my pool

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Honestly, I'd rather be in here.
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    this is a video where i talk about how much i like my pool
    Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  29 days ago +4701

    honestly not even a problem but if you want to follow me on twitter to let me know how to get outta here that'd be great @Gusbuckets

    • Møons
      Møons 4 days ago

      This is what happens when you let bees on the property

    • Vanilla Bizcotti
      Vanilla Bizcotti 14 days ago

      Gus, I’ve been following you forever! Thank you for being you!

      ORAN MCIVER 22 days ago +1

      Gus joeshon feet reveal

    • Justcrypted
      Justcrypted 22 days ago


    • Israel Wilkes
      Israel Wilkes 27 days ago

      "Once a semen always a semen

  • Niamh C
    Niamh C 3 hours ago

    Waddup my names gus I’m 47 and I never fucking learned how to swim

  • Diddy Doodat
    Diddy Doodat 6 hours ago

    Wtf is this recommended?

  • Cute Porg
    Cute Porg 14 hours ago

    At 1:52 with headphones I felt like I was getting wet

  • Luke Tomaneng
    Luke Tomaneng 18 hours ago

    Nice deck. You should collab with ZNA for the Odd Jobs series.

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 18 hours ago

    It’s Jim from Friday night dinner tell me where’s Wilson?

  • The Real Steve Harvey

    0:02 this is gonna be a great video

  • Mina Dyana
    Mina Dyana Day ago +1


  • Christina Peterson

    I love how incompetent this character is.

  • thedivinezero
    thedivinezero Day ago

    2:03 when i remove the ladder in my sim’s pool

  • parodysam
    parodysam Day ago

    My documents!

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    If he was named John Johnson it would be the perfect depiction of a middle aged white man with erectile dysfunction and children that hate him that's been left by his wife and the only thing keeping him from killing himself is all the money he has.
    Pretty deep huh?

  • Duke Peterson
    Duke Peterson Day ago +1

    My wife works with adults with disabilities and this girl that isn’t vocal was gut laughing at this video. Good job Gus

  • Allison Clark
    Allison Clark Day ago

    This has big stepdad energy

  • Shruthi Maniyodath

    If you watch this video on mute, you'll see DWIGHT SCHRUTE.

  • rafmcnic 04
    rafmcnic 04 2 days ago

    I haven’t laughed like this for ages, thank you Gus ❤️

  • David Salyers
    David Salyers 2 days ago +1

    Funny, reminds me of an old Kids in the Hall skit!!

  • Corey DeBacker
    Corey DeBacker 3 days ago

    2:31 *demonetization intensifies*

  • Molly Mckringleberry
    Molly Mckringleberry 3 days ago +2

    Dang man Gus should be an Olympic swimmer

  • Teo b
    Teo b 4 days ago

    here in my garden with my new pool, very refreshing in this hot summer.
    but you know what i like a lot more than materialistic things?

  • Leona Stark
    Leona Stark 4 days ago

    This is literally my dad.
    "Not much of a swimmer myself. Never learned in fact"
    "We´re gonna test the old deck that I just built by hand"
    "They´re probably reading, with their headphones on"
    "Well there goes my paycheck over there"
    "I should´ve prioritized the ladder situation first"
    "Nothing a little perseverance couldn´t fix"
    "Good as new"
    "Where is that rascally old breifcase at?"
    "Looks like dad´s gonna have to go back to his old naval days.."
    "At least everybody´s safe"

  • KrysTal Rapture
    KrysTal Rapture 4 days ago +1

    Well at least it’s not raining

  • zhu kevin
    zhu kevin 4 days ago

    Can you be my dad?

  • mlspro23
    mlspro23 6 days ago

    Not your best work Gus

  • Moka
    Moka 6 days ago

    Didn't know The Office had a 10th season

  • Ha Ba
    Ha Ba 6 days ago

    2:16 what kind of swimming style this is? Im wheezing 😂🤣

  • Alex B
    Alex B 6 days ago

    What episode of the Office is this?

  • foxyplier andmore
    foxyplier andmore 6 days ago

    What the hell is this garbage....I love it!

  • Hundredaire Solitaire

    I can taste the pool water.

  • professional egg
    professional egg 7 days ago

    why was this recommended for me

  • Juulintraincars
    Juulintraincars 7 days ago

    Kira yoshikage building a pool

  • Sean Gilbertson
    Sean Gilbertson 7 days ago

    Gee whiz!

