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  • Published on Apr 28, 2018
  • Avengers: Infinity War MOVIE REVIEW!!! (SPOILER FREE)
    Hey Crew! We are sharing our post Avengers: Infinity War movie review REAL EMOTIONS and all! No real spoilers, but there are soft spoilers just in our feelings. If you don't want to know anything click away! Also if you post spoilers in the comments you will get blocked from our channel!
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  • Red X
    Red X Day ago

    Half the universe dies and Thanos wins

  • Hemanth Kumar
    Hemanth Kumar 3 days ago

    I will also cry for that osm music background love your reaction though

  • PowerRangersFan
    PowerRangersFan 5 days ago

    I saw it on Netflix, and MAN. Thanos was a tough foe for our heroes. Even Loki must've feared him. Especially before..... Well, y'know.

  • Nicolas Tolentino
    Nicolas Tolentino 5 days ago

    Iorn man died

  • Boy Boy
    Boy Boy 6 days ago

    Infinity War : I didn't cry cause I know they'll come back anyway.
    Endgame : Cry like a hell.

  • NN FuZion
    NN FuZion 7 days ago

    1:57 she tried to cry 😂

  • Alyssa Micari
    Alyssa Micari 7 days ago


  • Ansel Lau
    Ansel Lau 7 days ago

    Why I can’t cry

  • Deez Spy
    Deez Spy 7 days ago

    Wait till u see endgame

  • Spidey playz Z
    Spidey playz Z 7 days ago

    Iron man dies

  • Tns_Gardo vega
    Tns_Gardo vega 7 days ago

    Every body vanished

  • Damian Valencia
    Damian Valencia 7 days ago

    I like turtles

  • Damian Valencia
    Damian Valencia 7 days ago

    Endgame and infinity war i cried😢😭😭

  • Presby Gaming
    Presby Gaming 8 days ago

    Just wait til you see Endgame 💙😭

  • XXayth Gaming
    XXayth Gaming 8 days ago

    Watch until they watch endgame

  • Sean
    Sean 8 days ago

    *Everybody dies*

  • Duncan Raffety
    Duncan Raffety 8 days ago

    Spider man died

  • Rebecca Swan
    Rebecca Swan 9 days ago +1

    In my family me and my dad are the only marvel fans
    When we watched the movie
    I cried a lot
    My dad even cried..

  • Stealth Tiger
    Stealth Tiger 10 days ago

    Spoiler they come back to life in endgame

  • Mr. Wiggers
    Mr. Wiggers 13 days ago +2

    Iron man dies and black widow

  • Frankie Jacobs
    Frankie Jacobs 14 days ago

    When spiderman died i was so sad

  • Frankie Jacobs
    Frankie Jacobs 14 days ago

    I understand how sad it was

  • Greg Macias
    Greg Macias 16 days ago

    I cried at endgame 😭

  • Kevin Cruz
    Kevin Cruz 16 days ago

    I cried in endgame

  • Furious_ _DNA
    Furious_ _DNA 16 days ago +2

    Wait until you watch Avengers: Endgame!

  • Tyrone Ford
    Tyrone Ford 17 days ago +1

    I subscribed and my notification is on 👍

  • I_ Flekzz
    I_ Flekzz 18 days ago


  • BEEF
    BEEF 19 days ago +1

    I never knew people cried like this when in endgame it was like a real passing of someone

  • Kenai Hogwarts Express 1251 Hogan

    Endgame is more sad

  • JFrazix Savagegaming
    JFrazix Savagegaming 20 days ago

    In endgame hulk will snap his fingers and they all will comeback with all with valkyrie and iron man captain marver pepper with suit then thie happens

    Iron Man Rip(2008-2019)Proof that iron man has a heart

  • GamingwithKen
    GamingwithKen 20 days ago

    Its okay your Depression from this movie will get better when you see ENDGAME!

