How to Win More Gunfights in COD WW2

  • Published on Nov 11, 2017
  • COD WWII's first patch is live! Here's what changed...
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  • Skywalker Games
    Skywalker Games Year ago

    Damn, I remember the flinch at launch. Nowadays, the game has no flinch. It really makes quickscopers OP. They need to have flinch to balance quickscoping but the pros keep complaining so they take it out of the time.

  • Omar Abdelati
    Omar Abdelati Year ago

    O:57 so bad

  • Eduardo Dias
    Eduardo Dias Year ago

    You're a shame just like rawinstinct

  • RyaNo 321GO
    RyaNo 321GO Year ago

    *and then Fortnite came about*

  • Alan Lee
    Alan Lee Year ago


  • Metro Grooves
    Metro Grooves Year ago

    Wow not done the prime training, thanks!

  • Dario De Valck
    Dario De Valck Year ago

    I play COD 11 years thats enough practice i have over 3.kd on every COD WW2 i have now 5.29 and 19nukes

  • bryce anderson
    bryce anderson Year ago

    As soon as he says, "don't sprint around corners," he sprints around a corner in the video lol.

  • MG fishing Podcast

    So this is to all the 8 yr olds who have never played boots on ground

  • Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson Year ago

    You cant live without them because youre so used to them. I tried them and they screwed me up. I use airborne though cause I cant run far. I go fast and I usually am in the top 2.

    LlL ESKIMO Year ago

    “I don’t sprint around corners” *sprints around every corner*

  • Xx_Its_JD_xX
    Xx_Its_JD_xX Year ago

    I started watching your uploads since MW3, I have improved alot because of your tips, tricks and map tactics. Would be GREAT to see that again.

  • Wayneio Schweinfurtheo


  • Kevin Kasch
    Kevin Kasch Year ago

    You aren't gonna show a side by side of flinch with and without the primary? lol

  • Lord Silverback
    Lord Silverback Year ago

    wow...i didnt know Peeta played games that didnt involve hungar....

  • Jonathan Jou
    Jonathan Jou Year ago

    Nadeshit wants flinch removed cause the fool has no gun skill lmao

  • Txawjhlub Lao
    Txawjhlub Lao Year ago

    hit detection is a joke in this game. how come none of you big youtubers are talking about it? u, drift, ace, mark, prestige, someone bring it up. it's not my internet that's for sure.

  • Rex
    Rex Year ago

    Why would primed be the best basic training perk Trev? That's basically saying you're committed to getting hit.. What you really want to be doing more often than not is shooting other players. Focusing on the damage you're dealing to other players is more important than worrying about taking damage.

  • JPOTTS1515TV
    JPOTTS1515TV Year ago

    Kontrol Freeks are a life saver. That and a good headset is all you need to shred on WW2

  • Shizzmoney99
    Shizzmoney99 Year ago

    I’m sick of these mf haters

  • Marco
    Marco Year ago

    against bots i have beast aim. Online i lose all gunfights.

  • BrookTP
    BrookTP Year ago

    Bullshit it's not 20% off. It's 10

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R Year ago

    lmaoo "It feels like your playing on hardcore and nobody else is" I'm weak lmaoo

  • Curtis Button
    Curtis Button Year ago

    Bruh why not just practice in pubs

  • Manny Severo
    Manny Severo Year ago +1


  • Manny Severo
    Manny Severo Year ago +1

    This is very smart!!

  • Alex1911
    Alex1911 Year ago

    Not only do you need to slow down it’s also best to stay close to a teammate to watch several lanes. Way to easy to get snuck up on with the odd spawns that dump enemies right behind you. Doesn’t need to be a in a party if playing solo, just stuck with someone and watch their 6 using the mini map to see where they face.

  • Connor Moriarty
    Connor Moriarty Year ago

    "Don't sprint around corners!" **Sprints around corner in game and dies***

  • Gruxxan
    Gruxxan Year ago

    i think when you turn the health up to 150%, thats the player health, not the bot health.

