Immunisation: Why we do it and how 'herd immunity' works - BBC News

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • This is how vaccines work, why they’re important and what the phrase “herd immunity” actually means.
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  • Public Public
    Public Public Month ago

    And let us not forget that penecillin is becoming ineffective because monetarism is more important than people.
    90% of all antibiotics are administered to animals for monetary profit causing imunity for disease and not imunity to disease for us.
    No wonder there is a crisis of trust when the medical profession and the pharma industry is so blatantly not working in OUR interest.
    And the middle class is administrating this bad practice which is generating mistrust for their petty career goals.

    • Public Public
      Public Public Month ago

      petty career goals don't fight disease and are the foundation of bad practice.

  • Public Public
    Public Public Month ago

    A crisis of trust for good reason.
    How many times has bad practice in medicine just been continued because medicine is stuck in an economy of it's own making by a profession which sandbags itself in?
    The middle class is a neurosis. Middle class heal thyself.

  • Kay
    Kay 3 months ago +2

    Vaccines and Autism?

  • batuhan yesilbursa
    batuhan yesilbursa 3 months ago

    We are truly a herd. A heard of sheep

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 4 months ago

    This didn’t do a very good job at explaining anything...

  • Diogo F
    Diogo F 4 months ago

    Pretty cool but I didn't need the gumball machine and confetti. That's just demeaning

  • Pride Princess
    Pride Princess 4 months ago

    The stupidity of the anti vaxxers in the comments below is absolutely hilarious!

  • Mike T
    Mike T 4 months ago +1

    Why can’t any anti-vaccine stuff be found on youtube anymore? Censorship. So much for free market place of ideas and being willing to die for someone else’s right to say something I don’t believe in. Liberal Democracy is a hypocritical by big capitol.

    • Mike T
      Mike T 4 months ago

      Infame de Patates are you talking about fake news about how vaccines don’t cause autism and herd immunity means you must be forced to take them. The autism link is self evident from all the people who say their kid was normal until they took the vaccine. Only NPC’s who can’t think for themselves are fanatically/unthinkingly/unscientifically pro tools

    • Infame de Patates
      Infame de Patates 4 months ago

      Fake science will be eliminated. Sorry sweety ;)

  • Pride Princess
    Pride Princess 4 months ago

    Herd immunity is far more important than anyone’s right to choose not to be vaccinated. I’m sorry, but you are putting other unsuspecting people at a greater risk and you should not be allowed to do so. I’m all for freedom, I’m all for freedom of belief and religion but not vaccinating can seriously disable/kill your own child and or children or adults with a low immune system (ie those that cannot be vaccinated). I’m sorry, but your right to choose does not come before someone else’s right to live.

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      Jose Morales Vaccines benefit everybody. Hopefully natural selection will kill off all the antivaxxers

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      Jose Morales If that .001% was your brother or sister or you child you would feel very differently.

    • Jose Morales
      Jose Morales 4 months ago

      You’re implying it’s one persons right to choose vs another persons right to live (both singular).
      The situation we’re in is more like taking away the right to choose for 99.999% of the population to benefit the .001% of the population.

  • StokeyBumPokey
    StokeyBumPokey 4 months ago +1

    How can people be so stupid? The anti-vax movement was started as the latest stage of the Russian cyber attacks to make people in the West throw away the advantage of their superior health-care to weaken future generations for invasion. #AntiVaxFacts

    RAJEEV KUMAR 4 months ago

    Sound not good

  • Islamic World Order
    Islamic World Order 4 months ago

    biological agents don't distinguish between muslim and non-muslim, yahud or koferim. Its why there will always be the need for global cooperation organizations like the WHO and global governance organizations like the UN to administer it. Identity politics seems to be a dead end...but so many regions like India, Africa and South America are underrepresented.

