ITZY "ICY" Dance Practice

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • ITZY "ICY" Dance Practice
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    EUR EKA 2 hours ago

    thㅡ무스한데 딱 맞아....보는 내가 이상해 어떻게 저리 딱 맞냐

  • Alexei Roux
    Alexei Roux 3 hours ago

    CHAERYEONG!!😍💕 you're amazing sweetie~ fighting, i love uuuu💖

  • Lee Miseong
    Lee Miseong 6 hours ago

    미쳐버렸다.. 와 속시원해;;;;; 진짜 안무 대박이다

  • abhinitichaubey
    abhinitichaubey 10 hours ago

    Slow the playback speed to 0.5x and see yuna's hair at 0:36 🤣🤣

  • itsy i see only
    itsy i see only 11 hours ago
    itzy fanclub room!
    i want many itzy!
    come on midzy!

  • Jesus Alonso Botello Peña

    esta coreografía es una gonorrea, y me la quiero aprender ayuda

  • sushi :3
    sushi :3 Day ago

    I heard One member is from 16teen

  • Aragaki B
    Aragaki B Day ago

    Love their dance so so so much😍

  • geo jh
    geo jh Day ago

    확실히 춤을 잘 추네 한명은 빼고

  • Ashleigh's Dance Lessons

    3/5 have ponytail 1/5 Has Braids 1/5 Has Hair Down I might be wrong like if im right

  • Kim Tatae
    Kim Tatae Day ago

    My fav is the one w top 😉

  • 한윤희
    한윤희 Day ago

    채령언니,예지언니,핑크색머리 언니!!!~^^넘 예쁘시네여!!!^^~~

    MIDZY AHGASE Day ago


  • ニンディヤ
    ニンディヤ 2 days ago

    It's so satisfying to watch

  • 트롤트롤
    트롤트롤 2 days ago


  • Grace Jeong
    Grace Jeong 2 days ago

    채련이 센터좀 더 주진ㅠㅠ

  • Maribel Peña
    Maribel Peña 2 days ago

    They are equally good and talented but in my opinion, Yuna must be the main dancer. 😍 #Lit ❣️

  • eh ? kesah pulak aku

    Im gay

  • ᄏᄏ
    ᄏᄏ 2 days ago


  • xdjessicalady
    xdjessicalady 2 days ago

    their synchronization is amazing...

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 2 days ago

    SM: vocals
    YG: rap
    JYP: dance

  • anadeka 19
    anadeka 19 2 days ago +1

    Este comentario en pars que todas las que escriben en español pues comenten y puedan ver el resto de comentarios en su idioma , comenta lo que quieras 😊😊😊

  • Alexandra Fong
    Alexandra Fong 2 days ago

    0.04-0.20 and 1.46-2.01

  • mymeenloveมินฮยอน อันยอง พระนคร

    มี ท่ารำไทยด้วย #mymeenlove

  • Frederika Bernkastel

    Yeji’s dance is so elegant and accurate

  • eboybaekhyun
    eboybaekhyun 3 days ago


  • mrs_ cheesycake
    mrs_ cheesycake 3 days ago

    This is one of the most amazing Girlgroup Choreos ever. 😍

  • Sister Harper
    Sister Harper 3 days ago

    This choreo gives me goosebumps, it’s probably the most in sync choreo I’ve seen

  • _Xyraa_
    _Xyraa_ 3 days ago

    ok so this dance suits hip by mamamoo just great

  • 곰돌이
    곰돌이 3 days ago

    춤이 진짜 이쁘당

  • Tina Wang
    Tina Wang 3 days ago

    Who else just adore the intro?))

  • Yoongo Boongo
    Yoongo Boongo 4 days ago +1

    Maann I'm learning this choreography it's so hard like jdjjfnsjdjshsnd

  • Alisha Rehmani
    Alisha Rehmani 4 days ago +2

    It is so satisfying to watch their dance

  • Trish Marilla
    Trish Marilla 4 days ago

    " love the girl who is wearing white top"😍

  • Lilly Ghost
    Lilly Ghost 4 days ago

    Woah,they're amazing dancers

  • Kamasia Nanny
    Kamasia Nanny 4 days ago

    Oe kerea pertama anne

  • Monodam •
    Monodam • 4 days ago


  • Aditya Ramadhan
    Aditya Ramadhan 5 days ago

    help itzy please

  • SUGA
    SUGA 5 days ago +1


  • Frig frag Brig brag
    Frig frag Brig brag 5 days ago +1

    1:12 my fav part, because it reminds of Yuvin, music works thingy

  • Ulia Hana Nikmah
    Ulia Hana Nikmah 5 days ago

    Chaeryong aga berisian

  • Phap Nguyen
    Phap Nguyen 5 days ago

    Hi guys, we are doing a dance cover of ITZY-ICY for a group project. Please help support us by clicking the link below

  • Summer Fruit
    Summer Fruit 5 days ago

    Th one in the white shoes is the best one😂

  • Rysh Marie
    Rysh Marie 5 days ago

    2:13 how? look at their feet

  • NatasyaAqilah putry
    NatasyaAqilah putry 5 days ago

    itzi 나는 itzi를 좋아한다

  • moon light
    moon light 5 days ago +2

    bruh still trying to learn this but its hard

  • Filmar Paghubasan
    Filmar Paghubasan 5 days ago +1

    I love the way they break their neck

  • Filmar Paghubasan
    Filmar Paghubasan 5 days ago

    Ye-ji 😍

  • blaustern worrior cats

    You are really cool thank you for all I love you 🥰👩🏻‍🎤

  • Rabi Meitei
    Rabi Meitei 6 days ago +1

    Ok² I know you all r great at talking and insulting others personally so keep quiet and keep supporting itzy if u don't want then shut up

    MIDZY AHGASE 6 days ago +1

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    #4. gogobebe - 25,276,463
    #5. ICY - 20,055,479 💕

  • Bayleef
    Bayleef 6 days ago

    Omfg they all have such healthy bodies😭😭😭

  • Maria Tyas
    Maria Tyas 6 days ago

    i like yeji's dance is powerful

  • Jimin Has Jams
    Jimin Has Jams 7 days ago

    I swear their body proportions-

  • Hi, I'm Yellow Simmer
    Hi, I'm Yellow Simmer 7 days ago +2

    The main dancer is...

    Yuna's hair.

  • Diera Kim
    Diera Kim 7 days ago

    I'm stan with Ryujins hair haha

  • Feelers
    Feelers 7 days ago +3

    Hi! We’re a kpop cover group from Italy 🇮🇹 and we have just posted our cover of ICY by ITZY
    Please check it out ^^

  • Hello ItzMe
    Hello ItzMe 7 days ago +46

    Itzy: ._.
    Floor: SkUeK SkUeK

    JEONGYEON I LOVE YOU 7 days ago +3

    1:15 okay, let be honest... I am not the only one that obsess with their breaking back things right?