The Real National Emergency Is Climate Change: A Closer Look

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at President Trump and his allies freaking out about a Democratic plan to fight climate change.
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    The Real National Emergency Is Climate Change: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 773

  • Abby Is Watching
    Abby Is Watching 14 hours ago

    Did...did he actually suggest we rake all the forests?

  • Bardo boy515
    Bardo boy515 16 hours ago

    Liberals so frickin conservative and dumb

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini 13 days ago

    Good idea, conservative fear mongers. It IS a national emergency. It’s a GLOBAL emergency.

  • Worn Cea
    Worn Cea 16 days ago

    Thanks for keeping us safe Daddy

  • Worn Cea
    Worn Cea 16 days ago

    100 100 100

  • Renee Minicozzi
    Renee Minicozzi 18 days ago

    Asshole Trump.

  • Danie Nel
    Danie Nel 18 days ago

    How stupid are the majority of Americans? 😩

  • sQuibleable
    sQuibleable 20 days ago

    I’d say it’s more a global emergency than a national one

  • pat leyland
    pat leyland 20 days ago

    humm memory's sure are short , google the dust bowl of the thirty's , the U.S should probably get it's head out of the sand.

  • Nick Maniatis
    Nick Maniatis 20 days ago

    Nobody in this comments section has actually read the contents of the Green New Deal. While climate change is a worldwide issue, the deal is based off of projections which have been historically incorrect for decades. Also, the bill would propose a 70% tax on the wealthy. That's socialism. This isn't even getting into the confiscation of private property to rebuild for a carbon neutral country.

    • Nick Maniatis
      Nick Maniatis 14 days ago

      John Poop Also how do u think that renewables aren’t sustainable. Are we going to run out of wind or will the sun cease to shine? In contrast, fossil fuels are a finite resource developed from dead organic matter from millions of years ago (hence fossil fuels referencing dinosaurs)? What will we do when we run out of that? Renewable energy is called renewable since it’s an infinite source of energy. These alternative methods are already producing a lot of energy and the technology is in its infancy. Also, we should have let in more refugees. Being a melting pot, this nation can handle this immigration without significant economic and political turmoil that Europe a countries are facing now. Much of its lies and Greece’s recent issues and radical right elections are due to American reluctance to take in refugees. This has forced other countries to take in more than their fair share. These countries can’t handle the refugee influx due to ethnic homogeneity.

    • Nick Maniatis
      Nick Maniatis 14 days ago

      John Poop ok I can’t tell if ur joking. If u aren’t then just look up the hundreds of studies that prove rapid change in the climate over the past 60 years. Don’t check projections though, many of them have been historically inaccurate since climate is nearly impossible to precisely predict due to the high number of variables. If you are joking then ignore the comment.

    • John Poop
      John Poop 16 days ago

      Climate change is NOT an issue. It is a hoax by the Chinese government to cripple the US economy by causing mass hysteria, and it's already working. We should not fall for this, we need to keep buying American made gasoline trucks, eat American grown meat and use American produced electricity. The only issue the world is facing right now is China and it's propaganda. China is pushing us towards renewables which will never be sustainable. Oil and coal are what America is built on. This country will never become a socialist, green, soyboy nation like a lot of European nations which have taken hundreds of millions of muslim refugees.

    • Nick Maniatis
      Nick Maniatis 19 days ago

      +pat leyland Btw you probably think I'm some crazy alt right dude. I'm actually just an independent that happens to hate socialism. It's only directly resulted in the deaths of over 100 million people in just the USSR and China.