  • john dala
    john dala 4 months ago +4

    the flue and the measles vaccine are the most dangerous of the vaccines
    even small amounts of mercury in fish is not healthy and and can be very toxic
    but when large concentrations of mercury are injected into adults and children in the form of flu and measles shots and other vaccines, suddenly all that mercury is completely safe and harmless - lmao

    side affects
    from vaccines

    this isn’t even the complete list

    Eye pain and chest pain
    Dizziness, tremors and losing consciousness (syncope)
    Convulsions and seizures
    Gullain-Barre Syndrome
    Cranial nerve paralysis or limb paralysis
    Swelling of the brain
    Partial facial paralysis

    When we are born, we were blessed with an immune system when fed and given proper nutrition without toxic chemicals and GMO’s, it has the ability to fight any and all disease and sickness without vaccines
    build up your immune system get all your vitamins and minerals and nutrients...very simple
    also it is very important you need to build your immune system with vitamins and minerals and nutrients , The biggest danger is the Ebola disease , millions of immigrants from African immigrating world wide may have the Ebola disease and show no symptom

    • WorldWide
      WorldWide 4 months ago +1

      Are you serious? Most of the educated world and scientist AND medical wrokers all agree on vaccines. The percentage of Mercury in a Vaccine is sooo small, it will not affect your health AT ALL. Vaccines are here to protect you. And dont reply with historical misunderstandings where the majority belived in the wrong concept, because we r more advanced now. And the Flu, Malaria, HIV/AIDS are the most dangerpus diseases, not ebola.

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin 4 months ago +1

    When a chicken sneezes the worlds bowels loosen

  • benjamin frankls
    benjamin frankls 4 months ago +2


  • b d
    b d 4 months ago +2

    this is simply not true
    it's about sanitation
    vaccines are the invention of fantasy and to the profit of certain companies, and all governments
    people absolutely don't need to be vaccinated in order they lead a long and healthy life. In fact, just the idea of being injected like this is completely counter-intuitive
    If people could please engage their brains, please. This video is complete crazy-talk.
    I would to know exactly what the agenda is, though I doubt BBC even know
    Just following orders
    After all, the idea that "tv" is benevolent is laughable
    unfortunately for "us" the BBC, and worldwide channels like it are all p*ssing in the same pot
    scripted nonsense
    good luck

    • Evelyn Nichel
      Evelyn Nichel 4 months ago

      b d
      You’re Absolutely Correct 💋🥂!

    • Michael Collins
      Michael Collins 4 months ago

      Sanitation is important but so is the improvement of supportive care. Are measles outbreaks because of poor sanitation?

  • Peter Barton
    Peter Barton 4 months ago +1

    Smallpox was completely eradicated due to vaccination and there was hope that measles would be the same if everyone was vaccinated against it. Polio has been all but eradicated but for three countries that still do not vaccinate against it, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria and until those countries get their act together it will remain a nonirradiated disease. Vaccination should be a major priority to finally get rid of these horrible diseases!

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 4 months ago

      @Evelyn Nichel Which governments? There is a known easy cure for smallpox so therewould not be an effective use for it as a weapon!

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 4 months ago

      @Evelyn Nichel Introduced to who and why?

    • Peter Barton
      Peter Barton 4 months ago

      @Red Divinity ???

  • Mightyimmortls
    Mightyimmortls 4 months ago +6

    BBC comment sections are always so golden. They really know how to get the idiots to make a complete fool of themselves.
    Vaccinate, it's that simple.

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      Red Divinity You need to stop proving the original commenter right. All anti vaxxers are dangerous and extremely stupid.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame 4 months ago +1

    Free Assange

  • TheFuckingBanshee
    TheFuckingBanshee 4 months ago +5

    Saw this video in my subs and thought, "Why not watch anti-vaxxers shit themselves in the comments for a little bit before work," and I wasn't disappointed

  • BuddyL
    BuddyL 4 months ago +8

    It is NOT some grand conspiracy🕵️‍♂️, it's a life-saving necessity. Period.

    • Сергей Меркулов
      Сергей Меркулов 4 months ago

      a host human supplies food resources to microparasites hence parasites will not kill all human. Probably it will clean humanity.

