Casey Neistat Studio Tour!


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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat Year ago +34361

    not gonna make too big of a deal of it but at 2:25 that is NOT a 2x4 that's a 7" x 3/4' pine plank. also, in a totally not biased-in-any-way kinda way, this is def the best video you've ever made.

    • shapes
      shapes 12 days ago

      that is the most amazing studio i have ever seen

    • Dylan Piper
      Dylan Piper 13 days ago

      Yup definitely NOT Biased 🤣

    • Tony_The_Tiger
      Tony_The_Tiger Month ago

      get linus tech tips to make casey a server with 500tb or more of storage

    • Michael Townsly
      Michael Townsly 2 months ago

      When you don't have a clue, any piece of rectangular wood is a 2x4

    • Skygodkingdom
      Skygodkingdom 2 months ago

      Sounds like a big deal

  • Nahom Wos
    Nahom Wos 19 hours ago

    So there's no dust in your country?

  • laStar972chuck
    laStar972chuck Day ago

    Also, imagine hoarding on all those fabulous tech and not doing anything worthwhile with it.
    I mean, rent it, sell it, give it, hack it but do something of all these goods (that amount to shittons of CO2 emission, btw) goddamit.

  • laStar972chuck
    laStar972chuck Day ago

    That electricity bill, tho.

  • Purav Alva
    Purav Alva 2 days ago

    his electricity bill must be super high

  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar 4 days ago

    Is there an Episode 2?

  • codingisforyou
    codingisforyou 5 days ago

    aka $$$

  • Putra Ramadhan
    Putra Ramadhan 5 days ago +1

    Can I have one? 🤤

  • AnythingWithWheels360

    Just think, Casey's 25 Million sellout to CNN did nothing for hillary... as she still lost.... ha ha ha

  • Gregoire Quemener
    Gregoire Quemener 6 days ago

    can anyone helps me to find where I can buy the little carpet at 4:43 ?? I can't find it on Amazon..

  • Tommy Brigliadoro
    Tommy Brigliadoro 7 days ago

    0:32, dose anyone know that song

  • Jerry Zhu
    Jerry Zhu 10 days ago

    What hapoened to these series?

  • Edward Newgate
    Edward Newgate 10 days ago +2


  • CBKreker
    CBKreker 11 days ago

    This is so cool ! :O

  • skiss plays
    skiss plays 11 days ago

    1 like= 1 prayer for his bank account

  • shapes
    shapes 12 days ago

    that is the most amazing studio i have ever seen

  • Onion Pelvis
    Onion Pelvis 14 days ago

    The security is so overkill and creepy for who he is.

  • MogiL
    MogiL 15 days ago +1

    I only have one question how much does this and the electricity bill cost

  • Andrew Clarkin
    Andrew Clarkin 18 days ago

    So when is whats on series going to continue?

  • Vinnie J
    Vinnie J 19 days ago

    How do you keep that place dust free?!

  • Vansh oswal Vlogs
    Vansh oswal Vlogs 20 days ago

    Casey is only a TVclipr who makes his own things

  • D XD
    D XD 21 day ago

    Biog J.. wish you would do a video on aspect ratios. 18:9 is becoming the standard making 16:9 outdated. But 16:9 seems to be bigger and fuller than 18:9. Wish phones today still clung to 16:9. Hope you can speak about that in your next vid. Thanks man

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim 21 day ago

    I can't wait to visit this place in the future when it's a museum!

  • Moofy
    Moofy 22 days ago


  • Well Behaved Wallet
    Well Behaved Wallet 24 days ago

    Great video - thank you so much for posting! "Build over Buy" and "more organized than it looks" - love it! xWBW

  • Manjinder Singh
    Manjinder Singh 24 days ago

    Why Godfather on Repeat? Please share your Perspective being a video maker as well as other reasons too . Thanks

  • Shashidhar NaNdA
    Shashidhar NaNdA 24 days ago

    This Casey guy is a monster

  • Uni YouTube
    Uni YouTube 26 days ago

    сука блять

  • Ardee Bais
    Ardee Bais 26 days ago

    Propellars 🤣

  • Niklas Solberg
    Niklas Solberg 27 days ago

    I want to see the electricity bills

  • DonDomel
    DonDomel 28 days ago

    u nas sie na to mówi "niezły pierdolnik"

  • grege68
    grege68 29 days ago

    I would actually cry my life out if caseys office was to be burnt down or something bad would happen to the place

  • xorbodude
    xorbodude Month ago

    Caseys electricity bill must be thru the roof!

