Violent protests erupt in Hong Kong

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Hong Kong police fired tear gas and water cannon at protesters over the weekend as pro-democracy demonstrations turned violent yet again. CBS News foreign correspondent Ramy Inoncencio reports.
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  • Arthur C
    Arthur C 28 days ago

  • Arthur C
    Arthur C 28 days ago

  • 邈和櫻葉門
    邈和櫻葉門 29 days ago

    I hate China, too.

  • Michael Ho
    Michael Ho 29 days ago +4

    What is the difference between violent protest and riot? Why can't the media call it a riot?

  • 梽羏Shisho_SOS
    梽羏Shisho_SOS 29 days ago +1

    What a shame to Hong Kong, a shame to humanity

  • Free HK
    Free HK 29 days ago +1

    Chinese illegitimate occupation since 1997 is the fundamental cause for all this mess in Hong Kong. Free Hong Kong !

  • Free HK
    Free HK 29 days ago

    Salute to the braves !

  • Chris Duane
    Chris Duane Month ago

    CBS = Communist Broadcast System

  • rzp08 zrp
    rzp08 zrp Month ago

  • C iff
    C iff Month ago

    Protesters tried to express their opinion peacefully over the past three months, but the government responded nothing after a 2 million peaceful protest, which is a quarter of the Hong Kong's population. Although protesters are peaceful, police use excessive force to arrest protesters/ innocent civilians, people getting angry but they can do nothing to those police. As for today, government still not yet listen to protesters' demands because the protests are peaceful, so protesters need to do something radical in order to show HK/Chinese government as well as the whole world our anger.

    • C iff
      C iff 27 days ago

      @Hoi chan So you live in Hong Kong? If so, you probably watch the news from September 13, when the police ban the protest on that coming Sunday. Do you know the reason why police ban the protest? It is because the police afraid there will be 2 million people on the street. Here is the news in Chinese.

    • Hoi chan
      Hoi chan 28 days ago

      @C if, 2 million? Do you live in HK? I was born and raised in that area that you saw on the photos. I lived there for more 45 years. An analogy,
      2 million people in that area is like you pack 100 people in a minivan. Can you do that? It is common that protesters always exaggerate their numbers. This time is way too much. Talk about the excess force. Hong Kong police is the most restrained disciplined force in the world. They will never initiate attack unless they are attacked. If riots like this happen in other part of the world, like US, or Europe, result of death is almost certain. However, none so far in Hong Kong. So do some researches first before you accept what the media tell you. All media have bias, or stands. You will only be fooled by media if you don’t do some critical thinking.

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    Translation = if normal people stand up to be human and not slaves, it’s really bad. Like, bad stuff will come. The end of the world. Please, stop slaves. People might wake up and remember the Disney film “A Bugs Life.”

  • Harvey Dentan
    Harvey Dentan Month ago

    I invite everybody to watch the US congressional hearing on Hong Kong’s Summer of Discontent. The congressmen are on a good way to pass the Hong Kong human rights and democracy act. That’s will be a big blow for CCP in Beijing and a victory for Hong Kong people. The CCP oppression continue to backfire. First, it helps Tsai Ying Wen to lead the poles in Taiwan and now the US congress is determined to act. To Hong Kong freedom fighters, you don’t walk alone. Hang on!

    • Hoi chan
      Hoi chan 28 days ago

      @harvey Danton, This is exactly what the US And Taiwan want, so this is why these riots still have no sign to stop. Actually, it does not matter if US pass the so called bill or not. It has very little effect on Hong Kong and China. Only stupid people would think it does. Hong Kong still live on well without US, but definitely China.

  • Alan Lau
    Alan Lau Month ago
    Hong Kong Police colluding with Fujian Mobs. This is what Hong Kong people are facing now.

  • ricardo fluti
    ricardo fluti Month ago

    We should all look into the reason why government did not respond to the five demands stated clearly by protestors.
    Please note that the bill has not been officially withdrawn yet.
    Carrie Lam just claimed she would propose to withdraw the bill but it is just a word game. In fact, she has the authority to withdraw immediately but she did not do so.

  • Hayden shek
    Hayden shek Month ago

    The report is not comprehensive and biased

  • Erin Chan
    Erin Chan Month ago +7

    Its funny you didn’t mention how violence the police. We aren’t using the fire from the one day.

  • kskl1942
    kskl1942 Month ago +7

    The is highly biased and didn't mention how the police cooperated with triad to attack citizens.

  • Cat HK
    Cat HK Month ago +5

    時代革命 光復香港!

