ADLEY LEARNS TO ROLLER SKATE!! Daddy Daughter date at an ultimate indoor playground!

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
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    Best Day Ever 1003
    Nobody's home!! Jenny went to breakfast with her sister and took Niko Bear with here, so Adley and I are home alone and can do whatever we want and be a load as we want!! Now that we don't need to follow our normal routine, we head upstairs to jump on the bed!! That's fun, but we want to have more fun. So we think of what we can do. Adley has the great idea of going to Rush! It's one of her favorite places because they have games and bounce houses and inflatable horses!
    But guess what, they also have something that Aldey has never done before, roller skating! We decide that now that she's a 4 year old that she can try it for the first time! We get some skates. We get he cutest little skates and put them on Adley. We then have to walk to the indoor skate park and its a struggle muffin! Adley is all over the place, slipping around and doing the splits. I help her over to the rink where we skate around for a while! It's so fun watching her learn new things!!
    After we've had fun roller skating, we head over to the bounce houses where Adley does all sorts of tricks. I'm in there too, till they kick me out for not being a kid lol! We then head over to the drift carts so Adley can go for a ride and, another first, we try out the ginormous bumper cars. Adley loves them!! We then end our daddy daughter family fun date with Ice cream!
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  • Tabi Isabella
    Tabi Isabella 4 days ago

    Love your channel

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    joe 10 days ago

    An audio book you should listen to is an astronaut guide to life on earth by canadian astronaut Chris hadfield

  • Awad Bintaher
    Awad Bintaher 13 days ago

    I know how to rollerskateing

  • Melissa Anderson
    Melissa Anderson 16 days ago

    My daughter loves watching your channel and she considers Adley to be a friend of hers! It’s really cute. Check out “Off to Be the Wizard” on Audible. The story is addictive and the voice acting is incredible. I think you’ll enjoy it!

    • CJ M
      CJ M 15 days ago

      His name Adler

  • Jackson Wells
    Jackson Wells 17 days ago

    Will you wotch May yotob Chen’s it isJackso wells

  • Ender Bones
    Ender Bones 25 days ago +1

    You should write your own book for audible called "The Best Life Ever"

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  • Christine Lessa
    Christine Lessa Month ago +2

    My daughter and I stumbled across your channel and we love watching all the fun you guys have! We have a lot in common for example: I tried teaching her how to skate and it WAS really difficult lol! Oh an Milana (that’s my daughter) wears a size 9 like Adly! Also we went to a bounce house place and I too got kicked out! And those are just a few! I just got in to Audible back in May and I just finished 10 X rule by Grant Carsdone...and I’d def recommend that one if you already haven’t read it! Thanks for the smiles! Hope you have the best day ever!

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    Matthew Hyatt Month ago

    These are hilariously fun, dude! So great to meet you at POV. Appreciate your positivity and outlook!

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    Daddy daughter date

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    You are a very crazy family

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    Wow wow adley you are so cute 😘😍🤩

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    Hey! I was looking through my snaps and todays Holldays birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLDAY!!! 🤪🔥🔥

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    I can teach adle to rollerskating

  • Douglas Stevens
    Douglas Stevens Month ago

    What's up with these guys not letting a dad play with his daughter

  • Jinason Vasquez
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    Hi shoundras i havent watched u i n years but know addy is such grown up

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    My baby sister loves you guy and she always says she is a big girl like Adley

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    Rn Tn Month ago +3

    Looks like so much fun!
    She’s going to eat with her sistaaaaaas. I laughed so hard! I can only imagine Shaun skating. What can’t he do?!

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    i really enjoyed Twain's Feast and The Mortal Engines series

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    I agree with Santa flakes I haven't watched you in so long and the last best day ever I watched was exactly 436 and I can not believe how much Daley has grown

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    Does adley still do gymnastics

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    Do u remeber when she was a baby she growned si much

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    I love Audible! One book i 've listened too a couple of times is "The Secret" by. Rhonda Byrne. Its helped me to get myself into a better mindset.

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  • Bombed Nevada
    Bombed Nevada Month ago

    Last time I watched a vlog they were still putting up subtitles when Adley talked. Things have changed. Keep killing it you guys.

  • Gavoker Metal
    Gavoker Metal Month ago

    She can talk now and you made 1003 episodes holy crap!!! Last time I was here she was a tiny baby and it was 300 episodes 😂

  • Kylie’s Fun Family Toy Time

    I love rollerskating what a cute video 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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    The heart give out was earlier than expected, I missed it, help me

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    Hey shounderous cj so cool needs help riding that one wheeled thing-a-ma-jinger

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  • Arbita Ferozepurwalla

    My name is Sanaya