#53 Subaru STI candy.- Custom Candy Making


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  • Ryan Coy
    Ryan Coy 15 days ago

    Holy poop that’s good

  • Subie
    Subie Month ago

    Subie!!! Not really used as a rally car anymore

  • Blanca Davila
    Blanca Davila 2 months ago

    Amazing skill ❤️such a beautiful way to keep handmade artisan candy alive .. I absolutely love this

  • TAS
    TAS 3 months ago

    He said impressas its pronounced (im-pez-a)

  • OG Monkey
    OG Monkey 3 months ago

    The thum nail looks like he's HOLDING a snake head

  • Tom Roble
    Tom Roble 4 months ago

    i want meat candy

  • EpicKIller Plays
    EpicKIller Plays 4 months ago

    you said impreza correct and it has a 4 cylinder single turbo and pumps 370hp stock

  • Bow Master478
    Bow Master478 4 months ago

    You were right it is Subaru Impreza STI

  • Ijul Dzulfadli
    Ijul Dzulfadli 4 months ago

    U r really passioned to these stuff.

  • Maisha Zaman
    Maisha Zaman 4 months ago

    I tried it but I messed up everything

  • Oran Reyes
    Oran Reyes 4 months ago

    Impreza but the rest was accurate

  • ChrisKillZ 133
    ChrisKillZ 133 4 months ago

    Thats pretty cool greg

  • P64 Raceing
    P64 Raceing 4 months ago

    I wanna see a amg candy or m candy

  • Harrison Bell
    Harrison Bell 4 months ago

    How did it turn out so small

  • Joel Hudspeth
    Joel Hudspeth 4 months ago

    Good job Greg

  • moosesnWoop123
    moosesnWoop123 4 months ago

    Enjoying these vids. What is the song in the background?

  • Mike B
    Mike B 4 months ago

    Confusing as bleeeeeep!

  • A GreatJoe
    A GreatJoe 5 months ago

    I cant be the only one who read that title and thought this candy would give you chlamydia am I?

  • CSI48
    CSI48 5 months ago


  • Kyle’s trains
    Kyle’s trains 5 months ago

    Make a train candy! 🚂

  • Teddy00 0tedd
    Teddy00 0tedd 5 months ago

    Dose all this candy have flavor ??

  • Garrett Norris
    Garrett Norris 5 months ago

    every time I see the hot candy in these videos, I know it would burn the hell out of me but I have a compulsion to put the hit sugar in my mouth.

  • lanesteele240
    lanesteele240 5 months ago


  • Techy
    Techy 5 months ago

    Ah i can already see it infront of me, Subaru (Main Character of Re:Zero) Driving a Subaru (A Type of Car) on a Road filled with Subarus (There are mone than just one Subaru type Car) while eating Subaru (A Type of Inmage on Hard Candy).

  • See, the thing is
    See, the thing is 5 months ago

    My mouth wants to chew the soft warm candy, my brain knows it'll just harden on my teeth and be a nightmare.. 🍬👄

  • Louis Hart
    Louis Hart 5 months ago

    It’s not 4wd it’s awd

  • TheBrad1300
    TheBrad1300 5 months ago

    Subaru no longer makes impreza, they stopped that in 2013. (at least with the sti/wrx)

  • oGensie Dev Tips
    oGensie Dev Tips 5 months ago

    What is the difference between citric acid and malic acid?

  • General Lycanroc
    General Lycanroc 5 months ago


  • Hot Dawg
    Hot Dawg 5 months ago

    It's Impreza Not Impresa

  • ActualPerson
    ActualPerson 5 months ago

    Now it's time to make an evo candy so the fanboys are happy.

  • Leann Cowan
    Leann Cowan 5 months ago

    There are pink blue berries

  • Carrot Animations
    Carrot Animations 5 months ago

    2:24 When I see him move the giant bunch of candy I imagine how it feels.

