Sylas 60 Ult Interactions - New Champion Ultimate Test - League of Legends


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  • Eldimarix
    Eldimarix  13 days ago +95

    Hello, I made a new video with New and old Sylas ultimate interactions:
    - 00:01 Sylas and Mordekaiser
    - 00:27 Elise
    - 00:45 Vayne
    - 00:57 Ekko
    - 01:09 Aatrox
    - 01:22 Zed
    - 01:35 Gnar
    - 01:43 Kai'Sa
    - 01:54 Orianna
    - 02:01 Syndra
    - 02:08 Kayn
    - 02:21 Tahm Kench
    - 02:34 Rengar
    - 02:45 Riven
    - 02:59 Pyke
    - 03:12 Twitch
    - 03:24 Nidalee
    - 03:39 Jayce
    - 03:57 Heimerdinger
    - 04:15 Karma
    - 04:26 Udyr
    - 04:39 Cho'Gath
    - 05:04 Fiora
    - 05:09 Nocturne
    - 05:14 Teemo
    - 05:30 Shyvana
    - 05:49 Yasuo
    - 05:59 Zac
    - 06:09 Kled
    - 06:23 Kalista
    - 06:32 Quinn
    - 06:48 Sion
    - 07:05 Rek'Sai
    - 07:16 Nocturne
    - 07:24 Shaco
    - 07:39 LeBlanc
    - 07:47 Neeko
    - 07:59 Ryze
    - 08:08 Twisted Fate
    - 08:18 Illaoi
    - 08:27 Jhin
    - 08:40 Kassadin
    - 08:46 Swain
    - 09:01 Taliyah
    - 09:13 Tryndamere
    - 09:24 Urgot
    - 09:35 Xearth
    - 09:44 Zoe
    - 09:51 Darius
    - 10:01 Caitlyn
    - 10:12 Galio
    - 10:23 Garen
    - 10:33 Karthus
    - 10:45 Lux
    - 10:55 Master Yi
    - 11:10 Miss Fortune
    - 11:19 Annie

  • The Creativv
    The Creativv 18 hours ago

    Nice another champ from DOTA(Rubick) in LOL...

  • ANDU
    ANDU Day ago

    this champ must be scraped .. really now do helmet bro and delete this shit

  • Alfred Chase
    Alfred Chase Day ago

    What if sylas vs sylas SS each other

  • Коля Самокіщук

    Ставь лайкич, если Риоты просто взяли и украли Рубена у Габена.

  • Idz Spac Olsza
    Idz Spac Olsza 3 days ago

    5:13 sylas eating teemo

  • Potato:3
    Potato:3 5 days ago

    riot needs to perma ban anyone who picks cho into him.

  • Dylan Doggett
    Dylan Doggett 6 days ago

    thats fucking gay, cant make original content so they made the ditto of champions

  • Kaysan Nawfal R
    Kaysan Nawfal R 10 days ago

    When Is the Appearance

  • Kaysan Nawfal R
    Kaysan Nawfal R 10 days ago

    when the appearance of sylas

  • xRage
    xRage 10 days ago


  • 978 skr
    978 skr 10 days ago


  • 徐庭侖
    徐庭侖 10 days ago

    the skins are stolen,too XD

  • 陈宇超
    陈宇超 11 days ago

    he could be Jayce!

  • XxxSHADOWxxX
    XxxSHADOWxxX 11 days ago

    5:01 HAHHA

  • Γρηγόρης Ρουμελιώτης

    What if he is level 6 and the opponent champ is still level 5; Can he steal his r;

  • ignacio graterol
    ignacio graterol 11 days ago

    nueva guia de sylas =)

  • Real PCY
    Real PCY 11 days ago

    Try rubick dota 2 and see the difference

  • Kyle Valentine
    Kyle Valentine 11 days ago

    Neeko’s ult would be op because of your gap closer abilities

  • Aech 1Z
    Aech 1Z 11 days ago

    4:58 was like, is someone tickling me?

  • Neeko - League Of Legends

    u wot

  • p̶i̶e̶c̶e̶ o̶f̶ c̶a̶k̶e̶

    Literally rubick from Dota 2...

