• Published on May 1, 2018
  • Hello, my name is Robby and in this video i read my girlfriends instagram dms! I catch her cheating! She is a lesbian! And a lizard !!!I have the best girlfriend ever. More pranks on her to come!!

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  • Meekaeel Misbaah
    Meekaeel Misbaah 2 months ago


  • Lamo kfb
    Lamo kfb 3 months ago


  • maythcal studio
    maythcal studio 3 months ago +1

    2:32 am i the only one who dosent bleach thiar hair...i use lightener...and then i put color in it...(love ur vids)

  • Katie KitKatKate
    Katie KitKatKate 3 months ago

    Omg is Tori cheating on Robby😮

  • June Braden
    June Braden 5 months ago

    And I'm a dude not a girl

  • June Braden
    June Braden 5 months ago

    My gf has the same chocker

  • MoonWolf 23
    MoonWolf 23 5 months ago

    “ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!?!” “No” Robby continues to bury his face in her boobs

  • Lana
    Lana 6 months ago +1

    3:31 I went to her profile (I’m a stalker Ik) and she says she’s bi now...I’m confused as to why she would comment that lmfao...

  • Erica Moore
    Erica Moore 6 months ago


  • Adley Maxwell
    Adley Maxwell 6 months ago

    To make two videos in one day of the same thing

    GAMING NATION 7 months ago +2

    Tori are u be my girlfriend for whole life

  • Lily Stone
    Lily Stone 7 months ago +1

    She is not ugly she is soooo pretty i love her so much And i love robby

  • Fortnite Plez
    Fortnite Plez 7 months ago +1

    Pause at 3:18 at perfect time her face tho🙅

  • jenny patato :33
    jenny patato :33 7 months ago +1

    Nice clickbait dude

  • Allison Comer
    Allison Comer 7 months ago +2

    You are a lizard

  • Allison Comer
    Allison Comer 7 months ago +1

    Never mind 😖

  • Allison Comer
    Allison Comer 7 months ago +1

    Is this a fake pls tell me it is

  • Mikella Shoup
    Mikella Shoup 7 months ago +3

    Technically if she doesn’t like guys with girlfriends then she doesn’t like you. Logic

  • Diabel Ortin
    Diabel Ortin 8 months ago

    Robby: *reads tori dms*
    Tori: uhhh
    Robby: you spell my fucking name wrong

  • Daylan:3
    Daylan:3 8 months ago +1

    whoever said the last one RUDE BUTTHOLE SHE JUST JELLY

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 8 months ago +1

    What Tori's cheating

  • SamMathers0616
    SamMathers0616 8 months ago +1

    Ooooh... the clickbait😂

  • Sky Brooke
    Sky Brooke 8 months ago +2


  • Aesthetically crazy
    Aesthetically crazy 8 months ago +1

    Omg they read my dm......... And sorry for spelling your name wrong

  • Rebekah Harmon
    Rebekah Harmon 11 months ago

    I love how he gets upset at the girl who called her a gay ass ugly bitch 😂

  • Rebekah Harmon
    Rebekah Harmon Year ago

    That bitch is ugly

    • Rebekah Harmon
      Rebekah Harmon Year ago

      The one that said "gay ass ugly bitch" to tori

  • Tonjia McElmurry
    Tonjia McElmurry Year ago +5


  • Riley Jackson
    Riley Jackson Year ago +1


  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson Year ago +3

    I really don't like you both

    • Ryley Lilly
      Ryley Lilly 7 months ago

      Yeah think before to say something

    • Maria Martinez
      Maria Martinez 7 months ago +2

      Then why did you decide to watch the video stupid

  • Yadira Avitia
    Yadira Avitia Year ago

    The FUCK

  • Yadira Avitia
    Yadira Avitia Year ago +1


  • Rebecca.The.Strawberry

    I'm a Lesbian...

  • Bubbly Layla
    Bubbly Layla Year ago +1

    “FIGHT ME “ 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Paige The Alpha
    Paige The Alpha Year ago

    "fight me you asshole" Dead

  • jax
    jax Year ago +2

    roses are red,, violets are blue,, i got clickbated,, and so did you.