  • David Carrillo Miramontes

    Wait whas it infinity war or. End game

  • ERAZE Litty
    ERAZE Litty 20 days ago

    I cried one time and that one time was during the whole movie😂🤧

  • PumkingM8
    PumkingM8 20 days ago

    Peter: I don’t wanna go mr stark
    Stark: you will be fine
    Peter:*massive dump* I went

  • miguel ultron
    miguel ultron 20 days ago

    is the endgame

  • Ninja Boy0625
    Ninja Boy0625 21 day ago

    It was emotional but I’m ok

  • I am Hacker
    I am Hacker 21 day ago

    Nice family

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson 21 day ago +3

    Is anyone watching this, after endgame

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 21 day ago +1

    Just imagine them after end game

    PEPE THE FROG 21 day ago +1

    Lol infinity was is nothing compared to endgame

  • Rossanna Sanchez
    Rossanna Sanchez 21 day ago

    In avengers endgame all people that turned to dust come alive iron Man dies

  • Te Logic
    Te Logic 21 day ago

    They act like they never new that his contract was ending so he had to die cause contract was ending

  • Te Logic
    Te Logic 21 day ago

    And black widow died

  • Te Logic
    Te Logic 21 day ago

    It was sad cause Ironman died

  • Carye Chubick
    Carye Chubick 21 day ago

    Nick fury dies

  • JR3ID
    JR3ID 22 days ago

    It was very sad.

  • Potato Table
    Potato Table 22 days ago +1

    Wait until you see endgame lol

  • LuKnocK
    LuKnocK 22 days ago

    Rip Batman😔

  • carlos vega
    carlos vega 23 days ago

    why 318 dislike??? they are nice family

  • Spotted
    Spotted 23 days ago +1

    Welp endgame is now out and I’m going to see it tomorrow (((:

  • Gioeg
    Gioeg 23 days ago

    I crying for iron man

  • its me NTB
    its me NTB 24 days ago +1

    Tomorrow I'm going to see ENDGAME YAAAYAYAYAY

    • its me NTB
      its me NTB 23 days ago

      +Spotted I saw I already

    • Spotted
      Spotted 23 days ago

      I’m seeing it tomorrow zhnednjeijx

  • TheMovieGeek 1004
    TheMovieGeek 1004 24 days ago +1

    I can only imagine on how you guys will react on Endgame. Saw it already and I am looking forward to how you will feel about it (*evil laugh*) You guys will break.

    • ErinOcelotl :3
      ErinOcelotl :3 22 days ago

      +Spotted you - haha um. Yeah it's - argh

    • Spotted
      Spotted 23 days ago +1

      Imma cry I’m watching it tomorrow and idk how I feel

  • Gaming hindi videos
    Gaming hindi videos 24 days ago

    Death of iron man conferm

    • Asyad Ausgur
      Asyad Ausgur 22 days ago +1

      Plz delete this comment for those who hasn't seen the movie

  • SuperKiller XX
    SuperKiller XX 24 days ago +2

    Plz make a video of your reaction of avengers endgame . Also, it comes out in 2 more dayssssss 🤗🤪🤪🤪🥳🥳🥳

  • Unkown Filmer
    Unkown Filmer 24 days ago

    Mr. Stark.... I dont feel so good, please i dont want to go please. I'm sorry ..]\

  • Paul Flores
    Paul Flores 24 days ago +2

    Avengers endgame Friday I watch the movie maybe 😬

  • George escoteiro
    George escoteiro 24 days ago

    Eles vão voltar em vingadores ultimato

  • Dylan Hodges
    Dylan Hodges 24 days ago

    Post one for avengers endgame

    UNKNOWN / 24 days ago +2

    Logan,And Infinity war made me cry I don't know what to expect in endgame tbh

  • Mutafa Rahmani
    Mutafa Rahmani 25 days ago +4

    Guys Avengers Endgame is even worse...😢
    I felt like i lost a friend....

    • Spotted
      Spotted 23 days ago +1

      Hdjdhbjdndns I’m going to see it tomorrow

  • Tiger Devil
    Tiger Devil 25 days ago

    Love u men honest reacn ever😘😘

  • clean editz
    clean editz 26 days ago

    Little girl sees mom and sister crying she joins in without knowing everyone died

  • C.T. Smith
    C.T. Smith 26 days ago

    Spoiler a bunch of people died. Half of all the super hero

  • Osvaldo Perez
    Osvaldo Perez 26 days ago

    Best movies are the one with the darkest ending

  • Maeson Yeargin
    Maeson Yeargin 26 days ago

    Well don't be sad anymore because...
    We're in the endgame now.

