Childhood Crushes

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
  • Did we name any of your favorites?
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  • jeffy cat
    jeffy cat 22 minutes ago

    Omg I just remembered my friend said she used to have a crush on haku from spirited away. I ruined spirited away for her by saying haku was spike’s long lost Asian cousin. XD

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry Hour ago

    Ok but what about the cow from fruit baskets

  • Henty OP
    Henty OP 2 hours ago

    Wooohooo, Friend energy

  • Green Mystery
    Green Mystery 2 hours ago

    Can you do a part 2 if theres enough characters that you can remember??

  • kattY kat59
    kattY kat59 3 hours ago

    YAAAASSSS L IS THE BEST CHARACTER and i may or may not have also had a crush on him.. and even maybe still

  • paynay girl
    paynay girl 3 hours ago

    I mean 5

  • paynay girl
    paynay girl 3 hours ago

    I have 4 crush's

  • yuybu b ugh b
    yuybu b ugh b 4 hours ago

    Probably Usui

  • Jean Demarken
    Jean Demarken 4 hours ago

    personally sailormoon was the first anime i actually watched and liked as a man i wanted to be tuxedo mask until like 12 or so outside of the sailormoon universe i had a childhood crush on bulma from dbz both young and older version also there was a girl that apeared in one specific episode of yugioh s1 i think it was a special that i liked euh also that black haired girl from nazo no kanojo because of her wierdness i liked that character design for a totally different reason since i knew a very wierd psychotic ex back then it turns out i have a heart that is into non normal personality's and im a magnet to them i Always try to help them find themselve's this doesnt Always work out great but the ones that it does work with usually stay close for life xD oh and another one i liked is from when i was about 10 woulld be the girl in inuyasha wich by the way was my second anime i ever watched outside of the normal stream of anime since i had just recently found out that i coulld also just watch the anime on pc :) outside of my childhood i liked the anime girls with a more wierd design in personality like the blond girl aswell as the purple haired girl from the series mm the masochistic comedy i liked the purple haired one more tho and the blond one more at the end also another one again from sailormoon (in the childhood crush category woulld be sailor mars tho in 3 d i usually fall for more of your type of looks brown haired poeple its not like they have to be brown haired specifically but i do notice im just more atracted usually to those fysical traits most of the time since like these days 70 precent of the poeple i fall for are brown haired with the exeption of one blond girl that i actually still like but that psychotic jealous ex girlfriend managed to break us up she happens to have a yandere side that seems to come out only if it has to do with me like lvl of obsession euh usually doesnt exeed danger lvls but if it does she literally breaks poeple's legs at the drop of a hat if im not watching her so for safety reasons to the rest of my friends i soon decided to kick her from my friendlist and the less contact i have with her the better tho she keeps trying to get back in leaving a trail of damage behind her (example she played a friend of mine to get to the same place i was at at the same time just to see me again and literally asks to get back together with me but if that woulld happen i know she woulld at some point switch and repeat again the same mistake's cause she Always wants waht she doesnt have so if she woulld be with me she woulld stay fx 2 weeks and then go get it back together with that other guy and so on keeping the ball rolling ect endangering herself in the process by angering so many poeple xD lol this has become very long :) but thats about it lolz

  • wheresmyhair
    wheresmyhair 5 hours ago

    boy with luv makes stUfF BETTER YES

  • Mina Creampuffs
    Mina Creampuffs 6 hours ago

    Can we talk about Tamahome? UwU

  • Danielle Shears
    Danielle Shears 6 hours ago

    Cary Elwes has a wonderful accent! It makes me think of his role in Robin Hood: Men in Tights when he was asked by Prince John, "And why should the people listen to you?" and he replied, "Because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, I can speak with an English accent." He's hilarious and one of my favorite actors

  • rexaholic
    rexaholic 7 hours ago

    I literally liked double d so no shame honestly

  • Jaxon Dries
    Jaxon Dries 7 hours ago

    Do mermay

  • eoin ye
    eoin ye 8 hours ago


  • Cody Dixon
    Cody Dixon 8 hours ago

    0 Street Sharks love

  • Cathy Newbi
    Cathy Newbi 9 hours ago

    Hmm quirky reminds me of mha
    Do you have a crush on any of them

  • krinkovakwarfare
    krinkovakwarfare 9 hours ago

    4:20 Steve was like my surrogate big brother. Cool guy.

