Kevin Jonas's Daughter Has Beef w/ Priyanka Chopra

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • James asks Joe Jonas about his upcoming wedding to Sophie Turner and what he learned from his brothers' weddings, and how he's having to learn about rugby. And Kevin shares how his youngest daughter was pretty protective of her uncle Nick when Priyanka came into the picture.
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  • Lpscandycane 101
    Lpscandycane 101 Day ago +1

    I love how nick hates being touched it’s so precious and I wanna die. 😭😫❤️

  • Ffion Brooks
    Ffion Brooks Day ago +1

    Aww I wish nick was my uncle

  • Katie Rojas
    Katie Rojas 2 days ago

    They are all so talented and so likeable.

  • Jake Christian
    Jake Christian 2 days ago +1

    How good does Kevin look...DAMN

  • Harper Craven
    Harper Craven 3 days ago

    Lol Joe is the most outgoing, Kevin’s the most laidback, and Nick’s the most judgmental, sarcastic, and socially awkward

  • valentina A A
    valentina A A 3 days ago

    When LL grow more old you will just grown young
    Later she can't cover her age Harmon

  • valentina A A
    valentina A A 3 days ago

    But one you will repent very badly

  • valentina A A
    valentina A A 3 days ago +1

    Nick you are totally deceived from a witch from India

  • Jhordan Barrantes
    Jhordan Barrantes 5 days ago

    My cousin's name is valentina

  • Clear minds
    Clear minds 5 days ago

    This whole bullonie of priyanka has an important role in the family because she's older bla, bla, bla is BS. Humans should be equal and this whole cast system in India should be abolished.

  • Erica Chong
    Erica Chong 6 days ago

    2:56 omg mood

  • Precious Diagan
    Precious Diagan 8 days ago +15

    Kevin Jones - Married and have 2 daughter
    Nick Jones married to Priyanka
    Joe Jones engaged/getting married to shopie Turner
    Demi lavato - guest still single 😂
    Love you Demi

  • Mickayla Hunter
    Mickayla Hunter 8 days ago

    They really need to do married to jones now that all tree of them are married well two and half.....can’t waittt tho!!!

  • Tris Outlaw
    Tris Outlaw 9 days ago

    Oh my lovely Valentina what a beautiful smart girl.

  • m. usama
    m. usama 9 days ago

    'the longer you wait, the hotter you date' only applies to the jonas brothers.

  • ZA RA
    ZA RA 9 days ago

    Nick is so funny 😂😂😂❤️

  • petite blair
    petite blair 9 days ago

    Nick Jonas, you mix with indian culture so well, that head sake and knowledge. I mean..

  • Annie Khan
    Annie Khan 10 days ago


  • Gaurang Rahirkar
    Gaurang Rahirkar 11 days ago

    I know the meaning of beef used here but I literally thought that Kevin's daughter had beef "WITH" Priyanka.

    NOTE- beef is banned in India

  • mark mark
    mark mark 12 days ago +2

    HINDUS never eat beef ...they only respect indian brown hump cows as nurturing mother

    • crime mystery lover
      crime mystery lover 10 days ago

      Hehe you realise that they r not talking about the meat beef right? Beef as in one to one with priyanka.
      This made me laugh tho

  • mark mark
    mark mark 12 days ago

    james joe nick are kids

  • Marilene santana
    Marilene santana 13 days ago

    The Late Late Show, we brasileiros love your progam, but please legend in português sometimes, tankyou soumat❤

  • Charlotte Teasdale
    Charlotte Teasdale 13 days ago

    Wait Kevin has a daughter??

  • Sara’s Life
    Sara’s Life 14 days ago

    Kevin: she is very connected to Nick
    Nick: I mean why not?

  • Evely Helena
    Evely Helena 14 days ago


  • Lovely Pradhan
    Lovely Pradhan 15 days ago +1

    They are all rounders seriously!! Such hell handsome all are.... So polite n well mannered.... This interview make me fell for them!!

  • KingLouiX
    KingLouiX 15 days ago

    I love these guys

  • Sidney Gonzalez
    Sidney Gonzalez 15 days ago

    Who wouldn’t be

  • Saemah Begum
    Saemah Begum 15 days ago

    So, if Nick doesn’t like being touched, then...