  • Adrianlog Kashito
    Adrianlog Kashito 11 days ago

    Dude she he stole riven's ult and cast it he screamed as if he is riven its a bug it needs to be fixed

  • Quiff
    Quiff 11 days ago

    so basically a better Neeko


    sylas is so fucking cancerr WTF RIOTT??

  • rene the kton
    rene the kton 12 days ago

    9:24 suckamah

  • Bidon de sauce Teriyaki

    Dota did it better with rubix

  • OverYeet
    OverYeet 12 days ago

    Wtf cho’gath and sylas. 4:50

  • Tatsu XL
    Tatsu XL 12 days ago

    Riot: You know what, Neeko is kinda boring... let's make a champion that copy's ultimates.
    *Riot employees having an orgasm of the creativity*

  • GrimmyTheWeeb
    GrimmyTheWeeb 12 days ago +1

    *Now it is I who!-*

  • Kourayuki
    Kourayuki 12 days ago

    That ult laugh actually goes well with mf ult 😂

  • Mr. Lactum
    Mr. Lactum 12 days ago

    Hi can u add FIZZ Katarina and akali?

  • -Pheriel444-
    -Pheriel444- 12 days ago +1

    DAT is Naruuto 6:15

  • Liam Magee
    Liam Magee 12 days ago +1

    What about kha zix ult? Will he have the evolved version or the simple version? And if he steals corky ult how many shots does he get?

    • Jonas Martin
      Jonas Martin 11 days ago

      For corki it's seven shot (full charge, like teemo's shroom)
      For kha i wonder, probably evolved if kha evolved it when stealed.

  • Ramdom Chanel that try to get like

    Rubick but steals body

  • Katarina Bot
    Katarina Bot 12 days ago

    Wait did you and vandiril work together ???😘😘😜😜😝

  • Odd Otter
    Odd Otter 12 days ago +1

    Is the ult a skillshot? or point and click?

  • N-am habar Ce caut aici

    Too much "AHAHAHA"

  • A D
    A D 12 days ago

    Hands down that this champion has to be the most OP
    i mean STEALING ULTS AND USING THEM against OTHER TEAMS just wow

  • Soap Gaming
    Soap Gaming 12 days ago +1

    can you windwall his ult

  • Bobys Hawk
    Bobys Hawk 12 days ago +1

    Sylacou :3

  • МОРОж ка
    МОРОж ка 12 days ago

    Gj man))

  • scycaptan
    scycaptan 12 days ago

    If you get Master Yi' s ultimate and just get a kill without using ultimate, do you get %80 cooldown reduction?

  • UnholyBlood
    UnholyBlood 12 days ago +11

    whoever in the dev team thought this was going to be a good idea. Should literally be fired.

  • Jakub Kardaś
    Jakub Kardaś 12 days ago

    zoe ult + sylas is usless :p

  • Fedkio
    Fedkio 12 days ago


  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 12 days ago +1

    It doesnt only steal the skills but also steals the skin skill effects...

  • Tongi Nguyen
    Tongi Nguyen 12 days ago +1

    Nice video

  • Dominykas Zakrys
    Dominykas Zakrys 12 days ago

    7:30 unwrap UVW gone wrong

  • Boming Wang
    Boming Wang 12 days ago +3

    Since after stealing Vayne's ult, his Q does make him invisible. Plz try Nasus

  • Zammy Wang
    Zammy Wang 12 days ago

    Now take Thanos’ gauntlet

  • Miep Maup
    Miep Maup 12 days ago +7

    Zoe can steal summs, neeko is copying champions and sylas is copying ults.... I guess the next champion is ditto right? :D

  • Tam Xid
    Tam Xid 12 days ago

    Neeko copy basic moves, Sylas copy ult/R ...

  • Trentonimore
    Trentonimore 12 days ago

    Kled "hahahaha YEEEHAWWW"

  • Trentonimore
    Trentonimore 12 days ago

    2:08 double laugh

  • Jake Hu3zoid
    Jake Hu3zoid 12 days ago

    So illaoi's ult does nothing

  • Avatarbee
    Avatarbee 12 days ago

    5:21 So if you don't use up all of the shrooms you get a new one after roughly 38 minutes?

