Us Governemnt Hates Orgonite orgone, Fight Gangstalking Love and Light

  • Published on Jan 21, 2017
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  • Runtime: 14:28
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Comments: 73

  • Regenia McDougal
    Regenia McDougal 7 days ago

    There is something about the cigarette butts where I use to live my neighbors would put there cigarette butts in our yard. I pick them up they put them back down. Then they began to cut symbols in the cement in all my entrance way.

  • Ed Sparks
    Ed Sparks 14 days ago

    no disrespect.....libraries are full of transients....public restrooms public ammentities.........go figure

  • James Tompkins
    James Tompkins 19 days ago

    Lmfao... see with your third eye huh? Keep smoking your orgonite weirdo

  • Margaret Bu Shey
    Margaret Bu Shey 20 days ago

    People are smoking there because the area feels good. Please do not demonize those who smoke. Be careful with your prayers.

  • Randall Wetmore
    Randall Wetmore 2 months ago +1

    Could it be that maybe someone who works at the library smokes?

  • Tru jew
    Tru jew 2 months ago

    I dont get your point?

    • Fölse Erynd
      Fölse Erynd 27 days ago

      The point is he's a delusional nut job. A lot of conspiracies are true and some people are gang stalked but 99% of these gang stalking vids are made are by people with serious mental health issues.

  • Garrett Thompson
    Garrett Thompson 2 months ago

    High learning! Hi I just came across this video this morning because I've been researching Orgonite. My parents don't believe in the healing power of crystals but I do. I've been dealing with depression for 11 years. I'm on medications at the moment and they just simply don't work. So I'm looking for anything that would help in a healthy way. Anyways I know you don't know me personally but would you consider gifting me a tower buster or something? I would have it forever and forever be appreciative and remember you as a friend. Have a nice day. Peace and love!

  • boxlessthinking
    boxlessthinking 2 months ago

    I WANT TO UNDERSTAND HOW ORGONITE CAN CONVERT AMBIENT RADIANT ENERGY INTO ELECTRIC FOR FUCKS SAKE .. GERMANIUM IS ANOTHER ONE THAT CAN DO IT ... GERMANIUM AMPLIFY S SIGNALS TO AC CURRENT SMALL CURRENT CAN BE AMPLIFIED TO A GREATER CURRENT.... COME ON GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD OUT OF UR FUCKING ASS .. YEA IS THIS SHIT A CRYSTAL OR WHAT .. CRYSTALS CONVERT ENERGY YOU MOTHER FUCKERS IT IS ENERGY WE All are energy you can charge your fucking self up on ac current you fuck tard we have like 10 million volts at cell level you fucking mother fucker so yea some frequencies hurt you some are beneficial its not aafucking goddam god think its just fact you fuck wtf ....

  • KingCrukzGaming
    KingCrukzGaming 2 months ago +1

    God is real read the Bible my freind may anyone reading this find the truth

  • kristi glinkaj
    kristi glinkaj 3 months ago

    where do you get this orgonite?

  • Baspreena Barton
    Baspreena Barton 3 months ago +2

    LMAO! Cigarettes do not affect Organite. Please learn how to speak. It is not a liberry, it is a li-br-ary. Just because you hate smokers, doesn't mean it has ANYTHING to do with Orgone energy. Now, I don't like littering of any kind and those leaving butts everywhere should get slapped. Garbage cans are everywhere!

  • Power InHisName
    Power InHisName 3 months ago

    Folks, orgonite is demonic. Its a demonic portal. Its making you paranoid. Look it up! Jesus Christ should be your only idol! Repent, get rid of it, and I promise you , you will start to see things much clearer !

    • Power InHisName
      Power InHisName 3 months ago

      O man, blue angels? Those are demons sir! Please reach out to me I can help you.

    • Power InHisName
      Power InHisName 3 months ago

      Also, opening your third eye is opening a demonic portal. Sir, you have demons influencing your thoughts. Please turn to the Lord! He will set you free. The new age movement is demonic. Plain and simple. Read the Bible please! Blessings to you!