    • Nick Maniatis
      Nick Maniatis 19 days ago

      No in a socialist system that person would be dead since they had a 10 month wait to get anything treated. Also you can have a healthcare system that covers for the less fortunate without highjacking the entire economy. Oh and my comment wasn't even about healthcare, it was about the gross seizure of basic human rights such as freedom of speech and private property that occurs in every socialist country. With that comes economic destruction on a massive level in a country the size of the US. For example, this plan offers government jobs to every single American. A country cannot function with a 0% unemployment rate since there is no competition to pressure the people working. Therefore they have no incentive to work hard. All I'm saying is that this bill is a loosely veiled plan to promote a socialist agenda. Both parties do it for different agendas. I'm just calling BS on people who watch a comedic video to get their news and do no research for themselves. +pat leyland

  • Francis Smith
    Francis Smith 20 days ago

    seth was just fine when obama declared national emergencies so he could fund foreign nations

  • Jay Bloodworth
    Jay Bloodworth 21 day ago

    This segment restores my faith in humanity just a little. I'm so sick of hearing the same five Alt-Right arguments all day every day. I'm so sick of being told how much of a sheep I am because I have Democratic values. It's exhausting, always having to play defense to justify my beliefs, opinions, and values 24-7, when Conservatives refuse to even acknowledge their beliefs, opinions, or values hurt people at all. >EVER<

    At this point, the Alt-Right would argue with something so vague as "The sky is sometimes blue." And then back it up with facts and charts that prove that the sky has statistically never been blue, I'm the real racist for thinking it could possibly be blue, and then tell me how wanting a blue sky would kill the American economy.

    I've put up with this for years now. Almost no one ever jumps in to help, and those who do are rarely of any help when their arguments usually provide more ammunition to the Conservatives.

  • Rick TD
    Rick TD 22 days ago

    The Green New Deal is Agenda 21 you sheep. Wake up already.

  • Rick TD
    Rick TD 22 days ago +1

    So now they're basically telling you that they plan on using "a national emergency" as an excuse to push the new form of Communism on you.

  • Rick TD
    Rick TD 22 days ago

    Border security = real problem. Global warming = fake problem. Seth Meyers = traitor to America.

  • Rick TD
    Rick TD 22 days ago

    CAGW is a huge scam. Wake up already.

  • tommo91
    tommo91 23 days ago

    I'm sorry dems but it was so poorly named

  • lll Belial lll
    lll Belial lll 26 days ago +1

    And people voted him? Him!? Come on USA...

    • Rick TD
      Rick TD 22 days ago

      Sorry +lll Belial lll but it isn't a fact. Let me help you out. Right now the Earth is historically COLD, not historically hot. We're only hot if you think history only goes back to The Little Ice Age. Before that 90 to 95 % of history was warmer. THEY LIED TO YOU.

    • lll Belial lll
      lll Belial lll 22 days ago

      +Rick TD oh my god, its not a scam its a fact

    • Rick TD
      Rick TD 22 days ago

      Belial, people voted for him because they're sick and tired of this global warming scam. Aren't you ?

  • Kay Omholt-Montague
    Kay Omholt-Montague 27 days ago

    The other REAL emergency is gun violence, which results in approximately 132 DEATHS per day in the USA. That does not include deaths by mass gun tragedies - many of which never receive headline news because they are so common-place.

    Trump can take his big, fat wall and shove it up his huge ass. There is NO national emergency on the Southern border, unless you consider the children and parents who have been separated from one another and may never get reunited with their parents.

    The two REAL, current, national emergencies in this country are 1) Climate Disruption/Global Warming and; 2) Gun violence, leading to massive numbers of deaths and injuries.

    Once they re-take the presidency, the Democrats should most definitely call both of these national emergencies

  • D Peters
    D Peters Month ago

    Lost me at Ocasio-Cortez.

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe Month ago

    Lame jokes. Canned laughter. Naive and shallow audience. This is the montra of Late Night with this idiot and those like him.

  • barkYdarkATFB
    barkYdarkATFB Month ago

    And yet, there are so many trump supporters complaining that the socialist marxists are going to get rid of planes and cows. It’s remarkable the idiocy.

  • Josh Freeman
    Josh Freeman Month ago

    Look at Trumps facial expressions and smug look after he bashes the opposition...looks exactly like Hitlers expressions during his rally speeches for the Reich...Hmmm...monkey see monkey do?

  • stan whipple
    stan whipple Month ago +1

    Neva happ enda lmfao !!! Line of the year

  • Robert Welch
    Robert Welch Month ago

    Come on man. Bernie already has a real actual Ben and Jerry's flavour. Do your god damn homework.