  • EO At The Arcade
    EO At The Arcade 5 months ago

    Tbh the car in the thumbnail made me think he was making a bunch of car shaped candies

  • T e m m i e
    T e m m i e 5 months ago

    Instead of adding citric acid, you should add malic acid, which is a lot more sour so you don't have to use so much

  • UneasyLuck
    UneasyLuck 5 months ago


  • Bryan Tan
    Bryan Tan 5 months ago

    Subaru WRX STI

  • 先生CherryPepsi
    先生CherryPepsi 5 months ago

    What the- is there vape in the candy?

  • Fabricio Veronesi
    Fabricio Veronesi 5 months ago

    DAMMMNN excellent work!! Congrats

  • F A T C A T
    F A T C A T 6 months ago

    omg.. that was so magestic dude

  • can we get 100 subscribers with no videos? NAME

    What is your recipe for the candy

  • Reed Wilder
    Reed Wilder 6 months ago


  • Dave Cruickshank
    Dave Cruickshank 6 months ago

    Very impressive!

  • Quan Muan
    Quan Muan 6 months ago

    I love how you can make the sti badge out of candy but I still can’t draw it 😂

  • BurpDerp O
    BurpDerp O 6 months ago

    Still watching these in 2018

  • Sarloyk Plays
    Sarloyk Plays 6 months ago

    WRX STI is the name

  • Kordian Polczynski
    Kordian Polczynski 6 months ago

    what did i just see
    THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO COOL buuut... i didn't understand most of it kinda

  • Nate Lamontagne
    Nate Lamontagne 6 months ago

    So stressful to watch 😂

  • imamoose007
    imamoose007 6 months ago


  • Euan Gribbin
    Euan Gribbin 6 months ago

    make the audi logo

  • Sunny Skye
    Sunny Skye 6 months ago

    YOU are the MASTER.

  • Sunny Skye
    Sunny Skye 6 months ago

    Impreza. I have one. It’s like driving a hummingbird. Plus I can haul a drum set in the back and snow is no issue. At 30 mpg you couldn’t dynamite me outta that car!

  • Big Shane
    Big Shane 6 months ago

    Very impressed!

  • Luna's Royal guard
    Luna's Royal guard 6 months ago

    Coterie is cotencandy sorry outocrect

  • Subie Harry
    Subie Harry 6 months ago

    yeah this is the best channel on the internet

  • Olavhaso prod.
    Olavhaso prod. 6 months ago

    Make BMW m3 logo

  • Collin Lee
    Collin Lee 6 months ago

    It’s an AWD car. Not 4WD. It’s also a 4 cylinder twin turbo engine.

    OOOHBILLY 6 months ago

    They're AWD but whatever. Also they're 4cyl motors with a turbo.
    I frigging love them

    NATE SMITH 6 months ago

    Can you make a mustang candy please

  • CrazyCboy 4Ever
    CrazyCboy 4Ever 6 months ago

    Looks not so good

  • DarkFirePlayz
    DarkFirePlayz 6 months ago

    its pronounced. in-pre-za, not in-pre-sa

  • iamrichrocker
    iamrichrocker 6 months ago

    not rocket science..but damn close..wow..

  • Ky le
    Ky le 6 months ago

    I was confused the whole time i didnt know how he did it😂

  • FinnJJ
    FinnJJ 6 months ago

    It’s pronounced “impretza” just to let u know bc you said to correct you

  • Bullet Gaming
    Bullet Gaming 6 months ago

    Hehe STI

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 6 months ago

    An interesting point about your customer's flavor choice is that an iconic COLOR for the Subarus/STI cars is a very unique, vibrant BLUE color. Very cool and well thought-out to do the flavor as sour blueberry, as well. :D

  • S A M
    S A M 6 months ago

    sti candy ? I GOT AN STI

  • Chrismofer
    Chrismofer 6 months ago

    you can place two guides like wood rulers on either side of the rolling pin to make perfectly consistent thickness sheets.

  • Da Comet
    Da Comet 6 months ago

    Its not Subaru its Su-ba-ru

  • Da Comet
    Da Comet 6 months ago


  • Itz YaBoi
    Itz YaBoi 6 months ago

    That’s bad ass

  • Grant Ding
    Grant Ding 6 months ago

    I can't be the only one who misinterpreted "STI" at first.

