How to Diagnose and Replace a Fuel Pump

  • Published on Jul 22, 2016
  • Fuel Pump Test and Fuel Pump Replacement. I show you how to figure out if your fuel pump is bad and then how to replace a fuel pump in your car or truck. In this episode of the Drift Build I try to get the Mustang started!
    Where I got my Fuel Pump:
    Fuel Filter:
    Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool:
    Fuel Pressure Tester:
    Ramps I used:
    Fix Uneven Break Pad Wear:
    Metal Etch and Personalize Your Tools:
    300k Mile Fuel Filter Replacement:
    Thank you AutoZone for supporting the #DriftStang and sending me a fuel pump! I was able to get the car on the road for drifting this summer! #HoodsUpAmerica
    AutoZone Rents Tools and Scans your Computer Free (just not in CA)
    Here is where you can find your local parts store:
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  • Mateo Singko
    Mateo Singko 19 hours ago +1

    Now i know that installation is a reverse procedure tnx chris

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  14 hours ago

      Glad you learned something!

  • Domenic Larosa
    Domenic Larosa 2 days ago

    I did the exact same thing as chrisfixx, only for me, after replacing the fuel pump it still wouldn’t start. It was the Fuel Pump Control Module. Don’t just assume because the starter fluid helped it kick over that it is immediately the fuel pump.

  • Lance _0923
    Lance _0923 2 days ago

    During a riot why don’t the officers just bring mustangs

  • Hassan Al-Herbi
    Hassan Al-Herbi 3 days ago

    you are great Chris!

  • Sky P
    Sky P 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for your videos! It’s hard going to the mechanic without my dad to prevent getting ripped off (I always do my research first though!) however I’ve been wanting to just be able to fix my car myself to save money and this has been my most recent issue. This video was awesome and easy to follow! Didn’t even know there could be other problems too! I’ve done some simpler stuff on my car but nothing like this so I can’t wait to try!

  • Jacob Carter
    Jacob Carter 4 days ago

    My favorite internet mechanic

  • Mentor Tairi
    Mentor Tairi 5 days ago

    Project crowd control LMAO thats awesome

  • Pzycho Dwarf
    Pzycho Dwarf 5 days ago +1

    I find it funny I find these videos after getting a taurus with 200k miles that sat for 2.5 years. I did the starter fluid thing and replaced the fuel pump then find these videos a few months later. Ford makes great reliable engines but dang can they not make a fuel pump

  • Will Goebel
    Will Goebel 5 days ago

    Or just disconnect the fuel filter and turn the key on...put a hose over it into a gas can...done

  • Isaac 111
    Isaac 111 5 days ago

    That's funny because I had to replace my fuel filter because it was in bad then as soon as I got done with the fuel filter my fuel pump went out so I had to do that that was fun and mine was a tad bit rusty under the car

  • jocko
    jocko 6 days ago

    I would replace the whole assembly, since it is so hard to replace. Also get the highest quality assembly.

  • Namerzz
    Namerzz 10 days ago

    When I turn my key to the start position, i dont hear the fuel pump booting up, but my car starts fine. My car is misfiring too and we tried everything and dont know why it is misfire. Plz help

    • JoeyWalsh
      JoeyWalsh 6 days ago

      Namerzz dude I have no idea but look at some flow charts they helped me.

  • C&E 0
    C&E 0 10 days ago

    Why disconnect negative? Not open wires anywhere?

  • ImCata 08
    ImCata 08 11 days ago

    She’s alive and kicking.

  • vaider99
    vaider99 11 days ago

    So this means that my fuel pump is OK? When in ramp position I can hear my fuel pump humming, no worries there right? But when I'm driving it suddenly shuts off this happened to me 2 times already but different days.

  • james leggio
    james leggio 11 days ago

    you are incredible

  • StormSmith
    StormSmith 13 days ago

    Thank you! Subscribed! My mustang was not working. It would light up. But not actually start. I got it to the mechanic, and they told me it was the fuel pump. I wanted to know that that process entails, and your video was very informative.

  • Samantha And The Volume

    How are you so intelligent wow ❤ you are truly brilliant.