  • Julie W.
    Julie W. Month ago

    Learn about ACTUAL Climate Change (from) well respected climate scientists:
    It is NOT the emergency they're saying. Now, Donald Trump is an idiot, but climate change has been extremely over-exaggerated for funding and taxation. The average global increase has been 0.1 degrees per decade, or one degree for a hundred years, and that's assuming a warming trend continues, and there's no reason to assume that. History shows us that there has been warming and cooling trends, and it actually looks like we might be going into a cooling trend. Not to mention the average temperature in the Antarctic is -60 degrees. Anyone want to tell me how there is massive melting at -60 degrees? Freezing temperature is 0. In the summer the outer areas reach up to 10 degrees, and so there's some melting in the outer areas, as there is supposed to be. Then in the winter, it builds back up again. Even the IPCC Report specifically stated that there is no evidence that climate change is man-made. The UN removed that information, after the IPCC Report had been signed by all the scientists. And they admit it! And why did they do that? If they can scare you, they can tax you. However, I think there's a lot of politicians who actually believe this is true, because like everybody else they've been listening to the media, who ALSO believe it's true, because it's been pushed by a few climate scientists who wanted additional funding to their area. Boy, and it worked. By the way people, CO2 is a natural part of our atmosphere, NOT a pollutant. Without it, we would all die from lack of oxygen. And even if we bypassed that somehow, lack of CO2 would absolutely destroy the food chain.

  • Sean Sbragia
    Sean Sbragia Month ago

    God damnit Seth, you got me. Fake moos! rofl.

  • jaxative jax
    jaxative jax Month ago

    Trump's used to fake boo(b)s after all he's paid porn stars for both.

  • jaxative jax
    jaxative jax Month ago

    Conspiracy of the day: what's with the pencil? There's nothing to write on in front of him so what's with the pencil?

    It's a pointy pencil, is it an offensive or a defensive pointy pencil?

  • Golden State Warriors

    Ok climate change is a real thing that the democrats did not just make up but this is time time I think its taking it too far. Trump can speak for himself he's a complete idiot. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's approach is horrible. Im not trying to sound like a radical republican I'm saying the point of view of a non socialistic democrat. While the Green New Deal doesn't eliminate planes and cars and cows, it is a horrendous proposal for 3 main reasons. 1. It costs $93 trillion. Our GDP is $44 trillion. We couldn't sell all of our countries assets and pay for this thing. No country would be willing to give us a loan of that amount and no other country even has that much money. Its just unreasonable. 2. It crazily decreases the freedom of people and increases dependency on the government. Im not saying that declaring climate change as an emergency is socialism, im saying the Green New Deal is socialism. This is the Old Red Deal again. The Green New Deal is basically Marxism disguised in a modern form. I know government spending increases are bad and thats why spending on a wall doesn't make sense either. But this Green New Deal will drive taxes up crazy. We know from 1920's and 30's that lower taxes even for the wealthy are beneficial to the economy and that raises in taxes can turn a recession into a depression. Government spending is not good. These high taxes demotivate people to work because most of their money is taken by the government and it gives the government so much money that they use to redistribute to everyone. This dangerous cycle caused by extremely high taxes continues as the government tries to make everyone the same. But the truth in humanity is not everyone can be the same in opportunity and ability and eventually the government is going to run out of using other peoples money. This socialism turns into communism eventually. We've seen what this system does before in Russia and Cuba and Venezuela. The Green New Deal will trigger this cycle. Its the simple truth of communism that the system doesn't work and its an unrealistic utopia. It makes a bad problem worse. Again im not saying Trumps actions are proper either and I agree that climate change is important, but the Green New Deal a. k. a. Marxism is not the way to solve it.
    Edit: Also climate change is a natural thing. Its been happening forever since the beginning of time. 15 years ago Al Gore said we would all be underwater in 12 years if nothing was done. I live in California and it doesn't seem like we'll be flooding anytime soon. Right now they're saying we'll all be flooded. They've been saying it since the 1990's. Before that, for the longest time, they were yelling about global cooling, that we would be thrown into a third ice age. Nobody made up climate change its a real thing, but climate has always changed.

