• Published on Apr 22, 2014
  • Just after 10 pm Monday night a 14-year-old female teen was driving a Pontiac G-6 westbound on White Oak Orchard at a high rate of speed. She ran the stop sign at Hilltop Drive and lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle went sideways then struck a tree head-on. Her 15-year-old passenger identified as Anthony Gomez was partially ejected through the windshield.
    Cut and Shoot Fire Department and MCHD responded to the scene. Gomez was pronounced dead at the scene, the female who is not being identified due to her juvenile status was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital in stable condition.
    The Montgomery County District Attorney's Office and the Montgomery County Attorney's Office were both notified and are assisting in the investigation and any pending charges.

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  • C D
    C D Year ago

    What a dumb way to die. No doubt he'd still be alive had he wore his seat belt.

  • Linda Ferguson
    Linda Ferguson Year ago +1

    2 things..that emblem on the steering wheel is Mazda and are those 2 huge plants at the driveway aloe Vera plants? 😮

    • C D
      C D Year ago +1

      They look more like Blue Agave plants, and yes, it's a Mazda 6.

  • UniquelyDezined - Artist Kathy Coulson Prough

    I just have "the blank look" on my face right now, because I can't express what I really feel, it's like shock when I hear some of the teens activities, and I get it often anymore. There are no words. I can't believe how kids are let to do anything they want, or things are made easy, or just done for them, and when they hit a hard spot in life, we pamper? Fu......k that. And If they don't get it, they steal it or do it anyways. Where's the belt, that's what I got and I am a girl. My brothers got the same thing. We are all OK

  • j lopez
    j lopez 3 years ago

    now n days parents dont b on there kids business they just let um b...

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie 4 years ago

    If they'd both been wearing seatbelts they would probably have walked away...

  • Emma
    Emma 4 years ago +6

    that's not a G6, that's a Mazda 6.

    • Emma
      Emma 4 years ago


    • gosportjamie
      gosportjamie 4 years ago +1

      Ok, no-one likes a show-off lol ;-)

    • Emma
      Emma 4 years ago

      Told you ;)

    • gosportjamie
      gosportjamie 4 years ago

      +Emma Spanner Yes, you're quite right, that was a Mazda 6...

  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 5 years ago

    According to news reports, the girl took her parent's car without their permission.

  • elizabeth v cherry
    elizabeth v cherry 5 years ago +4

    They are getting younger, I like to know where the 14 year old got the car, scary