Hydraulic press lemon smoothie challenge

  • Published on Jan 29, 2017
  • Our second collabo with Dudesons this time on Beyond the press channel.
    For more stupid stuff like this go check out their channel tvclip.biz/user/DudesonsPage
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  • Beyond the press
    Beyond the press  2 years ago +736

    We are probably doing more of these Dudesons collabos on this channel since we have such a similar styles on many of our videos and they are one of few larger Finnish channels. If you have some ideas for challenges or other stupid stuff that you would like to see please comment here.

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 25 days ago

    In the end of the solid smoothie eating, Jarppi said something which I totally agree with.

  • Mikepeter Gumball
    Mikepeter Gumball Month ago

    What ever happened to the Dudesons

  • SwapPart, LLC
    SwapPart, LLC 3 months ago

    Words first dry smoothie. Doesn't look very smooth though.

  • Livet på to hjul
    Livet på to hjul 4 months ago

    My favorite video!

  • Cat in a box
    Cat in a box 6 months ago

    More of a roughie than a smoothie.

  • ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ
    ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ 7 months ago +1

    Jarpi 😂

  • easims10
    easims10 7 months ago

    Kinda reminds me of the top gear v8 blender where they make a beef, bovril, and brick smoothie.

  • David
    David 8 months ago

    Ani, do something about those bangs, I hate them, sorry, i do

  • Dominique Buzon
    Dominique Buzon 9 months ago

    Those laughings and good mood are really pleasant to watch :-))

  • Gene Abrego
    Gene Abrego 9 months ago

    I love Lemons. I wanna buy a Lemon Smoothie maker 5,000,000 , i'd use it every day. i'm gonna go try to make one in the blender right now.

  • FridayGamers
    FridayGamers 10 months ago +1


  • OldeOne deESuhrim

    Oh gods no, they ate it!

  • RandomDumbShit
    RandomDumbShit Year ago

    5/5 english

  • tamoya gopie
    tamoya gopie Year ago

    Christ, the way she looks at him and laughs at what he says. GOALS.

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago

    Size B cup

  • Catherine Booth
    Catherine Booth Year ago

    Red grapefruit! I totally thought that was a giant onion hahaha

  • Alexander Elijah
    Alexander Elijah Year ago

    Variety is always a good thing...but, That was crazy..lol..great video love all of the work and devotion to the viewers you and anni show all the time..

  • minecraft maniac
    minecraft maniac Year ago

    v e r y h e a l t h

  • Luna Felan
    Luna Felan Year ago

    When is the dudeson coming back to your show?

  • TheGnomeEmporer
    TheGnomeEmporer Year ago

    "its too big take" hm that's what she said.

  • Sheepsville Wales

    Oh I love this channel, I found you about a week ago and I still haven't caught up with all the films you have made yet! I love you both as a couple and hope the fantastic relationship, you clearly have with each other, lasts til the day you both die.
    The sense of humour you have is excellent and the way you end each video crushing dangerous creatures and objects to make the world a safer place for us all is brilliant :) Long my this continue x

  • EliteGem YT
    EliteGem YT Year ago +1

    4:03 best final last words

  • velazquez armouries

    Maybe a forging contest will be awesome you with the press vs a blacksmith

  • Swift Fishin
    Swift Fishin Year ago

    Se oli mukava sitruunan smoothie juuri siellä

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller Year ago

    So pot is legal in Finland?

  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo Year ago

    lol, poor guy. Rest in pieces. I can't believe you ate two lemons so fast, I'm sure the skin and everything was still in there lol

  • Orion Heim
    Orion Heim Year ago +1

    Just call it lemonade dude😉edit:haha nvm i just watched the rest

  • The Original Shotgun Channel

    0:41 nice lemons LmaO

  • Spamburglar
    Spamburglar Year ago

    I wish they had subtitles because I’m deaf. What are the talking about?

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 Year ago

    Well, maybe next time it'll be a bit smoother

  • 15bjarnithor
    15bjarnithor Year ago

    Only a Finn could eat two lemmons with a straight face!

  • TaushnikoV
    TaushnikoV Year ago

    I always thought their voices were simmilar.

  • Nick X
    Nick X Year ago

    Definitely weird folk.

  • Angel Borgen
    Angel Borgen Year ago

    He was hungry.... he eat it like it was dinner 🥙💯🤣🤣😭😭😭😭

  • KurtBob
    KurtBob Year ago

    oh my gosh Larry!!! you ate that whole thing!!!! most us whimpy americans take one bite and spit it out!!!!!!! dang, you beast!!!!

  • Myles Bishop
    Myles Bishop Year ago

    Many men's dreams... have a woman such as yours.

  • Logan Dees
    Logan Dees Year ago


  • KONAmustang50
    KONAmustang50 Year ago

    "Too big, take it out."

  • harold sarmiento
    harold sarmiento Year ago

    I love thier accent

  • Drechen Lard
    Drechen Lard Year ago

    "more or less its not really a smoothie - its solid food" lol

  • Roland Lovelock
    Roland Lovelock Year ago

    Annie is so cute, you are lucky man, VATT DE FUK

  • letsgetretardent
    letsgetretardent Year ago

    This is amazing. I’d love if you guys could do more of these!

  • Brian Molter
    Brian Molter Year ago

    awesome stuff always like watching keep up the great work


    I would not give my dog ​​that to eat and less with the face that he jejejeje

  • Sol-Ra Al-Kemet
    Sol-Ra Al-Kemet Year ago

    7:00m "Now I am going to wear this so I do not get tabasco in my eyes"..... And you were okay with getting lemon in your eyes?! 💀

  • StoneysWorkshop
    StoneysWorkshop Year ago

    they make tabasco near where I live

  • Snagged Squire75
    Snagged Squire75 Year ago

    0:21 the guy on the right has no thumb I can't be the only one who noticed that

  • Sakura4anime25
    Sakura4anime25 Year ago

    Hahaha this brings me back to when we were kids and during games of truth or dare, one of the dares would always end up being to drink a nasty "shake" concoction like that XD

  • inTubeHD
    inTubeHD Year ago

    Those lemon are so big

    THE VANDAL Year ago

    Scrambled eggs

  • Blakfyr477
    Blakfyr477 Year ago

    Go against Furious Pete!

  • tdo7d11
    tdo7d11 Year ago

    I bet that went through you guys like grass through a goose...

  • Kabam Din
    Kabam Din Year ago

    Guys with white and black shirt... Is that guys from dudeson?? Sorry bad grammar

  • Moose from Tune and Moose

    I love the way the speak English.

  • Larry Hottle
    Larry Hottle Year ago

    A good laugh!

  • golf-n-guns
    golf-n-guns Year ago

    She could squeeze my lemons until the juice runs down my leg!

  • Joshua Ramirez
    Joshua Ramirez Year ago

    I like when annii laughs

  • DarkestVampire92
    DarkestVampire92 Year ago

    "Its too big take it out"

  • Trindalas Valadaros

    I haven't laughed so hard at anything for... well... a LONG time. XD