  • Nick Deslime
    Nick Deslime 6 months ago

    *I L O V E E M I L I A*

  • ninjabiomech
    ninjabiomech 6 months ago

    wow, that's an amazing process!

  • Universal Link
    Universal Link 6 months ago

    Do you guys ship to the UK?

  • Haley rose W
    Haley rose W 6 months ago

    I’m an idiot I thought they meant sexually transmitted illness candy

  • Aiven
    Aiven 6 months ago +1

    Amazing job.

  • Morlanius
    Morlanius 6 months ago

    "STI Candy" sounds ... not good.

  • øsmaKkx YUNG BLAS
    øsmaKkx YUNG BLAS 6 months ago

    ohhhh i get it subaru is Japanese, so his creation style is japanese

  • 18 SteeleB
    18 SteeleB 6 months ago

    I love your videos because they show what looks like amazing candy and it probably is. I want to buy some but I'm intolerant to artificial flavors and colors. Could you maybe make some type that has none please.

    • 18 SteeleB
      18 SteeleB 6 months ago

      This is why i love you guys, you reply and you have custom candy that the person can order with special stuff and without stuff.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  6 months ago

      We do, especially around the holidays.

  • Dom956
    Dom956 6 months ago

    How much would it be to have a ford badge version of this Maybe like a pound of them. Flavor would maybe be a blueberry

  • MirAuch94
    MirAuch94 6 months ago

    Really hard design, but turned out great
    But it seems to me that you are wasting a lot of candy when starting to pull it - i saw another video where they just started rolling it with pressure on the ends (of course there will be some candy that doesn't have the logo, but I think it would be less. But you're doing this longer than me, so I think you know what's good :D)

  • OtamatoneTunes
    OtamatoneTunes 6 months ago

    No it’s called Subaru Impreza

  • Luka Christensen
    Luka Christensen 6 months ago

    What song did you use in this video

  • Matthew Monroe
    Matthew Monroe 6 months ago +2

    No thanks... I don’t want an STI from candy!

    • 先生CherryPepsi
      先生CherryPepsi 5 months ago +1

      Matthew Monroe STi stands for Subaru Technica International

  • JCoda
    JCoda 6 months ago

    vrrrrrrr stustudtustustustuuusususususuu

  • C F
    C F 6 months ago

    I wish I got paid to do that lmao

  • Dylsonator
    Dylsonator 6 months ago

    Why does candy look so wierd before its made small XD

  • Dylsonator
    Dylsonator 6 months ago

    This car company isn't good at choosing names XD sti's are pretty much std's XD

  • SenAnimations
    SenAnimations 6 months ago

    Mostly 4wd is featured in Trucks, some suv's, between others, AWD is mostly featured on Coupés, Etc. Subarus, are mostly awd.

  • Ethan Vang
    Ethan Vang 6 months ago

    correction Subarus are actually awd. 4 wheel drive will allow the wheels to adapt to drive rear wheels on asphalt and all wheel on dirt or loose terrain. Mitsubishi, Subarus rival brand, however runs 4wd. but subaru only runs awd

  • Michael Robert
    Michael Robert 6 months ago

    Maybe you can do the BMW M or the Mercedes-Benz AMG Logos.

  • Yaboichris _
    Yaboichris _ 6 months ago

    Are these soft or hard?

  • Black Wrx
    Black Wrx 6 months ago

    For the Subaru definition part...you forgot that there better than evos ;)

  • Diana Polanco
    Diana Polanco 7 months ago

    Why always red

    RR PLANB 7 months ago


  • Waldemar Perez Jr
    Waldemar Perez Jr 7 months ago

    Makes me want Red Honda badge candy now in cherry flavor

  • Jared Gerstein
    Jared Gerstein 7 months ago

    So impressed great job !

  • Jonathon Mason
    Jonathon Mason 7 months ago


  • Devin McDonald
    Devin McDonald 7 months ago

    Whg can’t you use a laser thermometer