How to Diagnose and Replace a Fuel Pump

  • Published on Jul 22, 2016
  • Fuel Pump Test and Fuel Pump Replacement. I show you how to figure out if your fuel pump is bad and then how to replace a fuel pump in your car or truck. In this episode of the Drift Build I try to get the Mustang started!
    Where I got my Fuel Pump:
    Fuel Filter:
    Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool:
    Fuel Pressure Tester:
    Ramps I used:
    Fix Uneven Break Pad Wear:
    Metal Etch and Personalize Your Tools:
    300k Mile Fuel Filter Replacement:
    Thank you AutoZone for supporting the #DriftStang and sending me a fuel pump! I was able to get the car on the road for drifting this summer! #HoodsUpAmerica
    AutoZone Rents Tools and Scans your Computer Free (just not in CA)
    Here is where you can find your local parts store:
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  • Kevin I.M.
    Kevin I.M. 6 hours ago

    03:39 I love how he says “We will get this car running!”

  • Death By Lego
    Death By Lego 9 hours ago

    There’s a high pitched whine coming from my drivers side left, I’ve traced the noise as best I can and it sounds like it’s coming from my gas tank.
    I think it’s the fuel pump, but the car is driving fine and I just did the key thing and I heard it prime..
    Does anyone know?
    I keep coming back here because like, ChrisFix is one of the two people I trust with my car. I could go to my mechanic.. but money..

  • Death By Lego
    Death By Lego 2 days ago +1

    Can you please do it for your mazda?

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Day ago +1

      Thanks for the video idea!

  • Karthik Shankar
    Karthik Shankar 2 days ago

    13:42 "it's just this heat shield is making noise"
    But he later found out that the noise is due to a bad throwout bearing.

  • Bluegachagames 17
    Bluegachagames 17 4 days ago

    The oil gauge said L on the red line on the bottom right on the instrument cluster

  • Givols
    Givols 4 days ago

    is this different for a diesal engine? specifically a 2014 GLK 250?

  • Bryan Joachinson
    Bryan Joachinson 10 days ago

    Can you do a "How to diagnose and replace an oil pump" video?

  • Netto Carmo
    Netto Carmo 16 days ago

    Hey Chris, recently my car was reading the wrong fuel levels, just wondering if u can give some tips to check before I fully replace the float or if u ever mentioned this problem in a video, thanks for all the tips.

  • Scott Z
    Scott Z 16 days ago

    Thanks Chris. Replaced fuel pump this weekend. Your vid is spot on!

  • creperplaying 1
    creperplaying 1 16 days ago

    Wait wait that's my car i found it great job starting it!

  • Bonnell Reviews
    Bonnell Reviews 17 days ago


  • Bert Park
    Bert Park 17 days ago

    Outstanding job on this video ChrisFix

  • Henry Vandervort
    Henry Vandervort 18 days ago

    I have an 88 gt can you change connections from the hairpin to quick disconnect fittings thanks

  • kory hayes
    kory hayes 19 days ago

    What if it wasent the culprit

  • Jonathan H.
    Jonathan H. 20 days ago +1

    hey chris, I was wondering how to know the real model of your car if you dont have the owners manual? because if I want to buy something and change it I need to look for it but it always offers me 4,5 types of the same model and the best I can do is to send it to the mechanic. I want to fix it by myself(the simple stuff like this) without bothering him and spending money that I dont have.

    • Jonathan H.
      Jonathan H. 20 days ago

      @ChrisFix thanks a lot because I would guess you know the pain when you buy parts without knowing the exact model. God bless you :)

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  20 days ago +1

      Check the door sill for your car's VIN and do a (free) VIN number lookup, it will tell you the exact make, model and year!

  • zGamerYT
    zGamerYT 21 day ago

    Best startup sound

  • zGamerYT
    zGamerYT 21 day ago

    People who dislike are idiots. Imagine how scary is having a 2ton car on your face

  • Shaun Yap
    Shaun Yap 21 day ago

    This is an old video, but I was wondering if I can get some advice.
    My car won't start unless I "prime" it by pressing the accelerator a few times with the key in the ACC position before I go to start the car. Is it a fuel pump problem?


    *car fuel pump won't work* HEY GUYS CRISFIX HERE!!

  • Austin Nimtz
    Austin Nimtz 23 days ago

    Project crowd control killed me

  • pinkyhotmessx69
    pinkyhotmessx69 23 days ago +3

    love your enthusiasm!

  • Tony
    Tony 23 days ago

    All I wanted to learn was how to properly change my rotors.
    Here I am. Many hours later looking up all his videos because they are exactly how they should be done. I say beyond 10/10 rate. 👍🏽

  • Anders Holmberg
    Anders Holmberg 24 days ago

    What if the ecm goes bad, or ignition switch, how to test that?

  • Len Kagamine
    Len Kagamine 25 days ago +1

    When I read that "Watch til the end (; " I had to check the date and be sure it wasn't posted in April..

  • Glidz
    Glidz 25 days ago +7

    I'm pretty sure that at this point I am addicted to watching your vids I have watched every vid like 4 times

    • Faraz Gholi
      Faraz Gholi Day ago

      Yeah bro same here, absolute gentleman and Legend 🤙

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  25 days ago +3

      I'm glad you like them!