  • Basel Alsafadi
    Basel Alsafadi 4 months ago

    Your video like my ass..
    Learn how to Hold the camera

  • Metal Detection Technology

    great videos friend. i just subbed you and if you will sub me it would be my honor to be subbed by you.

  • Melissa Clark
    Melissa Clark 4 months ago

    Well maybe you might want to pick up there trash..

  • R aw
    R aw 5 months ago

    Willhelm Reich smoked cigarettes

  • Jake West
    Jake West 6 months ago +2

    If they really hated it, wouldn't they make the crystals you use illegeal??

    • Connie M
      Connie M 3 months ago

      They wouldn't be able to make phones, computers and TVs then. Besides, quartz its way way too plentiful on the earth for them to be able to track. Information though is a lot easier for them to stop

  • solo music
    solo music 6 months ago

    i was worried that u wouldn't post again i learned about orgonite from you and i bought me some good to see you are doing well bro

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 6 months ago +3

    So, let me get this straight... The government is planting cigarettes with dark ether energy in all places you put your orgonite? Shoot I believe some pretty wild stuff that most don't, but I'm gonna need some evidence for that. I do know orgonite protects against EMF and wifi radiation, but you know what you might be right. I was just laughing out loud so hard when you said that though. But yo you might be right. I've been tracked by helicopters plenty of times when I had an Obama phone from having welfare.

  • Elizabeth Fearon
    Elizabeth Fearon 6 months ago

    what if the butts are just from some hit-man paid to eliminate whoever's responsible for this source of this energy?

  • britton3377
    britton3377 6 months ago +7

    Just when I was starting to believe in organite, now you throw me this shit

    • Stopa Gangstalk
      Stopa Gangstalk 3 months ago

      Subscribe to my channel

    • Power InHisName
      Power InHisName 3 months ago

      britton3377 orgonite is no good. Its a demonic portal .. Leads to irrational demonic thoughts. Please turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ. He will give you answers.

    • Stopa Gangstalk
      Stopa Gangstalk 5 months ago

      britton3377 check my channel none of this shit. like Subscribe and share pkease if you think its worth it.

  • Bluesky Coolbreeze
    Bluesky Coolbreeze 7 months ago

    i want one of these soo bad

  • Siminthesky
    Siminthesky 7 months ago +5

    Great video! thank you ..Some of these sigarettes contain drugs, satanics/nsa people put them there to disturb the energies, but also if you would place the organites/stones you might get arrested, so they create havock, for using drugs. They like to irritate you, and like you say in this video. but also will tip the police that the drugsusers are there too..but to make you look bad.. They also put spells on that area, kill cats or animals you like..and place hearts of the sacrificied animals in your space. Then they scare the ghosts of these animals, so this will make the beings around you turn against you.. weirdly enough. They also put spells in phone, internet connections, anything electronic. But if you do the same as they do, you are fighting. You shouldn't call on michael anymore, that's of the old matrix/grids. Just connect to Source and mother Earth's core and your core essence and than create a bluewhite ball and let it radiate violet flame essence around you and a mirror on the outside. this will repell them, whereever you go..And indeed like you say orgonwater, but also shungite stones and nano shit i clear with using copper and iodine in my fruitjuice..And just put a peice of orgonite and shungite in the car and anywhere in your house, at the door an windows.
    btw connecting happens because you do the same too, prayer is fine, but technically they do the tesla-wlak; so they copy your movements. But never use violence back. You can return the "favours"sent it back and amplify whatever they plan..but the best is prevent it from happening. :)
    also check on katherine Hurton, she has great technical info on gangstalking and what to do about it..we should all be exposing them and make them the laughing stock..:)

    • Edwin Manna And The Learning Channel
      Edwin Manna And The Learning Channel 2 months ago

      Siminthesky i met my dark ex as well she is featured in my vid conversations with the narcissist and my ex handler....i know very well what u mean she was trying to use her Taurus power to me out...