  • Nathan Barta
    Nathan Barta Month ago

    Fact: the world is getting warmer
    Fact: people are not the cause of the temperature increase
    Fact: the ozone layer is expected to make a full recovery by 2050-60
    Fact: the green new deal is way to expensive ($93 trillion) and unrealistic
    Fact: the increase in temperature is natural, and there have been many warm climate periods throughout the world’s history. The temperature will fall again, no harm done

  • zztop3000
    zztop3000 Month ago

    3:10 Well you know he has a right there but dude, there are so many areas with forest, you can't rake everything, also the earth needs those leaves as it recycles them.

  • Farel Hettinger
    Farel Hettinger Month ago +1


  • Paul Burns
    Paul Burns Month ago

    It's incredible to see how drumpf knows that his supporters are stupid enough to believe the constant bullshit that comes out of his orange asshole of a mouth.

  • g davis
    g davis Month ago

    u r wrong, stupid

  • R CallumTo
    R CallumTo Month ago

    So who is voting for this man in America?

  • HotestOnTheBlock
    HotestOnTheBlock Month ago

    Progressives love cows they produce manure that helps to grow their kale, we'll never outlaw cows.

  • Richard White
    Richard White Month ago

    And why don't people want to get rid of the cows? So they have something to kill and then eat his or her flesh. Wow! I'm so glad I don't consume animal flesh or secretions any more. I'm glad I love all animals rather than just loving to eat an animal. I'm glad I'm vegan, the food is real food, not dead animals that are rotting away.
    To the trolls on here, I will not answer back any rudeness you dole out.

  • Richard White
    Richard White Month ago

    They don't want to phase out fossil fuels because to many rich and privileged people make money from oil. That is the one and only reason and as we non rich people know, it's not a valid reason.

  • bart a
    bart a Month ago

    Never heard of Milankovic laws about climate change and the marxistic political agenda of the United Nations ?
    If human activity is the main factor the exploding worldpopulation is the biggest problem ,isn't it ?

  • bigemugamer
    bigemugamer Month ago +1

    1:50 Your desk is not level, you nudged that pencil and it progressively increased speed... good catch though! =D
    Edit: OMG! I'm so desensitized with the constant shenanigans with the Drumph administration It doesn't even phase me enough that Seth's crooked desk has me commenting =S
    - Seth, "Today in news, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, got into a twitter argument with North Korea's dictatorial leader Kim Jong Un regarding de-nucleation which triggered an armed exchange that resulted in the destruction of 2 U.S Naval warships..."
    - Me, "Hmmmm, Seth your tie looks crooked today, I don't think that's a proper double windsor"

  • Dennis Zwolle
    Dennis Zwolle Month ago

    The Green New Deal sounds great, but need to be implemented slowly! One thing Humans are not comfortable with is fast change, unable to keep up with new standards! The Car Dealerships are working on this Transformation with new Engine/Electric cars which are getting more mileage! Keeping what's right and just changing the thing that makes Hydrocarbon, cars keep most of the aftermarket product rolling, so, the financial impact is minimal! This also needs to be applied to other industries, like coal-fired electric plants, where innovation can product water after products from coal? The coal plant would use a filter method of producing steam in the air, and collecting the carbon into containers which could possibly use for another product!

  • Dennis Zwolle
    Dennis Zwolle Month ago

    We have gone through a place in space called the long-count by the Mayan calendar! The year 2012 was the reset of the long year, which is the Galactic year! At the time when traveling this long-year which took over 2600 years and some change, we experienced a bust in our sun energy, also this was experienced during the Egyptian time back some odd 2000 years! But with the fossil fuels that we keep pumping into the air, with no way of reducing the hydrocarbon! Too bad we have people and the president hiding their heads in the sand hoping this will go away! They don't believe that if the Antartic Ice cap melted this lovely planet we call home will be no more! Too bad, I won't be around to see it, but my grandkids will! Now's the time to change, but no one listening, because of Macroeconomics for the world! The two people to talk to is the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers! There is a story of them, but that's another time!

