We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • “I want those troops to come home, and I will do it with my LEGS!”
    Devon Simon
    Rosiekia Kia Artis
    Justine Reilly
    Becca Hess
    Dottie’s Delights
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    Justine Reilly
    Devon Simon
    Rosiekia Kia Artis

Comments • 2 099

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 3 hours ago


  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 3 hours ago

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE PIN UP PHOTOS!!! And I’m a homosexual lol

  • Basically Bubblegum
    Basically Bubblegum 10 hours ago

    As someone who has worked with pin up models (I'm a student photographer) it makes me kind of upset that Devin's was closest to the time period yet she didn't get as many photos or as much screentime. Kristin was also very amazing, however Fred and Chantel seemed like they didn't understand the concept of pin up. It would've been great if they'd brought in a professional model or fashion historian who knows alot about the original looks, culture, and backstory or pin-up.

  • Kaitlyn Johnson
    Kaitlyn Johnson 12 hours ago

    Ok I don’t get why people are so against chantel like it’s literally just a video

  • Beeyyn!mytea
    Beeyyn!mytea 19 hours ago

    1:00 kristine spilling some tea

  • amy butt
    amy butt Day ago

    Freddy and Chantel's weren't very pin up, but they were still pretty!

  • Becca Fiedler
    Becca Fiedler 4 days ago

    Chanel is literally a Charlie Botower pipe dream 😍

  • Alex Taylor
    Alex Taylor 4 days ago +5

    Chantal is acting so rude and disinterested, why is she even in this?

  • alizé
    alizé 4 days ago

    I clicked this video thinking Kristen is perfect for this!

  • ms Kate
    ms Kate 5 days ago +2

    Devin: when I think of pinups I think about a lot of Bettys

  • trinity romero
    trinity romero 5 days ago +2

    I looooved everyone of these pin up versions, except for Chantels, I'm actually dissatisfied customer 😗 but liiivvving for Freddie's 🤠

  • awesome always
    awesome always 6 days ago

    If yall dont stop analyzing every damn thing in the video and just wacth it

  • Heather Wade
    Heather Wade 6 days ago

    I didn't like any of them.Disappointing 😬😲😵

  • H E N T A I
    H E N T A I 8 days ago

    you could tell the photographers we’re getting frustrated with Chantel’s look and poses. Not only were they bland but they completely didn’t match the criteria of a pinup model. I didn’t think she understood that being a pinup isn’t all about being a males sexual fantasy, it’s also about the model being comfortable in her own skin.

  • Damage Control
    Damage Control 8 days ago

    make a new series: kitchen and jorn

  • La’Nyah Varns
    La’Nyah Varns 8 days ago

    Devin looks kinda like princess Diane . 😭

  • kadia dabreux
    kadia dabreux 8 days ago +1

    I thought Devin who definitely looked perfect for the era would take the trophy home BUT I actually looooved christens photos the best

  • Victoria Durrett
    Victoria Durrett 9 days ago

    Lol pinup wasn’t porn of the 1950s, porn was porn in the 1950s

  • news personality
    news personality 9 days ago

    dollar tree lady gaga? oop-

  • jimjam 's
    jimjam 's 10 days ago

    Kristen did well

  • KrmtFrog98
    KrmtFrog98 10 days ago

    13:50-13:57 but where is Freddie’s other foot?

  • Reece Richardson
    Reece Richardson 10 days ago

    At 13:51 I thought they photoshopped Freddie’s leg out!!!

  • kenny kenzz
    kenny kenzz 11 days ago

    14:10 to 14:15 is my fave 👾💍💙
    Love Fred

  • casey tv!
    casey tv! 11 days ago

    they were all so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Caitiek smiles
    Caitiek smiles 11 days ago

    Glad to see I'm not the only one dissapointed in this video. I hated Chantel's attitude about the whole thing. If you didnt want to do it then dont. Also, her ideas on feminism are getting more and more concerning as she's gets farther from what real feminism is, empowering equality for all. Fred's outfit was BOMBASS but not pinup at all, would have been better for another video. I personally hated Kristens outfit, it looked horrid on her even tho only she and Devin did actual pin up, she could have been given a more flattering costume. Devin absolutely killed it tho and I'm so proud of my girl. Ladylike needs to go back to basics and remember what this channel is about.

  • Realistically Gachas
    Realistically Gachas 11 days ago +1

    They never said it was gonna be old fashion did they?!

  • XXXmarianyy__the__vlogger 2019

    You guys are so funny when I grow up I want to work with you guys and you guys make my Day!

  • Jade Morgan
    Jade Morgan 12 days ago +2

    Kristin and Devin: do what’s asked of them
    Freddie: put her own spin on pinup
    Chantel: a whiney snowflake who wants any chance to say “I’m a feminist, I’m bi and I won’t ever listen to you if you don’t agree”

  • Lela Robinson
    Lela Robinson 12 days ago +2

    Chantel's w's more like alien Rosie the Riveter! So not pinup but everything is everything!