  • Joey Micklewright
    Joey Micklewright 14 days ago

    No warning light but brake light on lol cool vid tho

  • Jamie B. Stanford
    Jamie B. Stanford 15 days ago

    You are an exceptional, World class mechanic.
    The knowledge that you have. Is priceless. I appreciate your videos. And your expertise.
    Chris you are a world class mechanic.😎

  • Oliver Thomas
    Oliver Thomas 17 days ago +1

    My Car starts bad after replacing the Pump and Filter. Everything fits fine and i also try another Pump. The Car runs good but starts long and bad. ☹

  • djGreenALERT
    djGreenALERT 19 days ago

    LOL @ "Don't feel intimidated!" I feel queasy just watching YOU do it!

  • xXDanDDyXx
    xXDanDDyXx 19 days ago

    I would like to mention some cars like volkswagen are pressurising fuel when you open driver's door.

  • Octavio Guzman
    Octavio Guzman 20 days ago

    1:12 Chris is so slick he basically opens the book to the right chapter lol

  • Jacks Blogs
    Jacks Blogs 21 day ago +1


  • scottgm321
    scottgm321 21 day ago

    Thanks Chris. Just changed the pump on a friends 2004 mustang. Surprisingly easy. Glad I wore my safety glasses. there was a ton of dirt on top of the tank falling into my face when i used my air gun to remove the strap bolts.

  • Alex Greenwood
    Alex Greenwood 24 days ago

    I would have created multiple bricks from my rectal cavity the second I heard that tapping, lol.

  • Michael Untulis
    Michael Untulis 27 days ago

    Hi Choice at Christmas? And who are

  • john moore
    john moore 29 days ago +1

    One recommendation when checking fuel pressure its nice to just lay the gauge on the windshield. My 93 vette had a similar problem with the fuel lines and it always helped to be able to watch while also listening.

  • tiburcio953
    tiburcio953 Month ago

    Impresionante la forma como explica las cosas. No titubea. Sabe de qué habla .Saludos desde Chile .

  • American Muscle
    American Muscle Month ago

    753 ASE certified mechanics thumbs down and mad as hell they won’t be getting 80hr replacing your pump!

  • American Muscle
    American Muscle Month ago

    If your car is very rusty underneath forget everything you just watched and take car immediately to your local automotive service center because there’s not a chance you’re removing those two bolts holding the tank in!

  • Floyd R. Turbo
    Floyd R. Turbo Month ago +6

    No fuel pressure because you unplugged the connector near the gas tank.

  • CXX
    CXX Month ago

    what's the name of the thing the tires are resting on

  • Alex Blackburn
    Alex Blackburn Month ago

    i wonder what the original owner would think of all the great modifications you've done to this car lol

  • Inferno LNCR
    Inferno LNCR Month ago +1

    Project crowd control lmao

  • Sameer Sinha
    Sameer Sinha Month ago

    mr chris there is a fuelpump on my car too, i thought engine sucks fuel it was hummin when i started wow my car engine can not suck fuel , it's normal wow , amazing, thank you .

  • Lalo Garcia
    Lalo Garcia Month ago

    Hey Chris I have a question I just replaced a fuel pump in my 95 GMC Jimmy 4.3 L V6 SLS. So the problem having now is when I’m driving around town as I come to a stop and go to accelerate again my fuel gauge moves what could be the cause of this and how to fix it thanks

    • Lalo Garcia
      Lalo Garcia Month ago

      Thanks for the reply back.

    • Lalo Garcia
      Lalo Garcia Month ago

      If you ever come across any gmc jimmy vids. That would help me with issues I come a cross with my vehicle

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago

      That is normal. Sometimes the foam in the fuel tank comes loose and allows the fuel to "slosh" around and move the float.

  • Abhinav Mishra
    Abhinav Mishra Month ago +4

    8:02 chill dude

  • Emilio Luna
    Emilio Luna Month ago +2

    1:13 how he do that tho 😂

  • Ojwang Geoffrey
    Ojwang Geoffrey Month ago +1

    I feel like buying a Dead car and build it with your lectures

  • MUSTANG GT fourpointsix2valve

    Nice my 1998 mustang gt also is getting fuel pump change is at shop

  • jesse guzman
    jesse guzman Month ago

    Could I change this with a 2001 Honda Civic Ex?

