My Parents Got Divorced Because I Was Too Ugly - BitLife

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Welcome to your brand new life in bitlife. A Game about simulating life as we know it. How will you live out your gameplay fantasies? Will you be a good kid, a model student? or will you cause mayhem wherever you go. Anything is possible in this simulator lets play
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  • Mr Millano
    Mr Millano 21 day ago +25391

    Jack: Is ugly
    Parents: aight ima head out

  • Kuu Haku
    Kuu Haku 3 minutes ago

    7.5-9 that's how I would rate you

  • Roy Malroy
    Roy Malroy 13 minutes ago

    I rate ur face 10000000000000000000%

  • Romie Richmond
    Romie Richmond 19 minutes ago

    My face rating: there isn’t enough fucking numbers ❤️

  • cameron jent
    cameron jent 19 minutes ago

    623% looks

  • Tristan Lamonte Nelson
    Tristan Lamonte Nelson 23 minutes ago

    Jack is 100%nice

  • x2 Cloudyyy
    x2 Cloudyyy Hour ago

    my parents got divored at 3 srsly

  • Megan Roche
    Megan Roche Hour ago

    Whos a Fitzpatrick watching :)

  • jack dunn
    jack dunn Hour ago


  • Paige Stines
    Paige Stines 2 hours ago

    100% BABY! 😁

  • Ryan Van Guilder
    Ryan Van Guilder 2 hours ago

    10:11 hopefully he doesn't duck his sister

  • Its_Shannon_Here
    Its_Shannon_Here 3 hours ago

    Am called Shannon

  • DragonlordMK2
    DragonlordMK2 3 hours ago

    'He attacked you with a laser blaster but missed'
    sounds like storm troopers

  • 09Mongo
    09Mongo 3 hours ago +1

    If parents divorce because of the child then there is something wrong with parents, I don’t see how it’s the kids fault.
    If someone doesn’t really agree with me then don’t just scream at me.

  • isis murray
    isis murray 4 hours ago


  • Hannah Noodle
    Hannah Noodle 4 hours ago

    Jack, your face is 100% beautiful!

  • harrytron100 YT
    harrytron100 YT 5 hours ago

    That's my birthday!!!!!

  • Trayton Simpson
    Trayton Simpson 5 hours ago


  • TheArtcicMan TAM
    TheArtcicMan TAM 5 hours ago

    face is 11/9

  • Marcus Burbine
    Marcus Burbine 6 hours ago

    Jack: hello person
    Them:wow how the heck are you so ugly
    Jack:because yo mama made me like this

  • Ronzku
    Ronzku 6 hours ago

    John Murray is actually Scottish, heh :D

  • Julie Yount
    Julie Yount 7 hours ago

    The dad ejaculated then evacuated

  • Snowy Owl
    Snowy Owl 7 hours ago

    1000000000000% uwu

  • Benzy Plays
    Benzy Plays 8 hours ago

    I see all the comments about parents being divorced which yeah, that sucks, but if you wanna get on my level then you gotta be abandoned by your father before birth 😌💅

  • Big Champ
    Big Champ 8 hours ago


  • king sombra
    king sombra 8 hours ago

    The rating of Jack's face as I paused it is 100% awasome

  • W3G0TD3MSnipes
    W3G0TD3MSnipes 8 hours ago

    A 4%

  • Ms.fluff puff Amfatevryoneagrees

    I had a bitlife add when i clicked this

  • Blake Harvey
    Blake Harvey 10 hours ago


  • cooperlol12
    cooperlol12 11 hours ago

    btw I plaid this and decided to murder my family... I spent the rest of that life in prison

  • xXgachaprinceXx
    xXgachaprinceXx 12 hours ago

    Jake's face to be nice 10000000000000000

  • Brodie Kennedy
    Brodie Kennedy 12 hours ago


    NNS GAMING WORLD 13 hours ago

    My birth day is on 25th April

  • Maricris Wilson
    Maricris Wilson 13 hours ago

    Jack, your face looks like dogshit. (Just joking)

  • the ozzy bogan
    the ozzy bogan 15 hours ago

    You should get call me Kevin to do a video with you vote yes here

  • Carlos Palomo
    Carlos Palomo 15 hours ago

    The story of my life my parents got divorced when I was 4

    • Carlos Palomo
      Carlos Palomo 15 hours ago

      I had no idea until I was 6 years old in real life

  • masterexile69 kai
    masterexile69 kai 16 hours ago +1

    My last name is Fitzpatrick

  • Random Anytime
    Random Anytime 16 hours ago

    Rating face...
    ln[(4+3i)÷(-9-3i] × -i

    XEROX 16 hours ago +1


  • Giovanni Laan
    Giovanni Laan 17 hours ago


  • Annette Dillon
    Annette Dillon 18 hours ago

    i rate it from a scale of 1-10 you are a 2

  • JustElizabeth
    JustElizabeth 18 hours ago

    Seans rate from me is 1000000000000000%

  • hotrodkine231 Hotrod
    hotrodkine231 Hotrod 18 hours ago


  • coke elishas
    coke elishas 18 hours ago


  • Haniel Sayegh
    Haniel Sayegh 19 hours ago

    100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000%oh ha ha👌😍🤟🥇🇮🇪

  • Max Maximumpeecan
    Max Maximumpeecan 20 hours ago

    me: I-I’ve never been vaccinated

  • Marilyn Davies
    Marilyn Davies 20 hours ago +1

    Jack: Hey Ava you're pretty
    Ava: eww you're a dingbat
    Jack: why does everyone hate me

  • Marilyn Davies
    Marilyn Davies 20 hours ago

    If you go to activities you can lawsuit your dad in the game

  • krickle krickld
    krickle krickld 20 hours ago


  • Just Plain Idiots
    Just Plain Idiots 20 hours ago

    :Everyone 84%

    :Me 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • eg 199
    eg 199 20 hours ago


  • BobsterTheLobster
    BobsterTheLobster 20 hours ago

    Jack: rate me
    Me: 100%

  • Miles Rogge
    Miles Rogge 20 hours ago


  • Ryan Butts
    Ryan Butts 20 hours ago

    10000000000000000 is My rate

    UNH1NGED_ H3AtHEN 20 hours ago

    0 percent

  • Sean Lindsey
    Sean Lindsey 20 hours ago

    Insults tries to KILL him

  • Phoenix Ryan
    Phoenix Ryan 21 hour ago

    Me a lesbian
    Jack asks rate my looks
    Me 😶😟😰100%😅

  • Caden Batey
    Caden Batey 21 hour ago


  • Epicgamerkid51
    Epicgamerkid51 21 hour ago

    89 percent

  • Lanii Nielsen
    Lanii Nielsen 21 hour ago