  • Raymond Chow
    Raymond Chow Month ago +8

    The unrest situation in Hong Kong is caused by the government . The government disregarded the demand from citizens after two large scale peacekeeping parades with 1 million and 2 millions people respectively. With the aim to silent the voice from public,The government enables the police to abuse of violence. The police attacked the citizens and press deliberately during their operations. Also the police work cohort with the pro-China people to attack innocent people.
    What the Hongkongers is doing is to strive for justice, freedom which are the universal value among the world

    LIDIA WONG Month ago +3

    In a democratic city, people should have the right to protest. However in HK, the government and police has violated this basic human rights. Not to mention there are many evidence pointing out that police were cahooted with triads on night of 721 as well as 915. Residents were hit by gangsters without any consequence. Photos and videos have been on many media, showing how police protected those mobsters. Hkers were forced to protect ourselves or otherwise likely to be severely injured. That’s the whole situation in HK. Not just a 2 min clips of one-sided view.

  • Francine Pang
    Francine Pang Month ago +7

    The police do not arrested those attacked the protestors, ridiculous!
    We have enough, if the police do not do their job, the protestors have to fight back!

    • et phone home
      et phone home Month ago +1

      fight back by destroying mtr? wow what a twisted logic

  • Derek Lim
    Derek Lim Month ago +2

    Now they upgrade from Rioter to terroist

  • Evans Kenneth
    Evans Kenneth Month ago +13

    How about pro-china fujian men in white had shaken hands with the police after they attacked journalists? How about over 1800 tear gas were shot by Police in these 100 days? To compare with those petrol bombs on the road?

  • Carls Berg
    Carls Berg Month ago +1

    Traitors wanna be american or britts ? Learn some english first! Still Usa or england dont need more criminals, nobody does!

  • Yosef GuangJing Chen
    Yosef GuangJing Chen Month ago +18

    The reporter comment is very biased.

  • Toni Toni
    Toni Toni Month ago

    Long Live China! Stupid hongkongers

  • tiramisu
    tiramisu Month ago +1

    lame. been months. nobody die. better shot em up. and end this boring protest.

  • lord book
    lord book Month ago +2

    pro china gangs? this is not news, this is western criminal propaganda at its best.

  • lord book
    lord book Month ago

    sounds like a cia nickname: inocencio. lmao!

  • Preston's Dog Food
    Preston's Dog Food Month ago +1

    Finally, news reporters stopped describing them as 'pro-democracy' and use the more accurate word 'anti-government'.

  • Nick Coverdale
    Nick Coverdale Month ago +4

    The 5 demands by the Rioters
    1. Withdrawal of the extradition bill ,DONE, consequence, the murderer of his girlfriend and her unborn child is a free man
    2. Independent inquiry into the Police but not the rioters . CANNOT BE, MUST BE BOTH
    3 Carrie Lam resigns , well everyone in HK knows she is not a leader and should never been given the post
    4. Amnesty for all offenders , THEN LETS NOT HAVE ANY LAW JUST TOTAL ANARCHY
    5 Universal Suffrage .WHICH WE ALREADY HAVE .

    The fact is most of the protesters don't know what their protesting about the reason is people in Hong Kong are spoiled, I know I spoiled my kids who were all born here but not so much that they would think destroying the city is good idea.

  • maoss40
    maoss40 Month ago

    Have any one see this movie "behind brexit" this is what exact happened in HK

  • Gus YAO
    Gus YAO Month ago

    Looks more like a revolution than a riot, nobody died yet tho.

  • holycow343
    holycow343 Month ago +2

    wow did you people seriously called the pro china group a gang? Its funny when BLM protest western media calls the protesters rioters. But when there's clear videos of showing HK protesters vandalizing, assaulting people, and throwing Molotov cocktails at police, they are not rioters but "peaceful" protesters. Now there's counter protesters against these rioters you call them gangs....

  • YKH Lee
    YKH Lee Month ago +4

    Joshua Wong & Dennis Ho, what u really want is riots & bloodshed that makes u SOMEBODY.
    HK needs an anti-mask law to unmask brutal separatists & their hypocritical, cold-blooded supporters.

  • Michael Wu
    Michael Wu Month ago

    Its time to bring out the police guns. Tear gas and water is not going to work. The radicals are asking for more strict government fight. The bill is dead already. These classless people are just trying to cause problems.

  • Byaki Vualnam
    Byaki Vualnam Month ago

    No means of fighting the people ND police they belong to same territory..

  • Nobody Lou
    Nobody Lou Month ago

    Western democracy is not good at all. Look at Hongkong. I just saw violence and violence day by day. How damn they thought they fights for democracy.

    • Nobody Lou
      Nobody Lou Month ago

      @maoss40 That is true

    • maoss40
      maoss40 Month ago

      Hk Freedom is #3 in the world, but they want to be like US which is #17

  • Hill Belly
    Hill Belly Month ago +3

    Deport them to U.K. iam sure U.K. do not want trash on their land

  • Retired Warrior
    Retired Warrior Month ago +2

    Wow, there are a lot of 50 Cent Army out tonight in the comment section!