  • Sad Senju
    Sad Senju 12 days ago

    Did they already release him?

  • yi Greek
    yi Greek 12 days ago +1

    All delete lol ty

  • Mike Canion
    Mike Canion 12 days ago

    I am so addicted to this game that today i had a dream where I was playing Sylas jungle and was ganking enemy Xerath. In this dream i had dark harvest, so I hijacked Xerath ult and took two shots on him and one shot with a dark harvest on the enemy jungler. This was such a good play and I want it to happen sometime when I play him LMAO

    Am i ok? I am not making this shit up this happened last night lol

  • Masrii
    Masrii 12 days ago

    That laugh is so annoying

  • Mr. Brightside
    Mr. Brightside 12 days ago

    4:48 Well, mark me down as scared and horny!

  • Flodos
    Flodos 12 days ago

    bull shit champ

  • Json
    Json 12 days ago +3

    Jayce: I'm the strongest lane bully
    Sylas: Hold my hammer

  • Spectre Plays
    Spectre Plays 12 days ago


  • acritura 22
    acritura 22 12 days ago

    toxic champion

  • Tài Hữu
    Tài Hữu 12 days ago

    I dont like this shit

  • Andrés Ksnv
    Andrés Ksnv 12 days ago

    Im so surprised transformations let you use all the abilities

  • Matei Alex
    Matei Alex 12 days ago

    5:00 someone call kratos new god in town

  • Gustavo Sousa
    Gustavo Sousa 12 days ago

    Can he steal ult even when you don't have LvL 6 yet? Holy Crap

  • rodrigo
    rodrigo 12 days ago

    4:47 daddy...

  • Daniel Stamm
    Daniel Stamm 13 days ago

    Sylas stealing Shyvanas ult is going to be crazy. He builds full AP and her R and E both do massive AP scaling damage.

  • Mick Silva
    Mick Silva 13 days ago

    Illaoi would destroy him. Hes ult is useless if he copied Illaoi.

  • Lemuel Violanda
    Lemuel Violanda 13 days ago

    If you ult zed u can have the stacks?

  • qbAsGaming
    qbAsGaming 13 days ago

    nicely stolen from vandiril

  • Graff Fhe
    Graff Fhe 13 days ago

    Can't wait for the next URF

  • Dušan
    Dušan 13 days ago +1

    What if nidalee is in lion form? Will u become nidalee human?

  • Dex
    Dex 13 days ago +1


  • Katsuragi Takumi
    Katsuragi Takumi 13 days ago

    9:29 Well, that was satisfying.........
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • f duff
    f duff 13 days ago +1

    Do ahri

  • azari
    azari 13 days ago +2

    when singed use ult, he drop strange liquid
    but sylas use this,

    It just poop (diarrhea 🤮)

  • Tafie
    Tafie 13 days ago

    That't how mafia works.

  • dennis beuker
    dennis beuker 13 days ago

    Know somebody the releas date ?

  • Dante Ciasca
    Dante Ciasca 13 days ago

    HA ha ha ha ha...
    HA ha ha ha ha...

  • Edward Sutherland
    Edward Sutherland 13 days ago

    Do you need the item to use kalista's ult? Do you always get 3 stacs of mushroom from teemo even tho he only might have less?does using riven's ult extend your range abit?

    • Ricky Muzakki
      Ricky Muzakki 12 days ago

      He always get max charge (3 shroom teemo, 7 rocket corki). Also you can buy black spear early in the shop if there is enemy kalista and bound ally preemptively

  • AlreadyDome Games
    AlreadyDome Games 13 days ago +1

    Riot became real lazy with his animations. So whack

  • Alio Pishtofa
    Alio Pishtofa 13 days ago +1

    Half of them are solen from from the Vandiril video

    • Alio Pishtofa
      Alio Pishtofa 13 days ago

      +this game trashhh nah its just the same videos of those champions

    • this game trashhh
      this game trashhh 13 days ago

      +Edward Sutherland so I fall into an joke 🤔

    • Edward Sutherland
      Edward Sutherland 13 days ago

      Thats the joke.