  • Aileen Gonzalez
    Aileen Gonzalez 15 days ago

    Why are the women taller then the Jonas?

  • Ashis Roy
    Ashis Roy 16 days ago

    wish one of them woukd have had same sex marriage

  • Mahi Sarkar
    Mahi Sarkar 16 days ago

    The "this is so funny" Priyanka impression is on-point ! XD

  • Julia E
    Julia E 17 days ago

    I don’t think it’s funny to touch people for fun knowing they don’t wanna be touched, like joke about it all you want but don’t actually TOUCH THEM after hearing they’re not comfortable with it, cuz he obviously wasn’t.

  • sou hila
    sou hila 17 days ago

    They are getting married i realized that i'm old very old

  • دانا يوتيوب
    دانا يوتيوب 17 days ago

    My brother in law soooooo cute

  • Marie M
    Marie M 17 days ago


  • Emily Johnson
    Emily Johnson 17 days ago

    At 1:42 the way he says ‘law’ is hilarious 😂😂

  • zoe bellanfante
    zoe bellanfante 18 days ago +1

    i love kevin wife she is adorable and smart



    SHAHANA 18 days ago

    Kevin is ❤️

  • Yash Kapoor
    Yash Kapoor 19 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂 this guy said 18

  • Arzu Deniz
    Arzu Deniz 19 days ago +1

    Kevin is so cutie omg

  • Morae Cierra
    Morae Cierra 19 days ago +1


    PRÉÐÅTÖR 94 20 days ago +1

    Support Arsenal

  • Seeker
    Seeker 20 days ago

    Where that eating beef part?

  • Leo Roemer
    Leo Roemer 20 days ago

    Good point Joe. Never have your wedding a day where it's scheduled to freezing cold or snow storm. Also, never have weddings on summer days with extreme heat.

  • Selena Gilbert
    Selena Gilbert 20 days ago +1


  • Saphira Milo
    Saphira Milo 21 day ago

    Kevin has two daughters??! Really?? My life is a lie 😂

  • BK B*
    BK B* 21 day ago

    Eyy i play rugby😂🏉

  • princess_ sam
    princess_ sam 21 day ago +11

    “All 18 of Nick’s was amazing” 😂😂

  • Al Nevermind
    Al Nevermind 21 day ago

    holy moly I have the same name as kevin's daughter maybe I actually don't need to change it

  • WTFox
    WTFox 22 days ago

    ONLY 18 weddings ?

  • Relish and Macaroons
    Relish and Macaroons 22 days ago +5

    The amount of funny puns in this beautiful video...❤️

  • Kaama Koduran
    Kaama Koduran 22 days ago

    Man how do all the comments here have more that 1k likes?
    It would be nice if I got more than 1k likes.

  • Devil's Daughter
    Devil's Daughter 23 days ago

    I'm having that childhood flashback when I was watching them on Disney and now they are married and engaged. I feel like a proud mom

  • Yanshi Sharma
    Yanshi Sharma 24 days ago

    Kevin said namaste

  • Fara Tavui
    Fara Tavui 24 days ago +2

    Who else wants each of the Jonas brothers to have vlog channels?!!

  • Ashley Thomas
    Ashley Thomas 24 days ago

    All 18 of nicks were amazing 😂😂

  • cmeaghan19
    cmeaghan19 24 days ago

    You know nick wanted to get mad at that comment lol

  • Adelina Johnson
    Adelina Johnson 24 days ago

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  • end me pls
    end me pls 25 days ago

    these ppl made me gay pls helpbsnsbshbshsh

  • Hannah Wilton
    Hannah Wilton 25 days ago

    What happened at nick wedding that Jo is making jokes about all of his “18” weddings

  • Melissa XoXo
    Melissa XoXo 25 days ago +1


  • Aarna Verma
    Aarna Verma 25 days ago

    This was posted on me birthday

  • Milagros Quintero
    Milagros Quintero 25 days ago


  • Jess_squishyface
    Jess_squishyface 26 days ago

    Wth Kevin actually looks so young to have a daughter, feels like only 3 hours ago I was watching camp rock

  • candy mandy
    candy mandy 26 days ago

    they ate steak together

  • Popcorn Bubbles
    Popcorn Bubbles 26 days ago

    The title has a mistake, the wrote Jonas’s but it supposed to be Jonas’
    I think I have a spelling mistake XD