    • Gus YAO
      Gus YAO Month ago +1

      @Retired Warrior
      u got it right! my bad, at one time the 50¢ army u mentioned r mostly on cgtn, the chinese call then wumao, 50¢ rmb per post, so their commander in chief ordered them off cgtn which nobody watches any way, then cgtn dwindle to 3 viewers, then they we're ordered back, to boot viewers number, n add 5¢ rmb incentive if they do their post also on site other then cgtn, they were then call wumaowu, 55¢ rmb, problem is that their parent can't boost to friends n neighbors their only child had learn english, got employe as wumao, was promoted, got a 10% pay raise, now is wumaowu 55¢😁😁😁😁😁 now they very much motivated by 5¢rmb, they r all over cbsn, n reply to r post, n yes they use multiple fake names to compliment their ownself😜😜😜😜😜

    • Retired Warrior
      Retired Warrior Month ago

      @Gus YAO no it's called 50 Cent Army or Party......
      I just showed you a link.

    • Shaw Lu
      Shaw Lu Month ago

      @Gus YAO he doesn't know his math

    • Gus YAO
      Gus YAO Month ago

      I think there's a misunderstanding here, r u referring 50¢ to wumao the hk social media been mentioning? if it is, wumao is 5¢ rmb,

    • Pito
      Pito Month ago

      No need 50 cents. Those youngsters just destroy their own cirty.

  • Chang Hsieh
    Chang Hsieh Month ago

    Stop the communists, boycott Chinese products. End at 70.

  • mike tyson
    mike tyson Month ago +1

    Hong Kong protesters must be tired of living by waiving US flags? Can HK be another Venezuela? Anyway, by doing it, HK protest will remind China to be more accommodative to US and be more willing to strike a peaceful trade deal US fast. God bless HK!

  • Alex Gilpin
    Alex Gilpin Month ago +4

    "This movement hates China." What? There's a bunch of mainlanders protesting in Hong Kong, too. This movement hates the communist party.

    • holycow343
      holycow343 Month ago

      @Alex Gilpin lol NYC I'm Chinese American. So I get the news from my parents who watch mainland Chinese and of course I get the news from here also.

    • Alex Gilpin
      Alex Gilpin Month ago

      @holycow343 You're very right to make that distinction, because it's not all peaceful nor is it all riotous. Odd that you're giving that perspective, though, considering the current media around the earth is pretty bipolar on what is happening. Where are you writing from?

    • holycow343
      holycow343 Month ago

      not really majority of the mainlanders actually approve of the "current" party right now. Also there's a lot of mainlanders whom traveled to Hong Kong to join with the Pro-China camp in Hong Kong to counter protest the people who are rioting. Also before you get mad notice I said "the people who are rioting" as in the people who actually are doing the rioting and not the people who are actually protesting peacefully for democracy.

    • Alex Gilpin
      Alex Gilpin Month ago +2

      @Hopeforsomeone Well yeah, those are the ones waving the CCP's flag and singing the march, but I mean mainlanders who are there of their own volition to support the democratic protests, despite the serious threat to themselves.

    • Hopeforsomeone
      Hopeforsomeone Month ago

      Ofc there's a bunch of mainlanders in hong kong , they are like ants sended by that trash president duh

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago +2

    Pretty sure they don't want to be Chinese

    • 小兵当家
      小兵当家 Month ago

      yes you are absolutely 100% definitely fking correct, the older generation of HKers are proud to be Chinese but the younger generation which is the majority of the rioters, they tend to think it's ashamed to be called as Chinese for some reason, some say it's the education they received when they were growing up because the stuff they learned are more pro-west in HongKong, and some say they have never been in the ages where they were colonized by the British(to which the older generation had experienced and they knew what it felt like and how they were treated by the British colonies while HK was colonized, so they love China because once Hong Kong finally returned they regained their human class and got to be treated normally as a human being).....

  • kevin kou
    kevin kou Month ago +13

    so many Petrol bombs,protesters?

  • Vesper Martini
    Vesper Martini Month ago

    "Glory to Hong Kong"

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee Month ago +4

    People facing tyrannical government need to learn HKgers' braveness and fighting tactics.

    • holycow343
      holycow343 Month ago +1

      Idk what happen to your previous reply but its funny that you people are trying to justify beating up the elderly. Such brave tactics indeed! 🤣

    • holycow343
      holycow343 Month ago +1

      fighting tactics? As beating up the elderly for not agreeing with their vandalizing. wow such bravery!