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      Red Divinity The difference between me and you is that I am educated and you are clearly not educated. Speak to the kids in Africa who would have died if we hadn’t gone over and vaccinated them. Speak to the majority of the normal vaccinated British public, speak to the people who are not vaccinated and who have actually caught a totally preventable horrific disease, 99% of these people will not agree with your point of view that all vaccines are bad and harmful.
      As an uneducated person of below average intelligence, what makes you think that you’ve got it right and that doctors and nurses and medical personnel with an average intelligence much higher than your own have all got it wrong?

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      Red Divinity Nobody has admitted to being gay and then changed to heterosexual. They were either just confused about their sexuality, experimenting or bisexual.

    • Red Divinity
      Red Divinity 4 months ago

      @Pride Princess "People cannot help being gay" There are people who admit to being formerly gay and changed to heterosexual. Nobody is born gay, if that statement was true, then Identical Twins would both be Gay and that's usually not the case. Claiming every homosexual must have AIDS without something known as "proof" is equally as stupid as claiming everyone who hasn't taken the Measles Vaccine HAS MEASLES...Or everyone who hasn't taken the Seasonal Flu Vaccine has the Flu. I think anyone who gives their Child a Vaccine should be charged a huge fine for child abuse (I reckon £2000) for every child in their care!

  • Minien
    Minien 4 months ago

    Deport, imprison or euthanize all non-vaccinators.

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man 4 months ago +6

    I wish people took the time to research the disease, vaccine and method of making it as much as they do the conspiracy theories. Guess it's not as interesting as the Gov want to make u gay or autistic for some reason.

  • jezzermeii
    jezzermeii 4 months ago +3

    Although I completely agree that it is an individual choice at to whether or not you wish to be vaccinated, I think it's difficult when we're talking about child vaccinations. Children are much more vulnerable to disease and several childhood illnesses can kill or severely disable a child for life. Children should always be vaccinated and parents who refuse to let this happen are clearly happy to risk hurting or killing their children. Most of us aren't medical experts and those in the know wouldn't offer vaccinations if they didn't think they were effective and if the risks didn't outweigh the benefits. :)

    • jezzermeii
      jezzermeii 4 months ago +1

      @James Agreed there, James! :)

    • James
      James 4 months ago +4

      Unfortunately I think this is one of those issues where you can take a centrist stance. Herd immunity is more important than an individuals choice

  • Voltspear
    Voltspear 4 months ago +2

    Leave people alone if someone doesn't want to be vaccinated let them be. It would help if the ingredients were listed providing people with information .

  • Stefanie Smith
    Stefanie Smith 4 months ago +6


    • James
      James 4 months ago +1


  • Comic Book Guy
    Comic Book Guy 4 months ago +5

    "herd immunity". We the people are NOTHING but a herd of cattle to the globalist elite.

    • Stefanie Smith
      Stefanie Smith 4 months ago

      Aluminum, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, squalene, glyphosate, SV40

    • Stefanie Smith
      Stefanie Smith 4 months ago

      James I’m a biochemist and cellular biologist, you search it up shill

    • James
      James 4 months ago +4

      Seriously search it up. It's just a biological name, nothing more. I think by the fact the 'globalist elite' get vaccines as well shows its not a conspiracy theory to oppress you

    • Stefanie Smith
      Stefanie Smith 4 months ago +1

      Comic Book Guy SHEEP IMMUNITY

  • Shadow Star
    Shadow Star 4 months ago

    Thank you

  • Goldfinga Sliverfinga
    Goldfinga Sliverfinga 4 months ago

    double standards ere … check out gangstalking methods carried out by thevelite on public

  • Exhilirous
    Exhilirous 4 months ago +1

    Honestly Anti-Vax people are just stupid. Even the BBC has said it. Fight me

  • Poo Tube
    Poo Tube 4 months ago +1

    Big pharma murderers ;
    Killing for profit ;
    Would you trust drug companies?
    I don't.

  • Poo Tube
    Poo Tube 4 months ago +2

    F***off BBC, you bunch of fascists.
    I will never get another vaccine again, EVER.
    My choice, so p*** off and stop trying to dictate to others how they run their lives.
    If you and your kids get a vaccine you have nothing to worry about, do you?