  • krinkovakwarfare
    krinkovakwarfare 9 hours ago

    ‘Not a furry’ hmmmmmmmm

  • The Game Goop
    The Game Goop 9 hours ago

    Generic white girls the video

  • over there on your chair

    Tᗷᕼ ᗰY ᑕᕼIᒪᗪᕼOOᗪ ᑕᖇᑌᔕᕼ ᗯᗩᔕ ᘔᗩᑕ EᖴᖇOᑎ.........Iᔕ IT ᗷᗩᗪ TᕼᗩT I ᔕTIᒪᒪ ᒪIKE ᕼIᗰ:3

  • Kyung Madette
    Kyung Madette 9 hours ago

    I need a discussion like this with my friends HAHAHAHA

  • drxchee draws
    drxchee draws 10 hours ago

    mine is nagito komaeda- (im still 10 help me why is he such a cinnamon roll)

  • Ryan Parry
    Ryan Parry 10 hours ago

    What about the Hex girls

  • Diamond Lion
    Diamond Lion 11 hours ago

    We need a videooooooooo!

  • Darneezey
    Darneezey 11 hours ago

    Nah, this video and their convo and friendship is so relatable! Make more vids with your friends this was really funny!

  • リード
    リード 11 hours ago

    YAAAS KYO SOHMA i love it

  • L•U•N•A •E•R•I•N


  • Chaiyah Thompson
    Chaiyah Thompson 12 hours ago

    1:10 I totally agree with Kristen I had a crush on well both of them actually but I liked his did more 😂

  • Jason Monday
    Jason Monday 12 hours ago

    i watch Sword Art Online. watch it, it's awesome.

  • Zeevee 96
    Zeevee 96 12 hours ago

    i had a crush on death the kid from soul eater

  • shin–derella
    shin–derella 13 hours ago

    "liking men who dont end up liking her back because they like men "
    i fEEL sO AtTACkEd-

  • Some cool Assassin
    Some cool Assassin 13 hours ago

    i know most people dont share this opinion but my anime crush would have to be joichiro from food wars

  • hana day
    hana day 13 hours ago

    I liked 'el tall'...proceed to show a picture of the shortest member of BTS lol

  • Charlene Lacbao
    Charlene Lacbao 14 hours ago

    I just heard your voice and i fainted cus your voice is cute notice me pls

  • _Queen_Ari _
    _Queen_Ari _ 14 hours ago

    Baggage baggage 😂😂

  • Happy Masha
    Happy Masha 16 hours ago

    hahahahah 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂 omg

  • Aqua Nimator
    Aqua Nimator 16 hours ago

    *Haruka Nanase appears*
    Me: *s C r E e C H*

  • Bamboo Bamboo
    Bamboo Bamboo 16 hours ago

    6:12 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yesugen Khangai
    Yesugen Khangai 16 hours ago

    Me: *watches video* I luv you but idk any anime except for My hero academia/Boku no hero academia, Naruto and Death note... Pls help meh.
    Emirichu: *Looks at me intensely.* Boi.

    HENTAI CHAN 17 hours ago

    *h e s a d a d d y*

  • Corrupted_C00K13 》
    Corrupted_C00K13 》 17 hours ago

    5:09 Tbh he looks kyoot in the first 2 pics of him

  • Top TVGames Stuff
    Top TVGames Stuff 21 hour ago

    Emily: Neutral Goods
    Josefine:True Neutral
    Kristine: Chaotic Neutral

  • Lucy Yu
    Lucy Yu 21 hour ago +1

    Kristine: “Well you know besides Legolas, Legolas’s DAD”
    Me: *chokes on spit*

  • Gacha Mysterious
    Gacha Mysterious 21 hour ago

    Mine was Inuyasha from inuyasha , sans from undertale , Jeff the killer , kanamae in vampire night , zero from vampire night

  • trust me studio's
    trust me studio's 22 hours ago


  • wolfie gamez
    wolfie gamez Day ago +1

    OMG they put mah boi jimin in there!!

