Gordon Ramsay's Bircher Muesli Recipe


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  • Pat McCoy
    Pat McCoy 21 day ago

    I'm wondering how Chef Ramsey could handle cooking the way our ancient ancestors cooked? A historical re-enactment could be quite a challenge.

  • Game Busters
    Game Busters 2 months ago +1

    Gordon's trademark black shirt in every video xD

  • iiTsInstinct
    iiTsInstinct 2 months ago

    Everytime someone does something from Gordon it somehow doesn’t look right,
    Bu when he does it it looks 👌

  • Evan Kusnoto
    Evan Kusnoto 2 months ago

    Wow! looks yummy!.. :)

  • Dessert Princess
    Dessert Princess 2 months ago

    It’s one of the qatar airways breakfast menu, yes it’s just an oatmeal with berries and oats hahaha

  • Youcef Chelfi
    Youcef Chelfi 2 months ago


  • Takashiari
    Takashiari 2 months ago

    I used to think I was a pretty decent cook...

    turns out I can't even do muesli right...

  • Aliens Are Here
    Aliens Are Here 2 months ago

    I loved this!

  • Rioo Wartune
    Rioo Wartune 2 months ago

    RAW oats??

  • The Deans
    The Deans 2 months ago

    Why not put the last 2 blackberries in Gordo?

  • the phantom
    the phantom 3 months ago

    Im just a kid and i want be like u Gordon

  • Dale Fortuin
    Dale Fortuin 3 months ago

    Why he gotta be so extra and say
    Joh-Gut like that lol ....(yogurt)

  • ___ snowy ____
    ___ snowy ____ 3 months ago

    How did I get here from a shrek video

  • LikeGoldilocks
    LikeGoldilocks 3 months ago

    Great cook. Crappy cameraman.

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    Real Gordon Ramsay??

  • 반바지
    반바지 3 months ago

    저거 맛없어 보이는거 나뿐인가?

  • Jimmy Norris
    Jimmy Norris 3 months ago

    Clutching at straws for recipes now.

  • Cujucuyo
    Cujucuyo 3 months ago

    Remember guys, Gordon likes a lot of "Crunch" on top, so, best be generous.

  • Kumari Shipra
    Kumari Shipra 3 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay please visit crave nation it's a restaurant in Kuwait and dubai

  • dog
    dog 3 months ago

    He makes the most simple dishes sound amazing

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee 3 months ago

    not enough protein tho

  • Jerethvlogs
    Jerethvlogs 3 months ago +1

    I love when at the end he starts to get softer and softer and I raise up the volume of my headphones and when the music play I scream and throw my headphones

  • Mark
    Mark 3 months ago

    *Y O G U T*

  • LigmaSurvivor
    LigmaSurvivor 3 months ago

    I like milky

  • Brenton Kerr
    Brenton Kerr 3 months ago

    Its just a parfait

  • Charles Ram
    Charles Ram 3 months ago

    Bruh isn’t this just oatmeal basically? I mean it still looks good.

  • Freddy Meng
    Freddy Meng 3 months ago


  • M G
    M G 3 months ago

    I now want blackberries

  • CrazyGoatLady
    CrazyGoatLady 3 months ago

    Perfect!!! I make my own yogurt with my own goat milk and its always nice to find other ways to feed the husband before a long morning on the farm.

  • Assinine Syndrome
    Assinine Syndrome 3 months ago

    His voice in the end is sexy asf. And I'm straight.

  • Fake Person
    Fake Person 3 months ago

    Does he have to say literally in like literally every few minutes?

    JUSES CHIRST 3 months ago

    im still too lazy to make that in the morning

  • Gilberto Sartorel
    Gilberto Sartorel 3 months ago

    come far diventare gourme ancheun semplice piatto per il breakfast...

  • #GiveJimin'sLeftShoulderMoreLines

    and here I am with Cocopops........

  • Desa Pastor
    Desa Pastor 3 months ago

    Wanna earn money? Message me.