  • Sku Style
    Sku Style 4 months ago +1

    VACCINES ARE POISON ¬ Just like BBC propaganda!

  • Daniel Bostock
    Daniel Bostock 4 months ago +5

    Immigrants aren't checked.
    Herd immunity is a theory, often debunked.
    Some villages in India have a near 100% measles vaccination rate but they still have regular outbreaks.

    • Daniel Bostock
      Daniel Bostock 4 months ago +2

      Ross Gower don't blame migrants for bad government policy, lefties have a habit of doing that

  • Miele Rodriguez
    Miele Rodriguez 4 months ago

    We have a right to ask questions about anything we are asked to put into our bodies. The HPV vaccine has damaged girls in Eire.
    The BBC lying by omission & manufacturing consent since 1922.

  • Michael Mage
    Michael Mage 4 months ago +1

    Fuck this horseshit. #NoVaccines

    OUTSIDER40 4 months ago +1

    Looks good 👍

  • yall folks
    yall folks 4 months ago +2

    I hate these non vaccination comments. If you don't want vaccines then dont take them. But dont force other people to do the same. Just because you dont believe something that doesnt mean you have to persuade other people to do what you do.

    • yall folks
      yall folks 4 months ago +2

      @Miele Rodriguez yeah I meant it both ways where we shouldnt force beliefs on each other whether its pro vaccine or anti vaccine. My bad

    • Stefanie Smith
      Stefanie Smith 4 months ago +1

      yall folks antivaxxers are not forcing anyone dumbass, it’s the other way around

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago +1

      Herd immunity is so important for little kids like my cousin who has no immunity himself due to illness (illness not caused by vaccines). I think vaccines should be mandatory for ALL children living in the UK and parents who don’t vaccinate should be made to pay a huge fine.

    • Daniel Bostock
      Daniel Bostock 4 months ago +4

      yall folks you don't see the irony in your comment?

    • Miele Rodriguez
      Miele Rodriguez 4 months ago +3

      Or vice versa.

  • Geth Creator
    Geth Creator 4 months ago

    We do it because we have no choice. Once we started using vaccines it took nature out of the picture and has made us unable to adapt if one of these diseases go super

    • Geth Creator
      Geth Creator 4 months ago

      @Sonnenlein ofc it's better now my point was at this stage we have no choice. I'm pro vaccination but facts are facts, using vaccinations, anti biotics etc helps create super bugs and shit like that so if we stop immunisation we would wipe ourselves out

    • Sonnenlein
      Sonnenlein 4 months ago +2

      BritainForTheBritish Yes, because the world was so much better when our life expectancy was just 35 years. Thank you very much but no.

      (I am aware that also other factors besides immunisation increased our life expectancy but it had a major effect on it and we don’t die after a minor injury (e.g. cut) so even that alone is a major improvement (and yes, this is only one of the many examples that immunisation has changed)).

  • J Briggs
    J Briggs 4 months ago +1

    It's ironic because technically it would be better for the 'herd' if nobody immunized because the gene pool would be stronger and the weak would die off.

    • gurugeorge
      gurugeorge 4 months ago

      @Sonnenlein Surely the _value_ of eugenics is just obvious; what's at issue is whether the _cost_ is worth it. A couple of generations of sterilizing and culling, and we'd certainly have a rosy future full of Aryan supermen and superwomen having a great time. But is it worth the cost?
      Disregarding the compassionate angle (which is certainly real, but you can get that from every other channel), and looking at it purely objectively, the fly in the ointment is the value of randomness. Optimizing for property x means you're foreclosing on genetic possibilities that might be just the ticket to face some random future circumstances coming down the pipe that we don't know of.
      And anyway, nature has a habit of stirring the pot regardless. Maybe it's as simple as something like this: the desire to see it all burn rises as the genetic pool gets dirtier, eventually there's war again, and the herd is culled again, willy-nilly. The tension we all feel, the storm clouds gathering - it's all perhaps just a natural inbuilt reaction to too much softness, too much decadence. It seems like we're getting angrier and angrier with each other, and soon it will be war. You can sort of understand all the REEEEEEEEEEE-ing.