  • Water Power inc.
    Water Power inc. 28 days ago

    next to the inertia switch is a box that the wiring harness is plugged into. what is that box?

  • Elvi Flores
    Elvi Flores 29 days ago +2

    U help asf bro keep making videos :)))))

  • Disco Jellyfish
    Disco Jellyfish Month ago

    In case you care: Its almost the same for motorcycles (but only the ones, which have a fuel pump, of course).

  • lionlite 18
    lionlite 18 Month ago

    I am a 14 year kid and just watch your videos cuz I like it.

  • Jonathan Reyes
    Jonathan Reyes Month ago +2

    What should I do if my 2013 v6 mustang is idling at lower rpms than usual and my check engine light is on. My uncle had connected the code scanner tool and said that is has to do with a fuel sender or something either clogged or not functioning right and it causes my car to feel like it is loosing power and he told me to ask about getting a full new fuel pump from the dealership or autozone. What do you guys recommend I check or do to fix this issue????

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  Month ago +1

      It sounds like a clogged fuel pump, I would find one from a parts store and replace it yourself!

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel Month ago

    You can't measure voltage with disconected harness

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen Month ago

    Junk in the trunk@2:55 hilarious

  • Time To Vent - TV
    Time To Vent - TV Month ago

    Chris can you do a video on P0181 Fuel Temperature Sensor A circuit Range/ performance code (2016 Nissan Sentra S)

  • MustangMoses
    MustangMoses Month ago +1

    Someone help? so i have a 1994 mustang gt 5.0, and about 2 months ago, my harmonic balancer went out. so it sat on jack stands for about a month and a half, until i finally fixed it. I put a new battery in, and it started after a little bit of cranking. it stayed on for a while. then i put it in gear and drove it. it was jerking and wanted to die. then i got on the main road going about 20mph, and it was backfiring, hesitating and jerking, then eventually shut off. wouldnt turn on, so i thought the gas was bad, so i went to go get some. then it started again, and did the same after a little bit. i havent driven it in about a month since. I turn it on every now and then, and it starts right up, and revs up to 4-4.5k rpm. I feel like it could be the fuel pump.

  • Elijanroz 2.0
    Elijanroz 2.0 Month ago +30

    *Chrisfix starts the car*
    Owner: Give my car back

  • priyan patel
    priyan patel Month ago

    Check out goon,quad they also do car fixes

  • Man Chinito
    Man Chinito Month ago

    This video really help me alot, thank you chris

  • Carlos Ferreira
    Carlos Ferreira Month ago

    Hi Chris, what's the tool you used at 7:26 to detach the fuel lines?

  • an1rb
    an1rb Month ago

    He didn't put the gasoline back into the tank?

  • Aaron Jimenez
    Aaron Jimenez Month ago +1

    Good job man 👍

  • Marc Puno
    Marc Puno Month ago +1

    dude those 802 dislikes hate you for sharing those knowledge of yours 😂 God Bless you ❤️

  • gravitycharge
    gravitycharge Month ago

    wait did you test the fuel pressure with the pump unplugged?

  • Reagan Hughes
    Reagan Hughes Month ago

    I freaking love these videos, *engine at operating temp* thats the first thing I thought about when you revved it, 'did he let the engine get warm' lol. Maybe its because I'm an Engineer.

  • Ez Care
    Ez Care Month ago +1

    Chris is the mechanic of all mechanics man! Excellent

  • Gamer JuelzTV And Gacha's

    "Honey, our neighbor is disassebling his car again."

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    Luis Bernardez Month ago

    You have no idea how great you are young man.may God bless you and keep you!!

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    Fusion meeks Month ago

    I'm young but after watching his videos i can help my moms car so she doesn't waste money.Thank you Chris

  • ThatScruffyGuy72
    ThatScruffyGuy72 Month ago

    Just curious what auction site did you use?

  • Damian Brady
    Damian Brady Month ago

    Roll cage, supercharger, new to you engine, Honda del Sol supercharger, drag build,I like your drag car contest

  • Javory Hull
    Javory Hull Month ago

    How long does a fuel pump last

  • Roger Hinman
    Roger Hinman Month ago

    The Inertia Switch on my first Mustang was bypassed by a previous owner. That car was three wheels and a hubcap into the grave when I got it and it was a sporty little ride when I sold it a few years later. I was in trade school while I owned it and used it as my repair mule to pass many of the courses.

    YOUNG MTBer Month ago

    Did you study if you did what kind of engineering did you study?

  • Nathan's Tabs and Trucks

    I don’t understand because the fuel pump in my Camry doesn’t prim till you start the car

  • Larry Brooks
    Larry Brooks Month ago

    U can put a outside pump on electric it will work!😞

  • Adam Jermane-Jones
    Adam Jermane-Jones 2 months ago

    Chris! Love your videos, they are so slick. You make both car work and film making look easy

  • Brandon Sheaffer
    Brandon Sheaffer 2 months ago +1

    you hitting the inertia switch just reminds me of those stereotypes of men from older generations hitting something to fix it

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  2 months ago +1

      That still works sometimes lol

  • Zen Doggy
    Zen Doggy 2 months ago +5

    I'm getting my mechanics degree from ChrisFix YTUniversity. Thanks, Chris, for sharing all your knowledge! 😉✌

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