How I play FORTNITE with a missing finger... (not clickbait)

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • How I play FORTNITE with a missing finger... (not clickbait)
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Comments • 9 050

  • Pinky
    Pinky  10 months ago +8691

    Dr Jamzor will hopefully get my finger back for me 😥

  • Josh Burgoyne
    Josh Burgoyne 6 hours ago

    I thought he was kidding

  • graceunionmissions
    graceunionmissions 19 hours ago

    Were you born that way?

  • Giovanni Rodriguez

    Where is 160 k cm

  • AbdullahPlayz
    AbdullahPlayz Day ago

    i thoght he was kidding in the begenings of his fortnite video

  • shadows
    shadows Day ago

    wheres ur other half of pinky

  • Noah Rock
    Noah Rock Day ago

    His pinky should now be 161 thousand centimeters. 😂

  • YEET Brignol
    YEET Brignol Day ago

    He’s so pale

  • ŽØÎĎ¿?
    ŽØÎĎ¿? Day ago

    I have 3 missing

  • RayRay Playz
    RayRay Playz 2 days ago

    No wonder why his TVclip user is "Pinky"..

  • Lucas Kelly
    Lucas Kelly 3 days ago


  • Lucas Kelly
    Lucas Kelly 3 days ago


  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 3 days ago

    1 like=1 help to the little pinky

  • MagicGamingCentral
    MagicGamingCentral 4 days ago

    Oh no! Now his pinky is 160,000 centimeters long!

  • Extr3m0
    Extr3m0 4 days ago

    I click shift with a thumb but okay

  • FluidDino
    FluidDino 5 days ago

    So he cuts his finger off to play better

  • RedRaider896
    RedRaider896 5 days ago

    Wow you have 160,000 parts of your finger back now! Awesome! 😂 lol. Because there’s 160k likes on the video

  • karma- vision
    karma- vision 5 days ago

    He is annoying

  • See Moua
    See Moua 6 days ago

    Bro i feel bad

  • Domtheslayerツ
    Domtheslayerツ 7 days ago

    A guy named pinky claims that he ate his pinky lol

  • Revert Calvin
    Revert Calvin 7 days ago

    Just guess how many people thought this was real

  • xKyle Potato
    xKyle Potato 7 days ago

    Its looks so cool, dont be ashamed of that. Your a good player at fortnite. And make sure to keep it that way

  • Unknown_miller 12
    Unknown_miller 12 9 days ago

    Pinky thought his finger was a carrot and ate it thats why he has no pinky finger

  • James Ardler-Martin
    James Ardler-Martin 9 days ago

    How did you lose your pinkie ? Sorry if I missed a video ,

  • try sway
    try sway 9 days ago

    I hope your finger gets better

  • try sway
    try sway 9 days ago

    Hi Pinky i know you from young chip and You áre a good player would you play with me

  • DannyX Cracked
    DannyX Cracked 10 days ago

    160k centimeters that’s a long ass pinky

  • Loopz
    Loopz 11 days ago +1

    he bit his finger off

  • Razør X 3695
    Razør X 3695 12 days ago

    160cm what

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus 12 days ago

    Just put an ice pack on it.

  • VeNoM yousaf
    VeNoM yousaf 12 days ago


  • e games
    e games 13 days ago

    wow 60 in

  • Ryan the Rich youtuber
    Ryan the Rich youtuber 13 days ago +1

    Why ur name stinky pinky is ur pinky stinky

  • js_1038
    js_1038 14 days ago


  • INFINITY Jaiden
    INFINITY Jaiden 14 days ago

    Got get his pinky back

  • Infinite man beast
    Infinite man beast 14 days ago


  • devilcorn gaming1234
    devilcorn gaming1234 16 days ago

    Why did you cut your pinky just to play fortnite easier

  • AJ EmeraldArcher62
    AJ EmeraldArcher62 17 days ago

    We need a Fortnite finger clan with missing fingers... Stinky Thumb, Stinky Index, Stinky Middle, Stinky Ring, and Stinky Pinky (of course).😂

  • a cockatiel?
    a cockatiel? 19 days ago +1

    It is possible to heal but slowly

  • Main Ikusagami
    Main Ikusagami 20 days ago

    How long is this guy pinky now?

  • pop x naruto
    pop x naruto 21 day ago


  • rx Flu
    rx Flu 21 day ago

    I was born with half a hand I have 2 fingers on one hand so urs isn't so bad bro btw I liked

  • Dibra_gaming
    Dibra_gaming 21 day ago

    I subbed and liked just for you finger

  • MLGXxzgamer101
    MLGXxzgamer101 22 days ago

    Wow your pinky is longer than 100 thousand centimwtera

  • loquilloperu
    loquilloperu 22 days ago

    R.i.p pinky

  • JoshBlad Ext use
    JoshBlad Ext use 23 days ago

    Do people even use pinky to play games be real

  • R.I.P Juice Wrld
    R.I.P Juice Wrld 23 days ago +1

    Ur such a weirdo

  • Rokiehopper
    Rokiehopper 24 days ago +1

    1like 1 extra pinky grows lets see how many fingers he will get!

  • Hide Leader
    Hide Leader 25 days ago

    He is goated w/ a missing finger a new trick to hit your shift better just eat your pinky

  • kamran ibrahimov
    kamran ibrahimov 25 days ago

    How could cut your finger that's strange

  • CQxD
    CQxD 25 days ago +1

    ar you handicap?

    • CQxD
      CQxD 25 days ago


    • CQxD
      CQxD 25 days ago


  • Zipple is Cracked
    Zipple is Cracked 26 days ago

    I thought it was a joke

    ENDOR PHIN 27 days ago


  • DylvilleHD
    DylvilleHD 27 days ago +2

    I chopped the end of my finger in a massive door on the second day of my holiday

  • skeletonRPG Gaming
    skeletonRPG Gaming 27 days ago

    Dont let people judge your pinky

  • xxsniperxx
    xxsniperxx 28 days ago

    did it taste good?

  • Graydog
    Graydog 28 days ago

    What happened to your pinky

  • TheMrPro YT
    TheMrPro YT 28 days ago

    RIP Pinky we Will remember you

  • Ayaan Yousaf
    Ayaan Yousaf 28 days ago

    His name is Theo baker

  • kairo animations
    kairo animations 29 days ago

    It should be called dead pinky