    • J Briggs
      J Briggs 4 months ago

      @Sonnenlein The fact that everyone survives now despite having genetic weaknesses that could never survive in nature is giving us a dirty genetic pool.

    • J Briggs
      J Briggs 4 months ago

      @Sonnenlein It would be better for mankind as a species, yes.

    • Sonnenlein
      Sonnenlein 4 months ago +1

      So you argue that the world and society would be better if all “weaker” people (people with disabilities, people with certain medical conditions, people who were just unlucky and born at the wrong place at the wrong time so they caught this disease etc.) would just die? All these people have done nothing in life to deserve this but you just argue that because they were unlucky in one way or the other, it would be better if they died?
      Besides that, I would be very interesting to hear what your definition of “stronger” people and “the weak” is. Although this is a unique example (but I think it perfectly highlights my point): Do you think that Steven Hawking should have died because he would have been considered a “weak” person? I would argue that one of the most brilliant scientists of all time could not fit in this category and it would have been a shame if he could have never lived long enough to share his discoveries. In my opinion, this invalidates your whole point but please share your opinion.

    • Geth Creator
      Geth Creator 4 months ago

      Too late now

  • Sir Cliff
    Sir Cliff 4 months ago +2

    we are a herd lol sheep

    • Sir Cliff
      Sir Cliff 4 months ago

      @Stefanie Smith Cattle immunity and cattle diet.

    • Stefanie Smith
      Stefanie Smith 4 months ago +1

      Sir Cliff SHEEP IMMUNITY

  • Sir Cliff
    Sir Cliff 4 months ago +2

    UN/ EU migration = diseases

    • James
      James 4 months ago +2

      UN migration... do you know how stupid you sound?

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 4 months ago +10

    stop making diseases

  • harry smith
    harry smith 4 months ago +3

    English people don't even know how to vote and they want the same low IQ herd to understand about vaccination. Hillarious! Being an island makes it easier to spread viruses at a quicker speed. Can people with measles please spend their summer in England - Kent, Dorset, Sussex, Somerset and Lancashire are lovely spots :-)

    • Daniel Bostock
      Daniel Bostock 4 months ago

      harry smith English people don't vote the way you want them to do they must be stupid.

    • Archibald Maule Ramsay
      Archibald Maule Ramsay 4 months ago

      harry smith we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world you moron but don’t let that get in the way of your anti English bias.

    • Sonnenlein
      Sonnenlein 4 months ago

      Haha, thank you for your humour. I really needed it after reading all these comments!

    • Geth Creator
      Geth Creator 4 months ago

      We don't know how to vote? We vote all the time its very easy.
      Go in say your name and address, get and fill your ballot then drop it in a box

  • Pete C
    Pete C 4 months ago +7

    Basically Big Pharma makes money from chumps like mandatory vaxx, don't be naive.
    My body, my choice as the radicals keep spewing. So if I don't want to vaxx then go screw yourselves.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 4 months ago

      Please don't reproduce. You weaken the gene pool.

    • Pete C
      Pete C 4 months ago

      ghosty06 I haven't been sick for 20 years bud, its because i dont eat shit and do exercise

    • S M
      S M 4 months ago

      Pete C I hope you haven’t or plan to reproduce.

    • mythical13
      mythical13 4 months ago

      @Evelyn Nichel How does getting a vaccine put your health at risk?

  • Katrina Zahra
    Katrina Zahra 4 months ago +3

    You spelled immunization wrong..

    • Pride Princess
      Pride Princess 4 months ago

      That’s the American way of spelling it. The English spell it correctly

    • Miele Rodriguez
      Miele Rodriguez 4 months ago +5

      Youre funny. Using a Z is not correct in England, home of English.

