Lil Baby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ


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  • Quincy Harris
    Quincy Harris 22 hours ago

    4:40 the diamond missing off the QC Chain😂😮🤐

  • Tropikkkana
    Tropikkkana Day ago

    Love how he tell you to spend your money wisely but is also spending $60K on jewelry when he only $1M. A mil ain’t even a mil after you spend $1

  • Tredell Mcgriff
    Tredell Mcgriff Day ago

    yes indeed

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams Day ago

    A lil eye candy!!!

  • Anasta Bharaun
    Anasta Bharaun 2 days ago


  • Sneakerfreaker88
    Sneakerfreaker88 2 days ago

    He missing a stone in that qc

  • Freddie Farming
    Freddie Farming 2 days ago

    Show rappers with legit business

  • peter noynay
    peter noynay 2 days ago

    Why he hard to talk she like eat all the words they say💯

  • Mario Spencer
    Mario Spencer 2 days ago

    I pierced my 2nd ear the same way....when i was 12 lol

  • Afonso silva
    Afonso silva 3 days ago

    Lil UZI 🔥

    JOE MADDOG 3 days ago

    Anyone realize that’s not Mayweather. In the picture 😳

  • Антон Миков


  • Hbk _alexa
    Hbk _alexa 5 days ago

    LMFAO the watches don't have the same time 😭

  • Kevon Kilgore
    Kevon Kilgore 6 days ago

    Do nba young boy

  • Qua'Maige Woods
    Qua'Maige Woods 7 days ago +1

    Ugh he ugly

  • OssFamo
    OssFamo 7 days ago

    chain was missing a diamond

    YXNDXR 7 days ago

    Imagine chain snatching him and getting all the chains omllllll

  • Akeeo Williams
    Akeeo Williams 7 days ago

    4:41 one of yo diamonds 💎 fell off my guy

  • Turn Me Up P
    Turn Me Up P 7 days ago

    Keef and dolph next

  • Dylan Burton
    Dylan Burton 8 days ago

    Don't like it when these rappers were all there chains at once looks stupid and you can't appreciate one piece with 5 others covering it. Plus knocking out all the stones too .

  • ChiefCargo33024 Wolf

    Bruh go to 4:42, and look on the side of the QC chain anyone see the missing diamond????

  • blamminsuskaz pimp
    blamminsuskaz pimp 8 days ago

    I can guarantee u 99 percent of his diamonds are ij and si3 quality. And I will put money on that.

  • Kionna Johnson
    Kionna Johnson 9 days ago

    idc how much money i got im not spending 50,000 on earrings

  • sayi
    sayi 9 days ago

    Spend it wisely na that's what you didn't do

  • Beezy Engineering
    Beezy Engineering 10 days ago

    4:40 there is a diamond missing out of the QC pendant!

    DARIUS PRESTON 10 days ago

    @4:41... Issa diamond missing

  • AlwaysZilla
    AlwaysZilla 11 days ago

  • Mellisa S Dean
    Mellisa S Dean 11 days ago

    Wah Wah Wah it’s ya boi Lil baby

  • Dustin Brent Rivera
    Dustin Brent Rivera 11 days ago

    I’m out this hurts my pockets

  • Idiots Arehere
    Idiots Arehere 12 days ago

    Bruh imagine finding one or 2 of those rings......

  • Trash A0S8
    Trash A0S8 12 days ago

    didn’t hear a word he said

    ILL REEL 12 days ago

    Is it me or do these MF's be having missing stones? lol look under the QC pendant Ha hahahhaaaaaaaa...

  • Carrigan Collins
    Carrigan Collins 13 days ago

    Oh my gosh I love him so much. Yes Indeed is the best song in the world.

  • Rico PR
    Rico PR 13 days ago

    His homeboys taking his Rings? 🤔

  • Adia Hasty
    Adia Hasty 13 days ago

    Give credit to 2pac he wore rings a lot

  • Spike V
    Spike V 13 days ago

    So nobody didn't notice that it wasn't Floyd Mayweather but Adonis Stevenson?

  • Azräel
    Azräel 13 days ago

    Ur jewelry can't give u everlasting life , and ur jewelry at the end can't buy health remember that

  • Jonathan - Kennedy Wilson


  • and rei
    and rei 14 days ago +1

    young thug next

  • Ronald Perez
    Ronald Perez 14 days ago +16

    lol that wasn’t floyd on the picture 😹😹😹😹 it’s adonis stevenson another boxer !

  • Painter Town ent
    Painter Town ent 15 days ago

    Tupac had the star ring first lol everyone else just copy cats lmao

  • Dan K
    Dan K 15 days ago

    Lil boat got the best⛵️

  • chally chally Lopez
    chally chally Lopez 15 days ago

    Suscribace y me suscribo

  • Creeper Crafter
    Creeper Crafter 16 days ago +1

    You should try and hook up with Lil Uzi Vert.