  • Adam Sayne
    Adam Sayne 7 days ago +1

    I am severely disappointed in myself for laughing at that liquid finds joke

  • Der Schweigefuchs - Audiobooks

    Once a seaman allways a semen

  • The Daily Game
    The Daily Game 9 days ago

    This is the video on how i found ur channel i didnt think this was satire at first

  • Keegan Finley
    Keegan Finley 9 days ago

    “Oh well there goes my pay check over there” me after setting foot into a Target

  • Eric Leigh
    Eric Leigh 9 days ago

    All of youre shit is gold, but this is one of my favorites. Spot on boring mid western dad

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 9 days ago +1

    My family: Lets use this day to go to the zoo
    Me: 3:02

  • planetrob555
    planetrob555 9 days ago +2

    Can we/I get a link to his music, and if so, a link to the longer version of the song I'm talking about? It's very nice and very relaxing.

  • planetrob555
    planetrob555 9 days ago +3

    Hey, I saw a video of you thanking everyone for getting you to where you are now. The song at the end of your videos, you said it was a friend of yours who made that. Can we/I get a link to his music, and if so, a link to the longer version of the song I'm talking about? It's very nice and very relaxing. I'd love to hear the full version if there is one. By the way, subscribed after I saw you on the H3 Podcast

  • unthinq_
    unthinq_ 10 days ago

    1:02 and there goes his bible

  • Juan G
    Juan G 10 days ago

    Sorry, not funny at all.

  • Dave Ridlespriger 2
    Dave Ridlespriger 2 11 days ago

    Caddy shack.

  • Itsallawesome
    Itsallawesome 11 days ago

    My fav Gus Johnson vid

  • Morgan Black
    Morgan Black 11 days ago

    Once a semen always a semen

  • pandaybomb
    pandaybomb 11 days ago

    i like to think that the fall into the pool wasnt actually planned

  • MadeinMSP
    MadeinMSP 11 days ago

    Casual gunshot in the distance at 3:18 damn do I love the Midwest

  • Whoop Dee-Doo
    Whoop Dee-Doo 11 days ago +1

    Gus is like how to basic but you can see his face.

  • X Ry
    X Ry 12 days ago

    what a cool dad

  • C C
    C C 12 days ago

    Nice pool

  • Lemony Fresh
    Lemony Fresh 13 days ago +1

    readin with the headphones on'

  • Blueeyedmerle
    Blueeyedmerle 14 days ago

    between imbiamba jombes and this video I don't need anything else to watch

  • Vanilla Bizcotti
    Vanilla Bizcotti 14 days ago

    Get out of my pool Gus! We’ve discussed it!

  • Andrew Yates
    Andrew Yates 15 days ago


  • Sean Gilbertson
    Sean Gilbertson 15 days ago +1

    Navy should start teaching people how to swim.

  • Weston Foss
    Weston Foss 15 days ago


  • Jay Edwards
    Jay Edwards 15 days ago

    I became pretty exhausted after watching this...

  • Pilot Unready
    Pilot Unready 15 days ago

    Bloody class

  • American Pool and Spa KY

    Now this is Comedy. #PoolGuys Approve :P We'll find a way to tag you if we borrow an idea from this - keep up the solid work man!

  • ThePulverizer8
    ThePulverizer8 15 days ago +2

    Do more of this character! This guy is funny af

  • Camryn Sowers
    Camryn Sowers 15 days ago

    the like to dislike ratio really says something about gus's videos

  • rad kid
    rad kid 16 days ago

    3:03 the gunshots in the background really make this piece

  • M jazzy J
    M jazzy J 16 days ago

    No ones gonna mention how gosh darn huge this above ground pool is?

  • Caitlynn Hibbard
    Caitlynn Hibbard 16 days ago

    C O N T E N T

  • Gingeries17
    Gingeries17 16 days ago

    I aim to achieve this level of positivity.

  • Chad Yonish
    Chad Yonish 17 days ago

    Dumb as fuck

  • Jose Rafael Duro
    Jose Rafael Duro 17 days ago

    Not sure if his son said "Dad?" Or "Dead?" Hahaha

  • Gargantuan Gaming
    Gargantuan Gaming 17 days ago

    This definitely captures a Wisconsin experience

  • Victoria Fleuty
    Victoria Fleuty 17 days ago

    Why do you look like am American version of Jim from Friday night dinner

  • Shay Slayer
    Shay Slayer 17 days ago

    In the sims where u put them in the pool and remove the ladder