  • bendib houssam
    bendib houssam Month ago

    يا رب ارزقنا

  • Jayden 2 PRO
    Jayden 2 PRO Month ago

    He had a lot of dji phantom 4

  • Jake77
    Jake77 Month ago

    when you label a box "sewing machine oil , bungee rope" you know you succeeded in life

  • pik nick
    pik nick Month ago

    build over buy??? You serious? All he has is stuff made by others! Aside from a shelf and some random crap he writes on to look cute.

  • Peter Gossayn
    Peter Gossayn Month ago

    Tour will i am's studio!!!

  • Faxenmacher Nr1
    Faxenmacher Nr1 Month ago +6

    Wer kommt von Izzi?

  • Valentin Dubach
    Valentin Dubach Month ago

    Casey should do a video about why he uses FCPX!

  • Danny Bum
    Danny Bum Month ago

    His electricity bill must be huuuuuuge

  • AKuisma
    AKuisma Month ago

    4:15 real or fake (BAG)

  • chilexican
    chilexican Month ago

    over a year later and i still wonder why linus hasnt made a collab video with casey to get a backup / storage solution in place

  • Pam Candas
    Pam Candas Month ago

    pseudo OCD hoarder

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC Month ago

    Dude is not playing about his security... But I guess when you are famous in NYC and you have kids waiting for you outside your door... You might wanna be careful... That shit would stress me out alil though

  • Furious Grande
    Furious Grande Month ago

    Give this man a Labelmaker :D

  • Lucius Augustus
    Lucius Augustus Month ago

    We want Ep 2!

  • Jack Herrer
    Jack Herrer Month ago

    Fire hazard lol

  • connorb155
    connorb155 Month ago

    Linus’s series is way better!!

  • Jessie Palacios
    Jessie Palacios Month ago

    He's a German Jew, he was born with money

  • KlohsCalls
    KlohsCalls Month ago

    can't emphasize labeling your stuff enough. My dad used to have a workshop that was always disorganized & whenever I wanted to work on any type of project, I would always spend at least 5 minutes looking for the tool only to eventually find 3 types of the exact same tool. Whenever my dad would start a new project, he'd always just buy an extra. So what happened was that we ended up with a basement full of tools, but you'd never easily find them. In my apt, I always label new stuff whenever I buy something and put it down in an excel sheet where I put it.

  • Max Iniguez
    Max Iniguez Month ago

    Shoutout to the mac pro, the delorian of computers

  • Gregory Trenk
    Gregory Trenk Month ago

    holy god.... this is straight heaven. besides all the tech and camera gear , just that organization 😍😍😍🤤

  • David Amora
    David Amora Month ago

    Perfect for Any Apocalypse because Casey has a lot of Camera Surveilance

  • percival23
    percival23 Month ago

    I get the feeling that Marques was made to do this video as a favor to someone else. The vibe that Marques gives off is one of "controlled disgust"

  • Relf Morris
    Relf Morris Month ago

    has been

  • Yuki Watanabe
    Yuki Watanabe Month ago

    imagine earthquak hit this studio...

  • betobsbf
    betobsbf Month ago

    Casey Neistat is an amazing compulsive tec hoarder.

  • ImCube
    ImCube Month ago


  • trains88 youtube
    trains88 youtube Month ago

    crashed drone into Central Park pond
    “These things happen.” 😂

  • Kunal Gautam
    Kunal Gautam Month ago

    Just one word ; WOW 😍

  • David Navarro
    David Navarro 2 months ago

    Imagine having a power outage , oof

  • Mess With Game
    Mess With Game 2 months ago


  • Genderschism
    Genderschism 2 months ago +12

    It looks lika a 21st century mad scientist lab. I love it ^^

  • APK's CoC...
    APK's CoC... 2 months ago

    M8 wtf so much tech and he edits with no mouse😂😂😂😂

  • saravanan jeeva
    saravanan jeeva 2 months ago

    Ask Linus to come here

  • Faizan  Ul Haq
    Faizan Ul Haq 2 months ago

    when you realize Casey cant spell "propeller"