  • Jahim  Hudson
    Jahim Hudson 16 days ago

    do migos

  • Footballwife
    Footballwife 17 days ago


  • LamarMorganMedia
    LamarMorganMedia 17 days ago

    Do young thug 🙌🏾

  • Jordan 23 dunk
    Jordan 23 dunk 17 days ago


  • katelynn smith
    katelynn smith 18 days ago

    lil baby is the best rapper in the game

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 18 days ago

    lol those $5 earrings are about my speed right now. I like that he showed his though I think only him and J balvin have I wish more would

  • Nate Moses
    Nate Moses 18 days ago


  • Vic C
    Vic C 20 days ago

    That’s why these Stupid Rappers always Getting Robbed!!🤡

  • Christopher Burgess
    Christopher Burgess 21 day ago +1

    When you take a Rolex and put diamonds in it you void the warranty even Rolex won’t certify it as a Rolex no more these rappers crazy and ain’t knowing what they doing but trying to floss because of the fad

  • Lil Bedsheet
    Lil Bedsheet 21 day ago

    Should get Lil Uzi on this

  • James York
    James York 22 days ago


  • Rawhxn Productions
    Rawhxn Productions 24 days ago

    Bruh he ain’t cuss not once
    Gotta give him respect

    XIV GHOST KING 25 days ago +1

    I wanna see a ice out Ben 10 watch

    FOOTIE 25 days ago

    "I got to watches and still show up late" 🎯 That's a bar right there lmao

  • Animated Dreamz
    Animated Dreamz 25 days ago

    2pac had the first star ring but that was before Lil Baby time.

  • T2 Marshall
    T2 Marshall 25 days ago


  • Heaven's Life
    Heaven's Life 25 days ago +1

    Baby bossed up

  • Barlos Solrab
    Barlos Solrab 25 days ago

    gotta get gunna here

  • Suh Dude
    Suh Dude 25 days ago +2


  • Black Andy
    Black Andy 25 days ago

    My jewellery collection g shock

  • pat apo
    pat apo 25 days ago

    Why do these rappers on this join always "lose" thei rings

  • Amar Amsyar
    Amar Amsyar 26 days ago

    Im japanese and im speaking more fluent english than this dude. Its funny how people who born and raised in US but sound struggle to pronounce every single words.

  • Oziel Reyes
    Oziel Reyes 26 days ago

    I wish Kodak black did this but Im know he won’t

  • levite
    levite 27 days ago

    Yeah niggas around you eating off them lost rings

  • Jace Davis
    Jace Davis 27 days ago

    MIGOS ‼️

  • Jay Alvarez
    Jay Alvarez 27 days ago


  • Kamden Buckingham
    Kamden Buckingham 27 days ago

    DO 6IX9INE

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora 28 days ago

    Iced out ap for 50k?? Thats an insane deal...this kid is smart

  • Jeffy jeffy
    Jeffy jeffy 28 days ago

    Lil baby?? Wtf is going on with lil gang here? Why’s next Lil Shampoo?

  • Michelle Licon
    Michelle Licon 28 days ago

    Tupac had that ring 1$+

  • Randal Davis
    Randal Davis 28 days ago

    Why all these rapper lose their rings

  • lps lover Squad
    lps lover Squad 29 days ago

    Wawawa b i am a baby

  • ulises patino
    ulises patino 29 days ago

    At 31 seconds I don’t think that’s Floyd 😂💀

  • Rene Romero
    Rene Romero 29 days ago

    Actually 2pac was the first to wear the star ring fact! not slick rick wtf....or maybe he did do it first but pac did it batter

  • shay sisel
    shay sisel 29 days ago

    4pockets gang and thats my dog. Lilbaby go hard

  • Foreign Kerri
    Foreign Kerri 29 days ago

    My baby daddy...😍😍

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 29 days ago

    LMFAO... that ain’t even Floyd Mayweather(the image they had up)!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Langz Langz
    Langz Langz Month ago


  • idillit
    idillit Month ago

    what a waste of money! couldve used that money to make more money.

  • Phantom Plus
    Phantom Plus Month ago

    GQ y'all need a scale on hand cuz he aint even know what it weighed

  • Dylan Burton
    Dylan Burton Month ago

    Looks stupid wearing all tgat jewlery at once you can't appreciate how one single piece looks with 4 other chain rain your neck banging against each other knocking diamonds out

  • Adedayo Oloba
    Adedayo Oloba Month ago

    Is Lil baby taye taiwo`s brother? Google Taye taiwo please.

  • dialduane
    dialduane Month ago

    Wearing two watches and still on CPT

  • stmayhem1
    stmayhem1 Month ago

    this guy is so poor, he needs all this stuff. really feel pity for him.

  • Lucas Deverse
    Lucas Deverse Month ago


  • CheĐiên Gaming
    CheĐiên Gaming Month ago

    Bring out Migos please !!!

  • k henderson
    k henderson Month ago

    Do Boosie

  • Amireon Pearl
    Amireon Pearl Month ago

    do Migos

  • Amireon Pearl
    Amireon Pearl Month ago

    do mihos

  • gamingwith t
    gamingwith t Month ago

    Do money bag yo and yells beezy please

  • BB B
    BB B Month ago

    Get tha akahal though

  • Zacchaeus Shed
    Zacchaeus Shed Month ago

    Stop it at 4:41 and tell me that’s not a missing Diamond lol

  • Vasilios Michon
    Vasilios Michon Month ago

    Do lil uzi or lil pump next

  • Drew Dietrich
    Drew Dietrich Month ago

    Gucci manes pinky ring cost more than all of his stuff he has on lol

  • IsaacTownerBeats
    IsaacTownerBeats Month ago

    Lil Baby help a brotha out and rap on my beats🤣🤣

  • Suicideisbadass
    Suicideisbadass Month ago

    Get future on here