    • Chang Hsieh
      Chang Hsieh Month ago

      Pooh stop messing with Hong Kong, you might just break the honey pot. 😂

    • SkylineZ
      SkylineZ Month ago +1

      Brave tactics?! These coward beat up old men and women! Bunch of cowards, they know wants police use fire arms they all be running.

    • Carrie Steel
      Carrie Steel Month ago +2

      Don't give false advice. Hong Konger's tactics only work in a free city governed by a very kind gov't. Tyrannical government will first shut down Telegram, and then will turn on the telecom's IP database and see who have been very active on Telegram or who have been accessing VPN during the days when the protests happen, and they will even remotely turn on the mobile phones' cameras and tracking to track the movement of everybody without them knowing. The reason these riots happened in Hong Kong is because the HK gov't hasn't intruded the freedom of press and the freedom of communication. These stupid tactics can't work in a tyrannical government who will monitor the phones and who will have complete control over the mobile service infrastructure. Just you know, China Telecom is the IP proivder in Hong Kong for all these mobile phones that the HK youth rely upon to organize riots. The reason these kids can stil use their phones, is because China hasn't interfered due to her respect for Hong Kong's Basic Law , while the HK gov't is too kind to ask for China's help or to pass a law to allow the HK gov't to use China Telecom's network and service to track down the rioters, or to take over Telegram completely. If it were up to China alone, these riots would have been quelled long time ago. This prolonged riot can only happen in Hong Kong because of the level of freedom Hong Kong has, it will not work in a country that has no freedom but tyranny.

  • JSB Hmm
    JSB Hmm Month ago +1

    Hopefully everyone has heard the beautiful song, Glory to Hong Kong. This crowdsourced song has become the de facto anthem for HK this month.

  • JSB Hmm
    JSB Hmm Month ago +7

    The 'blue water' is an irritant similar to tear gas.... I am surprised CBS didn't mention it. Hey... why isn't CBS every reporting live from any of the protests???

    • ItZ_G4M3R 7
      ItZ_G4M3R 7 Month ago +1

      Wlel if the rioters didn't come close then they wouldn't get hit. Its what they get. Its like you see a fire and you walk into it and get burnt. Basically that

    • Kent Woodard
      Kent Woodard Month ago +3

      Because CBS specializes in fake news.

  • Geofrey
    Geofrey Month ago

    I can totally understand the hatred towards China's Communist Government. Chinazi needs to be stopped!

  • Скиф Скиф
    Скиф Скиф Month ago +1

    comunist china has to get out...

  • Lala Land
    Lala Land Month ago +2

    They way y'all lie in the news....this ma Xi look bad how? Because what?

    ABSOLUTE KAOS Month ago +9


  • t C
    t C Month ago +12

    Petrol bombs. Are not peaceful protestors....

  • Shlisa Shell
    Shlisa Shell Month ago +2

    Stay safe out there kids. I don't blame you for doing this.

    • ItZ_G4M3R 7
      ItZ_G4M3R 7 Month ago

      Basically he's saying: Stay safe fighting and Vandalizing Hong Kong. I dont blame you cause I am brainwashed *

    • Jake L
      Jake L Month ago

      who cares about you lol

  • Adam Cole
    Adam Cole Month ago +2

    I don't blame the Hong Kong protesters. Who would want to be ruled by Communist government that harvest's organs while the patient is still alive. Or bans all other religions unless the religion is run by the communist party. This is how Hitler ran Germany's government to control his ppl.

    • cc unknown
      cc unknown Month ago +1

    • xihuantiyu
      xihuantiyu Month ago +4

      Can you show me a video how to harvest human organ while the donor is still alive?

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago +1

    Keep it up 👍 get rid of filth ! We need to drain our swamp here in the United States current person in presidency .

  • Dyslexic Teletubby
    Dyslexic Teletubby Month ago +11

    Hasn’t this been erupting for like 3 months?

    • ItZ_G4M3R 7
      ItZ_G4M3R 7 Month ago

      @xihuantiyu Yup. support HKPD

    • xihuantiyu
      xihuantiyu Month ago

      @ItZ_G4M3R 7 So far, HK cops are so kind and so gentle. In two weeks, we all expect to see something quite different

    • ItZ_G4M3R 7
      ItZ_G4M3R 7 Month ago +1

      @小兵当家 Not yet. When things get worse.

    • 小兵当家
      小兵当家 Month ago

      @ItZ_G4M3R 7 yea but they(police) are not doing it to them apparently....

    • ItZ_G4M3R 7
      ItZ_G4M3R 7 Month ago

      @xihuantiyu The police also can do alot more

  • anadhu v
    anadhu v Month ago

    China should stop killing Hong kongers and uligers