Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

  • Published on Nov 22, 2013
  • Kid President believes the things we say can help make the world more awesome. Here he shares a special list of 20 things we should say more often. What would you add to it?
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    written and created by
    Brad Montague & Robby Novak
    special thanks: Kristi Montague
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  • Kevin Guzman
    Kevin Guzman 5 hours ago

    The people who dis like mean dis I like

  • vidit
    vidit 23 hours ago

    🌽 πŸ•

  • Mandee
    Mandee Day ago

    Our class wants to add: "Hello" "Let's play" "Do you want to play with one of my toys?" "You're doing very good. Keep it up!"

  • Jessica Cruz
    Jessica Cruz 3 days ago

    Be kindness more often

  • Jehan Bakhiet
    Jehan Bakhiet 3 days ago

    Hello all was

  • Alison Landry
    Alison Landry 4 days ago

    i liked the farting one!!!

  • Moira Bilham
    Moira Bilham 4 days ago

    My school plays him every day

  • anthony jackson
    anthony jackson 4 days ago

    Were you smacktalking to Let Me Explain Studios/ Rebecca Parham,y'no the one playing Mario CartπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜£

  • Kenadee Kossey
    Kenadee Kossey 4 days ago


  • Kenadee Kossey
    Kenadee Kossey 4 days ago

    he roasted let me explain studios sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Polish Man
    Polish Man 5 days ago

    I seen this when I was 7 back in 2013

  • Syama Kommaraju
    Syama Kommaraju 5 days ago

    Ding dog daddy-o

  • George n Rebecca Richins

    The thing that I think you should say more often is idiot

  • Eveiplayzanimation S

    Hay want a corn dog guys??. Corn dog for you corn dog for you butt also let’s party

  • E-Man
    E-Man 6 days ago

    Aren't u the kid that smacked talked Rebecca from let me explain but damm is he positive

  • Bharati Kasibhatla
    Bharati Kasibhatla 7 days ago


  • Rabia Taslim
    Rabia Taslim 7 days ago

    You’re so awesome

  • Pablo Buitrago
    Pablo Buitrago 8 days ago

    Let's have a corn dog party!

  • scott montgomery
    scott montgomery 8 days ago

    I love this kid

  • Hannah Kohn
    Hannah Kohn 8 days ago

    You're amazing!!!!

  • Mars0530 Chae
    Mars0530 Chae 9 days ago

    you should change it to 29 then 20

  • I love Nutella
    I love Nutella 9 days ago

    You have my vote, kid president

  • RecordingYe
    RecordingYe 10 days ago

    I miss this man,

  • Brian Hans
    Brian Hans 12 days ago

    Do you want to play with us tonight 😊😁

  • Aretha Rowell
    Aretha Rowell 12 days ago

    lets vote for him now

  • Qua'taisha Williams
    Qua'taisha Williams 12 days ago

    good iders

  • Brian Hans
    Brian Hans 13 days ago

    You should say yes t

  • Stephanie Jim Britt
    Stephanie Jim Britt 13 days ago

    Oboonto means we can do it together

  • Sarah Bachmann
    Sarah Bachmann 13 days ago

    I think people should say 'pen pineapple apple pen'

  • Killian Leeson
    Killian Leeson 14 days ago

    Who ever disliked this video is cold hearted

  • Aashna Naik
    Aashna Naik 14 days ago

    Kid president is SOOO CUTE

  • Sarah J. Snyder
    Sarah J. Snyder 14 days ago

    My class made a list of things we should say more often...
    1. You're Welcome
    2. I love you
    3. You're an awesome friend and I am grateful for you.
    4. Nice one!!
    5. I appreciate you
    6. You are very nice.
    7. You're the best.
    8. You are kind.
    9. Have an amazing Thanksgiving
    10. Happy Holidays
    11. You are FANTASTIC!
    12. You are funny.
    13. Everything is going to be okay.
    14. You're so cool.
    15. Pizza Party!

  • Nour Soufan
    Nour Soufan 15 days ago

    Love kid President

  • BBP
    BBP 15 days ago

    Hi five, little dude! πŸ™πŸΌ

  • rhian cole
    rhian cole 15 days ago +1

    saw this video in school

    WRATH INCARNATE 15 days ago

    President kid does post cringe but I think his videos are ok or good and I will vote for him

  • Collin Mack
    Collin Mack 16 days ago

    They should say please and thank you

  • Kate Yaglowski
    Kate Yaglowski 16 days ago

    I watch u in school u are a good ro-model for other kids

  • Russ Hurd
    Russ Hurd 17 days ago

    Do you want to be my friend

  • Daphne Hodder
    Daphne Hodder 17 days ago


  • Ángel Blanco
    Ángel Blanco 18 days ago

    15 million schools watched him πŸ˜‚

  • Mya Romero
    Mya Romero 18 days ago

    my favorite TVclipr said that at vidcon kid president smacked talk to her my favorite youtuber is let me explain studios

  • sammyplayzO56
    sammyplayzO56 18 days ago +1

    Here is a surprise corndog I buaght you because your my friend is funny

  • Rylan Schill
    Rylan Schill 19 days ago


  • TheSadLemon
    TheSadLemon 19 days ago

    ye u smack talk at vid con

  • Stephanie Danly
    Stephanie Danly 19 days ago

    hi guy

  • Rayan Elhabachi
    Rayan Elhabachi 19 days ago


  • Matthew Chavez
    Matthew Chavez 20 days ago

    I hate kid president he said something mean at vidcon

  • Angela Alers
    Angela Alers 20 days ago

    somthing els we should say more often is that kid presedent is so fuuny

  • T&T play house tahj taylor clark

    we should say those words more often i agree with you on everything you said on this videoπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • isaak4 life
    isaak4 life 22 days ago

    I watched this in school and now I'm not at school and I'm watching it

  • christopher lawrence
    christopher lawrence 22 days ago


  • mosterpizza 6
    mosterpizza 6 22 days ago

    It's such a easy game

  • Paul Flanagan
    Paul Flanagan 22 days ago

    go kid president [sadly I have never had a corndog

  • Ginger Palmer
    Ginger Palmer 24 days ago

    You Suck so Bad

  • Julianne Yzabel Rillera

    Sorry to say this kid president but WHY DID U SMACK TALK LET ME EXPLAIN STUDIOS AT VIDCON 2015

  • Blhu Zizzy
    Blhu Zizzy 24 days ago

    man they used to play this kid in my 6th grade advisory reading class

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 24 days ago

    Love yo7

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 24 days ago

    So funny live you

  • skyler Kennedy bishop
    skyler Kennedy bishop 24 days ago

    Stop smack talking other youtubers at vid con 2015