    • Edwin Manna And The Learning Channel
      Edwin Manna And The Learning Channel 2 months ago

      Siminthesky whats your email ?

    • Siminthesky
      Siminthesky 6 months ago

      yeah that could well be. My (dark) ex he could feel anything with higher frequency or artifacts, and he was always nosing into my stuff, and walking around trying to find something...years later i knew he was my enemy in the meeting your terrible twin is not always nice and i found out it is not wise to have a relationship with them, because you bring was into your bed and house..!

    • Jake West
      Jake West 6 months ago

      siminthesky yeah, they could do that, ciggerattes, drugs, dead cats, etc.... or they could just take the orgon device. I think the latter of the two is a little more logical.

  • Night Howla
    Night Howla 7 months ago

    yea fuck all these chemtrails heh i wonder if i make spirt things to make there damm planes crash fuckers

  • Robert Ovalle
    Robert Ovalle 8 months ago +4

    Stay strong, brother! You are not alone in this. Many of us are fighting the darkness with light and love. Keep sending light and awakening minds. Blessed be!

  • Everyday Evangelist
    Everyday Evangelist 8 months ago

    where in the bible did U get the blue flame energy & put bills info? im interested. but arent we supossed forgive them...ket me know Pray Psalm 91 Everyday

    • EarlUltra
      EarlUltra 5 months ago +1

      Everyday Evangelist there is a time for everything. Jesus turned the other cheek until he was tortured and crucified. He forgave but he was Jesus, the rest of us aren't. We can choose forgive them or stop them your heart knows what Jesus would want from you personally. Im fighting back and I will ask forgiveness when im done but until then Ill prey for guidance and strength.

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 8 months ago +4

    What if that poor woman was just stopping to phone her husband and ask if they needed bread from the store? Now you've set your phantom pitbulls and blue flame sword wielding angels on her chances are you have utterly destroyed an innocent soul!

  • Adam Tracey
    Adam Tracey 8 months ago +1

    oh wow nanotechnology in the cigarette butts..... wow.....

  • Adam Tracey
    Adam Tracey 8 months ago +14

    The government is planting cigarette butts outside the library?..... do you hear yourself?.....

    • Aron Gopal
      Aron Gopal 4 days ago


    • kristi glinkaj
      kristi glinkaj 3 months ago +2

      i think he is telling you the chemicals from the cigarettes are negating the energy. that is how i took it????

      CHRISTOPHER KING 3 months ago

      WOW! He's burnt!

    • Jon Jay
      Jon Jay 5 months ago

      Adam Tracey yes he hears himself dumb ass

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 8 months ago

    The criminals gang stalking my rural property smoke, but they don't leave cigarette butts. I've smelled cigarette smoke at night from under the 5th wheel trailer I stay in when on my rural property. They also use cloaking technology, so be sure to keep attentive to any evidence suggesting it. They also use sound projection technology.

  • Joseph Gelb
    Joseph Gelb 8 months ago

    Where is that

  • Nolan Corso
    Nolan Corso 8 months ago

    i think my shirt that Gabriel gave me has been stolen I pray in JESUS name they give it back.
    hey cool channel

  • James Garcia Mumtaz
    James Garcia Mumtaz 9 months ago +3

    if one were to summarize your videos...., delusional paranoid

    • EarlUltra
      EarlUltra 5 months ago

      James Garcia Mumtaz How did you get to this video and why did you watch it, If your going to be a fucboii to this guy?

    • Tony Roberts
      Tony Roberts 8 months ago +2

      Obviously the cigs are from drug addicts and homeless people

  • Jason S
    Jason S 9 months ago +1

    This may be a strange question: Have you had any strange experiences being stalked by black birds? I feel like what used to be black helicopters are now black birds. I know it is strange but I feel like you would understand my question. Bless you and yours in God's glorious Light and Love.