  • Gr8CanadianMom
    Gr8CanadianMom Month ago

    Trump talked about the "rake clean up" last year, and it was Finland, not a He cannot even keep his lies straight. 4:50

  • isaac anthony
    isaac anthony Month ago

    Republicans have jumped the shark. Any American that would believe anything that con artist says, needs to be ignored. You're an idiot, shut your stupid mouth.

  • Alessandro Attias
    Alessandro Attias Month ago

    The President is like Churchill from the movie "Darkest Hour, "where he has 100 ideas a day and 4 of them are good. The other 96 are downright stupid

  • Progressive Frog
    Progressive Frog Month ago

    Climate change is NOT a matter of 'belief' or 'disbelief.' Climate change is NOT a religion or a philosophical system. Climate change (global warming, in reality) is a
    scientifically verified FACT. It is a clear and present danger to the Nation
    and the Earth. We ignore science at our peril. If you don't think that's the case, imagine not "believing" in gravity, another scientifically verified FACT, and stepping off of a 10th story balcony...Just a thought experiment, please; don't try it...

  • Grae Hall
    Grae Hall Month ago +1

    Fucking Fake Moos. I hate you and your writers so much right now Seth. That was fantastic. You also should all be very ashamed of what you just did on national television in NA. Fake Moos. You dicks, that's so good :P

  • Mr Mike
    Mr Mike Month ago

    fake news

    FACE GALLON Month ago

    Your not allowed to have cows? Well that destroys my bestiality porn film idea!

  • NeoKailthas
    NeoKailthas Month ago

    fake moos lol

  • Jonathan Diaz
    Jonathan Diaz Month ago

    12 years and my home will become uninhabitable...I hate everything now.
    But hay hopefully I'll have college degree

  • Kasino80
    Kasino80 Month ago

    I like have he talks about taking away planes, when most of his audience most likely haven't been on one.

  • Jay Arnold
    Jay Arnold Month ago

    Climate change has been happening for about 12,000 years. It will then repeat itself. Don't be fooled. Pollution however is real.

  • Cyclopsblast
    Cyclopsblast Month ago

    Moo moo moo, moo moo. Moo moo moo moo moo moo moo.

  • bluesfade hornet
    bluesfade hornet Month ago

    Flick said he saw a polar bear down at Pulaski's drug store so the "science" must be true, right?

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin Month ago

    trump threatened colleges so they wouldn’t release his grades and sat scores lol

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin Month ago

    what the hell does cows have to do with anything

  • Danny C.
    Danny C. Month ago

    "Not realistic"? Give me a break. We're talking about irreversible damage to the planet. HOW THE HELL do people not think about this problem seriously!!! We are probably around the corner from making fossil fuels obsolete anyways. If we invested the resources, it could be done. And I'm not saying it would be easy. It would take the most brilliants economists, scientists, governors, CEO's, politicians, and whoever else working their assess off. It would take a lot of money, and need support from so many people. It would run into problem after problem after problem, and just as engineers and everyone should be trained for, you solve the next problem and the next. It would take time too, more than expected. But it could be done and literally everyone would be better for it. Maybe not the Green New Deal, but something, and someone not only has to try, but to stand up and say "it may sound crazy but we have to do it."

  • Kevin Weenink
    Kevin Weenink Month ago

    Climate Change is such Bullshit. The Science dosen't prove it!!! Actually the reverse is happening, As far as the fires in Cali the state has cause all of them thru their policies that they have made. Educate your self to find your why their the bullshit set out by the Socialist and Communist like Bernie and this Butt-head host that has a case of Severe Opticalrectalidist!!! I'm just a common person But I read and now what BS like this guy is talking!!!

