'This has been one of the toughest Nightmares I've done' - Kitchen Nightmares USA

  • Published on Feb 8, 2013
    Chef Ramsay has reached the end of his time at Grasshopper's and he leaves a re-vamped restaurant with hopes of further improvement in the future.
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Comments • 74

  • Pizza goes splat
    Pizza goes splat Year ago +2

    Well I've got Amy's bakery episode on record from last night

  • Mark Glaser
    Mark Glaser Year ago +1


  • Potato Crisps
    Potato Crisps 3 years ago +73

    lol this place closed down

    • soulproductions
      soulproductions 9 months ago +1

      I don't really hold it against ramsey for having this place shut down. I blame the owners for not taking leadership. I felt bad for chef this episode cause no one including mitch can't fill his shoes.

    • Anderson Dalmeus
      Anderson Dalmeus 9 months ago

      A pretty good number stay open too though

    • ba sillah
      ba sillah Year ago +6

      Wrong, Most of them go out of business due to being over in a million in debt hard to save them even if they do it right

    • AnOriginalName
      AnOriginalName Year ago +17

      Most of the restaurants closed down yes, but that's not necessarily the end. People forget Ramsay opened and had to shut down alot of his own restaurants as well before he became famous. Alot of the people closed down the restaurants in this series, but then later reopened new ones which are doing well. Most of the ones which are still around were the ones which were just missing something or lost discipline. If they had chefs who never worked in a restaurant prior, 'chefs' which microwave all of their food, intense personality problems etc. it's unlikely Ramsay can save it.

    PULSE 4 years ago +21

    Is it me or is that chef James the sous chef in hells kitchen

  • Christian Nicholas
    Christian Nicholas 4 years ago +2

    that head chef was fired? wow

  • Christopher Smart
    Christopher Smart 5 years ago +24

    Hes not english hes scottish

    • Dean Girl
      Dean Girl 4 months ago

      semiretired86 he wasn’t raised in Glasgow. He doesn’t even have a Scottish accent. He was raised in England.

    • semiretired86
      semiretired86 8 months ago

      he's born and raised in Glasgow so he's scottish

    • TheDraykez
      TheDraykez 3 years ago +1

      +Dimitar Zlatarev Have you ever heard a Scottish accent?

    • incativated
      incativated 3 years ago

      They are, they are just recognized as 2 different countries.

    • philfensome
      philfensome 3 years ago +7

      +Dimitar Zlatarev that's like saying Americans and Canadians are the same

  • Adxllinaaa
    Adxllinaaa 5 years ago

    poor gordan ramsay im such a big fan

  • GTA V Gameplay & More
    GTA V Gameplay & More 5 years ago +153

    one more video till i go to sleep

  • Ben Willock
    Ben Willock 5 years ago +38

    "Most Toughest"
    Lol, way to show us up Gordon.

  • DirtyWheat24
    DirtyWheat24 5 years ago

    New episode PLZ so much DRAMMA!!

  • CJ_Incognito
    CJ_Incognito 5 years ago

    @Moo Cow jup, my thoughts exactly...

  • Moo Cow
    Moo Cow 5 years ago +6

    I dont get this channel..no full episodes just very short outtakes.

  • Kieran Law
    Kieran Law 5 years ago +2

    No I think you misunderstand liability. Why would Gordon and his investors want to open themselves up to random restaurants and families liabilities? Just owning a stake in a piece of real estate or property opens you open to legal ramifications if things go sour with the bank.
    Also, if you look into the success rate of Kitchen Nightmares you will see that most of the restaurants featured on this show have failed! Yes, they are mostly closed!
    Only a few survive.

    • Jewels
      Jewels 7 months ago

      True. 75% of all restaurants fail in the first year or two as it is. Throw in the chaos happening with the Kitchen Nightmares restaurants and it's probably more like 85-90%. Even if some of these places had been around for 20 years or more and were successful, it's hard to come back from what these people allowed their places to become.

  • w m
    w m 5 years ago +2

    I guarantee you that this show puts in an investment into the business for a share in the company. If you need to hire an accountant that will help them succeed, then your profit margins as an investor are greater. Do you really think they rebuild these restaurants, give them a new POS system and waste a week of Ramsey's time for nothing? FUCK OFF!

  • maxkitchenclub
    maxkitchenclub 5 years ago

    Subscribe maxkitchenclub

  • DailyDopenessHD
    DailyDopenessHD 5 years ago


  • TheNothing598
    TheNothing598 5 years ago +1


  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 5 years ago

    Grow up dude, !

  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 5 years ago

    I do not think money is the issue here, pay attention !

  • SuperBarbaazul
    SuperBarbaazul 6 years ago

    The owners wife?