  • O
    O 12 days ago

    I feel like these girls would hate Jordan Peterson

  • Hannah Collings
    Hannah Collings 12 days ago +1

    Freddie's looks like she was told the theme was "album cover for things like dirty by Christina"

  • Cherry Xiong
    Cherry Xiong 12 days ago +2

    I understand Chantel's twist on using a space theme but she could've tried harder in putting the pinup aspect into it. She chants so much about being a feminist but degrades the fact that pinup was a form of feminism, where females would embracing their sexuality in a society that shunned it. Its funny when people call themselves a feminist but don't know any of the history behind it.

  • Hannah Collings
    Hannah Collings 12 days ago +11

    "the pin up poses just kind of flowed out"- no, no they did not.

  • Hannah Collings
    Hannah Collings 12 days ago

    So Freddie has no idea what a pin up is at all along with Chantelle.

  • Avary B
    Avary B 12 days ago

    freddie with that black bullut bra tho

  • Aniyah Santiago
    Aniyah Santiago 12 days ago

    Freddie was so adorable, Devin did amazing and Kristen looked so good...chantel on the other hand was kind of disappointing

  • Avo
    Avo 12 days ago +3

    Can I just point out that Kristen has BEAUTIFUL legs (especially on her second photo) 😍😍

  • Maddie Jenkins
    Maddie Jenkins 12 days ago

    Devin looks like Daisy from The Great Gadspy!!!

  • The Jakes
    The Jakes 13 days ago


  • missangie29
    missangie29 13 days ago +18

    Chantel didn't even pull off anything, nothing pinup about her at all even when she's looking at the other pictures she's so false and not interested

  • Ingrid Nineteen
    Ingrid Nineteen 14 days ago +5

    This video reminded me of why I stopped watching Buzzfeed. Just yikes.

  • Sunset Studios
    Sunset Studios 14 days ago +1

    Devin was made for this 😂

  • erza scarlet
    erza scarlet 14 days ago +1

    You guys if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all and she was just defending women's rights and back then woman didn't have any rights

  • Salty_blue _ocean
    Salty_blue _ocean 14 days ago +2

    Is Freddie’s foot missing in one of the pictures?

  • Anna Brzez
    Anna Brzez 14 days ago +31

    “I’m a grandpas wet dream”
    I CANT 🤣

  • Blake McIntosh
    Blake McIntosh 14 days ago

    "I'll show you where you keep my panties."

  • AsyaMoriarty
    AsyaMoriarty 14 days ago +6

    Fred always just abuses the theme to get whatever she wants to have in her possession out of the video.

    • Cherry Xiong
      Cherry Xiong 12 days ago

      TBH she always does this but here at least she "tried"

  • Sarah West
    Sarah West 14 days ago

    I love the video, y’all look great. Devin, where are those earring from????

  • Mia Blinkinsop
    Mia Blinkinsop 14 days ago

    Could you guys please stop trashing on Chantel about talking too much about feminism. I liked that she expressed her opinion and they all had fun and felt good about themself. The point of this video wasn’t for you guys to be mean to them. Let them express themself however they want.

  • Lex C
    Lex C 14 days ago

    Couldn’t watch half the video because of the flashes 😭😭

  • Shaira Habib
    Shaira Habib 15 days ago +5

    Can we take a moment and appreciate Freddie’s beauty

  • Ayelet Sofia
    Ayelet Sofia 15 days ago +2

    Kristen, sweet innocent Kristen.
    She’s too cute y’all.
    She’s pure.

  • Ayelet Sofia
    Ayelet Sofia 15 days ago +19

    I feel like we can call Devins pictures “and I oop-“

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong 15 days ago

    of all the pin-up humor, i can't erase what Devin said. *i'm like a grandpa's wet dream!* 🤣

  • space nugget
    space nugget 15 days ago +1

    Why is everyone being mean to chanty :(
    She did it, what else do you expect?

  • Lauren Ziegenhorn
    Lauren Ziegenhorn 15 days ago

    Devin and Kristin KILLED IT!! I loved their looks, they really nailed the pinup look

  • Florence Fortin
    Florence Fortin 15 days ago

    I love Christine

  • lexi boyer
    lexi boyer 15 days ago +1

    *oh where did my clothes go!*

    • anqelicrxses
      anqelicrxses 14 days ago +1

      lexi boyer lmao i love your profile pic

  • UshioRea
    UshioRea 15 days ago +13

    “Milk is good for your BONER”

  • Lilliana Loughlin
    Lilliana Loughlin 16 days ago

    Did anyone else get the weird silent loft commercial