  • Ricardo MAGARico
    Ricardo MAGARico Month ago

    If you dumb ape talk show host knew about the refrigerant and HVAC industry your claims about Climate Change caused by man would be silly. You don't know what the Montreal Treaty is but worldwide huge progress has been and being made by dozens of countries. Other (non-USA) countries are slower to catch up but some of these GGC (Global Greenhouse Gases) in refrigerants are being phased out and some were 2400x more powerful than CO2. OVC and this yoyo progressive liberal is very short on scientific FACT. You won't be laughing when unsubstantiated claims cost you 35 trillion dollars and everything skyrockets 100% in taxes. Coal used to be a bad actor but now flue gases from power plants are scrubbed out with reusable chemicals and pressure-swing technology (I am a Chemist). Please differentiate between hysteria and political grandstanding vs. data and wisdom. FURTHER, developing countries such as China, wasting resources on aggression instead of it's environmental problems and crushing it's people, India and African nations are struggling to catch up and their environmental problems are huge. Stick with humor and not projecting misinformation and ridicule.

  • Herman Boing
    Herman Boing Month ago

    Remember: Trump is a symptom. The problems are sitting behind him.

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse Month ago

    It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain

  • Andy L
    Andy L Month ago

    God, I love fully-outta-fucks Bernie! Lol

  • Derek
    Derek Month ago

    I'm a firefighter, this video is 100% bullshit. Not taking care of dead fall and pruning our forests has a huge impact on the severity of wildfires. Trump is absolutely correct in his comments. I don't like trump at all, I'm a liberal. When it comes to wildland firefighting almost all of it is preventative. We're out there felling trees and trying to make a buffer between the fire and the cities. If you laugh his comments off on this I have no respect for you and you're asking for another Paradise disaster.

  • fabian lopez
    fabian lopez Month ago

    who's gonna pay for it??? MARs

  • Rick Nance
    Rick Nance Month ago

    it's too late.

  • Roger Buchanan
    Roger Buchanan Month ago

    I look at a beautiful blue sky, and 30 minutes later it is streaked with chemical sprays with contaminates, and it is called a conspiracy. Those that call et a conspiracy need to look up. This is your climate change. Geo-engineering is destroying our atmosphere and our earth and health. So shut up about climate change.

  • James Madison
    James Madison Month ago

    Solar cycles? Solar minimums? Volcanoes? How does the sun affect our weather? Did you think humans influence the weather more than our star does? Agreed,let's cut pollution.

  • Daniel Galan
    Daniel Galan Month ago

    At 3:58 look at the journalist's face changing suddenly


    So people are saying Trump uses " "stimulants" , I mean he does talk like a gd tweaker...

  • olbeast
    olbeast Month ago

    NASA scientists have found that cirrus clouds, formed by contrails from aircraft engine exhaust, are capable of increasing average surface temperatures enough to account for a warming trend in the United States that occurred between 1975 and 1994.
    This result shows the increased cirrus coverage, attributable to air traffic, could account for nearly all of the warming observed over the United States for nearly 20 years starting in 1975.

  • J. C. B. of the USA

    1000 hrs performing cunnilingus on Rosie Odennel would be an appropriate pre-sentence for trump

  • Max W
    Max W Month ago

    this fat ass has made the president so close to a comedian role like never before.

  • Packers Nation
    Packers Nation Month ago

    This show is cringe worthy

  • Lisa Broody
    Lisa Broody Month ago

    Climate change is a lie to TAX the air we breath. They've taxed the rain. Do we wait until 200,000 come to the border? What do we do then?????

  • Joe Weis
    Joe Weis Month ago


  • Richard  Busby
    Richard Busby Month ago

    if we just ban all breathing we can still burn coal and oil

  • Doug Coombes
    Doug Coombes Month ago

    Can't wait till this is asshole retires to Moscow...

  • Anth Mancuso
    Anth Mancuso Month ago

    We need a green new deal that is realistic and we need international cooperation to bring down carbon dioxide levels worldwide. Let's cut fossil fuel use by 30% over the next 15 years and get all other nations to do the same.

  • Raven Donaldson
    Raven Donaldson Month ago

    I can't help but wonder if some of the adverse comments are to suggest that Americans read between the lines and elect a democratic President in order that the suggested world-impacting emergency is in fact declared. Perhaps it is the only way to turn around American policies that pollute for wealth.

