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  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • Music core 20190518
    WINNER - MOLA , 위너 - 몰라도 너무 몰라
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  • djalika zulkarnain
    djalika zulkarnain 4 hours ago

    seungyoon you stole ma eyes, i love the make up, the moves and the concept

  • binnie binnie
    binnie binnie Day ago +1

    Now I understand why all winner song has ladies back dancer's😎😎😎

  • Kiim Aleê Pärk
    Kiim Aleê Pärk 4 days ago

    Vengan a Latinoamérica >:'v

  • Glorianna Elizondo
    Glorianna Elizondo 5 days ago

    Yeah, anyone can tell me who the female dancers are? I swear I was watching the video bc of my boys, but these girls are killing me!

  • Mino Baby
    Mino Baby 6 days ago

    Literally Yoon stole my heart this comeback! Can't wait for your solo ddeungyoonie

  • 파란엘프
    파란엘프 11 days ago

    가사 좀 다 읊어주지.. 진우님은 힘든건지 아픈건지.. 안좋아보이네요

  • Ngoc Nguyen
    Ngoc Nguyen 11 days ago


  • dela ahgase
    dela ahgase 11 days ago

    Funny song 😍

  • Eeman
    Eeman 12 days ago +1

    I love how professional they look while dancing with female dancers. Winner members are literally heartthrobs

  • Laura Zapata
    Laura Zapata 13 days ago

    My favorite song, i need more lives, and a MV

  • Qhmda
    Qhmda 13 days ago +1

    Minos part bshdjsjwjjxjdjdhdhd

  • Haadiya Domun
    Haadiya Domun 13 days ago

    I love this song 😭❤❤

  • Sofia Bang
    Sofia Bang 14 days ago

    I love this song, the coreo, everything! I LOVE WINNER

  • Geeanne Ramos
    Geeanne Ramos 14 days ago

    love it!!

  • Andrea D
    Andrea D 16 days ago


  • Baran Sadeghi
    Baran Sadeghi 16 days ago +2

    i love hoony part💙

  • Park_Jiwoo_Kayla Jakama

    Guys look closely to see Jinu Lick his lips!!! I squealed!

  • 알니bvip
    알니bvip 18 days ago

    I really like the style and sound of WINNER... so refreshing 💕

  • Сая Сейпилева

    My favorite song from now😍😍😍 this song really deserve an mv❗️

  • Gita Alvi Shafira
    Gita Alvi Shafira 21 day ago +1

    Mino knp sih kamu mls"an nyanyinya:((((

  • Danielle
    Danielle 23 days ago

    I really want to see them in London :( Please tour Europe ♡

  • byun baekhyun
    byun baekhyun 23 days ago +2

    Percentage breakdown of all the comments here:
    92% all about yoon
    8% all about them

  • Sthefania Hernandez
    Sthefania Hernandez 24 days ago

    Everyone is getting their heart stolen from joon but mino still has mine

  • Bluerose428 Yoonie
    Bluerose428 Yoonie 24 days ago +2

    Our sexy yoonie is being born mochi yoonie where you at😊

  • Kristal Azuli
    Kristal Azuli 25 days ago


  • Rose Lo
    Rose Lo 26 days ago

    I feel so sad..... Winner is getting affected because of their label. They worked so hard but the people will just boycott them. just so sad really...

  • Rhayn Wang
    Rhayn Wang 26 days ago

    I really love Mino’s relaxed attitude and swag when performing. He’s so cool haha!

  • Regulus Ark
    Regulus Ark 27 days ago +1

    3:32 *Confetti fairy spotted*

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 27 days ago +2

    This is a great song by WINNER. It's one of their best yet. I'm surprised it's not the title track, because it certainly sounds like one.

  • jacque
    jacque 28 days ago +2

    Who’s with me streaming while having bfast??? GM 🌞

  • Renee Lee
    Renee Lee 28 days ago

    0:54 kill this love?

  • Miss Winnie
    Miss Winnie 29 days ago +1

    Why all YG dancers so hot!!!!!!!!

  • Pressyyy55 Eguico
    Pressyyy55 Eguico 29 days ago +3

    If you feel EMPTY and SENTIMENTAL.
    Don't be a FOOL.
    Just str3am AH YEAH million times EVERYDAY.
    Whether you are in the ISLAND or in the AIR. str3am as much as you caN Baby Baby.
    WINNER deserves more!!!

