Top: Emily Blunt "FUNNIEST" Reactions

  • Published on Nov 20, 2018
  • The Playful Emily Blunt Is Living Her Best Life!!
    SoupKitch TV 2018.
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Comments • 74

  • mbPhase23
    mbPhase23 6 hours ago

    I have a major crush on this beautiful woman.

  • Aftab Sehgal
    Aftab Sehgal 11 days ago +1

    She is great. Lovliest Emily blunt🥰

  • Alfa75V6
    Alfa75V6 17 days ago

    her voice is sooooooo sexy

  • Pixie Lee
    Pixie Lee 22 days ago +1

    Would love to be friends with her

  • davidsirmons
    davidsirmons 25 days ago

    This woman is impossibly wonderful

  • GPC™
    GPC™ Month ago

    1:26 actually it's the other way around: women can say "obrigada". no matter to whom.
    ("can" because "obrigado" is, of course, correct for women too. but an educated woman would always say "obrigada")

  • Wheein's aegyo
    Wheein's aegyo Month ago +3

    I love her laugh. It's contagious. 😆

  • dfcvda
    dfcvda Month ago +1

    look after her please.

  • Ray Campbell
    Ray Campbell Month ago +1

    She is really cute😁

  • Jaf Goliz
    Jaf Goliz Month ago +1

    Beautiful actres💚 Emilyy blunt😍💚

  • officeaddict33
    officeaddict33 Month ago +13

    One of these thumbs down has to be from Pam.

  • PanglossDr
    PanglossDr Month ago +1

    Without makeup she would probably look nice.

  • Ken Quesenberry
    Ken Quesenberry Month ago +8

    Who has time to make these things?

    • dfcvda
      dfcvda Month ago +1

      its our job

  • Marino Buneta
    Marino Buneta Month ago

    sexy voice

  • Jude Louis
    Jude Louis Month ago +1

    She's losing her accent

    • Rod Parsons
      Rod Parsons Month ago

      And like, maybe sounding, like...

  • Michael Cline
    Michael Cline Month ago

    she goes for the balls.

  • charles farrell
    charles farrell Month ago

    Lmao I love this girl

  • fw1421
    fw1421 Month ago +18

    What a delightful woman,her husband is a very lucky man.😍

  • chemxal
    chemxal Month ago +2

    Gimmy said jyf

  • Viva Freedom
    Viva Freedom Month ago +1

    Best reaction was Conan’s when he spontaneously said “I’m glad you asked”! :)

  • Cristo Mario
    Cristo Mario Month ago

    hollywood and their puppets sucks!

  • Александр Барков

    Какаааая прелесть, ну какая же прелесть...

  • J Wesley Knight
    J Wesley Knight Month ago +7

    Love Emily Blunt- Her acting chops are serious.

  • otcubaba
    otcubaba Month ago +4

    sexiest woman alive

  • Reginald Workman
    Reginald Workman Month ago +7

    Great laugh!

  • Wolfsky9
    Wolfsky9 Month ago

    I am so in love with this woman !! ---------------------------------WolfSky9

  • Imelda Bernabe
    Imelda Bernabe Month ago +1

    She's AMAZING!👍👍❤❤

  • Jason Amerson
    Jason Amerson Month ago +19

    All the classiest and most beautiful actresses are Brits or Aussies...Emily Blunt, Alice Eve, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, Natascha McElhone, Rose Byrne, Isla Fisher, Nicole Kidman. In the US we're stuck with Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, Kristen Bell. It's no contest.

    • scott FabT-Birds79
      scott FabT-Birds79 27 days ago

      +Sammy Kim I am biased however, as I grew up with Amy here in little Castle Rock Colorado! I always knew she was really special.....thanks for the fist-bump on that!

    • scott FabT-Birds79
      scott FabT-Birds79 27 days ago +1

      +Akemi Okamura Amy was born on a military base in Italy; then her family moved here to Colorado when she was just a baby; She graduated HS here in Castle Rock Colorado, and started performing in local theater mostly as a dancer/singer Yes I knew her then! I always knew she would be really special......

    • Sammy Kim
      Sammy Kim 28 days ago

      +scott FabT-Birds79 I concur. Amy Adams is head and shoulders above the rest. and Meryl Streep is in a class of her own. she can take on Judi Dench & Maggie Smith plus the rest of the world

    • scott FabT-Birds79
      scott FabT-Birds79 Month ago +2

      we're STUCK with Amy Adams? Are you shitting me? She surpasses everyone on your list....and she is best friends with Emily....

    • SashaTheBooklover
      SashaTheBooklover Month ago

      Hey we have gates mcfadden. Dont leave her out!! :)

  • Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna Month ago

    Cunt Of The Month

    • Robert Harter
      Robert Harter Month ago +2

      with your charm i bet you get zero cunt

    • Nilly K
      Nilly K Month ago +2

      You mom? Yeah.

  • Stephen Surio
    Stephen Surio Month ago +6

    She be a good marvel character. "Captain Marvel"

  • Tri Chem
    Tri Chem Month ago +3

    I can watch her all day

  • geoffrey ethelston
    geoffrey ethelston Month ago +10

    The queen doesn't except the verbal renouncing of England when your born English you remain English you become a duel citizen

    • John Tuttle
      John Tuttle Month ago

      Who gives 2 shits what that old bitch thinks?

  • Antonio Mines
    Antonio Mines Month ago +2

    very pleasing to the eyes. she is a classic beauty.

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler Month ago +1

    A tap on the balls can hurt more

  • David Martrano
    David Martrano Month ago

    Why does the Rock make more money than her in their latest movie together? Gee, who the hell is Emily Blunt? I guess her 9million dollar salary isn't enough for 2mos work?

  • Nigel Perry
    Nigel Perry Month ago +1

    Top Brit I wish all women were like her x

  • cool music
    cool music Month ago +3

    Elimily Krasinkski. 😄

  • UstedTubo187
    UstedTubo187 Month ago +18

    10:35 A jif!? Come on, Jimmy! We're not making peanut butter here.

  • Mitch Swanson
    Mitch Swanson Month ago

    Emily, I say tapping is worse. And you just hold that thang any ole way you wanna!

  • Brakkeleer Thuis
    Brakkeleer Thuis Month ago

    I could fuck her 24/7 all year long!

  • gracealana_
    gracealana_ Month ago +38

    I’m in love with her

  • ShWeJaPa
    ShWeJaPa Month ago +2

    8:32, ...Things like renouncing my Queen.

  • Chester Copperpot
    Chester Copperpot Month ago +16


  • marisatowler
    marisatowler Month ago +51

    she's just a joy, pure joy. absolutely one of the funniest talents. ever.

    • Rishi Parashar
      Rishi Parashar Month ago

      "One of the funniest talents ever?" Did Louis CK die? Oh yeah... effectively, he did. Yea, my bad.

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 Month ago +5

    What does DQ stand for?
    Dumb Question.

  • David Saville
    David Saville Month ago +28

    Krasinski is temporary and she will marry me next

  • kins26 Kinstheplay
    kins26 Kinstheplay Month ago +9

    I still remeber that Pawliskowski give Her to us.