  • Yash Kukreja
    Yash Kukreja 2 months ago

    Casey neistat is the biggest inspiration to anybody in any way throughout his life

    WILLUM G 2 months ago

    now we need some of these for linus, unbox T, Austin, and MKBHD

  • Uncaged
    Uncaged 2 months ago

    This is what's wrong with Millennials today - spending too much time watching these moron man-childs whizz about on skateboards and cum in their panties over gear - Casey's whole business is just a Vlog ... abdout vlogging, and nothing ... people spend hours watching this guy living a fake life.

  • Pazl
    Pazl 2 months ago

    05:24 wait isn‘t that 268?

  • Vasanth Swaminathan
    Vasanth Swaminathan 2 months ago

    How does he clean things when dust settles down?

  • Boy Genius
    Boy Genius 2 months ago

    Every Techie's dream garage minus the cooling bill!!! Geesh Casey

  • Joel Dresler
    Joel Dresler 2 months ago

    Watching this in September 2018, you should make an up to date tour.

    4RAYS TECH 2 months ago

    Blown away with Caseys organisation. Mental Man! Seriously Cooooooool 😎 definitely gonna be using some of these to organise my space as well 👍

  • Skygodkingdom
    Skygodkingdom 2 months ago

    Why so many security monitor?

  • 365 studio
    365 studio 2 months ago

    I love it how Casey doesn’t actually make a studio tour but let’s us explore on our own.

  • right spyder
    right spyder 2 months ago

    3:06 , 5:45 anyone notice the cute 🏳️‍🌈 rainbow flag!

  • theplourde
    theplourde 2 months ago

    There needs to be a studio update along with the new 368 space.

  • KoS
    KoS 2 months ago

    i love that subbie under the couch.. OMG!

  • Daniel Carter
    Daniel Carter 2 months ago

    Need an LTT studio tour and server build now

  • Lex Young
    Lex Young 2 months ago

    Bring the what’s on series back please this episode was amazing and I would love to see more please.

  • Markus Siahaan
    Markus Siahaan 2 months ago

    To spesific

  • Shadow Wolf - Gaming
    Shadow Wolf - Gaming 2 months ago

    CASEY Please call in LinusTechTips, he will hook you up with a data server!! Please! @linustechtips @caseyneistat

  • muhd amir
    muhd amir 2 months ago

    i respect casey because he can manage all the things inside his place and organize all of them and put a label on every thing.. respect you bro. I LIKE YOUR VIDEO

  • dudefish
    dudefish 2 months ago

    Is it actually allowed to have such security cameras (like the next door office and hallway)?

  • Syed Hassam Haider
    Syed Hassam Haider 2 months ago

    Best studio on earth

  • Mirage Mashud
    Mirage Mashud 2 months ago

    This is the dream setup

  • LuLeBe
    LuLeBe 3 months ago

    why does he have that much stuff? Surely he doesnt need 20 DSLRs on a shelf, so sell them and reduce waste that way. But people apparently dont think that way.

  • Nomon Munir
    Nomon Munir 3 months ago +1

    his electricity bill must be massive to run all that

  • T X
    T X 3 months ago

    Casey Neistat sucks

  • Bordelbop finely
    Bordelbop finely 3 months ago

    finally,we can see fred flinstone's cave

  • Iskandar Sulaiman
    Iskandar Sulaiman 3 months ago

    Total value cost in the studio more than 1M. Casey.. U r Rockstar dude...!!!

  • Gunner Bradford
    Gunner Bradford 3 months ago

    Where does he sleep???

  • juhs 10
    juhs 10 3 months ago

    This place is a massive fire hazard

  • Go4Tweaks
    Go4Tweaks 3 months ago

    Damn how much monitoring do you need like this is NSA level shit

  • shifu
    shifu 3 months ago

    Check my channe out

  • Caleb Castro
    Caleb Castro 3 months ago

    Anybody else wonder what his electric bill is?

  • Walid Ak
    Walid Ak 3 months ago

    "A bit of a perfectionist sometimes"...... What ??!!

  • Lasse
    Lasse 3 months ago +60

    How does he keep everything clean from dust?