• Published on May 6, 2019
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  • B_N_T jayden
    B_N_T jayden 5 hours ago

    I was crying like a baby the entire video 😭

  • Kennedy Hart
    Kennedy Hart 5 hours ago


  • Anahi Granados
    Anahi Granados 5 hours ago

    Omg 😭😭😭😭😭so cute

  • Jeannette Pena
    Jeannette Pena 5 hours ago

    Omg! My favorite part was his cute!!!

  • sofia bengouta
    sofia bengouta 7 hours ago

    The dad of Landon is also dad of Catherine orrr no a did'nt inderstand

  • The Red Knight
    The Red Knight 8 hours ago

    I think with your bro money you can get a better looking gold digger bra

  • Inspired Lifestyles Barbados

    Anyone who watches this and does not cry is heartless

  • mariam sahi
    mariam sahi 9 hours ago +1


  • Ellena AN
    Ellena AN 10 hours ago

    This was so.. wow. Landons dad, his reaction is the reaction everyone wishes that the parents should react like that...

  • Diana Puebla Jackson
    Diana Puebla Jackson 10 hours ago


  • Courtney Quiroz
    Courtney Quiroz 10 hours ago

    I love how everybody always asks Landon "How do YOU feel?!?!" Usually people only ask the woman who's pregnant & not their significant other, so them asking him because they care shows a lot about this family & their connection with one another.

  • Kyler Rogers
    Kyler Rogers 11 hours ago +1

    In my world with new life comes death because the parents get so pissed off they killed something or someone. Also, the wise people in my world wait till their parents and grandparents are dead when they start having children.

  • Ilma Ilma
    Ilma Ilma 11 hours ago

    Ok shit im emotional now i wish them all best it hurts me cuz i cant have baby at all or get pregnant and im 23 cuz im sick 😔

  • Hayden Cooper
    Hayden Cooper 12 hours ago

    A replica of Austin and Catherine

  • Emily K
    Emily K 12 hours ago +1

    Landon and Austin’s dad is amazing. Not afraid to show his emotions

  • filmpjes tiktok
    filmpjes tiktok 13 hours ago

    Omg he is soooo ugly🙈

  • AK Channel
    AK Channel 14 hours ago +1

    Congratulations 🍾❤️❤️

  • Leilani Padilla
    Leilani Padilla 16 hours ago

    It’s a GIRL

  • Ellie__ Lee
    Ellie__ Lee 17 hours ago

    Who’s here from the gender reveal

  • Crystal Wilson
    Crystal Wilson 18 hours ago

    I'm back here to watch PAPA MCBROOM reaction

  • Princess Carroll
    Princess Carroll 18 hours ago +1

    13:25 awww

  • Princess Carroll
    Princess Carroll 18 hours ago

    13:37 awww 😂

  • Princess Carroll
    Princess Carroll 18 hours ago

    7:35 awww 😂

  • Ahmad Iqbal
    Ahmad Iqbal 19 hours ago +2

    Shylas mom reaction was literally the best ❤

  • Samantha Lopes
    Samantha Lopes 19 hours ago

    Real talk : real men cry

  • Nathalie Prudencio
    Nathalie Prudencio 19 hours ago +1

    When you’re not pregnant, but the dad gets you so emotional. 😭 I’m so emotional baby 🎶 hahah 😃

  • Evinna singh
    Evinna singh 20 hours ago


  • Angeal Kh
    Angeal Kh Day ago +3

    Aww i miss my Mom. I wish i could meet her one more time... I really want to see her and hear her voice^^ I am so jealous two of you. I really miss my parents while i see ur video.

    • Grisel Griselda
      Grisel Griselda 2 hours ago

      I’ll pray for you sweetie ❤️💖❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝💗💗💗💗

    • Kookie_bby💖
      Kookie_bby💖 5 hours ago +1

      Awww ❤

  • Karina De Leon
    Karina De Leon Day ago +3

    When her mom said she had a dream about it lol thats literally my mom!

  • Dora Zaragosa
    Dora Zaragosa Day ago


  • alyssa phanvilay

    Landon and Shyla are like a mini version Austin and Catherine its so cute 🥺

  • Etoreasi Oqua
    Etoreasi Oqua Day ago +1

    Who is here when they did the gender reveal

  • Tim'Metra Green
    Tim'Metra Green Day ago

    If i turn 16 and i get pregnant i don't know how to tell them i don't know how my dad will act

  • Amrit Maan
    Amrit Maan Day ago +16

    Landon's dad is a real man 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻respect you man

  • Gladys Lemus
    Gladys Lemus Day ago

    Love papa mcbroom ❤️ God bless. 😇

  • Emma Mossey
    Emma Mossey Day ago

    When his dad cried I cried

  • Elizabeth Benitez

    Omg I was crying at the end😭❤️

  • Fernando Sanchez


  • lil charry 12 dulce

    Omg this is so emotional ☺️😭

  • Summer Xxx
    Summer Xxx Day ago


  • Jeanette Valentin
    Jeanette Valentin Day ago +1

    “ you got some water or something ? I need some tissue “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭 congrats thoo💘

  • Cindy Bonilla
    Cindy Bonilla Day ago

    I cried when Landon’s dad said that speech

  • Beate grønås
    Beate grønås Day ago

    how did you guys tell it to Austin and Cathrine?