  • selbbub kwon
    selbbub kwon 29 days ago


  • selbbub kwon
    selbbub kwon 29 days ago


  • Marjorie Pia
    Marjorie Pia 29 days ago

    The fck jinwoo! (no i'm not cursing you bby) it's just that I don't know if your handsome or beautiful :O i'm confuse!!
    Iloveyou Winner!!!

  • Sema Isazade
    Sema Isazade 29 days ago

    Jinu 😍😍😍

  • Juliza Altizo
    Juliza Altizo 29 days ago +1

    My baby Yooooooooon!!! 🔥


    Ang baba ng vi3ws anobayan asan ba mga International ICs. Lahat kayo nagsstream sa Korean music charts? Ambayan the results are so disappointing, we failed Winner haissssssssssstttt kaurat fandom

  • Cherry Blossom, and a flower JongDae

    So goodddd😍😍

    • Istina Srbija
      Istina Srbija 26 days ago

      nice prof pic and name, we have same taste

  • how's the weather outside? it's sunnnyyy!!

    Can we talk about the outfits for this stage? YEAH, THANK YOU. So chic, goddamn

  • Ánh Minh Lê
    Ánh Minh Lê Month ago

    Who like WINNER in suit? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Hi, Im lost on internet.

    I mean Ah Yeah title track who ? I only know Mola title track.

    (This is not a hate comment on Ah Yeah, I really love that song but Mola is faaar superior lol)

  • Khánh Ly Lê
    Khánh Ly Lê Month ago

    Black, white, grey concept

  • fina mardiana
    fina mardiana Month ago +1


  • wells mood
    wells mood Month ago +3

    YOON DESRVES ATTENTION😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Eva Syxo
    Eva Syxo Month ago

    Что бы там не говорили, артисты YG самые самые !!!! :-) :-*

  • Junmar King Bacud
    Junmar King Bacud Month ago +3


  • Pink plant
    Pink plant Month ago +2

    0:01 what's his name? Cause wow

    • Inseo Mermaid
      Inseo Mermaid Month ago

      Kang Seungyoon WINNER leader :) and Maknae

  • Syamim Aimi
    Syamim Aimi Month ago

    😂😂😂😂its funny tho, ever since i know winner i approve them being sucks at lip sync😂😂

  • Syamim Aimi
    Syamim Aimi Month ago

    I love molaaaaaa❤

  • Kelly Segura
    Kelly Segura Month ago

    Si tan sólo hubiesen tenido este concepto:'0

  • Dylan Sye
    Dylan Sye Month ago

    king pedora i see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu MAINO MAILAF

  • Dylan Sye
    Dylan Sye Month ago

    next is princess MOLA MV PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @yg

  • yun hanna
    yun hanna Month ago +2

    I believe mola is better than a yeah ...still so proud of winner...fighting boys.

  • Minobi jinbob
    Minobi jinbob Month ago +2

    This song is so bop! I love it! Yoon shines in this performance. This needs an mv. I like the dance moves not complicated but cute and sexy just like them. 💙💙💙💙

  • atynkatsumi
    atynkatsumi Month ago +3

    Yoon's facial reaction at the end. Mom, I'm scared

  • Optimistic Deputy Lee Hoony

    Yoon so sexy this era! ♡ I miss his cheeks but I love this Yoon better! ♡

  • Sanam Grg
    Sanam Grg Month ago

    JINWOO BITCH be snatching ma wiggg 😭

  • Dewi Lastari
    Dewi Lastari Month ago

    Mola mola mola 💙💙💙💙

  • Tilly1770
    Tilly1770 Month ago

    Mola, Focus (JUS2) and Make it Right are the only contenders so far for song of the year 👌👌👌 KPOP is going off this year!!


    This song is my favorite!!! 💙💙💙💙

  • Nekito 89
    Nekito 89 Month ago

    So energetic!!!!!!