  • Simran singh
    Simran singh 26 days ago +1

    3:33 chodo chodo😁😃

  • katkowalski314
    katkowalski314 27 days ago +1

    i like how nick sits w/ one of his feet resting on the other foot sideways. that is how sit & i literally never see anyone else sit like that

  • Michelle Castillo
    Michelle Castillo 27 days ago

    How was Kevin the first one married ??! I never will understand

  • NEA Tiverton Rhode Island

    All 18 of Nicks were amazing

  • sharon cynthia
    sharon cynthia 27 days ago +1

    How cute, the way Nick explained bout “Roka” .. ♥️

  • Akash Mazumder
    Akash Mazumder 27 days ago +10

    Having beef with Priyanka!!!
    The Headline is enough to give 1 Billion people Heart attack in India.🙂🙂🙂

  • Leslie
    Leslie 28 days ago

    Nick talks so weird

  • Sanjana Shyam
    Sanjana Shyam 28 days ago


  • hazel wood_09
    hazel wood_09 28 days ago

    Do checkout my channel!!👅

  • gabi. c
    gabi. c 28 days ago +2


  • Aseel Al-Bokhari
    Aseel Al-Bokhari 28 days ago +1

    I’m still here! Who else??

  • Munhaa Aahnum
    Munhaa Aahnum 28 days ago

    nick is so cute

  • TheRVisions
    TheRVisions 29 days ago

    Valentina had a good instinct. Shoulda listened to the little one.

  • nothanks 1
    nothanks 1 29 days ago

    How old are they??? Damm they look mad young and here I am single at 36. PS. don't judge lol

  • Sonu Raj
    Sonu Raj 29 days ago

    Want views from Us maiya chuda le hum click kar denge faltu ke chutiyape aur lund jaise titals mat daal

  • Yash Sonawane
    Yash Sonawane 29 days ago +2

    Nick is a lucky man

  • Joenotaverage
    Joenotaverage 29 days ago

    I love that Sophie's family loves rugby, I'm a fan now 😜🏉

  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok Month ago +33

    We use to cheer when they would wink at the crowd and say “Yes of course I would date a fan.”
    Now we scream when they talk about their weddings and wives. 😍

  • M Ali
    M Ali Month ago

    Dirty guys prianka got 3 for the price of 1 choose your days

  • Bhama Gopal
    Bhama Gopal Month ago

    How many Indians here curious to know if Priyanka ate beef with Kevin’s daughter 🤣

  • Arun S
    Arun S Month ago

    Please interview Lydian nadhaswaram

  • Hello#
    Hello# Month ago +1

    That centre guy wanted to put priyanka down

  • Steven Wise
    Steven Wise Month ago +1

    Has anyone eaten at neloies.? A Jonas family restaurant?

  • Farhan Inayat
    Farhan Inayat Month ago +1

    even his niece tried to save him but now all in vain

  • Himanshu sharma
    Himanshu sharma Month ago +2

    I watched this video thinking Priyanka ate beef and now she's doomed

  • Ariminta
    Ariminta Month ago

    Boring group

  • Kylie's World
    Kylie's World Month ago +1

    Bro Nick and his Wife are 10 years apart in age

  • gohar ashraf
    gohar ashraf Month ago +1

    "Priyanka Chopra, who is 35 years old, is said to be dating singer Nick Jonas, who is all of 25 years old."
    I am surprised that Nick does not the age difference with his wife.

  • Poulomi Hari
    Poulomi Hari Month ago

    The title is wrong.

  • crazy4corbinbleux
    crazy4corbinbleux Month ago +1

    Hannah Montana’s voice is playing in my head like..
    “Oh you must be Kevin!.. the cute, romantic one.
    You must be Joe!.. the cute, funny one *gets googly eyes*.. And.. You must be Nick...

  • crazy4corbinbleux
    crazy4corbinbleux Month ago +2

    Nick is just looking like a damn snack. So sexy.

  • crazy4corbinbleux
    crazy4corbinbleux Month ago +2

    Is it just me or did Kevin pronounce Pri’s name weird.. like said “PRI-YUUHN-KAH”