• Published on Jul 21, 2019
    In this video, Keith Thurman reacts after fighting Manny Pacquiao and says that pacquiao is a champion and would love a rematch
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Comments • 3 383

  • king513 king513
    king513 king513 Day ago

    Hey you asshole thurman, you have only one time to do it, and you fell short.. You are not called second time.

  • Jolab Baloj
    Jolab Baloj 3 days ago

    To be honest, Thurman and Marquez are the 2 fighters who gave Pacquiao problem.

  • rock choyanz
    rock choyanz 4 days ago

    where is your t-rex arms now b#*&$!!

  • Freddy Gamez
    Freddy Gamez 5 days ago

    0:23 Thurman: u said what

  • Proud Son Of Kawhi
    Proud Son Of Kawhi 6 days ago

    KT earned respect. He just selling tickets before the fight.

  • MrSaul2fl
    MrSaul2fl 8 days ago

    After all the trash talk......... huh. Good beaten

  • josemontes811
    josemontes811 8 days ago

    Thurman is a classy guy ! He will be champ again 🥊

    IAN MERCADO 10 days ago

    Lol no rematch thurman never 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Executive Order
    Executive Order 10 days ago

    once upon a time thurman! lol

  • Solid Duce
    Solid Duce 12 days ago

    Dose raptor hands fuck u up 👌

  • Ariel Bruselas
    Ariel Bruselas 13 days ago

    manny pacquiao he absorb you power

  • Timdang Balano
    Timdang Balano 13 days ago

    Stop the slute etc thing ro thurman.... He deserved what happened..

  • Pedro J. Martinez-Fraga

    Keith is a class act.

  • Nestor Jr. Peralta
    Nestor Jr. Peralta 14 days ago +2

    I can't believe thurman gives no excuses, my highest respect for him. Waiting for your fast recovery to watch your next fight.

  • Ryan Chuenarom
    Ryan Chuenarom 15 days ago

    Damn look at those bruises! Lol good fight. Still talking about this two weeks later lol

  • Axl Bragga
    Axl Bragga 16 days ago

    You got my respect brother thurman

  • A Hasnath
    A Hasnath 16 days ago +1

    Keith don't mess with Filipino fisherman like pacman. You get beaten up. Peace out keith

  • John Beluso
    John Beluso 17 days ago +1

    At least Thurman took the punishment rather than running around the ring like some headless chicken.

  • R Mad
    R Mad 17 days ago

    No rematch for Thurman after disrespecting the little guy. All the things Thurman was going to do, early knockdown, hurt the body etc. Pac did to him. Big talk but big fail.

  • Poli Gonzo
    Poli Gonzo 17 days ago


  • Jeff Catapan
    Jeff Catapan 18 days ago

    Karma hit fast bro HAHAHA

  • Trang Pham
    Trang Pham 18 days ago

    NK bb

  • Lonzo
    Lonzo 19 days ago +1

    I dont respect him he talk so much shit now he lost who is the champ now Loser !! now he is kissing pacman ass cause he want a rematch ! Go Home LOSERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronell Tisoy
    Ronell Tisoy 19 days ago

    Congrats thurman isa kang tunay na boxer di kagaya ni gaywethet

  • Sharianeee Channel
    Sharianeee Channel 20 days ago

    better than MayWeather

  • jose calderon
    jose calderon 20 days ago

    0:24 bruh dude looked at the reporter nigga hard af when he said he lost the fight 😂😂😂

  • James grant
    James grant 21 day ago

    PAC MAN humbled this guy

  • martino martina
    martino martina 21 day ago

    showing off is the fool's idea of glory

  • raycajucom ek
    raycajucom ek 21 day ago

    he's face doesn't look like he's been beat up with punches, it looks more of a whip many times swing swing swing :D

  • FangirlOtaku_Geek星

    Real champ right here. After the biggest lost of his life and he still did interview on the way to rest.

  • Romel Moriles
    Romel Moriles 21 day ago

    Dont cry "last time" thurman. 😂 Do you feel the T-REX arms? 😂 Your biggest mistake is you underestimate na living legend! 😂 Goodluck to your future. 😂 Trashtalk goes wrong! 😂 (1st round knockdown!) 👊😂

  • Eric John
    Eric John 22 days ago +6

    This match has to be the most cleanest boxing match of 2019.

  • Johnell Villas
    Johnell Villas 22 days ago

    Beat up by the T-REX arm of Manny Pacquiao. LOL! 😂😂

  • Hj. Julkepli Hj. Ibrahim

    How a about very last fight Manny vs Floyd not in USA!!

  • Calico_Hannibal
    Calico_Hannibal 22 days ago

    "Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young"
    Old warriors did not get old by accident; they got old by being wise, having the right knowledge, and being tough. Never underestimate an old man who has grown up in a rough profession or a rough environment.
    These men have been around. They have done things, and experienced things, that you probably have never even thought about. They are tough, their minds are tough, and they have the knowledge, the skill, and the will to finish you off, if you force them to do so. A boy will fight you, but a older man will hurt you.

  • Mr. Bird
    Mr. Bird 22 days ago +1

    Trash talk just a normal at the beginning..
    At the end.. Keith is a good guy.. He earn my respect.. You got a heart of the champion.. God bless..

  • Alfons Chito Colomeda
    Alfons Chito Colomeda 22 days ago

    Respect to both fighter pacquiao and thurman fight toe to toe and clean fight this 2 fighter is the real warrior unlike floyd running mayweather

  • Betio Albert
    Betio Albert 22 days ago

    it was a great figther..end of the day only one will win.

