Casey Neistat Studio Tour!


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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat Year ago +33995

    not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.

  • percival23
    percival23 10 hours ago

    I get the feeling that Marques was made to do this video as a favor to someone else. The vibe that Marques gives off is one of "controlled disgust"

  • Relf Morris
    Relf Morris 3 days ago

    has been

  • Yuki Watanabe
    Yuki Watanabe 3 days ago

    imagine earthquak hit this studio...

  • betobsbf
    betobsbf 4 days ago

    Casey Neistat is an amazing compulsive tec hoarder.

  • ImCube
    ImCube 4 days ago


  • SEPTA Railfan88
    SEPTA Railfan88 4 days ago

    crashed drone into Central Park pond
    “These things happen.” 😂

  • Kunal Gautam
    Kunal Gautam 6 days ago

    Just one word ; WOW 😍

  • David Navarro
    David Navarro 10 days ago

    Imagine having a power outage , oof

  • Mess With Game
    Mess With Game 10 days ago


  • Genderschism
    Genderschism 13 days ago +5

    It looks lika a 21st century mad scientist lab. I love it ^^

  • APK's CoC...
    APK's CoC... 16 days ago

    M8 wtf so much tech and he edits with no mouse😂😂😂😂

  • saravanan jeeva
    saravanan jeeva 17 days ago

    Ask Linus to come here

  • Faizan  Ul Haq
    Faizan Ul Haq 18 days ago

    when you realize Casey cant spell "propeller"

  • Yash Kukreja
    Yash Kukreja 19 days ago

    Casey neistat is the biggest inspiration to anybody in any way throughout his life

    WILLUM G 20 days ago

    now we need some of these for linus, unbox T, Austin, and MKBHD

  • Uncaged
    Uncaged 21 day ago

    This is what's wrong with Millennials today - spending too much time watching these moron man-childs whizz about on skateboards and cum in their panties over gear - Casey's whole business is just a Vlog ... abdout vlogging, and nothing ... people spend hours watching this guy living a fake life.

  • Pazl
    Pazl 21 day ago

    05:24 wait isn‘t that 268?

  • Vasanth Swaminathan
    Vasanth Swaminathan 21 day ago

    How does he clean things when dust settles down?

  • Boy Genius
    Boy Genius 22 days ago

    Every Techie's dream garage minus the cooling bill!!! Geesh Casey

  • Joel Dresler
    Joel Dresler 23 days ago

    Watching this in September 2018, you should make an up to date tour.

    4RAYS TECH 23 days ago

    Blown away with Caseys organisation. Mental Man! Seriously Cooooooool 😎 definitely gonna be using some of these to organise my space as well 👍

  • Skygodkingdom
    Skygodkingdom 23 days ago

    Why so many security monitor?

  • 365 studio
    365 studio 24 days ago

    I love it how Casey doesn’t actually make a studio tour but let’s us explore on our own.

  • right spyder
    right spyder 24 days ago

    3:06 , 5:45 anyone notice the cute 🏳️‍🌈 rainbow flag!

  • theplourde
    theplourde 25 days ago

    There needs to be a studio update along with the new 368 space.

  • KoS
    KoS 25 days ago

    i love that subbie under the couch.. OMG!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter 27 days ago

    Need an LTT studio tour and server build now

  • Lex Young
    Lex Young 28 days ago

    Bring the what’s on series back please this episode was amazing and I would love to see more please.

  • Markus Siahaan
    Markus Siahaan 29 days ago

    To spesific

  • Shadow Wolf - Gaming

    CASEY Please call in LinusTechTips, he will hook you up with a data server!! Please! @linustechtips @caseyneistat

  • muhd amir
    muhd amir Month ago

    i respect casey because he can manage all the things inside his place and organize all of them and put a label on every thing.. respect you bro. I LIKE YOUR VIDEO

  • dudefish
    dudefish Month ago

    Is it actually allowed to have such security cameras (like the next door office and hallway)?

  • Syed Hassam Haider
    Syed Hassam Haider Month ago

    Best studio on earth

  • Mirage Mashud
    Mirage Mashud Month ago

    This is the dream setup

  • LuLeBe
    LuLeBe Month ago

    why does he have that much stuff? Surely he doesnt need 20 DSLRs on a shelf, so sell them and reduce waste that way. But people apparently dont think that way.

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir Month ago +1

    his electricity bill must be massive to run all that

  • K D
    K D Month ago

    Casey Neistat sucks

  • Bat_ 844
    Bat_ 844 Month ago

    finally,we can see fred flinstone's cave

  • Iskandar Sulaiman
    Iskandar Sulaiman Month ago

    Total value cost in the studio more than 1M. Casey.. U r Rockstar dude...!!!

  • Gunner Bradford
    Gunner Bradford Month ago

    Where does he sleep???

  • juhs 10
    juhs 10 Month ago

    This place is a massive fire hazard

  • Go4Tweaks
    Go4Tweaks Month ago

    Damn how much monitoring do you need like this is NSA level shit

  • shifu
    shifu Month ago

    Check my channe out

  • Caleb Castro
    Caleb Castro Month ago

    Anybody else wonder what his electric bill is?

  • Walid Ak
    Walid Ak Month ago

    "A bit of a perfectionist sometimes"...... What ??!!

  • Lasse
    Lasse Month ago +28

    How does he keep everything clean from dust?

  • AbeSquared
    AbeSquared Month ago

    I saw the storage and thought linus tech tips needs to make a server for Casey.