    • Paxion202
      Paxion202 4 months ago +4

      Katrina Zahra , and we spell CENTER LIKE THIS “CENTRE “

  • spf_fishing
    spf_fishing 4 months ago +3

    how can herd immunity work if we live in multicultural societies where there's different races, so we're not a herd of homogeneous people. Surely due do genetic differences between races one vaccine can't work for all?

    • James
      James 4 months ago +4

      If you're being serious, race is a construct based on skin pigments. Different races don't have different immune systems, we all share immune systems as we are all human. Genetic anomalies (not based on race) resulting in a weaker immune system means that herd immunity is even more essential.

    • Some Guy
      Some Guy 4 months ago +1

      You're so stupid spf_fishing

    • Archibald Maule Ramsay
      Archibald Maule Ramsay 4 months ago

      mythical13 native Americans would disagree.

    • Robbie Lyle's wife
      Robbie Lyle's wife 4 months ago +2

      @spf_fishing It's a very stupid question that only an uneducated person would ask.

    • Robbie Lyle's wife
      Robbie Lyle's wife 4 months ago +1

      What is it with you BBC trolls that are obsessed with race, multiculturalism and diversity? Honestly you guys must have some mental illness.

  • Kryptoid 121
    Kryptoid 121 4 months ago

    Say no to sheeple jabs.

  • Pepe TheFrog
    Pepe TheFrog 4 months ago +1

    Is this CBeebies? Study linking vaccines to neurodevelopmental disorders in children :

  • knight toking
    knight toking 4 months ago +1

    Bullshit the warnings It will tell you to keep away from infants and elderly BECAUSE YOU SHED LIVE PATHOGENS. Big pharma shills don't tell you the truth. And that isn't all you don't know about "vaccines." If you're a HERD of damn sheeple.

  • knight toking
    knight toking 4 months ago +2

    Bullshit. Not real science. Propaganda bullshit.

  • Craig Johnson
    Craig Johnson 4 months ago +9

    Big pharma tests on unsuspecting victims in India and elsewhere through bribery of doctors. They're never held accountable and US government never extradite their criminals, nor allow compensation be granted to the victims. Forgive us for not trusting those who put profit before welfare.

    • l. kerr
      l. kerr 4 months ago +3

      Do you automatically distrust all aspects of medicine with a tangential link to the Pharmaceuticals industry then?

    • Thu Ya Win
      Thu Ya Win 4 months ago

      @Craig Johnson link?

    • gamefreak is a scam
      gamefreak is a scam 4 months ago +1


    • patj 728
      patj 728 4 months ago +2

      @Thu Ya Win Google Robert Lustig Big Pharma Killing for Profit. And how they are also linked to the food industry. Also the documentary uploaded onto youtube.

    • Craig Johnson
      Craig Johnson 4 months ago +2

      @Thu Ya Win The BBC themselves done a documentary on it a few years ago.

    RIGOR MORTIS 4 months ago +6


    • Thu Ya Win
      Thu Ya Win 4 months ago +1

      @Сергей Меркулов "The notion that vaccines don’t cause autoimmunity makes sense. Since vaccines don't drive the immune response nearly as vigorously as natural infections do, it is less likely that they would induce autoimmunity."
      If you don't bother to read

    • Exhilirous
      Exhilirous 4 months ago +1


    • Etham Buchbinder
      Etham Buchbinder 4 months ago +3

      @Сергей Меркулов that page actually proves it doesn't cause autoimmun

    • Сергей Меркулов
      Сергей Меркулов 4 months ago +2

      @Thu Ya Win Probably vaccines can cause autoimmune disease

    • Thu Ya Win
      Thu Ya Win 4 months ago

      Well vaccines are usually deactivated viruses or bacteria

  • Bryce Cheng
    Bryce Cheng 4 months ago +5

    I wish I had Acure from my obsession with blond Angel women. I need help.

    • Aaron Stone
      Aaron Stone 4 months ago +1

      watch their pics over and over again, imagine if every woman you've ever met had it.. it will fade away..

      that'll be $10,000...

    • J Briggs
      J Briggs 4 months ago

      you have reverse yellow fever