  • Backyardmech1
    Backyardmech1 Month ago

    Besides listening for the fuel pump I look for the schrader valve on the fuel line. With the key in the “On” position I press it and see if any fuel comes out. Check voltage at fuse box. Next connect fuel pressure gauge and turn key on and off.
    I own an older Chevy and I can audibly hear the fuel pump turn on.
    Minor inconvenience or nuisance sounds being worked out of newer vehicles IMO make working on them harder. I want to hear things click, whine, and hum as they get energized, and work. Not pay Geek Squad to plug into my vehicle and say I have a dirty air filter for ~$85 an hour service fee, with ~$100+ dollar diagnostic fee.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki Month ago +1

    Just a little advice for car newbies on why he probably knew it was a bad fuel pump off the bat... So whenever the engine cranks that right off the bat means the cars battery(or jumper leads) is giving enough power to the starter. But since it didn't start that means it's not getting one or more of 3 things: Fuel, spark, or compression. Most people start with spark as it's the easiest usually to fix and the cheapest(usually just bad spark plugs or a distributor) but since the engine wasn't partially turning over(some pistons firing and others not) that means the spark plugs are most likely good and he even inspected them and they were fine. So the next problem to inspect is fuel(mainly because compression problems rarely occur unless the engine had catastrophic failure and fuel is usually easier and cheaper to fix). And he already added new good fuel to the gas tank so usually the next thing to inspect is a bad fuel pump as they usually go bad quite often. It can be a slew of other problems but usually a good start is the fuel pump fuse and relay, then doing a fuel pressure test to see if the pump itself is bad. Hopefully that clears up how he diagnosed the bad fuel pump so quickly and also a lot of these situation come easier to diagnose and fix with experience.
    Great video by the way chrisfix!

  • Kat R
    Kat R Month ago +3

    Bless your soul your vid gave me the confidence to replace my own pump rather than pay a mechanic $630 to do this simple repair

  • FN440
    FN440 Month ago +1

    You're awesome brother great Job! I got excited along with you !

  • My Name
    My Name Month ago +19

    You need a video on how you flipped to the right page in the owner's manual 🤣

  • felix44860
    felix44860 Month ago

    Great video, Chris thanks!

  • tbagjag
    tbagjag Month ago

    Civics don’t have inertia switches or do they ?

  • Nathan Lemke
    Nathan Lemke Month ago

    Watched this video and it helped me out on replacing my fuel pump on my 98 mustang today. Thanks!

  • suti 79
    suti 79 Month ago

    Does someone know if it's by the audi a3 1.8t the same, or is the fuel pump under the back seat?

  • Hafiz
    Hafiz Month ago

    8:40 you decided to only replace the fuel pump. Then what was the point in buying the whole the fuel pump assembly. Might as well have just brought the pump only unless they are not sold separately

  • Derek Nguyen
    Derek Nguyen Month ago

    I have a Toyota camry 2002 and when i went to start it up during a cold start, i smell strong flume of petrol, sometimes when i leave my car on the run side to listen to music without the engine starting and go to start it up after a while the engine would kinda struggle to start up at times do u know what could be the issue with my car also i noticed that the brake fluid is running low but i checked the brake pads and disc to see if its worn out but no rust or anything. the brake light keeps coming on, its so disturbing when driving at time hope u can help me out @ChrisFix!!!

    GEAUX FRUGAL Month ago

    What did the OBD2 SAY ABOUT THIS PROBLEM ?

    GEAUX FRUGAL Month ago +1

    Wow that's GTA !

  • Hamza k
    Hamza k Month ago

    The best best car channel on youtube is yours. Love your videos. Thankyou so much for sharing your knowledge.

  • Destructive Pancakes

    University of TVclip

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Month ago

    How soon after replacing the fuel pump should it start

  • Rock J
    Rock J Month ago

    I have a 2011 CRV 4 cylinder no check engine light on change filter change map sensor spark plugs and it's still burning gas like crazy