Do Everlasting Gobstoppers Really Last Forever?

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • In this video we're taking all kinds of different jawbreakers and putting them in different scenarios. What happens when you melt, smash, heat up, or split them?
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Comments • 5 209

  • Eric Mills
    Eric Mills 2 hours ago

    Jaw breaker cotton candy!

  • sugaisawesome 93
    sugaisawesome 93 12 hours ago

    His mental math is better than mine

  • elite destruction

    His water bill is high

  • Lemons RGreat
    Lemons RGreat Day ago

    6:49 and this kids is how you make fruit twist fanta

  • Paigelynn 101
    Paigelynn 101 2 days ago +2

    I don’t know if you guys already have done this, but you should try to make jawbreaker cotton candy!

  • Paul Mclellan
    Paul Mclellan 2 days ago

    Smartest in England is bigger than m&m’s

  • Lancealot
    Lancealot 3 days ago

    Breaking the jaws movie was clingy but freaking hilarious

    TROY RYAN 3 days ago

    Not wasting water the jawbreaker

  • Kaedyn bowers
    Kaedyn bowers 5 days ago

    Iv been watching whats in side for a very long time i love them

  • Icecold 625
    Icecold 625 6 days ago


  • Molly Clarke
    Molly Clarke 6 days ago

    You should see if a jaw breaker will turn into Cotten candy

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 7 days ago


  • Silas Cripe
    Silas Cripe 7 days ago

    jawbreaker made with jawbreakers

  • Luna lets Player
    Luna lets Player 8 days ago

    they should crush the jaw breakers up and blend it then see if it makes cotton candy

  • Jerbeardino
    Jerbeardino 8 days ago

    in Canada the American "smarties" we call rockets, search up "rockets candy" and you will see

  • Orion Chapman-Lund
    Orion Chapman-Lund 9 days ago

    Never trust edited comments.

  • RockStar_MP
    RockStar_MP 9 days ago

    The background music is as close as possible as Queens of the Stone Age's No One Knows without actually being No One Knows.

  • Queen KK
    Queen KK 9 days ago +1

    Friend: wanna hang out?
    Me: no...
    Me: I was going to sand some jaw breakers

  • Matthew Daltrey
    Matthew Daltrey 9 days ago

    Angry Brit here- Smarties are not M&Ms!
    There are several key differences (not the least being that Smarties precede M&Ms by approximately 4 years)
    First, Smarties are slightly bigger than M&Ms. An M&M is approximately 1 cm in diameter while the Smartie is a little under 1.5 cms. The most noticeable difference between the two is the candy shell. The Smartie shell is much thicker and has a very pronounced crunch to it. The orange Smartie is also flavoured with orange oil.
    Finally, whilst Nestle does have a huge standing in Canada, the original concept of Smarties originated in England by Rowntree Macintosh.
    TL/DR: Smarties are a classic British chocolate and are superior in every way to the American M&M.
    Edited to include the fact that the proper name for American "Smarties" are, in fact, "Fizzers".

  • Rainb0w_ Bl4de
    Rainb0w_ Bl4de 10 days ago

    The earth lookin hot

  • coco kerui
    coco kerui 10 days ago

    anyone else anxious about Nate's hand?

  • Gamermedusa 580
    Gamermedusa 580 11 days ago

    5:54 lets go upstairs to the grill i didnt know you could barbecue upstairs

  • Allen Corbeille
    Allen Corbeille 11 days ago

    late comment, but they should have freeze dried them

  • Maia Torres
    Maia Torres 11 days ago

    6:32 mmm totally appetizing looking jawbreaker soup

  • K.T. {Satania Shadwows}

    giant jaw breakers?