  • Ryan Lo
    Ryan Lo Year ago +1

    Well done video

  • shoryu ken
    shoryu ken Year ago

    Just play hardcore 😉

  • J V
    J V Year ago

    Great video sir. Please keep them coming. 👍

  • Sanna Lohkovuori
    Sanna Lohkovuori Year ago

    Yes, more this kinda videos!

  • Swindler
    Swindler Year ago

    great video trev!

  • Chris Watkins
    Chris Watkins Year ago

    Always love ur tips and tricks! And I'm an Iowa boy too

  • MaizeRage19x
    MaizeRage19x Year ago

    The most frustrating part is shooting first, not missing any of your shots and still dying first. It’s bullshit

  • Joshua Condon
    Joshua Condon Year ago

    Lol good video but I thought it was funny he was like “never sprint around a corner, I never do” and in the gameplay he immediately sprinted around a corner and died lol

  • FutbolAbe
    FutbolAbe Year ago

    Why is it so hard for me to get headshots in this game!

  • goldeneyeforevercom

    Great, great video! The best! Thank you very much and keep up the great work!

  • Braden Lensing
    Braden Lensing Year ago

    do 5kd challenge series

  • Colynn Black
    Colynn Black Year ago

    TmarTn is seriously the best youtuber in terms of helping improve skills. Thanks man

    JAY GOMEZ Year ago

    Make a vid about unlocking the Bar with the prestige token if you ordered the digital deluxe version. If you get the digital deluxe version you get 1 prestige token upon playing.

  • Jala
    Jala Year ago

    About the training thing I love playing hardcore and whenever I come from core to hardcore I always shoot more than I need to and that has gotten me killed many times because I was out of ammo. The other way around also happens when I move from hardcore to core where I shoot too little and die. So the best thing is to practice with regular health bots to make your muscle memory better

  • Jala
    Jala Year ago

    Tmartn bring back grenade spots cause this game has OP grenades

  • nikoli tostado
    nikoli tostado Year ago

    Good tips Wish u would have put this out years ago

  • Mi W
    Mi W Year ago


  • Derek Lang
    Derek Lang Year ago

    I try to play bots before going helps! a lot and fast paced

  • Sgt Pot
    Sgt Pot Year ago

    All the cod cocksuckers have this exact same video

  • Sam Potts
    Sam Potts Year ago

    Same video as NadeShot

  • John
    John Year ago

    "Don't sprint around corners"...Sprints around the corner and dies....

  • Chase Morgan
    Chase Morgan Year ago

    This is awesome! Thank you!!

  • MVfishing
    MVfishing Year ago

    Opdiskkc😂 aye at least he owned up to it

  • Vhaze
    Vhaze Year ago

    Wait wtf is this map he played I don’t even have it in my list in custom games wtf

  • night kin
    night kin Year ago

    This video is useless just don’t suck

  • iSK
    iSK Year ago

    7:52 he says "don't sprint around the corner" and right then he sprints around the corner and gets out gunned

  • Ty Hansen
    Ty Hansen Year ago

    You mentioned 6 months on the kontrolfreeks. I’ve been using mine since AW and they’re still fine.

  • Shadow Football
    Shadow Football Year ago

    Tmartn I've watched your vids since you started talking bout kontrol freeks and have never gotten any... dont know why, just saying. It would probably help with my accuracy issues in cod and rb6 siege. #givethenoobkontrolfreeks

  • Zachary Shepperd
    Zachary Shepperd Year ago

    Love the UCF shirt man. Waterford Lakes til I die lol. Good video

  • Stef Myt
    Stef Myt Year ago

    Thank you very much. This raised my KDR from 0,81 (I know im bad) to 1,23.

  • aQ Hyperion
    aQ Hyperion Year ago

    I still haven't played this map... wtf ww2