Jacques Pépin's tribute video to Julia Child

  • Published on Aug 15, 2012
  • Jacques Pépin's centennial celebration tribute video to Julia Child. Produced by Mike Klozar. Go to Bay Area Bites to read the story of how Julia met Jacques.
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  • Cindy D.
    Cindy D. 19 days ago

    And thank you Jacques for all you do and all you have taught your audiences I loved you and Julia together I still watch those shows. What a beautiful tribute to your friend I loved it.

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin Year ago

    I could not understand a single word that Julia ever said LOL but she was a great presence and I can tell that Jaques loved her very much

  • Frank Hoffman
    Frank Hoffman Year ago +3

    I was too young to have appreciated Julia, but I now watch Jacques and appreciate his art. I notice how much he mentions Julia and begin to see how these very nice people must have influenced each others' lives

  • GamingGen
    GamingGen Year ago +2

    But Julia likes beer!

  • Robert Delisle
    Robert Delisle Year ago +2

    Monsieur Pépin. Merci de nous avoir nous avoir ouvert à une cuisine qui nous paraissait inabordable. Et merci à vous, Madame Child, pour votre grand talent sans retenue. Nous avons tous apprécié ces grands artistes de la cuisine. Merci!

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley 2 years ago +5

    A beautiful tribute to an iconic lady who was a perfect professional partner to this equally famous gentleman.

  • Theodore
    Theodore 2 years ago +9

    Can one truly love people one has never met? It would seem so. Julia and Jacques are people I love very much. I suspect I am not alone.

  • Dan Harrity
    Dan Harrity 3 years ago +20

    What a classy, touching, even poignant memorial; well done. If you are old enough to remember Julia Child's show back in the day, you will find it all the more so if you first watch her biography which I believe is available right here on TVclip. I vividly remember being a kid and watching the infamous SNL skit as it aired, live, and my mother and her sister were literally falling out of their chairs laughing uncontrollably. Here's to you, Julia.

  • baritonebynight
    baritonebynight 3 years ago +24

    The greatest cooking duo ever. I loved their show Julia and Jacques Cooking Together.

  • Calbenmike
    Calbenmike 4 years ago +15

    I could listen to Jacques talk about his history for hours and hours.

  • Kenny Roberts
    Kenny Roberts 4 years ago +2


  • jpm4444
    jpm4444 5 years ago +17

    amen; for many Julia & Jacques cooking at home is the greatest cooking series of all time.

  • vociferoushoover
    vociferoushoover 6 years ago +4

    Someone asked earlier if Jacques Pepin was from Quebec. Some answered that he was from eastern France, near Lyon. That contains truth, but I chuckled, thinking of all the times he resolutely corrected Julia on the subject. Jacques, in his own words, is from Connecticut.

  • Spero Plagianos
    Spero Plagianos 6 years ago


  • georgejonesfan93
    georgejonesfan93 6 years ago +1

    the eastern part of France

  • Hexus Ziggurat
    Hexus Ziggurat 6 years ago +2

    makes me smile :)

  • MontrealMan1970
    MontrealMan1970 7 years ago +1

    Merci Mr.Pepin

  • Xiia0Sn00pY
    Xiia0Sn00pY 7 years ago

    damn look at those knifes... woow weeee

  • VideoRanger
    VideoRanger 7 years ago +1

    Very nice. Thank you.

  • Anonymoose
    Anonymoose 7 years ago +3

    Indeed we could talk about Julia for hours. Jacques stirs some wonderful memories in this short clip. Julia taught me so much about cooking in the 60s and 70s, while at the same time teaching me how to have fun with it. She was a treasured part of my life, and this is a fine tribute.

  • Cynthia Sanchez
    Cynthia Sanchez 7 years ago +9

    I grew up watching both of you. It is so wonderful to know that your friendship had so many facets and had such humble beginnings. You both are inspiring legends. I watch you on WUSF on Create every week. I wish you health and happiness. Thank you too for your tribute to her.

  • Grape Powa
    Grape Powa 7 years ago +1


  • Ran Tao
    Ran Tao 7 years ago +4

    awww, he is so sweet. thank you for making this video and remembering Julia.