  • Random_LuLu Posts


  • Carolyn Iglesias

    Does anyone like umaru chan?

    Cause I have a crush on Taihei

  • GorillazNoodle123 May


  • Kat W
    Kat W Day ago

    Why is her 6th grade self my whole 10th grade self?😂😂

  • 김말이
    김말이 Day ago

    my childhood self when someone asks if I have a crush: uhhh
    1. L from death note
    2. Korosensei from assassination classroom
    3. Kyo from Fruits basket
    4. Morgiana and Jafar from Magi
    5. aaaand... Stephen...? from Danplan (TVclip)
    Yes I am very weird but don’t judge me

    also, knives are too informal

  • Lil Lucy
    Lil Lucy Day ago

    This was HILARIOUS!!!

  • Rogelia Paz
    Rogelia Paz Day ago


  • EnderGuardian AC


  • Sunsetぱsてー

    5:55 YES

  • BrewNCode
    BrewNCode Day ago

    Have you ever asked your male friends about their childhood crush? (if they are not saying either Reen Inverse or Mikami they had something bad in their head).

  • Jeanie Huang
    Jeanie Huang Day ago

    Wait is the ending soundtrack “boi with luv”,wow.....Emily you are deep in the K pop hole😅😂😅😂

  • Jade Beauregard
    Jade Beauregard Day ago

    5:33 OMG same its so weird 😂😂

  • Jasmine Nkwah
    Jasmine Nkwah Day ago

    ash was my first anime crush

  • Gabriela Morales

    OMG, I had the exact same reaction when I googled Orlando Bloom. A lot of your childhood were the same as me , except for Nicholas Cage 😂

  • Tik tok DiNo
    Tik tok DiNo Day ago

    Please do another video with Kristine and Sòley.

  • TheBlueWind
    TheBlueWind Day ago

    I want friends like this lol no one watched as much anime as me

  • Hannah Woodall
    Hannah Woodall Day ago

    When I was like 10 or 11 I watched Sonic X and had a bit of a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog. Literally the only anthropomorphic, animal character I ever had a crush on. #NotaFurry
    Jokes aside I sort of am, I do like anthropomorphic animals as an esthetic. Nothing more.

  • Izzy Narnia
    Izzy Narnia Day ago

    this is my new favorite video

  • Dark Eagle Animation

    3:43 The new fruit basket come out at April 6th, 2019

  • Ana Kitagawa
    Ana Kitagawa Day ago

    I still remember some of my childhood crushes too, like Volkner from Pokemon, Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, Kisshu, Ryou and Keiichiro from Tokyo Mew Mew, Baron from The Cat Returns and uhhh..... Mr. Maker. *yeah.* I was a weird kid, huh...

  • Lucky Lightning
    Lucky Lightning Day ago

    My anime crush is and will always be haruka nanase

  • Taehyung Aesthics
    Taehyung Aesthics Day ago +1

    Mine was PJ from good luck Charlie... Sorry not sorry...

  • paulinedraws
    paulinedraws Day ago

    you warthog faced buffoon xD

  • Littlelivie 08
    Littlelivie 08 Day ago

    Can you talk more with your friends about different stuff or the same stuff

  • drescrubb
    drescrubb Day ago

    Hypotheticals but lame

  • Emerald Gamer
    Emerald Gamer Day ago +1

    my list of cruses now (because I'm 12 now and have troubles finding my type 😓) are:
    - Zero from Megaman X/ Megaman Zero
    - L and Light Yagmi from Death Note
    -Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler
    - and Akira Kurrusu as Joker ftom Persona 5

  • Allie Grauman
    Allie Grauman Day ago +1

    My childhood crush was Danny Phantom (is that just me?)... And then high school musical came out and I was like ZAC EFRON

  • jean abella
    jean abella Day ago +1

    Kristine is the only on who likesThranduil...

