Ed Sheeran feat. Stormzy - 'Shape Of You' (Capital Live Session)

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
  • Ever since Wednesday 22nd February, we've spent days of our lives just re-watching Ed Sheeran's amazing surprise collaboration with Stormzy, as they performed 'Shape Of You (Remix)'.
    So Roman Kemp did us all a solid and got Ed Sheeran in to perform some of the best tracks from his album '÷', and he even brought the 'Big For Your Boots' grime star along too. This performance of 'Shape Of You' is simply incredible.
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Comments • 3 644

  • freezyAndHaze
    freezyAndHaze 17 hours ago

    fokkin legends

  • Maps Designs
    Maps Designs 2 days ago

    Ed shereen brought me here,now stormy is heading me somewhere doper🔥

  • teddysphotos
    teddysphotos 6 days ago

    Stormzy just be vibin' in the bacc. Seeing him dance made Ed smile 😂

  • SAMZ222
    SAMZ222 6 days ago


  • john Doe
    john Doe 6 days ago

    I got money in the bank but not a figure like that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Barry Cook
    Barry Cook 6 days ago

    Anybody still listening in 2020

  • Katey Louise
    Katey Louise 7 days ago

    These 2 do some amazing music together

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 8 days ago

    They killed it. Straight fire

  • Georgina Parkes
    Georgina Parkes 8 days ago +1

    Yo guys are amazing

  • traviswloyd
    traviswloyd 10 days ago

    he could change the whole world

  • Mayowa Ezekiel
    Mayowa Ezekiel 10 days ago

    Wow it great

  • Courtney Brook
    Courtney Brook 11 days ago

    Still watching this even thoe it’s 2020 it’s such a banger



  • TheAndy2257
    TheAndy2257 12 days ago

    Nice patek Ed :)

  • MelwinPerre
    MelwinPerre 13 days ago +2

    What kind of hat does Stormzy have? It was cool!

  • Ittybitty
    Ittybitty 14 days ago


  • A K
    A K 17 days ago +2

    Artists that want to proceed in life and achieve need to adapt on the the way up! Aerosmith v run dmc.. Eminem & Elton John!... sunk it yet WILEY!?.. Jealousy is a dangerous thing!

  • Ross Cattaneo
    Ross Cattaneo 17 days ago

    Yes Capital!

  • JS Outdoors
    JS Outdoors 18 days ago +14

    Ed: doing all the work and singing really well.
    Stormzy: making sure deaf people know what’s being said.

  • Owen Pybus
    Owen Pybus 18 days ago +6

    Such talent. Ed Sheeran especially guy's a genius

  • Urban Explorer
    Urban Explorer 20 days ago

    Get in shape with Ed 👍

  • Lady Lucambe
    Lady Lucambe 21 day ago

    Handology it’s a thing! 🙏🏾😍

  • ugo jazzy
    ugo jazzy 21 day ago +8

    Who is here #2020

  • Craig Ellish travler
    Craig Ellish travler 22 days ago +1

    Shearan Bundy son or what turned out right on night disco or not singhedvhe did sighed Stormzy just talked some shape were out there cracking toghheatjer

  • vortex timzz
    vortex timzz 23 days ago

    Stormy looks so bored

  • Amanda Sharp
    Amanda Sharp 24 days ago +1

    Simply the best British icon 💙 ED Forever 🇬🇧

  • Vix Kik
    Vix Kik 27 days ago


  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz 27 days ago

    Auto-tune makes a ton of difference doesnt it

  • Saf Silva
    Saf Silva 28 days ago +48

    Swear Stormzy said he wernt a backup dancer 🤷‍♀️

  • Abena Anyama
    Abena Anyama 29 days ago +3

    I really love this version. WOW!!!

  • Joe Moore
    Joe Moore 29 days ago

    Wait stormzy isn’t tone deaf, most rappers are tbh☺️☺️

  • Christianna Tarot
    Christianna Tarot Month ago

    Sending L-O-V-E

  • Hawwaa
    Hawwaa Month ago +2

    2:06 That’s when the song gets interesting 🙌🏽☺️

  • Epiiz
    Epiiz Month ago

    This duo is too precious

  • Saul Goodmann
    Saul Goodmann Month ago

    Since when is miming live

  • Adam Forrester
    Adam Forrester Month ago +2

    Such a unusual combination but they work so well together

  • abbe abbesson
    abbe abbesson Month ago

    Tracy Chapman?

  • Czesław Stando
    Czesław Stando Month ago

    I Love you Ed sheeran My names is Nikola

  • Gjolle Gjollesen
    Gjolle Gjollesen Month ago

    Mmmmm nice

  • János Micsunek
    János Micsunek 2 months ago +1

    Nice job Weasley 😀

  • Tui Tui Aprendiz
    Tui Tui Aprendiz 2 months ago

    Algum brasileiro na escuta desse hino?

  • Sidney and me
    Sidney and me 2 months ago

    I love this song

  • The GrimReaper
    The GrimReaper 2 months ago

    For the longest time for some reason this video would play with any sound and I have no idea why. Every other video was fine. But now I can hear the volume on this video? Wtfffff ahahah. Class remix though

  • vRapidDZ
    vRapidDZ 2 months ago +1

    sound is fixed🎉

  • Samson Juma
    Samson Juma 2 months ago

    Is it just me or there's no sound to this video? Thinking out loud.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 2 months ago

    well, no sound for me....

  • Crystal Charlie
    Crystal Charlie 2 months ago

    I love you guys

  • niraj joshi
    niraj joshi 2 months ago +3

    Is anyone facing problem with audio?

  • Gino M.L.
    Gino M.L. 2 months ago

    Doesn’t have sound

  • King’s World
    King’s World 2 months ago

    Wheres the sound of it

  • Chris Cain
    Chris Cain 3 months ago

    Fucking brilliant no sound! Perfect !

  • Akshay Menon
    Akshay Menon 3 months ago

    no sound?

  • Poke Hype
    Poke Hype 3 months ago +1

    I have no sound

  • Dave S
    Dave S 3 months ago

    Back up Dancer 🕺.

  • Sudip Subedi
    Sudip Subedi 3 months ago +1

    Ron Weasely and Romlu Lukaku doin' collab looks gteat.😮😂😂😂

  • Dan Rocke
    Dan Rocke 3 months ago

    Speed up to 1.25x your welcome

  • deco darling
    deco darling 3 months ago +1

    Two such different backgrounds yet two wonderful people and such great mates. Love this!!!

  • Yacine Beka
    Yacine Beka 3 months ago


  • Carol Kay-Bradley
    Carol Kay-Bradley 3 months ago

    Stormzys Rap :)

  • Rhianna Rajput
    Rhianna Rajput 3 months ago