  • kim
    kim 12 days ago +1

    I just got my braces in and when I watch Tkor I feel better

  • Feathercloud 16
    Feathercloud 16 13 days ago +3

    That moment when you realize you’ve eaten more than 1000 gobstoppers in less than a month

  • Niara Stephenson
    Niara Stephenson 13 days ago

    I would watch them licking jaw breakers 😅😅🤗

  • GachaPenguin
    GachaPenguin 13 days ago

    When you love the king of random so much you rewatch all of their videos 20 times and still enjoy watching it

  • Finley Hamm
    Finley Hamm 14 days ago +2

    Nate: We are going to melt these gobstopers
    Nate: A minute later now we are going outside to melt these (points at gobstopers) jawbreakers
    Me: wait hold up you said gobstopers before

  • Mackenzie Souza
    Mackenzie Souza 14 days ago

    Where’s Cali?

  • Pierson Hozza
    Pierson Hozza 14 days ago

    make dust into cotton candy

  • Pierson Hozza
    Pierson Hozza 14 days ago

    nate you have scribble out the s duuuuhhhhhh

  • mirza adeel afraz baig
    mirza adeel afraz baig 14 days ago +1


  • Devon Chappell
    Devon Chappell 15 days ago


  • Cactiman
    Cactiman 15 days ago +1

    Ants: well thank you kind man for getting us sugar dust from your sphere of sugar

  • Ka'meria Reason
    Ka'meria Reason 15 days ago

    So much jaw breaker abuse what did they do to u lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hutchison Kids
    Hutchison Kids 15 days ago

    you should make a jawbreaker into cotton candy

  • Rob Morrison
    Rob Morrison 16 days ago

    can you make a super size jawbreaker

  • Katie Morris
    Katie Morris 17 days ago

    Freeze dry the jaw breakers?!

  • Meme Bot
    Meme Bot 18 days ago +1

    Gobstoppers will end just like everything in the universe soon

  • zif lion gaming
    zif lion gaming 20 days ago +1

    Nate: I do want to test if this can break a jaw
    **gets out Jaws CD**
    Nate: *smashes CD* SUCSESS!

  • Kimmie Decristofaro
    Kimmie Decristofaro 21 day ago

    You should put one in liquid nitrogen

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 21 day ago +3

    Calli: so what did you do?
    Nate: I froze gobstopper juice
    Calli: sorry I asked

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 21 day ago

    I love what’s inside

  • Zelong Liu
    Zelong Liu 21 day ago

    Say goodbye to your teeth and hello to diabetes

  • Tia Krogh Rosenhaug
    Tia Krogh Rosenhaug 21 day ago

    They are now powder
    And cotton candy time?

  • TF FoC Metroflex
    TF FoC Metroflex 22 days ago +2

    4:33 Looks like the crust of the earth

  • Kingronron Bell
    Kingronron Bell 23 days ago

    Can you make cotton candy out if gobstoppers and Jawbreakers

  • Kitson loves death the kid

    I leave the sink on for 2 seconds and my entire family would scold me

  • Blueberry Juice
    Blueberry Juice 25 days ago

    Yes it has everlasting in its name DUH

  • Eric Rigney
    Eric Rigney 25 days ago

    Y’all should see how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop

  • PatrickTheLegendary
    PatrickTheLegendary 25 days ago

    Why Is It That I Wasn't Surprised That The First Thing You Did Was Pour The Candy Into A LEGO Mould?

  • TheExoticWonders TM
    TheExoticWonders TM 26 days ago

    Can you use jawbreaker dust to make cotton candy please

  • Totally Turtle
    Totally Turtle 27 days ago

    I yfh f hj HD t u

  • James Jendro
    James Jendro 28 days ago

    I ate one of the softball size ones in 5 weeks

  • iTry Ghxst
    iTry Ghxst 28 days ago

    Freeze dried jawbreaker vid??

  • Ashley Howard
    Ashley Howard 28 days ago

    If a shark attacks you give it a jaw breaker.

  • Kiel Just Kiel
    Kiel Just Kiel 28 days ago

    In Canada the powder Smarties are call Rockets.

  • MaxThe Million u
    MaxThe Million u 28 days ago

    I counted, there are sixteen layers in the mega jaw(s) breaker