    • this game trashhh
      this game trashhh 13 days ago

      Vandril didn't make any video with sylas ult only the Cho one and the ap test
      NABB now if Vandril make an video with those Champs it means that Vandril copy it hahahahaha

  • Grenadeslash
    Grenadeslash 13 days ago

    5:21 that ult cd glitch after the teemo shrooms were done

  • darko ranger
    darko ranger 13 days ago +1

    i wonder what would happen if the game mode is all for one and both teams are using Sylas... :)

  • You Were The One
    You Were The One 13 days ago

    Quick question about the syndra ultimate. If she has 4 balls out and sylas steals it does he throw 4 balls?

  • Leanzzro
    Leanzzro 13 days ago +1

    Can anyone tell me how to counter this champion?

    • mordekaiser the iron revenant
      mordekaiser the iron revenant 12 days ago

      +this game trashhh udyr counters him easily ....

    • keko ser
      keko ser 13 days ago +1

      Play udyr

    • RenoZ
      RenoZ 13 days ago +2

      If you have to ask how to counter Sylas or call him broken, you deserve to get owned-like every person that has died from a Sylas in PBE....
      But here I will show you some mercy. Anti-heal + MR. Sylas is decent champ but I think far from broken. I seen fed/super fed Sylas get owned by just 2 enemies, cause his kit is better in 1v1 situations. Of course there will be an occasion that people won't have a brain or the sylas will be super good with his combos and outplay or having stolen a really good ulti, so he may kill more than 1 people but still, I've seen more broken champs. You see a 12(or 14)/2(or 3)/6 KDA Sylas and he can go down "relatively" easily, unlike a Diana/Mordekaiser/Rengar/Khazix/Shaco/Darius/Nasus/Illaoi/Dr.Mundo ect ect with same scores. The good thing about Sylas is his ulti that can be useful in team fights and possibly help to snowball.

    • Leanzzro
      Leanzzro 13 days ago +1

      +this game trashhh how does udyr counter him

    • this game trashhh
      this game trashhh 13 days ago +3

      Play as top udyr his biggest counter play nida as jg play Zoe as support play Janna as supp and vayne as adc

  • Kingiux Kingas
    Kingiux Kingas 13 days ago

    Riot is not right in head.

  • Arthur Braga
    Arthur Braga 13 days ago

    And the jax ult 3 hits passive?

  • Ike Encho
    Ike Encho 13 days ago

    Stealing kassadins ult is basically a free flash

  • player osu! BooMBooX
    player osu! BooMBooX 13 days ago +1

    Kakashi in LOL wtf:DD

  • Plocký
    Plocký 13 days ago

    doesnt get ad bonuses? like vayne and riven ult

    • Plocký
      Plocký 12 days ago

      02:45 Riven he doesnt get ad bonus of rivens ult +Hussam Skafi but i guess riven gets 20% dmg from BOUS ad. idk

    • Hussam Skafi
      Hussam Skafi 12 days ago

      +Plocký redmercy did it on vayne and got bounce ad and movement bro

    • Plocký
      Plocký 12 days ago +1

      but he didnt +Hussam Skafi

    • Hussam Skafi
      Hussam Skafi 12 days ago


  • XXxxAcE RocKxxXX
    XXxxAcE RocKxxXX 13 days ago

    If Sylas Hijack’s Vayne’s ult, he may go invisible whenever he uses his Q right?
    Well if he Hijack illaoi’s ult may he trigger the tentacles to smash with his W?

  • Kiko the Kwago
    Kiko the Kwago 13 days ago +1

    oh c'mon, you could've tested if the Zed(Sylas) shadow also copies Sylas' abilities

  • Mr. Zhinister
    Mr. Zhinister 13 days ago +4

    You should have shown us if Kayn's ult changes based on his form.

    • Elementalist Lux
      Elementalist Lux 12 days ago +1

      It does tho , seen trick2g use rhaast ult

    • Dante Ciasca
      Dante Ciasca 13 days ago

      Mr. Zhinister oooh yea! Man I’m a Kayn otp I feel bad for not thinking about that...