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    The sad thing is, America is supposed to be a leader on the world stage, a country that others look too as a shining example of democracy. Yet when it comes to climate change America is a laughing stock, America has the resources, the money, and the knowledge/science to be a global leader in renewable energy/sustainability yet we are falling behind in to countries like China and India. It's disappointing to see my government blatantly deny science and propagate conspiracy theories.

  • Anon Texan
    Anon Texan Month ago
    Here's yours bullshit climate change hoax......

  • theomega616
    theomega616 Month ago

    Ok, so I just looked it up. You can get an East coast to West coast train "The 3,000 mile coast-to-coast train ride takes 3 nights, without stopovers" so it goes about 40MPH.... the bullet train in Japan goes 200MPH, which would make the same 3 night journey into 14 hours.
    While that is still double the time of a plane, it would still reduce passengers flying, which would reduce wait times, which would reduce the cost of the flight and it would make jobs.

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas Month ago

    The ice caps were supposed to have already melted... I believe in climate change, I believe we polite too much, I believe we are destroying habitat for others species (plant and animal), I believe we should and will eventually have to find renewable reliable energy, I believe we should offer incentives for responsible family planning and reduce population. But, I do not agree that man is the primary cause of climate change. I also think there is much to be gained by governments being able to control their citizens and even make large sums of money off of them via ridiculous ideas like carbon taxes. Stop the scare tactics Seth. You are neither a scientist nor a reporter.

    AGENT G Month ago +1

    Unless you get your news and political views from comedians, you're a Nazi.

  • Rob R
    Rob R Month ago

    It's all about control,govt control of your life

  • rick sandoval
    rick sandoval Month ago

    Every one from the caravan has passed into the United States. Last week. Talk about that you idiot. Our laws are broken

    FACEOFBEAR Month ago +1


  • arthur taylor
    arthur taylor Month ago

    The emergency is all these dumb fucks that believe this crap.

  • possesst
    possesst Month ago

    What would this clown do if he couldn't talk about Trump?

  • OriginalSteveneddy
    OriginalSteveneddy Month ago

    It amuses me so much that there are actually people that believe man made climate change exists - that we can pass laws to alter the climate - and that the Earth naturally doesn't have a climate that changes every few hundred years or so.
    History shows extreme cold climate just 300 years ago - there have been at least two "climate changes" in the last 1500 years.
    The Dems are snipe hunting you dupes that believe anything they hear.
    It is because you idiots are so totally manipulated and indoctrinated - you don't seem to realize they have been pulling this same scam for close to 50 years now.
    The largest population of really ignorant people's?
    People who believe a Demoncrat when they speak - and then vote for them.
    Ignorance at it's finest.
    I find it priceless to watch you dingle nuts go off when approached with the truth - none of you can make coherent arguments - and you only repeat what you have heard on television. Like I stated earlier - ignorance at it's finest.

  • UrsusArtifex Colfuck

    Regards to climate change, a clever person once said: "we are fucked!"

  • Felix Ray
    Felix Ray Month ago

    The PLAN TO OUTLAW COWS brought to you by the same liars who brought you "death panels".

  • Lucky Fisher 72
    Lucky Fisher 72 Month ago

    TOTAL BULLSHIT. Fukushima and Chemtrails are what's changing the temperature of the ocean, not the exhaust on my mustang. AOC and her cow farts are a fuhking joke.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith Month ago

    That's right Trumpeteers: We're coming for your cows, planes, and automobiles. It's tofu and bicycles from now on.

  • m0L3ify
    m0L3ify Month ago

    Vanilla and nickels....omg I'm dying... 😂

  • Aa Bb
    Aa Bb Month ago

    y cant a news station reword their plagiarism

  • Bernadette Van der Ploeg

    Trump is now down to 2 best "friends", namely Putin and Kim Jong Un. All other friends/family of his so-called self acclaimed words and "great" choices are now all in prison , which never would have happen if they wouldn't had hanging around this total toxic person...named Trump!! Too bad!