  • chechen teip clan Vainakh

    no.better.breakast..then.eggs.and.olive.oil...fresh.made.bread....fuck your breakfast

  • SteenyStuff
    SteenyStuff 3 months ago

    I tried making a variation of this using strawberry live yog, walnuts n raspberries. It was fuckin 'orrible! Lol. I'll stick with porridge, sliced banana n fresh cream.

  • littlebeer
    littlebeer 3 months ago

    any people need my recipe of grilled cheese and milk for breakfast.....

  • Patricia G Fox
    Patricia G Fox 3 months ago

    It's even better with toasted oats.

  • Elijah Stephens
    Elijah Stephens 3 months ago


  • 多本
    多本 3 months ago

    台灣 台灣 台灣

  • EmeraldM
    EmeraldM 3 months ago


  • Snusk Orre
    Snusk Orre 3 months ago

    Are pro chefs in England teaching people how to make a bowl of cereal? :')

  • Pluto D71
    Pluto D71 3 months ago

    Time to sooth with gordan not yelling anymore after hells kitchen with rague or whatever

  • Justin Fagan
    Justin Fagan 3 months ago


  • Ninjaananas
    Ninjaananas 3 months ago

    The silent and calm videos are way better. Especially for the eyes as the fast movement is making them tired.

  • Wes Conner
    Wes Conner 3 months ago

    They way he says vitamins tho 😕

  • Kyphainz
    Kyphainz 3 months ago

    When Gordon has a child imagine how fat they're gonna be...

  • Milan!! XD
    Milan!! XD 3 months ago

    I think live and raw milk yoghust are best.
    they're packed with *C A L C I U M.*

  • noguiiig
    noguiiig 3 months ago

    Muesli is a "national" dish where I come from (Switzerland) and I do not approve that message. You just made a cold porridge

  • bloom 15
    bloom 15 3 months ago

    I am Swiss and that’s not how you pronounce bircher

  • Yancy Rodríguez
    Yancy Rodríguez 3 months ago

    Me gustaría q sus recetas fueran todas también en español gracias

  • SaleenE34
    SaleenE34 3 months ago


  • Pharmdkeith
    Pharmdkeith 3 months ago

    I’ve been making this for years and I had no idea it was already a thing. I thought I invented something. Instead of berries I use a nice jam/preserves

  • Harley plays Fortnite
    Harley plays Fortnite 3 months ago

    Gordon do you give me permission to shag your daughter

  • Turkee Sonvich
    Turkee Sonvich 3 months ago

    I really like Gordon Ramsey!

  • John Smithee
    John Smithee 3 months ago +7

    Off camera, Gordon remembered to dress the muesli in Olive Oil then season with salt and pepper.

  • 凱琳
    凱琳 3 months ago

    Ew who wants to eat hard chewy oats

  • Okky Viniandra
    Okky Viniandra 3 months ago

    iki larang panganane..

  • Quicktwosteps
    Quicktwosteps 3 months ago

    It looks like just a cereal with berries on the thumbnail.

  • Ashley Jo
    Ashley Jo 3 months ago

    that looks delicious! but i'd hafta make it vegan.

  • Jackie Amaya
    Jackie Amaya 3 months ago

    Imagine being married to a chef? That shit would be wildddd

  • Caleb Pearl
    Caleb Pearl 3 months ago

    Start the day like this? Lmfao. You got 99% of the world fucked up. No one doing this shit for breakfast.

  • fisted waffle
    fisted waffle 3 months ago

    The way he says vitamin makes me click off bye 😂

    DUMBASS FUCKIN BWATCH! 3 months ago

    I'll just take a McDonald's parfat with some nappy pubes in it.

  • Khaos Inoculation
    Khaos Inoculation 3 months ago

    Hope I look as handsome as Gordon when I get his age. Gotta have something for a wife in-case my faculties start failing on me early lol. My math region is already on a freaking scooter and I'm only 30. Scooter as in calculator assist lol.