  • Troy Campbell
    Troy Campbell 27 days ago

    ''Keep the coments spoiler free"destiny always arrives thanos wins

  • Noah gaming
    Noah gaming 27 days ago +1

    Little did she know Drax was right by here

  • Tausif Hadi
    Tausif Hadi 27 days ago

    I can imagine what would happen after the endgame

  • Real Bush
    Real Bush 27 days ago +1

    Someone in my theater was arrested because they were crying and refused to leave the theater long after it was over. The worst part was he was wearing a Spider-Man shirt

  • MajorMexTeam
    MajorMexTeam 27 days ago

    I have a crush wt the dauther 🥺

  • tammi humbert
    tammi humbert 27 days ago

    Spiderman died

  • Ava Pop
    Ava Pop 27 days ago

    I weeped like a baby 😭😭😭

    YUAN ANIMATIONS 28 days ago

    Its called thrill duh.. Because in endgame they are gonna be resurected you fans

  • Xpatcat69 and friends
    Xpatcat69 and friends 28 days ago

    I didn't cry during a dogs purpose, old yeller, or any other sad movies. But I cried during most of the scenes in it. It was depressing, and I can't wait for Endgame in less than a week.

  • Syphe FLAG _BTW
    Syphe FLAG _BTW 28 days ago

    Mr Stark I don’t feel so good I don’t want to go I don’t wan to go.........goodbye

    DANNYGAMEZ 28 days ago

    And now end game will probably be really emotional

  • Rocky Harmon
    Rocky Harmon 28 days ago

    You know what I didn't cry at all. Because I am weird

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff 28 days ago +1


  • Legos for Life
    Legos for Life 28 days ago +1

    It’s ok if they get the infinity gauntlet they can use the time stone to get everyone back you guys ready for endgame

  • Lasantha Sanjeewa
    Lasantha Sanjeewa 28 days ago

    Thats me and my family in there thats how we cried

  • Sondre Tornes Andresen

    Mr Stark, i dont feel so good.

  • Rasha Alsaeed
    Rasha Alsaeed 29 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭Still gates me avrey time me2

  • Score Master
    Score Master 29 days ago +1

    And the Academy couldn't bloody recognize this masterpiece of a movie. Endgame will show them!!!!

  • peter lamprou
    peter lamprou 29 days ago +1

    Are u guys ready for ENDGAME ?

  • Jesse Hernandez
    Jesse Hernandez 29 days ago

    Might be just me but doesn't the music sound the Arkham Origins music on free roam?🤔
    2:10 -

  • Jany Rangel
    Jany Rangel 29 days ago

    New sub

  • Raphael Lara
    Raphael Lara 29 days ago

    Starting when i was a kid i started watching marvel movies when i subscribed to your channel i am always updated to all trailers.

    NBA GOD 29 days ago

    The little girl is crying like she is actually sad but she’s just doing bc of the parents

  • WaveJosh TV
    WaveJosh TV 29 days ago

    You’ll love it endgame

  • ViNnY CoRwIn
    ViNnY CoRwIn 29 days ago

    I know it's late but when we walked out of infinity war everyone was crying

  • Vape Ghoul
    Vape Ghoul 29 days ago

    1:34 just instant face of sorrow

  • goat dj
    goat dj Month ago


  • Dakshesh Nattamai
    Dakshesh Nattamai Month ago

    Who is waiting for ENDGAME

  • matthew garcia
    matthew garcia Month ago

    watched it again prep for end game, another one review like this for endgame! LETSGO!

  • NateIsMyMate
    NateIsMyMate Month ago +1

    People just have to bite the dust just like queen said

  • OneTap
    OneTap Month ago +20

    Dont worry they will come back in endgame on April 26

  • Smitty Plays
    Smitty Plays Month ago +1

    Hit Marvel fans hard because we are so use to the good guys winning

  • kainex4
    kainex4 Month ago +1

    “I LOVED it but it was sad 🤷🏼‍♂️” 😂

  • Dakho chand
    Dakho chand Month ago +1

    Mr.stark i dont feel so good