  • May Phan
    May Phan Month ago

    Jinwoo with hoops damn

  • May Phan
    May Phan Month ago

    -Imagine you were listening to this song while driving...-

  • Neverland -ss
    Neverland -ss Month ago +3

    Dance practice already in their channel, please check it out

  • koo nic
    koo nic Month ago

    Stage Presence

    DBN DBN Month ago

    This might be off topic and totally random but Mino's stage outfit reminds me of the time Heechul dressed up exactly like that on Hello Counselor during Mamacita era..😂

  • Yainun Puasaningrum
    Yainun Puasaningrum Month ago +3

    Winner perfect group that everyone should stanning

  • 샐이
    샐이 Month ago +2


  • Likha Yarin
    Likha Yarin Month ago +1

    Winner love you
    Please make Mv..for this song

  • Alison J. Ceron Cerda
    Alison J. Ceron Cerda Month ago +1

    Thank you MBC!! I need more winner song!!!

  • Phương Hoàng
    Phương Hoàng Month ago

    Mino ngâù vãi!!!!

  • Zahirul Hadee
    Zahirul Hadee Month ago +2

    Jinu so badass & Mino swagger

  • Tran Tran
    Tran Tran Month ago


  • raindrops!
    raindrops! Month ago +4

    Bish, YOON'S INTENSITY ON THIS STAGE JUST SUCKED MY SOUL AWAY AGAGAGAKLLL! Please give Mola an MV and dance practice! Even the other b-sides from the album please! 🔥💙

  • Winona
    Winona Month ago +1

    Son los mejores increíble regreso!!!🇲🇽🇲🇽💙💙💙

  • Dakota Typo
    Dakota Typo Month ago

    To the fashion stylist of JINU, thank you for not covering him with those oversized suits/jackets. He is looking so fine here.
    HOONY, whatever he wears he always looks adorable.
    MINO is always MINO, experimenting with fashion, never goes wrong.
    YOON, you've the most growth in this come back. Thank you also to Yoon's fashion stylist for dropping those long shirts reaching his knees (tuckedinfrontwithatailattheback).

  • Chariz zzz
    Chariz zzz Month ago

    Why does mino always skip his lines lol its becoming a habit...remember his perf before at an award show? He skipped all hoon said😂😂😂🤣😂

  • hany kim
    hany kim Month ago +4

    I don't know about u, but I do really think their outfits are on point! it shows their personality so much, I love 💙

  • angie_ 6kies
    angie_ 6kies Month ago +4

    this song is great! :) yellowkies love Winner too. Go go!

  • Donghun A.C.E
    Donghun A.C.E Month ago +2

    Everyone dance with girls and Mino is the only one who got boys LOL

  • tati pleit
    tati pleit Month ago

    como no amar a WINNER?
    mis pequeños bebés VIP también los apoya

  • Adriana Lucia Castro

    lider sexy

  • Fien
    Fien Month ago +2

    Hoony was amazing this stage! Also 3:30 is so funny 😂

  • thu thuy
    thu thuy Month ago

    Thật sự là hay quá đi.....

  • Wayward Daughter
    Wayward Daughter Month ago +3

    Cameraman seems to have a crush on Jinu tho! 😂😂😂

  • r. gin
    r. gin Month ago

    i love mola so much

  • Andira Claribel
    Andira Claribel Month ago +7

    SEUNGYOON IN RED HAIRRRRR😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • Chloe Hawkins
    Chloe Hawkins Month ago

    they snapped and took inner's wigsssss

  • P M
    P M Month ago +4

    This pair of fuchsia shoe is born to be worn for Yoon on this stage and nowhere else. 😂
    Words can’t express how much I love this song, it’s my favorite from this mini. But can I say both Ah yeah and Mola’s dances are as good as their songs ? They’re not famous for the dance but somehow I just addict their dance styles and choreographer. Winner is perfection. 💙💙💙💙

  • Sissi B
    Sissi B Month ago +1

    I really can't say whether this song is actually any good... It's just so dramatic that I am too distracted to form an objective opinion. I Love It!

  • Issariya
    Issariya Month ago

    Good stage performance

    YYSONE BLINK Month ago +4

    Their very look like blackpink boys version 😍😍😍

    • Suchismita Kar
      Suchismita Kar Month ago +1

      Be respectful... They are BP seniors. So it should be Winner girls version

  • Mira J Al
    Mira J Al Month ago +1

    the hot WINNER version with this rock and roll genre of WINNER really suit them

  • xalia x
    xalia x Month ago

    Mino look like a whole auntie

  • Ahmad Zibril
    Ahmad Zibril Month ago


  • aryan alfonso
    aryan alfonso Month ago


  • 16.044 rdm
    16.044 rdm Month ago +1

    The way hoony take a confetti ... Wow