  • Jaypee Hagedorn
    Jaypee Hagedorn 23 days ago

    Yeah.. thats what we called Learnings!

  • Npis Vang
    Npis Vang 23 days ago

    Rematch? You want another broken rib? Just retire niger, your future is over!

  • mike hawkins
    mike hawkins 23 days ago

    I understand Thurman's trash talks from the start, it's all for the hype. But in and out of the ring his character is of a real sportsman's. Much respect for him, his first lost is not a shameful one.

  • Iksmohj1
    Iksmohj1 23 days ago

    How's that "170 cm T-Rex arm" landed?very devastating,right?
    Congratulations Thurman!you earned respect.great fight.

  • ActionBastard
    ActionBastard 23 days ago

    Thurman won that.

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 24 days ago that fool , u talk too much stop ur talking idiot . Thats what happens to braggers like u- they get their as beat and come out saying this bs
    Jajjajajajajaj worthless
    Be humble next time stpid

  • Willy Receda
    Willy Receda 24 days ago +1

    The australian looked worst than thurman. The decisikn should have been the same

  • Dio Channel
    Dio Channel 24 days ago

    I told you on my comments you will eat your words you boastful arrogant person, i love to say this to you and i hope you read this i have a question to you Kieth thurman? How does the humble pie taste? Ha! what?🤔🙄... I can't hear you kieth because your done.

  • markia zero eight Forever

    Im from Philippines..I support Manny Pacquiao and I salute Keith Thurman for being a clean fighter .. we are waiting now for “Rematch” 😏

  • dharkoz Jehu
    dharkoz Jehu 24 days ago

    Let AB see how a real man handle defeat!!! That’s how you got the respect from fans all over the world! Hope you bounce back and handle it like a man and win title fights again! That’s how “GREATS” do! AB gonna learn this clip!

  • wanna ch.illmatic
    wanna ch.illmatic 24 days ago

    Keith Thurman is up next!!

  • Steve Bishop
    Steve Bishop 25 days ago

    How were those little T. rex arms mate?

  • AM
    AM 25 days ago


    ALLAN GOMEZ 25 days ago

    Atleast he didn't run

  • Dennis Syrel
    Dennis Syrel 25 days ago


  • Franchesca Martinez
    Franchesca Martinez 25 days ago

    2019 Hoy Vote kayo Kay Pacquiaw

    GOOGLE Go 25 days ago

    Once paquaio deafet you in rematch ,,better for you to retire !!!!!!!

    CHIBBY 25 days ago +1

    Boi he talked big before he fought pac now look at him so pitiful.

  • JB Cafe
    JB Cafe 25 days ago

    Abugbug si thurman😂

  • Makenna Vida
    Makenna Vida 25 days ago

    Nice Face Paint...😂

  • Mark Arkm
    Mark Arkm 25 days ago +2

    who doesnt love a rematch against M.P? win or lose u will have a huge amount of money..

  • Michael Orbon
    Michael Orbon 25 days ago +1

    Thurman is a good guy, he just had to be a villain to promote the fight.

  • Starlin Germosen
    Starlin Germosen 25 days ago +1

    keith is real ...even though i lost 550 dollars on this dude...manny is just manny man sure many beats every ww...just not crawford maybe spence ,because manny beats big guys for breakfast..but crawford is a beast i am sure crawford is number one....

  • Haideliza Alferez
    Haideliza Alferez 25 days ago +1

    I remember mc Gregor..
    I hope mc Gregor can fight to manny

  • ᔕ ʜɪɴᴊɪ
    ᔕ ʜɪɴᴊɪ 25 days ago

    Ill take it all back

  • Wicked Rick
    Wicked Rick 25 days ago +1

    At least, you loss from a legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao.

  • muheka bella
    muheka bella 25 days ago +1

    He didn't not win the fight but he instead, gain respect from the people around the world especially in the Philippines for giving Manny a good fight.

  • Loner face
    Loner face 25 days ago

    He said manny pacman will be crucify. Haha after the fight he became humble. Hahahahahaha I am Filipino naka tira didto sa pilipnas( i leave here in the Philippines.

  • Does IT Matter
    Does IT Matter 25 days ago

    Big mouth lost thats what he deserves!

  • Armie Ador
    Armie Ador 25 days ago

    Congrats THURMAN!
    senaTHURMANy Pacquiao

  • Todd Sams
    Todd Sams 25 days ago

    RESPECT to you MR. Keith Thurman!.... RESPECT

  • Calvin Palama
    Calvin Palama 25 days ago +1

    It was good fight! Rematch? WHY NOT? Thurman stood his ground and fought and deserves a rematch! I think if Thurman kept the pressure on it would have been a very different fight he has the skills, the power and speed! All in all a great fighter who took his loss like a true champion even though it sucked. Rematch would be awesome!

  • James Smith
    James Smith 26 days ago +1

    All i heard was he hit me with punches inna

  • Danny Dañas
    Danny Dañas 26 days ago

    That big mouth eat all the trash talks that you said before the fight, you said your going knock him down and send him to retirement like what he did to Dela hoya but what happen, you get knock downt too early and your going home with broken ribs, even you landed a big shots but it shows that you cant knock down manny

  • Olalekan Feyi-akinribide
    Olalekan Feyi-akinribide 26 days ago +2

    Pacman has again shown to the whole world what a true champion he is and that there should be no animosity or bitterness in competitive sports.

  • Gloriatgg Fulong
    Gloriatgg Fulong 26 days ago +2

    We salute you, Keith Thurman! the showed dignity, and humility. We love you!

  • Gloriatgg Fulong
    Gloriatgg Fulong 26 days ago

    We Filipinos love you, Keith... you fought like a man....