    SERK DA JERK Year ago +1


  • liya ßlack 97
    liya ßlack 97 Year ago +3

    I love u both 💞...... #imstraight😻😹

  • liya ßlack 97
    liya ßlack 97 Year ago +3

    Wow hope mine bf was like that 😇😇😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻👍👍

  • Annabelle Giroux
    Annabelle Giroux Year ago +3

    I love yall so much like omg goals

  • Orri 44
    Orri 44 Year ago +13

    *"fight me you asshole"* 😂😂 im gonna die

  • Samoirah Sebastian
    Samoirah Sebastian Year ago +2


  • sirpsychosexy
    sirpsychosexy Year ago +10

    I didn’t even realize hairstyles like this were still around after 2008

  • Lottie and Oliver 4Life

    Hi 👋 I’m a TVclipr my name is Slizzing Dashie Unicorn 😂😂😂😂

  • Smiles & Cries
    Smiles & Cries Year ago +5


    DANATI0N Year ago +2

    I’m in this video hahahah

  • Ser Chely
    Ser Chely Year ago +1

    منورين الحلوين

  • Katherine Shults
    Katherine Shults Year ago +2

    Can y'all please do the black mask challenge. 😂😂😂

  • Keyaira malek
    Keyaira malek Year ago +1

    I ❤️ you tori and robby u guys are so cute and u make me laugh

  • Patricia Shaw
    Patricia Shaw Year ago +2

    I love you Robby and tori💑

  • Rebekah Harmon
    Rebekah Harmon Year ago +2

    Oh my god! I love you too!

  • Candy Wick
    Candy Wick Year ago +1

    Robby looks cute I am ten years old and like goth or emo 😝😝😝😝

  • Nicole Maluy
    Nicole Maluy Year ago +2

    i loved iiiiiit!!. you guys should do snapchat next, please!!?????

  • gaming whit isaiah neeley

    Make a vid that you kiss her butt
    And kiss her pivet part

  • adam mac
    adam mac Year ago +60

    Not that I know from personal experience, really, but I'm pretty sure they make double ended butt plugs.. fun for both of you! Yay! Haha

    • You
      You 8 months ago

      Why do I see you on every one of his videos?

    • schoolsucks ihateit
      schoolsucks ihateit 8 months ago

      U must be a true dude in every video i see good thing tho

    • adam mac
      adam mac Year ago

      YahBoy Batch Haha! Google is a beautiful thing.

    • YahBoy Batch
      YahBoy Batch Year ago +1

      I need proof of this

    • adam mac
      adam mac Year ago +4

      Robby 😂😂 Always lookin out for you man!

  • Akram H
    Akram H Year ago

    This was funny as fuck

  • Destiny Johnson
    Destiny Johnson Year ago +2

    I love u

  • Derek Seven official
    Derek Seven official Year ago +11

    You pass my dm :_(

  • Vinnechi V-rOcKs PiT Petaccio

    Dun Duuuun Duuuuun You Found me lol I buy from both of ya... Lol

  • Hana & Eva
    Hana & Eva Year ago +3


  • Lanayah Coats
    Lanayah Coats Year ago +15

    OMG ive just found ur channel this morning and I've already watched almost all ur vids, love you❤❤

  • Smøl Killjøy :D
    Smøl Killjøy :D Year ago +3

    You guys are so beautiful:'D

  • Shelby Arthur
    Shelby Arthur Year ago +27

    You both are so cute together!!!!!!

  • Ghost Lightbulb
    Ghost Lightbulb Year ago +9

    I'm the first dislike and u are old

    • õwõ ??
      õwõ ?? 9 months ago

      XxTRYHARDxX GTAGOD FYI he's 26 and do we really need to know if you disliked?

    • Sister Hunter
      Sister Hunter Year ago

      Hes 26. Has not old. Why tf you even watch if your only gonna dislike?

    • the TatorThot
      the TatorThot Year ago +3

      XxTRYHARDxX GTAGOD and you're like 5 fuck off

  • Korrine Hayes
    Korrine Hayes Year ago +4

    The drama in this is AMAZING

  • Somebody you don’t know

    “Leave I don’t even like you anymore!”

    Wow Robbie I thought we had something!

    Jk I still wuv you! No wait that’s Tori’s job, nevermind

  • Beauty by Bella
    Beauty by Bella Year ago +6

    I love you Robby ❤️