  • Kim Jong-Un
    Kim Jong-Un 6 years ago +33

    Not 80%. But a lot, you're right. Every restaurant from Season 2 is now closed and the majority from season 1-3. However, the large majority of Restaurants from season 4 onwards are open. Gordon doesn't run the restaurants for them. He merely recreates them and helps the owners on what need's to be done to put them back on their feet. He shares his experience and knowledge to lay out plans for the owners. so he is helping people that struggle. It's upto them to keep their shops afloat though.

  • Kevin Truong
    Kevin Truong 6 years ago

    It's not 80% closure but it sure as hell isn't 79% still running. More than 50% of them are closed. ref kitchennightmares-kitchennightmare.blogspot [dot] ca/

  • Django Freeman
    Django Freeman 6 years ago

    haha, "make it nice, or make it twice!" I'm remembering that one.

  • Fiddlesticks WT
    Fiddlesticks WT 6 years ago

    That's a bit too optimistic

  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 6 years ago

    No u did not, 79.% is still running .. Dude Wake up!

  • Fiddlesticks WT
    Fiddlesticks WT 6 years ago +1

    I did, some restaurants were sold too.

  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 6 years ago

    Dude do some research

  • Fiddlesticks WT
    Fiddlesticks WT 6 years ago

    Like 80% of the restaurants he went to are closed, lol!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 years ago


  • ryan
    ryan 6 years ago +1

    Don't go Helen Keller on me!!!

  • odalismexicanbeaner
    odalismexicanbeaner 6 years ago

    I love watching kitchen Nightmare i had a kitchen Nightmare before

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 years ago

    It was funny until you started talking on retarded old people. Yeah that was a pretty stupid remark. I think you're retarded for such a dumb ass reply.

  • ryan
    ryan 6 years ago

    You should be a motivational speaker for retarded elderly people!!

  • aaronzvz
    aaronzvz 6 years ago +21

    This must have been before he went to Amy's

  • AesproTM
    AesproTM 6 years ago

    I find your jokes amazing.

  • GreenDevilification
    GreenDevilification 6 years ago +9

    Well its better ending than Amy's Baking Company...

  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 6 years ago

    Naa, when u get this kind of exposure u need to deliver, or the customers wont come back.. And that ruins a restaurant etc :I

  • RetroSteve
    RetroSteve 6 years ago

    I agree. But it seems a lot of people on this show will get the exposure, rennovation to the restaurant and then sell it to make a quick buck.

  • 12345sincara
    12345sincara 6 years ago


  • Randy Mccallum
    Randy Mccallum 6 years ago

    i thk sometimes hes to stunned to say anyting

  • 12345sincara
    12345sincara 6 years ago


  • chicago92100
    chicago92100 6 years ago


  • BlueBerry14
    BlueBerry14 6 years ago

    That lady is f**** hot.

  • Crosby4hyg
    Crosby4hyg 6 years ago

    There's no doubt he's helped numerous people, but don't forget he probably makes millions of dollars from this show every year. One thing I'll say for him is that if the restaurant owner genuinely cares about their restaurant, GR will equal that person's passion.

  • sdushdiu
    sdushdiu 6 years ago +4

    If they are going to serialize the videos. give us SOME means to identify the previous and subsequent editions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a fking mess!

  • Abraham Soutbank
    Abraham Soutbank 6 years ago

    And gets paid hundreds of thousands to do it.

  • The Survivor
    The Survivor 6 years ago +4

    Chef James is now sous chef in Hell's kitchen season 11!

  • andrew latchford
    andrew latchford 6 years ago +1

    The brutal truth here is this.When you pay peanuts,you get monkeys! That irish owner,should have know a Sheperds pie is Lamb,wtf the man is IRISH for christ sakes.As for the cooks? If my home and buisiness was in jeopardy.I would have kicked there useless arses onto the street ages ago

  • javier quinones
    javier quinones 6 years ago

    Chef Ramsay please review American cafeteria food so the world can see how awful it is !

  • CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER

    Gadamn the managers wofe or whoever she is, is fucking sexy. Uber cougar

  • Ryan Bonner
    Ryan Bonner 6 years ago

    horrrible editing

  • Transformingmorpher
    Transformingmorpher 6 years ago

    Same here

  • SSJAlabama
    SSJAlabama 6 years ago

    Piznick64 has close to 2,000,000 views on youtube and over 800 subs, vampirejames has 0 and dacegrace only has 17,000 with 17 subs. i love when small people talk shit its funny

  • dancer.saito
    dancer.saito 6 years ago

    No one gives a shit.

  • Mr RoyalGard
    Mr RoyalGard 6 years ago

    I love that man, he has helped so many people that struggle and he gives so much of him self! Respect Gordon -Chef- Ramsay :)