  • Ben Ngo
    Ben Ngo Month ago

    Epic ManCave

  • asddf asdqwe
    asddf asdqwe Month ago

    rich mofo

  • Tubai Purkait
    Tubai Purkait 2 months ago

    One word, HOLY SHIT!!! Oh that's by the way two.

  • snuurtje
    snuurtje 2 months ago

    Why the f so much surveillance. Is it such a bad neighborhood over there?

  • Cooking Lessons for Dad

    Amazing! I wonder how long it took him to get it to that state of perfect organization?

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago

    The electric bill must cost so much

  • Zulfi Ramadhan
    Zulfi Ramadhan 2 months ago

    Enakk yyy

  • D.I.Y stuffs
    D.I.Y stuffs 2 months ago

    electricity bill

  • H. Kamran
    H. Kamran 2 months ago

    I'm surprised Linus hasn't hooked Casey up with a Storinator!

  • Andrew Engelbart
    Andrew Engelbart 2 months ago

    Marques, this is my favorite video you've ever made. I've been waiting for more entries in this series for so long!

  • Ihemba Nadezhi
    Ihemba Nadezhi 2 months ago

    nice place

  • Mert Oztopcu
    Mert Oztopcu 2 months ago

    Damn!!!!! TVcliprs make a ton of money man !!!!

  • Julian Luther
    Julian Luther 2 months ago

    Crashed in the Central Park pond I remember that. That’s a good vlog.

  • cyphre
    cyphre 2 months ago

    He replaced his sunglasses finally!?

  • Sam&Tei
    Sam&Tei 2 months ago

    Best video ever

  • Jim Wallace alias Mr Graphic

    This is perhaps the best "tour video" I've ever seen on TVclip! Outstanding!

  • Jasper Störningar
    Jasper Störningar 2 months ago

    So, I've watched a video about smartphone camera lenses and after watching a ton of them I figured I can't really afford any of that, even if it's "just" $20 or whatever, and then video after video I ended up here and seeing all this equipment, I mean, it triggered my depression to the point where I don't even want to do photography anymore, because I'll never, ever be able to afford to do it. So there it goes, 10 years of love for photography down the drain, I'm never gonna take a single "professional" photo in my life ever again, fuck it, fuck my phone as well I don't even need it I'll just get a brick phone

  • Athul Babu
    Athul Babu 2 months ago

    Imagine an Earthquake

  • Ryan Paul
    Ryan Paul 2 months ago

    Where’s Part 2??!

  • 10 Master
    10 Master 3 months ago

    This is the most interesting video I've ever seen! Just Loved That Simplicity!

  • Kevin Harvey
    Kevin Harvey 3 months ago

    Casey needs a Linus Segate and 45 drives treatment.

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut 3 months ago

    First and last episode of the "series".

  • Chaitanya Bisht
    Chaitanya Bisht 3 months ago

    Waiting for Linus to set up a Storinator for Casey

  • Aravind
    Aravind 3 months ago +1

    Lol what if an earthquake occurred 😂😵😵

  • Patrick Kasonde
    Patrick Kasonde 3 months ago


  • Zhao Zhang
    Zhao Zhang 3 months ago

    so so so so damn cool!!!!!!

  • Optic G
    Optic G 3 months ago

    Messy but organized

  • graham peebles
    graham peebles 3 months ago

    Ceasy let Linus build you some pcs

  • Thomas Gunter
    Thomas Gunter 3 months ago

    you are rich because you got a nice studio fella

  • RyanBCreative
    RyanBCreative 3 months ago

    It's interesting how Casey doesn't own a Red, or any big cinema camera

  • Mayan EZ Stegmann
    Mayan EZ Stegmann 3 months ago

    What?! Casey has a WiFi pineapple?

  • IDesertVoxI
    IDesertVoxI 3 months ago

    bruh ur electric bill is fucked

  • Keith Kekezwa
    Keith Kekezwa 3 months ago

    Upload #2............ ?

  • Raltog
    Raltog 3 months ago

    Holy shit that's beautiful.

  • Shanboss
    Shanboss 3 months ago

    shakes your ass lol

  • Harry Singh
    Harry Singh 3 months ago

    My dream studio !!

  • Aj and Elijah
    Aj and Elijah 3 months ago

    How much do you think all of the tech in the studio costs

  • brennantg7
    brennantg7 3 months ago

    I wonder how much everything in that studio costs combined...

  • railway life
    railway life 3 months ago

    been a subscriber casey neistat for years now..including mkbhd😁

  • OswaldBob
    OswaldBob 3 months ago

    Why is casey so obsessed with surveillance? Like serious question, is that a new yorkan thing?

  • Neale Gray
    Neale Gray 4 months ago


  • snoozi
    snoozi 4 months ago

    why doesn't casey delete videos?

  • lohith bhargav
    lohith bhargav 4 months ago

    it is world of gadgets.

  • David Grigo
    David Grigo 4 months ago

    Super interesting! Thanks!

  • Nur Adila
    Nur Adila 4 months ago

    lowkey? haha

  • Frankie Ramsook Jr.
    Frankie Ramsook Jr. 4 months ago

    damn. masterpiece for sure.

  • Loïc B.
    Loïc B. 4 months ago

    Why so many surveillance monitors?

  • James Smith
    James Smith 4 months ago

    Linus could pay Casey a visit and set up one of his 150tb storanators

  • Daniel Walker Australia

    Great inside vlog of C.Ns studio what an amazing buitifull space he's made for himself

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 4 months ago

    I think Linus should help him as well to set-up a fileserver

  • Francsico madriñan
    Francsico madriñan 4 months ago

    more plz

  • Ryan Ali
    Ryan Ali 4 months ago

    Casey's electricity bill must be through the roof