    • EarlUltra
      EarlUltra 5 months ago

      Jason S would any of you consider yourselves empowered people? I read a report that empowered people and members of certain online communitys will be targeted, this summer because of expected astoral events such as 8/21/17

    • Orgone Energy
      Orgone Energy 9 months ago

      yes i have similar experience on multiple occasions - sososo much to share with all of you

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  9 months ago

      Yeah A.I. black crows lol it is so comical. The grid is reacting to us.

    • Dorian Strickland
      Dorian Strickland 9 months ago

      Jason S that's very interesting that u mention that a grind of mines said something like that

  • murrlin22
    murrlin22 9 months ago

    Medical Body Area Network is connected to cell phone and satellites. Its the new medical system but they are using it to GPS you and lock you into a hit with microwaves to hurt you and stimulate your implants to heat or vibrate you, do damage to your body. Its a torture system!

  • TheDavebot1415
    TheDavebot1415 9 months ago +2

    this is not proof of gangstalking, sorry. I've watched hundreds of videos honestly searching for the truth, found nothing. You would not even know gang stalking existed with out the Internet pushing the idea, you're basically becoming a sheep to some internet label for common occurances that happen daily.

  • T. S.
    T. S. 9 months ago +2

    God bless you my friend.
    Thank you for yout all light an dlove to our mother nature.

    • T. S.
      T. S. 9 months ago +1

      Hey my friend,
      Which kind of monotomic gold do I need for black sun orgonits to clean the sky?
      And which kind of magnets fo I need?
      And is it possible to build a huge 30L chembuster with black sun orgonite?
      Does that make sence?
      Thanks a lot my friend.

  • Kimberly Wood
    Kimberly Wood 10 months ago +4

    Oh shit....cig butts everywhere......recently.

    STOP THE AMERICAN HOLOCAUST 10 months ago +2

    no one ever blames the United Nations or foreigners.

  • brickedawayinfinity
    brickedawayinfinity 10 months ago +1

    You created a new favorite smoking spot for somebody, they just don't know why they feel more positive there... maybe...  your powered orgonite works well.  Weather modification in Eugene Oregon, clear skies.  Ha ha!

  • Anne Lane
    Anne Lane 10 months ago

    we cant make this at apartments .they would be fined hundreds of dollars by my apt manager for cigar. butts.

  • Elaine Marie
    Elaine Marie 10 months ago +4

    Wow, this knowledge & wisdom is fantastic.
    When you were speaking about the orgone and the sun came out, it was wonderful. But, I kid you not, as you spoke of the blue & violet flame ethers, these same colors burst out onto the video.
    I had to play it twice to verify the anomaly.
    Am I imagining things?
    The sprinkling of cigarette butts everywhere is creepy. So do they take used butts or cut off from the manufactured ones? Like do they collect butts from random ashtrays? I think about how smoke is an energy and carries spiritual messages (which can be programmed as negative or positive, as in smudging ceremonies).
    My last question is about retaliation. You mentioned the tactics used to return in kind the harm of that was done to you. Wouldn't that bring in a lower frequency? Wouldn't love & light be preferable?
    Thank you very much.

    • Jon Jay
      Jon Jay 5 months ago

      ConstitutionLost so are we going to kill the police pigs for shooting our loved ones

    • Elaine Marie
      Elaine Marie 10 months ago

      +ConstitutionLost OK, thank you.

    • ConstitutionLost
      ConstitutionLost  10 months ago +5

      You have every right to protect yourself. Archangel Micheal has a blue flame sword what do you think he does with it? He is a demon slayer just like me, and a guardian over the earth. I am actually under his command. As long as you fight back with a positive intention to protect yourself and your fellow brothers and sisters and the earth nothing wrong with that, it is expected. When there are thunderstorms angels and demons are fighting in the heavens. As above so below. We are in a spiritual warfare, sometimes angels die and sometimes demons, we will win in the end tho.

  • Balazs Pk
    Balazs Pk 10 months ago

    Man I'm envious! All that beautiful stones everywhere man! I want them here in my room