  • Leticia Soto
    Leticia Soto 2 days ago

    When I watched this video I was like stop crying because every time they started crying I started crying !!!!!!

  • Jocabed Sanchez
    Jocabed Sanchez 2 days ago

    I’m on here waiting for the gender reveal 😬

  • Avery Crepeau
    Avery Crepeau 2 days ago

    they wanna be Austin and Catherine so bad

  • Ashley Leanos
    Ashley Leanos 2 days ago +1

    Who’s here on the day of he gender reveal waiting for that video

  • Laura Barrios
    Laura Barrios 2 days ago +1

    what the hell i got so emotional when landon’s dad was talking

  • Laura Barrios
    Laura Barrios 2 days ago

    aww omg i shed a tear or two 😍

  • Michelle Reyna
    Michelle Reyna 3 days ago

    A lot of comments are about Landon's mom not having the best reaction out of everyone else. Can y'all just stop? Leave her alone jeez. You don't know how she was feeling at that time. You don't know her that well. You don't know where she's coming from. Please just don't assume things👋

  • Garcia Jasmine
    Garcia Jasmine 3 days ago +3

    Omg the grandpa made me cry when he said "your gonna be a amazing dad😭❤️"

  • habiba kazlak
    habiba kazlak 3 days ago

    15:05 is the thumbnail

  • krishna priya menon
    krishna priya menon 3 days ago

    Kinda felt like her smile froze on her face😂

  • Kaela Castro
    Kaela Castro 3 days ago

    Papa Mcbroom is such a sweet man 😭 he always makes me cry

    SLEEPY HEAD 4 days ago +1

    15:02 BOI I STARTED CRYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Laura Lopez
    Laura Lopez 5 days ago


  • Wendy Dalrymple
    Wendy Dalrymple 5 days ago

    Congrats on the baby

  • Wendy Dalrymple
    Wendy Dalrymple 5 days ago

    I love this video 💓

  • Arely Pena
    Arely Pena 6 days ago +2

    Landon you barely learned how to make a sandwich ehh lol jk congratulations ❤❤

  • ItsTeekay Duh
    ItsTeekay Duh 7 days ago

    I started crying too😭🤣

  • Shyla Schluter
    Shyla Schluter 7 days ago

    my name is shhyla too ommmggg

  • Chileshe Zulu
    Chileshe Zulu 8 days ago +1

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  • Chileshe Zulu
    Chileshe Zulu 8 days ago +1

    Don't isolate yourself. There are people who have been through what you might be facing right now and they overcame it. Don't push people away, surround yourself with people who are spiritually mature and get the help that you need. Isolation when you are in pain and don't know if there's a way out is dangerous and that's why we have suicide cases. Listen, there's nothing that you can be facing that God is not able to solve for with God nothing is impossible. Hold on. Jesus loves you.

  • Chloe Mckeighan
    Chloe Mckeighan 8 days ago


  • Evelyn Cruz
    Evelyn Cruz 8 days ago +1

    Congratulations your dad is an amazing Dad

  • Evelyn Cruz
    Evelyn Cruz 8 days ago

    Congratulations your dad is an amazing Dad

  • Anastasia Estrada
    Anastasia Estrada 8 days ago

    girl when I tell you I cried when shylas mom took off the blindfold

  • Asmita Baidya
    Asmita Baidya 9 days ago

    The 2nd mom's reaction is how a mom should react actually ..

  • Marisol Martinez
    Marisol Martinez 9 days ago

    I cried throughout this whole video 😭❤️

  • Terrell Missouri
    Terrell Missouri 10 days ago

    I almost cried omg so excited for u guys love you guys so much😭😭💕💕

  • M H
    M H 10 days ago

    His mom looked excited.

  • Angie Will
    Angie Will 10 days ago

    wow how amazing dad is.

  • Moon Hxneyy
    Moon Hxneyy 11 days ago

    U see why i dont wanna read the comment section cuz yall always compare catherine with shyla or their parents dont like shyla etc ... 🤨why exactly
    Think before saying something !!

  • Drath Firtha
    Drath Firtha 12 days ago

    They are a bunch of stupid kids having kids