  • Beastly Dudes
    Beastly Dudes 3 months ago

    You make great videos keep it up

  • suomynona22
    suomynona22 3 months ago

    He forgot to season it 😰

  • hi person
    hi person 3 months ago +1


  • Not.enough to.go.around
    Not.enough to.go.around 3 months ago +1

    The oats are raw!!! Get this pig **** out my kitchen!!!!!!!!!

  • Nelo Novosel
    Nelo Novosel 3 months ago

    Hello Mr.Ramsey!
    Ü give hope to homless people! I'd love to write a Song with and for you! Thank you for cooking.

  • Masashi Yukoto
    Masashi Yukoto 3 months ago

    Hello, how does one make yogurt?

  • Amanda Foist
    Amanda Foist 3 months ago

    Sosig ramsey

  • ฯKawaii Samaฯ
    ฯKawaii Samaฯ 3 months ago

    Someone ordered some oat clouds

  • Athletic 101
    Athletic 101 3 months ago

    Guys go for Raw yoghurt / Unpasteurized, much healthier

  • Julio Truzzi
    Julio Truzzi 3 months ago

    I wonder if he gives the cameraman a taste of what he cooks..

  • The Artisan
    The Artisan 3 months ago

    Try banana + chia! That's a great combo, with a dash of honey in the mix!

  • Xaraxoz
    Xaraxoz 3 months ago

    it's called BIIIIRCCHÄÄÄÄR MÜÜÜEEÄÄÄÄSSSLIIIII... and not BUTCHER MY ASS.. greets from BIRCHER MÜESLI LAND (switzerland)

  • TI Ted
    TI Ted 3 months ago

    "Can't really .... speak a ... whole sentence ... ... with many ... more than ... two words ... in a row" xx

  • Kai-Kai 18-07
    Kai-Kai 18-07 3 months ago

    How many is Gordon children?

  • Ali Ekber Korkmaz
    Ali Ekber Korkmaz 3 months ago

    *does this require lamb sauce*

  • Devin Y
    Devin Y 3 months ago

    Are they running out of recipes? This was literally a really basic muesli

  • Jeffrey Abella
    Jeffrey Abella 3 months ago

    Olive oil.... none?

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 3 months ago

    Is this channel actually Gordons?

  • Big Gamer and vlogger
    Big Gamer and vlogger 3 months ago

    HI Gordon ramsay your my idol

  • 음그래
    음그래 3 months ago

    Can't you cook Korean food next time?😆🤨😊😘🤣🧐😂🤨☺️🙂😊🥰😊🥰😊🥰😊🥰😊🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍

  • Ford ĞŤ
    Ford ĞŤ 3 months ago +1

    Gordon pls pin some comments

  • Elisammal C
    Elisammal C 3 months ago


  • Cooking Is Amazing
    Cooking Is Amazing 3 months ago

    An amazing looking dish as is everyone that you create! Simple ingredients and simple recipes that make a healthy breakfast meal!

  • Joy L
    Joy L 3 months ago

    I like the addition of almonds. I recently discovered that adding nuts to a sweet breakfast such as this one makes a huge impact. In my case it's brazil nuts & pieces of banana. It really elevates the whole eating experience so much. Sadly brazil nuts are incredibly expensive.

  • Jeff Jeffsss
    Jeff Jeffsss 3 months ago

    He’s the Bob Ross of food.

  • Puppy Slimes
    Puppy Slimes 3 months ago

    Ik he's a Prof chef and all... But... Must he REALLY exaggerate every ingrident he uses??!!! Even oats????!!!?

  • Kossolax the Foresworn
    Kossolax the Foresworn 3 months ago

    brother, I require oats.

  • rolando Castillo
    rolando Castillo 3 months ago

    Chef eres un grande , saludos desde chile , te sigo de pequeño por ti hago lo que amo hoy en día y es cocinar .

  • Diana Mitri
    Diana Mitri 3 months ago

    Amazing! I Love it! ❤

  • Mike S
    Mike S 3 months ago

    Dude made cereal with fruit. Lazy ass.