• Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Hiiii babes!! Here goes nothing lol, I just had to do this to Elsy to see her reaction hahaha. We love you guys and I hope you guys enjoy this viddd! BON APPETIT! :*
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  • ZuryLavaire
    ZuryLavaire 2 days ago +1

    This is so funny!!! 😂 love your nails btw, cute color.

  • michelle escobar
    michelle escobar 5 days ago


  • Jocelyn Vlogs
    Jocelyn Vlogs 6 days ago

    Done ✅

  • Mia Castillo
    Mia Castillo 6 days ago

    Wait I thought they were twins.....

  • Amy Lozano
    Amy Lozano 7 days ago

    Omggggg pobrecita Elsy 🥺😂😂❤️❤️❤️
    I’m fucking dead tho “well at least you not a hoe” 😂

    JACQUELINE TORRES 9 days ago


  • Cuddy Mackk
    Cuddy Mackk 9 days ago

    what the name of the Mexican song ?

  • Elizabeth Ortiz
    Elizabeth Ortiz 9 days ago

    I'm rewatching all of your videos ! Both of you are soooooo beautiful 😍

  • Julissa .
    Julissa . 12 days ago


  • ASN Productions
    ASN Productions 19 days ago

    alondra kept picking up and dropping down the dog lol

  • 40 Brains
    40 Brains 20 days ago

    Doneee 😛 love yalll

  • Abel Cortez
    Abel Cortez 21 day ago


  • Berenice Ramirez
    Berenice Ramirez 21 day ago


  • Too much Teafoyou
    Too much Teafoyou 21 day ago

    12:30 run my likes boii

    OFELIYYYAAA 22 days ago

    So this was probably not a prankkkk! Who just heard the news???❤️

  • JaysASMR
    JaysASMR 22 days ago

    So it wasn't a prank ???

    • JaysASMR
      JaysASMR 22 days ago

      I mean cause your preggers

  • Mari Fortanelli
    Mari Fortanelli 23 days ago

    Elsy made me laugh when she said, “I know this lil hoe didn’t go fuck a Caucasian guy.” LOL!!

  • ChinaDoll
    ChinaDoll 24 days ago

    "Theres no way you busted open that quick , i guess i did" 🤣💀🥴

  • Stephanie Oropeza
    Stephanie Oropeza 28 days ago +1

    Alo: he’s white
    What in the horses in the back 💀💀💀😭

  • Lexi Miranda
    Lexi Miranda 29 days ago


  • Lesly Marquez
    Lesly Marquez Month ago


  • Samantha Prado
    Samantha Prado Month ago

    She’s such a supportive person ♥️♥️♥️

  • Dj Lowks
    Dj Lowks Month ago

    Both of you are so beautiful

  • Juan Tafoya
    Juan Tafoya Month ago +1

    Alondra cant lie😂😂😂she laughing the whole time.

  • Emily Chavez
    Emily Chavez Month ago

    I dreamed that Alo was pregnant after watching The Who can gain the most weight on tre and Alo’s channel last night

  • Vanessa Trujillo
    Vanessa Trujillo Month ago

    No judgment that’s a real friend well more like a sister hood ❤️

  • Aurelio Rodriguez
    Aurelio Rodriguez Month ago +1

    Their intro is everything

  • Stephanie G
    Stephanie G Month ago

    “Do not mind my bald spot” I can’t 😂

  • Kelly Fuentes
    Kelly Fuentes Month ago +4

    IM CRYINGGGGG “even the piojos can’t believe this” 🤣

  • Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez Month ago

    I love that she supports you even by shopping at your store out of her own money

  • Tiffany King
    Tiffany King Month ago

    Elsy: you don't have any friends😂😂

  • Daisy Peña
    Daisy Peña Month ago

    I love y’all so much you guys are my favorite you tubers ever and y’all are best friend goals ☺️💗

  • Kylie Madison
    Kylie Madison Month ago +4

    But fr I’m still waiting on a baby alo👶🏼😩🤞🏼

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Month ago

    Elsy’s a real ass friend 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fabby Treto
    Fabby Treto Month ago