    Actually...maybe some people do too

  • Merry June!
    Merry June! Day ago

    I love this video so much! Pls do a part two Emily!😍

  • Just an Average Artist

    I think I may have found my new fav content on TVclip
    Girls fangirling about their fictional crushes

  • Fluffy Princess
    Fluffy Princess Day ago +3

    Everyone: Cute anime boys!
    Me: ...K-Koro Sensei...

  • Aiko-Chan
    Aiko-Chan Day ago +2

    My crushes:
    Miles Morales
    Marik Ishtar
    Yami Yugi/Atem
    Yusei Fudo
    Keith Kogane
    Shouto Todoroki
    Katsuki Bakugou
    Kirishima Eijirou
    Tamaki Amajiki
    Hitoshi Shinsou
    Jack Frost
    Curt Richy (don't ask why)
    Archer (Hex Hall Book Series)
    Harry Potter
    Iwatani Naofumi
    Ciel Phantomhive
    Levi Ackerman
    (My type was/is Funny bad boy with a sexy voice )
    (And somehow I have a boyfriend?????)

  • Charlotte Clare's 234

    Nice my nickname is chu😊

  • Sasha Xi Lin Hill


  • Connor Deemer
    Connor Deemer Day ago

    are there chickens in their

  • Rhedius 33
    Rhedius 33 Day ago

    My main childhood/teenage anime crush was Sheele from akame ga kill
    And I still have a crush on her lol

  • shira shmu
    shira shmu Day ago

    Look, Legolas's dad is a no, but 2007 lee pace? as ned in pushing dasies? is big yes

  • Catgirl Meme
    Catgirl Meme Day ago

    *sTeVe FrOm BlUeS cLuEs*

  • Danny 22
    Danny 22 Day ago

    OMG the music is boy with luv at the ending

  • wut u want leave

    when I was like 9 my biggest crush was Danny phantom.....

  • Born To Ship VICTUURI!

    I LOVE L! ❤️🤓😆😊

  • Ice-Cream Bunny Cookie & Cream

    Emily:**This video **
    Me:**Sees this video**
    Also me: One word...*Sigh*

  • 라칼
    라칼 Day ago

    ok but that park jimin picture at the top HIT HARD WHY MUST YOU ATTACK ME SO SUDDENLY?!?!

  • Jung SHOOK
    Jung SHOOK Day ago

    Did I SEE ChimChim?

  • I'm Gaymer
    I'm Gaymer Day ago

    I'm still laughing at this video it's so funny

  • Gachabearwolf is me
    Gachabearwolf is me 2 days ago

    Emirichu i'm sooo jealous you have friends like Anime all I have is NORMAL friends

  • Gachabearwolf is me
    Gachabearwolf is me 2 days ago

    Emirichu same kyo was also my childhood crush my type was the "bad boy"

  • Amy Estrada
    Amy Estrada 2 days ago

    I just noticed she played BTS at the end

  • ねた ず
    ねた ず 2 days ago

    Look out I think Emily and Soley likes you
    We like em rich
    We like em pretty

  • kieraplays
    kieraplays 2 days ago

    Wait theres a old ver. Of fruits basket the old ver. Was great but in the ver. Of fruits basket new amezing

  • -*Gacha Olivia*-
    -*Gacha Olivia*- 2 days ago

    I almost watch this everyday

  • Brook Nook
    Brook Nook 2 days ago +1

    Kristine and I have the same type I think 😂😂😂 rugged, powerful,and often times much older than I 😂

  • Bob Jeff
    Bob Jeff 2 days ago

    0:54 lol that’s not a man