studios
    Super John Studios 11 hours ago

    stop hiding your beautiful hair

  • zGODVVs
    zGODVVs 11 hours ago

    You look like a pedophile but not offensive

  • WTF no
    WTF no 11 hours ago

    I love playing my pain and depression

  • Gabrielle Bailey Ladd
    Gabrielle Bailey Ladd 11 hours ago

    Ok so who was gonna tell me that his videos have HILARIOUS captions or was I supposed to just see that in a comment section?????

    Now I gotta rewatch all his videos!!

  • Pumpkin Patch
    Pumpkin Patch 11 hours ago

    1:26 I-Is that a smile?!

  • 横山ゆうた
    横山ゆうた 12 hours ago

    OMG I play YES. Too.

  • Random Dude Guy
    Random Dude Guy 12 hours ago

    Some dude on the internet : -nice portable synth- oMG tHAts a NiCE kEyBoaRD

  • itzNSTnga
    itzNSTnga 12 hours ago

    I want to play some yes today

  • Roana Roberta
    Roana Roberta 12 hours ago


  • Peanut
    Peanut 14 hours ago

    depression is my favorite instrument

  • Lucas Ericson
    Lucas Ericson 14 hours ago

    *yeehawing intensifies*

  • Michael Davila
    Michael Davila 15 hours ago +4

    I don’t know why but this video sounds better at .75 speed

  • Мистер Макс
    Мистер Макс 16 hours ago


  • Jameson Ojor
    Jameson Ojor 16 hours ago

    I was scared when Nickelback tickled my left ear

  • LaroTayoGaming
    LaroTayoGaming 16 hours ago

    Me: What genre did you play?
    Seth: *YES*

  • CG
    CG 17 hours ago

    shoulda titled the instrument iphone and genre wake up

  • Neckue
    Neckue 17 hours ago

    Also it was really hard for you not to laugh right here 1:24

  • Neckue
    Neckue 17 hours ago +1

    Instrument: Yes.

  • Eyes of Supreme
    Eyes of Supreme 18 hours ago

    *french film music*

  • BigPhatAssassin
    BigPhatAssassin 19 hours ago +1

    Ah, yes. My favorite genre,

    H e l p

  • How many r/woosh's can I get?

    Turn on English captions. It's really something

  • Sarahiz Gonzalez
    Sarahiz Gonzalez 19 hours ago

    My Favorite Instrument is Pain

  • KaylaPlay
    KaylaPlay 19 hours ago

    Genre: World

    It's like naming a genre "music"


  • KaylaPlay
    KaylaPlay 19 hours ago

    Why is this video the funniest thing I have ever seen?

  • Aaron Landeiro
    Aaron Landeiro 19 hours ago

    Can we please see this published every single genre. Just make them remakes.

    • Aaron Landeiro
      Aaron Landeiro 19 hours ago

      Really want to see a full Latin rock and techno remix.

  • F.B .I
    F.B .I 19 hours ago

    *Press like to diE*

  • Busquet Art
    Busquet Art 20 hours ago

    Wtf,I love you man

  • Harley -My Life
    Harley -My Life 20 hours ago

    *cries in yeehaw*

  • AsianWhiteBoy
    AsianWhiteBoy 20 hours ago

    The hillybilly was the best

  • Miku AuahDark
    Miku AuahDark 20 hours ago

    Full piano arrangement when

  • Yash Chavan
    Yash Chavan 20 hours ago

    great vid!

  • Colonel Aleph 0
    Colonel Aleph 0 21 hour ago

    Why did you make nickelback sound so good

    LIL GUY GAMING 21 hour ago

    Best 2 min of my life

  • Riley Playz
    Riley Playz 21 hour ago

    Everybody put on captions

  • ZarKiiFreeman
    ZarKiiFreeman 22 hours ago

    This video has hit 7 million views !
    7 is the exact number of characters in Yeeehaw, so yeeehaw my friends and congrats Seth on the 7 mils

  • falco919
    falco919 23 hours ago +3

    Can we have an full length version of the rockstar mix plz

  • Michelle Schoenfeld
    Michelle Schoenfeld 23 hours ago

    This sounds fantastic!!!!!✨👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • The Frosty Craft
    The Frosty Craft 23 hours ago

    My Friend: So which instrument do you play?
    Me: *Yes*

  • manueldomene
    manueldomene Day ago

    había una canción que comenzaba igual...alguien se acuerda como se llama?

  • Savannah 0
    Savannah 0 Day ago

    Instrument: depression
    That's the only instrument I ever use

  • Please be gentle

    I felt that when you said: 🎹🎹🎹

  • Lana fucks you hard

    The Techno and nickelbackversion tho.. watch this Video the whole time

  • Joaquin Aniban
    Joaquin Aniban Day ago

    you look like you are depressed but the captions say otherwise

  • Horse Snorts
    Horse Snorts Day ago

    Before the end, I noticed it sounded a wee bit like nickle back. I don't like this.

  • Joel Hesselgrave

    This is the weirdest NIN song I've ever heard.

  • Some Latin Name YtSLN

    0:00 - 1:25 seth is just straight faced, and then he laughs about his eternal suffering and the question "why am i doing this, is this for entertainment for random strangers on the internet?" and then he continues to play hillbilly old town road hiding his immortal suffering from the viewers by laughing

  • Estella montagu
    Estella montagu Day ago

    Please less speed on the subtitles I can’t read that fast

  • Th30nionas
    Th30nionas Day ago

    He smiled agian

  • Dumb Cunt
    Dumb Cunt Day ago


  • What?
    What? Day ago

    Instrument *YES*

  • Layfalto
    Layfalto Day ago


  • Rebecca Scarlet
    Rebecca Scarlet Day ago

    My instrument is depression

  • Tirone
    Tirone Day ago

    sounds like any kagamine len song

  • Zeno Sama El Dios Sensual

    Just activate the english subtitles to see the magic of TVclip.

  • salvadorcito144xD

    Spotify thanks

  • Meow-kay
    Meow-kay Day ago

    my favorite part was the pain and deppression

  • Infinite Stasis
    Infinite Stasis Day ago +2

    i wish there was a full pain version :(

  • i love Ricardo Milos

    I watched this around 30 times and i still always smile with seth when he smiles

  • Luna Moon
    Luna Moon Day ago

    I love playing depression

  • DJCasey
    DJCasey Day ago

    The best use of foreshadowing in cinematic history

  • קובי דמארי

    old town bald

  • Subtle Mischiefs

    No one:
    Seth: I play depression

  • gentechgamer 18
    gentechgamer 18 Day ago

    Nice vid

  • I have Crippling Depression

    We have reached 6.9 mil views everyone good job

  • Heist Maniac
    Heist Maniac Day ago

    old town road on drugs

  • D34D KN1GHT
    D34D KN1GHT Day ago

    Brooo *the way he was looking at the camera*

  • Salam Talhaoui
    Salam Talhaoui Day ago

    Genre : help
    Instrument : pain
    I’m crying 😭 😂😂😂

  • Tinny Bailey
    Tinny Bailey Day ago

    Me: Instrument?
    SethEverman: yes

  • Ivy Edwards
    Ivy Edwards Day ago

    Wow! My favourite genre and instrument are in here! “Pain” and “Help” thanks for including them!