    Doneeeeeee❤️love u guys están bien hermosas las doce❤️

  • Uhlizabeth r
    Uhlizabeth r Month ago

    When she said u have no friends I died

  • Uhlizabeth r
    Uhlizabeth r Month ago

    Elsy the realest friend I need me an elsy

  • Rene Penate
    Rene Penate Month ago

    🏴☠🦁🤴🏻😈 ohh🐒🤣

  • Crystal Camacho
    Crystal Camacho Month ago


  • Crystal Camacho
    Crystal Camacho Month ago

    when you wanna find out the chisme so you slow down the video 😗

    • Crystal Camacho
      Crystal Camacho Month ago

      update : you find out nothing... gossip queens im shoocketh

  • Amerina Esa
    Amerina Esa Month ago


  • Lorena Arroyo
    Lorena Arroyo Month ago


  • kiki aitsuki
    kiki aitsuki Month ago

    “RIP BU” LMAOOOOOO 😂😂💀💀💀💀 noooo alooooo

  • Marcela Esquivel
    Marcela Esquivel Month ago

    You should’ve worked up to this prior to telling her you should’ve been like oh I have morning sickness, my breast are sore lol. You should’ve made a whole little basket with a fake pregnancy test. I died when elsy said you have no friends 😂😂😂 lmaoo same

  • Zandrea Rambler
    Zandrea Rambler Month ago

    Luh u guys and done

  • sara rodriguez
    sara rodriguez Month ago +1

    Omg she knows uuu!!! She’s a real sister not friend but sister💕🤞🏻✊🏻

  • Miah Azpeitia
    Miah Azpeitia Month ago

    12:30 You’re welcome

  • Magaly Garcia
    Magaly Garcia Month ago

    THATS A REAL TRUE FRIEND I MEAN A SISTER!!! No matter what Alo did she didn’t judge her no matter what she tried to help her with anything she was down for her all the way. She really is golden.

  • julia higden
    julia higden Month ago

    Done!! I hope I win omg

  • Xochitl Cabello
    Xochitl Cabello Month ago

    done 🖤!

  • Stephany Gonzalez
    Stephany Gonzalez Month ago

    Whole time I thought they were sisters

  • Lesly Cruz
    Lesly Cruz Month ago

    Y’all cute af 😻

  • Adrian Arriaga
    Adrian Arriaga Month ago

    Ilysm and done

  • Renelda Secatero
    Renelda Secatero Month ago

    Love u gurlz❤❤❤

  • cianna valenzuela
    cianna valenzuela Month ago +2

    Bruh the whole 11 minutes was all chezme lol

  • christian Mohler
    christian Mohler 2 months ago

    Elsy got 3 phones😂

  • Jennifer Pineda
    Jennifer Pineda 2 months ago

    You guys look like sisters

  • Jeman Silo
    Jeman Silo 2 months ago

    Y’all love y’all so much

  • Jeman Silo
    Jeman Silo 2 months ago

    Love you’re so much

  • Daisy Salazar
    Daisy Salazar 2 months ago +11

    I spat my cereal when she added “RIP BU”😂

  • lizet gonzalez
    lizet gonzalez 2 months ago

    Done baby

  • William Hernandez
    William Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Jazzy Baby
    Jazzy Baby 2 months ago

    Done 😌

  • Jazzy Baby
    Jazzy Baby 2 months ago

    Y’all are so beautiful 🥺❤️

  • Delilah A.
    Delilah A. 2 months ago

    this made me realize how fake all my friends are

  • Kayla Alexis
    Kayla Alexis 2 months ago

    I love you all so much ❣❣

  • Kaiya Delgado
    Kaiya Delgado 2 months ago

    Where’s your white puppy

  • Nena A
    Nena A 2 months ago

    hi i love all ur videos keep going i watch all ur videos

  • Amari Stroman
    Amari Stroman 2 months ago

    Done ✅

  • Jessica Tolentino
    Jessica Tolentino 2 months ago

    early for once

  • Ashley Ocampo
    Ashley Ocampo 2 months ago

    Do a Q&A

  • Briana Smith
    Briana Smith 2 months ago

    You guys should have merch that says “I’m fuckin dead” , if I had a dollar for every time Alo says that 😂😂

  • Briana Smith
    Briana Smith 2 months ago

    Obsessed with you guys Channel!!!!!! 😭♥️ been on TVclip since it started and you guys are the only channel I’ve actually turned the notifications on for lol

  • Gamer girl 34
    Gamer girl 34 2 months ago


  • Natalie Toledo
    Natalie Toledo 2 months ago